A system for running the Matrix

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Sep 21, 2018
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Matrix Resurrection popped up on NZ Netflix this past weekend. I'm lukewarm about it, but it did remind me of how I tried to devise a FUDGE hack to play it and how that might not have been the best system. Any suggestions? I figure if you're going to be faithful to the movie you'll need:

* A lightning-fast combat system.
* A mechanic to perform at superhuman levels briefly. Maybe by taking a point in a negative stat so players have to be strategic with their resources.
* A mechanic to swap expert-level skills in and out (almost) at will. Probably also an exhaustible resource.
* Mook rules, because armed blue pills are a genuine threat that you can punt through a window.
* Boss rules, because even if you gang up on an agent some of you will die before he does. And then he comes back.
* Some kind of grit/flesh HP rules, because red pills can walk it off after getting punched through walls but are soft and squishy to harm that gets past that.
Maybe Outgunned might be a good system for this.

It's by the creators of Broken Compass, and it's a variation of that system (now termed the Fortune game engine).
Its aiming for a more high-octane vibe, as opposed to a rollicking adventure flavour of Broken Compass.

It would need alot of retrapping to make it fit a Sci-Fi setting, but the engine itself hopefully captures the energised vibe that one might be looking for with The Matrix. It's version of 'Fortune Pts' are called 'Adrenaline', for instance.

Could be worth sussing out:
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