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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi there. You may have noticed that there's a funky new sub-forum been set up by our benevolent dictators at the RPG Pub. Oh wow, this is it! Ahem, testing, testing...

Ok, let's try again. Hi there! Welcome to The Pub Presents sub-forum where we make deep-dives into rpg products and post 'where I read' threads for them. Threads in this forum are moderated by me and do not allow posts by others normally. However, if you're a writer of the product being discussed, or the publisher, artist, whatever, feel free to comment if I get something wrong, misread stuff or you want to clarify a point. Any posts made by folk other than me on this sub-forum go into an 'approval queue' where I will view the post and then approve or bin if you're just posting what you had for breakfast etc. The idea being that you get a largely uninterrupted deep-dive into a groovy product and maybe the occasional comment by the folks responsible for it. I personally will only have one thread active at a time so that the product being read gets undivided attention.

All threads that are posted by me on this sub-forum discuss products that have been furnished to me in pdf form for this purpose.

It would be really great if these threads generated talk on the main forum where everyone is of course free to post what they like. My fervent hope is that we build a nice resource here for people looking for information on products.

If you have any questions about this sub-forum or want a product to receive the Pub treatment, send me a PM. It looks like as of 20-04-2020 I now have 6 products in the queue.

This sticky will also serve as a living index of threads found in this sub-forum (so that when we have dozens you can see what is available without searching the forum). If other posters eventually start posting their own threads to this sub-forum please liaise with me so that the index is maintained and up to date.

Vast Kaviya: A Campaign Setting for 5e Epic Tales of Glory, Harsh Survival, and Primordial Adventure written by Mike Myler and Published by Legendary Games.
Lyonesse: Fantasy Roleplaying Based on the Novels by Jack Vance Published by The Design Mechanism
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