2023 Character Creation Challenge

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Day 2

System :: Toon
Version :: 1.0


Doctor Freudjung Boyle is an ambitious psychiatrist who can cure you from any psychosis you didn't even know you had.
"So, mister Thug, you may think you want to hit me with that hammer, but aren't you actually projecting your anger for your boss, Mister Evilmeister, whom you really want to hit instead, on me?"
"So Mr. Vault, I believe that you are closing yourself off from the world, keeping all your wealth for yourself, while you would be much happier opening up and sharing what's deep inside you."
"So Mr. Car, you may feel you're running on empty, but what does that fuel gauge really know about your potential? Don't be restricted by material limitations imposed by others, but from now on drive without those artificial boundaries."

The doctor also learned a bit of hypnotism, in case the patient can't relax. Or there isn't a couch available right away.

Attributes and Hit Points generated with Dice rolls, and then distributing 30 points among Skills and Shticks.
4 common and 4 uncommon Possessions.
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The system is at the top of the character sheet. My personal hack of the Black Hack.
Right, but I don't think Bunch's page crawler is gonna be able to parse images. Not that I don't have confidence in his craft.

System :: Black Hack
Version :: Fenris-77.1
Right, but I don't think Bunch's page crawler is gonna be able to parse images. Not that I don't have confidence in his craft.

System :: Black Hack
Version :: Fenris-77.1
That's not exactly accurate but it's good enough for government work. Not that the page crawler is my primary concern either, but when in Rome...
Jan 3
System: Legends of the Wulin
...and then I remembered why I'm not running LotW. It has something to do with the amount of book-flipping!

System: Myriad Song
Ver: N/A

Sungler Ivanov
Human d4 - Negotiation, Questioning, Tactics
Body d6
Speed d8
Mind d6
Will d8
Career (Bravo) d10 - Evasion, Fighting, Presence

Low Profile
Black Marketer
Brawling Advantage
Brawling Threat
Increased Career x2
Combat Save
Personality Gift: Proud

Academics d6
Athletics d4
Observation d8
Deceit d4
Negotiations d4
Presence d4

Upbringing: Underworld
Starting Outfit:
Aramid outfit, holdout pistol with two reloads

Moto: "Rise to the eye of the storm...then spit in it!"

Goal: "Get your own spaceship."

Sungler was born in a not-well-to-do family in the bad parts of Shin Edo's slums. Being humans on a minority-human world, they suffered all kinds of hardships that he vaguely remembers, until one thing happened.
His parents got into a cult. The cult provided from them and demanded from them, but it also sheltered, educated and fed them. So all in all, it wasn't a parasitic cult. More like a symbiotic one, as Sungler had observed.
This again changed when the boy's innate abilities got noticed by the heads of the cult. He had abilities mostly in the physical area, or at least those were what had been spotted by their cult's handlers.
So he received special training from a young age, until he got of age at 15, and was sent in his first Sacred Fight. That's what the handlers were calling them, at least...
In practice, those were bloody bare-handed (mostly) gladiatorial combats. One of the few kinds of exploitation that remain illegal in Shin Edo.
Sungler excelled in them. He was a star for a couple of years.
Nearly dying in a fight against a (non-combat) robot fighter changed his outlook, however. He wanted to be a real star. To him, that meant "having his own spaceship and travelling to see the Galaxy".
This lead to a conflict...which was resolved surprisingly easily. The cult was betting on him coming back to them once he sees the world and tries to find his place in it. After all, his principal skills weren't in such a high demand - so they decided to play the long game, and allowed him to travel at his own expenses and see the Galaxy. "And if you want to come back to the nice, easy, ordered life here, we shall be waiting".
So here he is now, doing exactly that. Travelling and looking for his own spaceship. But the odds of winning it in a game of cards aren't that high, right? Best not to bet on that one!

So for those of you unfamiliar with Myriad Song, what is this starting character good at?
Well, he's got Veteran, so he's got experience, and if he Guards, he adds 1d12 to his Counterattack pool - keep in mind, that's the highest die and the system is "assemble dicepool, take highest result/all results higher than opponent's highest". So he can defend and, say, counter-slam you. Counterattack is a semi-regular occurrence in Sanguine games, which I greatly enjoy.
Aim also gives him a bonus d12, except it is to attack. People without Veteran get a bonus d8 instead: good, but not outstanding...
He also threatens the positions adjacent to him as if he has a weapon, when unarmed. Sorry, guys, I'm almost sure this applies against people trying to pull out a gun, too...though I'd need to check:devil:.
His pool is great in his areas of specialty, too. Anyone who has d8, d10 and d12 in the same pool ain't a newbie...well, he ain't a newbie.
I'm not quite sure what his other Edge is doing, but I figure I'd get to it if I ever get to play him...which I doubt anyway.
And yes, the spaceship goal is a joke on Han Solo. OTOH, I really appreciate that Sanguine have incorporated PCs' goals as part of their system. As some of you might remember, I consider this a regular feature of all my sandbox games:thumbsup:.
Name: Dr. Alchemy (Ernesto Adams)
Drive: Spirit of Adventure

Might: Exceptional Superhuman
Agility: Typical Superhuman
Toughness: Exceptional Superhuman
Intellect: Exceptional Human
Knowledge: Typical Human
Willpower: Exceptional Superhuman

Known Power(s):
Superskill (Physics): Typical Superhuman

Molecular Alteration: Exceptional Superhuman

Energy Control (Plasma): Exceptional Superhuman

Dr. Ernesto Adams was genetically modified in the womb by a cabal of influential supernatural figures known as the Echelon. The Echelon's aim was to create a powerful and subservient tool in order to take control of the magical forces of Midgard. Unfortunately, they didn't account for chance and Ernesto was born with a talent for science and not magic, though he could harness science in almost magical ways through the force of his will. As Dr. Alchemy, Ernesto spends his time thwarting the dark and terrible supernatural forces that threaten humanity, but his ideal is to pursue his scientific exploration of all of reality from variant timelines, alternate dimensions, and planes. To that end, he has recruited a team of heroes to aid him!

Note: Dr. Alchemy was created with random rolls from H&S2E's random option for character generation.Silverlion_superhero_scientist_red_costume_with_white_markings__7ddfc264-13d4-4bfb-80c0-82e902...png
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System :: Call of Cthulhu
Version :: The Complete Dreamlands, technically 4th edition

Still the 2nd here. Character prompted by a response in another thread.
This is a CoC Dreamlands native. Not too much different from a regular CoC character. A few different skills, different occupations, and after you roll stats you get another 3 points to stick through Str, Dex, Con, App, or POW. Education has a different focus, more 'lived trades' and less modern Western schooling type stuff.

Character gen steps:
Str 10, Dex 12, Con 9+1=10, Int 10, App 5, Pow 8+2=10, Size 10, Edu 9. Aggressively average, but ugly. Went ahead and threw the three freebies into evening out some "low" stats.

Name: Vorb Waffle
Guild status: Based on Edu, 12 is an apprentice and is goes up from there. We so haven't go that so this is "none"
Birthplace: We'll go with Ulthar because it's famous and I'm a cat person anyways.
Gender & Age: Ugly & Edu+6 minimum so 15... Let's do 23, I don't think I can play a screwball hormone insane teen anymore.
I could add a decade of age for another point of Edu and another +20 occupation skills, but let's keep it simple here.

Occupation... clerk? noble? sailor (sky galleons!)? teacher?... Healer.
Occupation skills: fast talk 5, first aid 25, medicine 10, natural history 10, spot hidden 25, other language 0, personal skill. We have Edu*20=180 points to allocate so... Lets go easy and just throw 25 into everything and the last 5 into...that other language? Pick... Cats as the language (options include other people's, Aklo, moon beast, zoog, ghoul, and a few others), and knife as the personal skill. We'll be kinda surgeon-like.
Personal skills we get Int*10=100 points so lets pick four and stick 25 in each. Persuade, swim, pilot (gonna get the sky galleon skill anyways because I wanna), and... dodge (the traditional CoC survival skill).

Gear is: bandages, first aid kit, herbs, and... something related to any skill I have 50% or more in. I'd forgotten that last bit, ya know, lets ditch dodge and put 50 is piloting the sky galleon. Ha!
Final form is...

Name: Vorb Waffle
Guild: None
Birthplace: Ulthar
Gender: Ugly (probably male)
Age: 20
Occupation: Healer

Str 10, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, App 5, Pow 10, Size 10, Edu 9
Idea: 50%, Know 45%, Luck 50%, Damage bonus: none, 99-CM: 99
HP 10, Magic points 10, SAN 50

Skills: accounting 10, art 5, bargain 5, climb 40, conceal 15, craft 5, Cuthulhu Mythos 0, dodge 24, Dreaming 0, Dream Lore 10, drive carriage 20, fast talk 30, first aid 50, hide 10, jump 25, legal customs 5, library use 25, locksmith 0, martial arts 0, medicine 30, natural history 35, navigate 10, occult 5, other language: Cat 30, own language: common dreamlands 45, persuade 40, pilot sky galleon 50, ride 5, sneak 10, spot hidden 50, swim 50, throw 25, track 10, archery 10, axe 20, fencing 10, fist 50, grapple 25, head butt 10, kick 25, knife 50, lance 10, pole arm 10, spear 15.

Gear: Bandages, Two First Aid Kits, Herbs, Knife, possibly a magnifying glass, and something related to sky galleons (Who's the DM? Craft beers for a bribe? I want a sky galleon).

Vorb started young dissecting the dead mice the cat brought in. Eventually the local apothecary took him in for a while but then kicked him out for a difference of opinion over playing with your food. He wandered a few years and got picked up by a sky galleon out of Serranian that needed someone who knew first aid. He's been sailing around with them ever since.
Jan 3
System: Wild Talents
Series: The Kerebos Club

Name: Kendra
Concept: Ancient God of Prophecy

Convictions: Truth in All Things (5d) Protect Albion from Invaders (5d) Spread the Wisdom of the Ages (3d) Promote the Divine (1d)

Body: 3d
Coordination: 2d - You play a decent game of darts.
Sense: 4d You’re an uncanny tracker.
Mind: 5d (10d) You can consider intellectual problems even while asleep.
Charm: 5d Your élan is legendary, and others struggle to win your favor.
Command: 5d (9d) All your feelings and autonomic physical responses (breathing, heartbeat) are under your conscious control without a roll. You never need to make Trauma Checks.

Base Willpower: 10 (14)
Willpower: 10 (14)


Older than the Hills (B,F, _) 5d (6d)
Portentous Pronouncements (_,_I) 5d
Kereban (_,_,I) 3d
Goddess (B,F,I) 5d (6d)
Leadership (B,_,_) 3d
Trivia (B,_,_) 2d
Performance (_,_,_) 2d

Archetype: Godling

Source: Divine
Permission: Super


Immortal (2 HD)

Prophecy 10d

Notes on prophecy: There are several quirks here. Firstly, it requires sacrifice by the person asking for prophecy. This is more about respect than value. A crust of bread from a beggar is more acceptable than £20 from a wealthy industralist. Secondly, it does not affect her. This does not just mean she can't use prophecy on her own behalf. It does that, but it's much more. Any prophecy where she might have a role to play ignores her existence entirely. This can lead to some skewered results...

Of course, her hypermind means that her "instincts" often appear like prophecy anyway.


Despite her mighty powers of prophecy, the one thing Kendra can't piece together is the past. She remembers many foreign invaders of fair Albion. She remembers blood and steel and people supplicating themselves in front of her. And she remembers waking from sleep multiple times. When this was she is not sure, although she is pretty sure she first remembers waking for the Romans. She woke again five years ago. The lack of invaders makes her wonder why and she can only assume her role will become clear with time.

Note that her dedication to the truth is much more than just not lying. No polite falsehoods. No half truths or obfuscations. She says what is true and that is that. Wags at the Kerebos Club amuse themselves by getting new members to ask what she thinks of their fashionable attire. It amuses her as well, although she doesn't let on. She's aware that would spoil the joke.

Notes: Good grief, Wild Talents starting characters are powerful if you know the system. Probably a good thing in most cases; nobody wants to play a crap superhero (and it is scaleable).
Version: Advanced Set

(Mostly random; rolls inside parentheses)

Name: Cami Chameleon (Camila "Cami" Meléndez)
Origin: Mutant (44)

Fighting: Incredible 36 (93)
Agility: Remarkable 26 (61)
Strength: Incredible 36 (95)
Endurance: Excellent 16 (37, +1 CS Mutant)
Reason: Remarkable 26 (73)
Intuition: Excellent 16 (60)
Psyche: Remarkable 26 (75)

Health: 114
Karma: 68
Resources: Typical (61)
Popularity: 0

Powers (90; 4/4):
Slashing Missiles: Amazing 56 (96)
Nullifying Missile: Incredible 36 (78)
Blending: Excellent 16 (46)
Power Absorption: Incredible 36 (73)

Select Rolls (58, 9; Slashing Missiles, Nullifying Missile), (44, 9; Blending, Power Absorption)

Talents (98; 4/4):
Thrown Weapons (selected)
Martial Arts C (selected)
Detective/Espionage (57, 10)
Crime (61, 8)

Contacts (23; 1/4):
Professional (Crime)

Haven't come up with a background, but I'm guessing she comes from a criminal background where she used her blending ability to spy or steal stuff (maybe assassinate, since she has strong combat powers too) and now is trying to reform and use her powers for good.
Day 2
System :: Atlantis The Second Age
Version :: Morrigan Press
RaceAnubim (Andaman)
CallingKhem Acolyte of Ra
Primary Attributes
Secondary Attributes
Combat Rating-1.5
Magic Rating3
Hit Points5
Natural Weaponry(DR4)
Speak Jackal
Night Vision
Voice of Gods Talent Tree
- Invocation Order
- Ecclesiastic Training
Preferred Skills
Lore (Arcane Arts)4
Mode (Attack)3
Speak (Hellenic)3
Death Touch of Anubis (Attack - ranged)
Shield of Bone(Ward against ranged physical attacks)
Gift of the Desert(Manifest - water)
Ra's Protective Embrace(Ward - Cold)
Searching Hands of Osiris (Manifest - grasping hands to slow a foe)
Note that her dedication to the truth is much more than just not lying. No polite falsehoods. No half truths or obfuscations. She says what is true and that is that. Wags at the Kerebos Club amuse themselves by getting new members to ask what she thinks of their fashionable attire. It amuses her as well, although she doesn't let on. She's aware that would spoil the joke.
So, extremely smart, extremely blunt, spoils the plans of the "speakers" in the party (or maybe she can at least shut up, unless an NPC bothers to ask)...sounds like some players' wet dream and the nightmare of others. And for the latter, I don't mean "playing her", I mean "anyone playing her in the same party":shade:!
System En Garde!
Version Fourth Editon

Jean-Baptiste Boulle


Bastard son of a very wealthy merchant.
Initial funds 450
Allowance 90
Inheritance 4,000
Initial Social Level 2
Strength 12
Expertise 9
Constitution 12
Endurance 144
Military Ability 3

Determined to rise above his father’s station Jean-Baptiste has traveled to Paris to find fame, fortune and love. He will probably start by joining a regiment and using his funds to buy what rank he can before courting a lady. If all fails there are aways the bawdyhouses and the campaign trail.
Day 3

System :: James Bond 007 (Victory Games)
Version :: 1.0

(Not MI6, but some international spy stuff like UNCLE, OMEGA, M.I.)

Espionage is al about tradecraft: subtlety, flexibility and charisma. And then there comes a time when you could really use someone like Arnie Hammer, Dave Bautista or Mr. T. on your team.


Barack Shalid is a former Mosad intelligence officer who now works for G.L.O.B.A.L. , protecting the world from the Con-Spy-Ra-Cie. Though specialised in Toxicology and Forensics, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty ON YOUR FACE!.

Built: an Agent level character with 6000 generation points.
Add 100 GP for 5 years in Military Intelligence.
Fields of Experience from 5y MilInt: Toxycology, Forensics, International Law, Economics, Water Skiing.
Add 125 GP for Weakness: dependence on painkillers.

Generation points: 6225

Height: 6'5" (80 GP ; 20 Fame)
Weight: 210 (120 GP; 10 Fame)
Good looking (160 GP; 10 Fame)
Scars: roll 80 so no scars
Agent level: 40 Fame
-> Total Fame : 100

STR: 14 (1150 GP)
DEX: 12 (800 GP)
WIL: 11 (650 GP)
PER: 12 (800 GP)
INT: 10 (500 GP)

GP left for skills: 1965
12 Skills selected at lvl 1: Cost 1200 GP
Remaining GP: 765 (/20 = 38 skill levels)

Driving 2
Charisma 3
Boating 3
Diving 2
Evasion 4
Fire combat 7
H2H combat 9
Interrogation 2 (I'll have to check if he can get a bonus for Intimidation :hehe:).
Mountaineering 3
Sixth Sense 4
Stealth 4
Science 7

Speed: 3
H2H damage class: C
Stamina: 30 hours
Running/swimming: 40 minutes
Carrying: 211-280 pounds

Signature weapons:
Sig-Sauer P230 (CON -1)
Brass knuckles (DC +1)

(Edit: forgot Mountaineering on the Char Sheet)

I'm sure I could optimize this with some juggling of GPs on Attributes and Skills, but for a Bruiser I'm ok with this result. And I'm on the boss's clock.
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Day 3: Reign

Oeric was a spoiled brat. He was the son of a wealthy merchant prince and he had it all. Until one night, when his home was stormed by an angry mob that had been riled up by one of their rival houses. His parents, their men-at-arms and many of their household servants were murdered. Those who were not, including himself, were sold into slavery. All the slaves were boarded onto a ship, bound for a life of servitude on distant shores.

On the voyage, the captain took a liking to Oeric and bought him for himself, then pressganged him into service aboard the ship. He found, against his better judgement, that he very much enjoyed life at sea and working with his hands, and quickly made himself an indespensible member of the crew. He was technically not a free man, but it did not much matter. Life at sea is what it is and it's hard for slave and free man alike.

His life continued in this way until a violent storm tore his ship apart, killing ever man save himself. Now he was alone in the distant, far-off lands of the barbarians. He eventually settled in and earned his place among them by again working hard and earning their favor. During these times he befriended one of the tribe's sorcerers, who taught him a little of the ways of magic.

Now smoke darkens the southern horizon, and the tribesmen say it signals a coming war. The winds of change once again blow in his direction, and Oeric braces himself for the days to come.

[Note: character generated using the one-roll method; background story was interpreted from the result]


Name: Oeric Fuller
Wealth: 2

-- Endurance: 2
-- Fight: 1
-- Run: 1

-- Climb: 2
-- Dodge: 1
-- Ride: 1
-- Weapon Skill (sword): 3

-- Eerie: 1

-- Lore: 1
-- Student of Sailing: 2

-- Haggle: 2
-- Plead: 4

-- Graces: 2

Native language: 1MD
Language of ship's crew: 2
Sorcery: 3

Possession (2) -> Riding Horse
Status +1

Martial Paths:
Path of the Razor Heart
-- Pure Commencement (1 point): You can draw a sword and attack in the same round without penalty.
-- Single Intent (2 points): If you make a single attack and hit, your blow does a point of Shock damage to your target’s torso, in addition to any other damage. That Shock ignores any and all armor. If you begin the round with your weapon sheathed, you can draw and attack with Single Intent and not take the usual draw penalty (just like Pure Commencement). You cannot use Single Intent as part of any multiple action except drawing the weapon.
Blarh! I just spent +2 hours on a Soulbound character, but I'm underwhelmed with the result.
Back to the drawing board, to see if we can improve this built.
Also the info for this character is spread over 2 books. And my pdf of the core rules has no hyperlinks in the Table of Contents or Index, and only in the ToC for the Champions of X supplement. And the rules are a bit spread all over, in different paragraphs, side-bars, chapters and again... no hyperlinks on the 'See page xxx'.
System :: Convergence Point
Version :: 1.9

Day 3) Kathryn Puppe
All this set of characters are based on the "anime" of The Neo Frontiers. The full anime series The Neo Frontiers is not supposed to focus on any particular character but follows several characters throughout the course of the series. Although each one gets to be a star in one episode some just continue to follow their life. They are all interlinked around the high school "stage" characters. They will be at the level of when they first appear in the "anime".

Name: Kathryn Puppe
Core Trait: Synth - Mekenoid/Ai Assistant of The Neo Frontiers Era

Kathryn is enrolled as a sophomore student at Unity High School. She cleared stage one, and is enrolled in the stage 2 Social Training Class (where we will meet her in EP2). Simone and Kaede meet up with her at lunch. And later at the Break Shop. She will window shop with them, and suggest they go to the mall in Blue Sky the next day.

She will bring them to her home, which is in The (local) Blue Sky Arcology. The Arcology has a public front-facing retail area. Thus it is "The Local Mall" for the town/ city. You can't just "hang out at the mall", you need to have a credit rating to get in. (Simone can get in. Kaede complains she can't so she is a guest of Simone.) Most of the "staff" in the mall shops are Meken (and EIs at that). They will not respond to Kathryn until she flashes her arcology identity card. When they finally reach her "home apartment" both of them are floored at the opulence. They soon figure out that her "father" is Jonas Howerhousen. (Billionaire Entrepreneur Scientist - owner of the largest meken synthetic company)

A few episodes later: They meet up at the Break Shop and are once again hassled by Rachael and the J's. Raechel gets frustrated and throws a punch, which Kathryn casually catches and brings Rachael to her knees (Rachael is a super strong alpha, so this surprises everyone.). In class, she admitted to being a Synth, but failed to mention she was a mekenoid.

When asked if she is a mekenoid, she will directly admit it and is matter of fact about it. (Note: not volunteering the info.) To quote, "I am an Expanded Expert Intelligence (EEI). My specialty is people." She will also admit that she is a prototype, so she is getting special treatment and training - like going to school - not just a couple of weeks in Synthetics Training at the mall. (Being a prototype and having a specialty in people is part of her cover for being AI (which is totally illegal). She may not know she is AI, but she does know she is more than any other EI except Mutter.)

The only person who know she is a meken before the reveal is Kaede. Kaede actually yawns while the other girls are not taking this well. She keeps that secret, because it was not her secret to tell. Note: Kaede can sometimes read bits and pieces off her (normally impossible with a meken), so her being an AI might be something she might figure out over time.

They will eventually meet Jonas Howerhousen and Ms. Puppe (his current meken assistant whom Kathryn calls Mutter). She and Ms. Puppe do look a lot a like. If appropriately dressed they could be "sisters" since they are nearly the same height.

Note: Kathryn is fascinated by clothes, hair, and makeup. She will help the girls out with them.

She is the connection for the show to The Arcology and The world of the Rich and Famous. She and the DECker Frank will be featured in a later episode. Note, while going through the mall, she waved to Frank in the distance. Good foreshadowing.

Description: She comes across as a tall woman of moderate build with classic features and long brownish red hair. She will wear it up in a pony or down pulled back. When she wears it free, it is "beautiful" long and wavy. She looks much more adult. In fact, when they are not going to or from school, she will wear a variety of clothes and look much older.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Kathryn Puppe
Core Trait : Synth - Mekenoid/Ai Assistant of The Neo Frontiers Era
Lv 1 /EP Mod 2.9x (1+2x-.1)

Framework: GP Humanoid Sc3 (5/3)/5 Assigned 2x EP MOD
Complexity of 5 because she is a very advanced prototype.
(Importance of 5, instead of 3 because she is PC)
25 options
+3 Nested Analytical is larger and more powerful.
+2 Increased Movement Rate very fast.
+4 Manipulator Strength (800kg lift)
+2 Manipulators, Fine +4 DEX DRs for fine movements
+2 Stability (Automaton) +2 fall save.
+4 Seeming Level 4... is very, very human seeming.
+1 Food Processing (can appear to eat)
+1 "Special Parts"
+2 Discrete Data Plug
+2 Discrete Data Chip holder (4) 21
2 - blank spaces for possible expansion.

Being an Automaton, Stats are optional.
PHY 10 7- Tall 5'10"
DEX 12 8- Inhumanly Graceful
MEN 18 10- (See Analytic)
EMO 10 7- Empathetic
MPY 0 0- Null
CHA 16 9- Very Beautiful (Custom Seeming)

Skill Focus: ATH +CMU +STY +CFT -.1x

Athletic +1 "Gymnastics" "Dance"
Communication +1 "Conversation"
Style +1 "Classic" "Office" "Modern Youth"
Craft +1 "Administrative Assistant

Note: She is an AI (even though she is not supposed to be). That is why she has Levels and Skill Focus. (Note skill focus, not life focus.) She is also slightly bending the rule about being a Meken player character but made a good case for being a secret AI.

Developing /Expanding sets
Programs: Student+0, Driver+0, Hostess+0, Chef+0, Domestic+0, Handwriting+0, Arcology Knowledge+0

Fam: Data Systems+0 (Something no Meken should ever know)
Fam: Area Knowledge+0

Modified Asmovian Rules (allowing for private ownership) (B3)
At third level when she can take another burden, she will take 0th Law (B2)

Secret: AI (B3- potentially will be destroyed because of it. Acts dumber than she is.)

Owner/ Property: Jonas Howerhousen Corporate - Famous Scientist and Entrepreneur (B2)

1) Simone Williamson Synth-zed Student of the Neo Frontiers Era

2) Kaede Tanaka Esper Student of Neo Frontiers
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System: d6 System
Version: Endless Flight Endless Flight 's Star Wars: The D6+ Adventure Game

Twi'lek Female Operative

Agility 4D: acrobatics +4, contortion +4, evade +6, melee +4, stealth +9*
Dexterity 4D: marksmanship +4, pilot +4, thievery +6,
Strength 2D: climb +4, jump +4, throw +4.
Fortitude 3D: resilience +3*.
Reason 3D: computers +6 (slicing +9), investigation +4, languages +4
Intuition 3D: gamble +4, insight +4, search +4, streetwise +4, vigilance +7*.
Presence 4D: charm +6, deception +6, persuasion +7*
Willpower 3D:
*+3 from species

Defenses: passive 14, dodge 20, block 7, parry 18.
Wounds: 10, Strain: 10

Special Ability: Low-Light Vision (species).
Advantages: Connections (Criminal), Scholar (Slicing), (two pending*...).
Complications: Escaped Slave
Possessions: Blaster, Vibro-Knife, Dancing Girl Outfit, Datapad.
*need a complete list to determine

Backstory: Ayy'una is an escaped slave (dancing girl) with a talent for subterfuge who now works as a covert operative and data slicer for the highest bitter, when not running away from bounty hunters sent by the Hutt crime lord who owned her.

NOTE: Skills and Advantages inferred from material posted at the thread, since the manual hasn't been released yet.
Jan 4

System :: Risus

For my first dive into the ultra-light rules systems, I've gone for Risus. The system is honestly a bit twee and cutesy for my taste, but anyway here's a stereotypical elf archery girl.

Name: Allia the Elf

Description: Redhead with pointy ears and a longbow. Loves being the
center of attention, whether it's leading troops on the battlefield
or singing off-key at karaoke. Also likes lounging at home with
a book in her hand and her cat on her lap.

Elven archer (4), Prima Donna (3), Animal lover (1), Bookworm (1), Lazy (1)
Jan. 3:

System - Qin: The Warring States
Version - English (Cubicle 7)

(It's all point-buy, so no walkthrough).

Wu Ya Jian (Graceful Arrow Wu)

Wu Ya Jian.jpg

Metal: 4
Water: 3
Fire: 3
Wood: 2
Earth: 2

Gift and Weakness
Gift of Nezha: Wu's penalty for using her off-hand is only -1 instead of -3.
Curse of Zhu Rong: Wu is on a quest for revenge and will abandon or betray anyone who will get her closer to that goal.

Gongshu (archery) 2; Stealth 2; Jianshu (fencing) 1; Acrobatics 1; Dodging 1; Perception 1; Theft 1; Calligraphy 1; Medicine 1

Taos, Combat Techniques, and Magic
Gongshu: Snapshot, Masterstroke
Tao of the Sudden Lightning (level 2)
Tao of Yin and Yang (level 2)

Secondary Aspects
Chi: 2
Passive Defense: 7
Breath of Life: 17
Resistance: 6
Renown: 3

Wu Ya Jian has a strong natural aptitude for fighting and is charismatic, but is not particularly mentally adept and has no gift for magic. She is a highly talented archer.

Wu Ya Jian was raised by her father, a village healer, and as a young girl planned to follow in his footsteps. She learned to read and write, and the basic uses of herbs and acupuncture. When the Qin army advanced, it destroyed her village almost as an afterthought. Her father was killed. Swearing vengeance, Wu sought martial training from those in the jiang hu, and took up the bow to bring down the Emperor of Qin. An impossible task perhaps, but the only way she will find peace.
Dr. Alchemy's Elements

Tinman (James Brunner)
Drive: Guardian

Might: Spectacular Superhuman
Agility: Average Human
Toughness: Exceptional Superhuman
Intellect: Spectacular Human
Knowledge: Spectacular Human
Resolve: Exceptional Human

Power Armor: Tinman has a power armor suit that gives him Armor at Exceptional Superhuman Ability, his beyond-human physical stats, and the following powers.

-Energy Control (Magnetism): Exceptional Superhuman
-Precognition: Exceptional Superhuman Predictive Algorithms

Devices: Communicators, Scramblers, Local Reality Stabilizers.

Tinman was an engineer working for a major corporation that dealt with material sciences. He discovered much to his disappointment that the corporation was exploiting third-world natives for practical slave labor. While he had no doubt the corporation had some shady elements, it was this that most impacted him and drove him to develop the Tinman suit. Tinman developed his power armored suit a device that is a marvel of engineering made with a blend of synthetic materials (one which utilizes tin for processing) as well as devices that allow him to control magnetism on a very powerful level. He used this suit for demonstrations, and protests against the corporation until he was arrested (with little evidence) due to his lack of record, and the fact his criminal act was merely trespassing the judge recommended him to Dr. Alchemy who pitched the idea of protecting the entire world from potential interdimensional enemies. Jame's mind is very quick and despite lacking a doctorate, he's extremely brilliant and capable of developing some fairly beyond 2023 technology.

Tinman took his name from the Wizard of Oz, primarily because despite his lack of vision at times he has a truly noble heart.Silverlion_soldier_one_power_armor_military_superhero_sci-fi_ma_927aa719-6af4-46c1-944c-8c10e3...png
Day 3

System: Dark Dungeons X
Version: 10th Anniversary Edition
Publisher: Gurbintroll Games

System Notes: It's another retroclone for me today (I will change things up tomorrow); this time one based on BECMI and Rules Cyclopedia D&D. It does some things a bit differently, and one of them is that the default chargen method is using an array rather than rolling for ability scores (indeed, the only thing you roll for is starting gold). It also has some other character options not present in its inspirations, such as having druids as a playable class at 1st level, which is why I went with that for today's character.

Name: Zareva
Class: Druid
Level: 1

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 16 (+2 bonus)
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 13 (+1 bonus)
Charisma: 14 (+1 bonus)

Hit Points: 7
Armor Class: 7
Base Attack Bonus: +1

Saving Throws: Death Ray/Poison +9, Magic Wands +8, Paralysis/Petrify +6, Breath Weapon +4, Rods/Staves/Spells +5

Weapon Feats: Sling (Basic), Staff (Basic)
Skills: First Aid, Nature Lore, Navigation, Tracking

Druid Abilities: Spells (0 per day at 1st level), Control Animal (+11 for 1HD or less, +5 for 1/1+ HD, +2 for 2/2+ HD)

Armor: Leather
Weapons: Sling, Staff
Equipment: 20 Sling Stones, Backpack, Tent, 2 Waterskins, 1 Week of Dried Rations, Tinderbox, 5 Torches, Rope, Peasant Clothing, Long Cloak, Boots
Money: 32 gp

Backstory: Zareva grew up in a remote farming village on the edge of a great forest. She always found herself more at home in the wilderness than in civilization, and took it upon herself to learn nature's ways and care for it the best she could. When she came of age, rather than learn a trade or get married off, she decided to become a wanderer, living by her wits and the wilderness skills she had acquired over time. Eventually, a druid circle found her tending to an injured wolf, and seeing her potential, offered her the chance to become an initiate in their community. After some time learning the simplest of the druid arts, she has taken to wandering once again, needing to prove herself further before continuing her training.
System :: Marvel Super Heroes
Version :: Basic, Revised

Character 1

Who doesn't love Marvel Super Heroes? I decided to go with Basic Revised as I kinda think it is the best, even though they all have their cool bits. Also, when I make a Marvel character I can't help but write them up in that "Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe" style. Anyways... I basically used the random character generation to get this guy. His stats are pretty great, in my opinion. I rolled up my Origin, FASERIP, Resources, Number of Powers, Power Categories, then Talents. My Power Categories came up: Matter Control (Good), Body Control (Incredible) and Energy Control (Excellent). The talents really made him seem like a secret agent or special forces kind of guy, with Television Junkie as a fun flavor talent. Going with that and the Aerial Combat, I decided to go with Air style powers, so I went with Air Control for the Matter Control power, then I chose Body Transformation: Gas, which takes up 2 power slots. That let me ditch the Energy Control. I then used my Mutant background to bump the Air Control up from Good to Excellent.
System :: Star Wars
Version :: West End Games, 1st Edition

Character 2
Star Wars Sted Martho1.jpg

WEG Star Wars 1e! 18D in Attributes, 7D in skills, a couple reasonable items. This is dead simple, quick char-gen that still seems to be capable of getting you a Star Wars-y character you can dig. I overall prefer 1e for it's breezier, lighter feel, which I thinks fits the Star Wars universe best. Later editions get skill bloat, in my opinion, to the detriment of the game.
System :: Traveller
Version :: Original, The Traveller Book

Character 3
Traveller Sir Roy Landon.jpg
Traveller is something else. In one sense, the characters you end up with are so sparse, and I'm not used to it. Like, this character has some stats, cash, and 1 skill at a high level. It takes me a while to remember that some of my impressions here come from modern games and that Traveller does actually provide enough material to work with, if you have the right mind-set. I'll do a quick run-down of how this character came to be...

It all started with this guy:
Str 7, Dex 2, End 3, Int 6, Edu 4, Soc 10.

Whew... that's rough. I figured this guy, with the high social standing, he'd try for the Navy, maybe see if he could bump his social standing up a bit higher. Just a guy with connections, a social climber. He got lucky and succeeded in his enlistment roll for the Navy! Turns out social connections weren't enough, because once enlisted this motherfucker proceeded to die immediately. Turns out the navy can be dangerous for some high class pud who didn't know how real it got once you hit orbit. Oh well, on to the next one.

Here I rolled up the guy you see:
Str 4, Dex 9, End 5, Int 10, Edu 4, Soc 11.

This guy is already a Knight! I thought I'd take him to the Navy as well. He managed to enlist and make his survival check (though only thanks to his Intelligence +DM). He didn't earn a commission, and he rolled Vacc Suit-1, then Vacc Suit-2. After this, he successfully reenlisted, survived, earned no commission, and picked up Vacc Suit-3. Then at age 26 he failed his re-enlistment roll, and so he was out. I took cash for mustering out and rolled 50,000 on one roll, and 1,000 for the other.

I ended up liking this guy. Almost every Traveller character is combat competent due to their military backgrounds (Skill-0 in weapons, vs. the -4 or whatever untrained people have). This guy had a high enough Dexterity to grab a +1 DM when using some guns as well, and his Vacc Suit skill puts him in a great place if Battle Dress or even sealed Combat Armor pop up. I decided he was a Knight in a lesser known noble family, and in the Navy he really took to maintaining equipment and training other personnel in space safety aboard ship, helping other recruits get their space legs when on EVAs and all that. After his 2nd term he was discharged for whatever reason, but came out at age 26 with Cr51,000 on hand. Not bad, but he's still young and has planets yet to see. I imagine him as a no-nonsense guy who is concerned for the safety of others and has a bit of a reserved, noble bearing.
Jan 4
System: Myriad Song
Version: N/A

Name: Sher Racol
Species: Human
Gender/sex: Female (and sometimes, "yes").
Body: d4
Speed: d8
Mind: d8
Will: d6
Legacy (Human): d6 Negotiation, Questioning, Tactics
Career (Thief): d6 Deceit, Evasion, Observation

Athletics d8
Endurance d8
Fighting d8

Low Profile
Improved Breakdown
Scrounge Loot
Sleight of Hand
Empathic Pet
Dramatic Disheveling
Combat Save
Personality Gift: Bold

Fortune favors the bold

Aramid outfit
holdout pistol with two reloads

Born on the far away planet of Tiorted that has become derelict after the Syndics were overthrown (it relied a bit too heavily on their dotations, now it's a slowly dying place), she learned from a young age to scramble for the hand-me-downs that most people on the planet live from...but despite living in sucha place, she wasn't a scavenger like most.
Every world has thieves, and she was one of those, instead. Robbing the last of Tiorted's aristocracy blind, handing down the food (that was the currency back there) and sipping from the stolen drinks was a regular occurrence. So was deflecting suspicion, and avoiding the goons and bounty hunters that tried to prevent or punish her thefts.
But it all comes to an end, and that was true in this case as well. She hid on a spaceship and worked for the price of crossing the Gulf of Stars.
Then, when arriving to a different planet, she returned to her old profession. Stealing is stealing, after all!

We had a brawler character already, so I decided we needed a waif-fu character as well:grin:! Yes, she mostly has physical skills, but please notice that she also adds her career and legacy to many others. So I'd say she should be fine for a starting character.
System-wise, she has Legacy Human, Profession Thief, and a custom package of starting Gifts that I made by combining the Galactic Hero package and the Charmer's. She's meant to be a Thief With A Heart Of Gold that gets involved with Save-This-Planet plots despite her own reasoning, so it fits.
System :: Dungeons the Dragoning 40k 7e
Version :: 1.2

Hilt, gnome daemonhost gallant (level 1 paladin class track)

Stats: intelligence 2, wisdom 4(attentive), willpower 1+2=3, strength 3(4 in power armor), dexterity 2, constitution 4+1=5(tireless), charisma 2, fellowship 1+1=2, composure 2.
[Note: like WoD, normal is 2, max 5, a few exceptional tricks get you to 6, specialties at 4 dots let you reroll 1s where they apply]

Skills: academic lore(int) 0+1, forbidden lore(int) 2, medic(wis) 1, arcana(int) 1, craft(int) 0+1, weaponry 3+1=4(great weapon), brawling 2, ballistics 2, athletics(con/str) 1, animal ken(cmp) 1, disguise(fel) 1, scrutiny(cmp) 1, deceive(cha) 1, charm(fel) 1, command(cha) 1

Backgrounds: inheritance 3 (power armor), artifact 2 (portable hole), backing 2 (cult of ____)

Species: gnome, +1 fellowship, +1 academic lore, +1 craft, size 3 (1.5 meters), any armor proficency (power armor), any weapon prof (melee 3)

Exaltation: daemonhost, one free dot in Transmutation magic & always counts as in class for buying it up, spend 1 resource point to add power stat to magic school for a casting roll, gain a bite weapon +1k1 rending & penetration 0 & regain resource points equal to wounds done, resource Essence of cha+will+power recovered by rolling willpower vs 10+2/rp as a free action & take 1 hp damage if you fail

Power stat 1 ability: reduce damage by con+power unless its from a magical effect or solver weapon

Class: Gallant (paladin track 1), each level gives +1 armor when wearing armor, gives access to the Stone Dragon sword school.

600 starter xp: +100xp for two hinderances, Law of the Stars (code of honor), 300 xp for +2 willpower, 100 xp Sturdy asset (+1 resilence), 100 xp +1 inheritance background (good quality silver two handed great sword), 100 xp +1 mentor background (high priest of your cult) & +1 contacts background (an IT guy in the police dept.), 100 xp Veteran asset (+1 con & +1 weaponry & enemy of GM choice)

Gear: knife, magoculars, voidsuit, pulse rifle & 2 clips, Lady of Pain bobblehead, sunglasses, classy outfit, portable hole containing [good quality silver grand daiklaive, power armor]

Hp: 16, resilence: 4(5 in PA), armor: 0(12 PA) & daemonhost(-6), static defense: 22(14 PA), dodge: 2k2, speed 5 meters/30 running, perception: 3k3, mental defense: 15, resolve: 5, devotion: 6(Raven Queen), resource 7 & recover by bite wounds or 3k3 vs 10+2/rp(-1 hp on fail)

Transmutation - Swift Change: free action 5k4 vs 15 to swap clothes armor weapons in your possession [note: spend a rp for 6k4 @ >90% success & 1.6% chance of warpy crap]

Bite - 3k2 attack, 4k2 rending, pen 0, +fatigue & regain rp r wounds done
Pulse rifle - 2k2 or 4k3 full auto, 2k2 energy, pen 2, 100m, rof s/4, 40 ammo, 1 full round reload, +reliable
Sword - 6k4 reroll 1s, 7(8)k3 rending, pen 2, 2-handed & parry @ 5k4 reroll 1s

ToDo: buy feats & skills to level 2, then buy Transmutation(animal prowess for +con buffing) & power stat to 2 (about 2 to 3 sessions). Buy feats & skills to level 3 (another 2 sessions), then 500 xp (one session) into Stone Dragon sword school, then 500 xp (one session) to buy a maneuver [take -10 defense & -4k0 attack & no armor penetration & +10 armor until start of next turn]

Notes: quite a tough melee combatant who will only get tougher as levels go up, strong melee attack, functional in ranged combat & social situations (not amazing but fully competent with 3k2), capable of detecting magic, very good medic, during 2nd level buy weapon prof ranged 1 & a rocket launcher to deal with snipers.

Hilt is a 150 cm tall gnome in a tuxedo that can spontaneously poof into power armor and a 220 cm sword. He's tough, sharp, and decent company at parties. He doesn't carry much cash but the local temple always accepts his collect calls and can usually help him out. A bit prickly about the honor thing and not cool with undead, but a decent chap to hang with.
Day 3
System: Symbaroum

You can tell that this is a Free League game, though one nice simplification is that, instead of 4 abilities and ~12 skills, there are 8 skills; that's fine with me for a lightish game as you have the resulting ability without having to add two things together. This ranger is partially built around sixth sense which allows use of vigilant in place of other skills so I can lean into my highest stat.

I still don't have a great feel for the game even after making a character; I'm afraid it's one of those games where I'd have to read the book to understand it. I prefer games where the concept jumps out at you as they are easier to get players into them.

Day 4
System: Wicked Ones

Race: Orc
Calling: Marauder

Dark Impulse: Cruel
Revelry: Worship

Dark Hearts: 1


Scan: 1
Tinker: 0
Trick: 0


Finesse: 0
Skulk: 1
Smash: 3


Banter: 0
Invoke: 2
Threaten: 2


Battlemaster: You can spend stress to perform an incredible feat of athletics, like throwing an axe a great distance, maneuvering nearly anywhere on the field of battle, or facing off against a group of foes on equal footing.

Joy of Battle: You love nothing more than your own excellence in battle. On a critical while engaged in combat, you clear 1 stress and gain a dark heart.

You can flashback to things a Marauder would have thought to do, such as giving orders to minions, surveying a target's strength, or disciplining subordinates.


Serrated Blade
Spiked Shield
Clutch of Torches
Ember Ring


Iron Caltrops
Jug of Ale


Zug is the Dungeon's Overseer, in charge of preparations for the inevitable battles with do gooding heroes. He enjoys his job and he's good at it. He's an old fashioned sort of monster, ruling over his minions through cruelty and terror. Woe betide the imp that Zug finds incompetent or lazy or just in the wrong place in the wrong time. He is also a devout follower of Gorlag the Emperor, the God of Conquest and Tyranny and spends the little spare time he allows himself praying at the temple for more minions to terrorise.
System :: The Fantasy Trip
Version :: Legacy Edition (Current Version)

Character 4
TFT Levin Silversmith.jpg

The Fantasy Trip is an interesting game. It's a total classic that supports many more character concepts than you'd expect from a fantasy RPG that evolved out of a couple skirmish combat games. In this case, on a whim I decided to create a character who is a bit of a high class smith. He's someone who enjoys a fine weapon, both as a crafter and as someone who might be in need of one. Adventures might be inclined to trust him as he's more than a smith or simple business man, but someone who has been in dicey situations not unlike those he works with.

As cool as I think The Fantasy Trip is, even in its modern incarnation it has a bit of clunk, mostly in its organization. A lot of rules you might think of as generally important are kind of tucked away in Talent descriptions, or otherwise seem scattered about willy-nilly. Regardless, I think the game does a great job of supporting a number of character concepts, the magic system is great, and it's all a good time.
System: d6 System
Version: Endless Flight Endless Flight 's Star Wars: The D6+ Adventure Game

Twi'lek Female Operative

Agility 4D: acrobatics +4, contortion +4, evade +6, melee +4, stealth +9*
Dexterity 4D: marksmanship +4, pilot +4, thievery +6,
Strength 2D: climb +4, jump +4, throw +4.
Fortitude 3D: resilience +3*.
Reason 3D: computers +6 (slicing +9), investigation +4, languages +4
Intuition 3D: gamble +4, insight +4, search +4, streetwise +4, vigilance +7*.
Presence 4D: charm +6, deception +6, persuasion +7*
Willpower 3D:
*+3 from species

Defenses: passive 14, dodge 20, block 7, parry 18.
Wounds: 10, Strain: 10

Special Ability: Low-Light Vision (species).
Advantages: Connections (Criminal), Scholar (Slicing), (two pending*...).
Complications: Escaped Slave
Possessions: Blaster, Vibro-Knife, Dancing Girl Outfit, Datapad.
*need a complete list to determine

Backstory: Ayy'una is an escaped slave (dancing girl) with a talent for subterfuge who now works as a covert operative and data slicer for the highest bitter, when not running away from bounty hunters sent by the Hutt crime lord who owned her.

NOTE: Skills and Advantages inferred from material posted at the thread, since the manual hasn't been released yet.
I really appreciate this. Thank you!
Day 3
System :: Terra Primate
Version :: Unisystem

(Pre-Heroic Character)
Name:Carl Flagen
Life Points:30
Endurance Points:23
Essence Pool:15
Photographic Memory2
Good Luck2
Martial Arts3
Smooth Talking3
Computer Hacking3

Carl's always had it easy. He never saw a reason to work hard since getting to above average on most things just hasn't taken that much effort. Hell sometimes things go just right for him no matter how much effort he puts in. He's a good guy to have around since most things he can get working IF you can get him working.
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System :: Palladium
Version :: Revised, 1991 9th printing

It's only an hour early here for day 3. Started rolling an ogre but it's highest stat was IQ at 13... figured it was a runt and got killed & eaten by the rest of the family. Terrible rolls. Next came...

Throthgar Horse-Raper, abberant troll paladin noble (seriously hilarious rolls on the random charts).

IQ 14, mental endurance 5, mental affinity 4, physical strength 19 (+4 h2h dmg), physical prowess 16 (+1s dodge parry strike), physical endurance 14, physical beauty 10, speed 6.

Cannibal: yes. 11 feet tall. 60' night vision. 15 hp. Illigitimate child. Heavy set. 42 years old. Noble background. Prejudice vs wolfen. Origin in the Western Empire.

OCC Palladin. No movement restrictions from heavy armor. Clothes, large sack, small sack, 120 gp, low quality weapon (large shield). Level 1, 2400 xp to get to L2.

Hand to hand (palladin), +2 damage
Horsey (palladin), ride/care/feed
Literate (troll) 75%
Large shield, +2 parry
Lance, +1 strike
Medical, diagnose 30% & treat/save 34%
Scale walls 36%
Tracking, outdoors 20% & indoors 2%
Ball & chain, +1 strike
Large sword, +1 strike
Crossbow, rof 1
Demon/devil lore 40%
Faerie lore 30%
Recognize poison 10%
Recognize precious metals/stones 17%
Recognize weapon quality 22%
Sense of direction 35%
Speak Western human language 45%
Speak other language (____) 45%
Literate Western human lang 34%
Literate other lang (_____) 34%

Saves: magic 12, wards 14, circles 13, poison 14, insanity 12, psionics 15, fumes 14

Gear: clothes, sacks, large shield (+3 parry), mace & chain (+2 strike & 3d6+6 dmg & 12 lbs), 2x heavy blankets, 20 lbs of cheese, 10 gp. Claws (+1 strike & 2d6+6 dmg), fangs (+1 strike & 2d6 dmg).

Throthgar is the bastard kid of... well lets not go into that. Suffice it to say that Throthgar is persona non grata at home and working his way east across the Western Empire being an honorable baddy who enjoys a good excuse to bash some heads in. Someday there will be a horse that doesn't just collapse under Throthgar's weight and all those stupid lancing & horsemanship lessions with the whiney tutor will be worth it.
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