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Aug 28, 2017
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Does anyone know artists for hire than can do commission work for games to be published that are good?
What kind of art are you looking for and in what volume?
We have some excellent artists here at the Pub but depends on the style you're looking for.
Well, I want someone who can do this as a painting (preferably with some modifications like the steam release in the back, and real looking tires and doors without the complex gilding) for a cover--and maybe a bunch of smaller pieces for the book (1/3-1/4 the page and maybe one or two full page bits) all in a steampunk painted style like old photographs. The game takes place after the Great War, but an alternate history steampunk apocalypse. I decided writing simple yet another steampunk game needed a non-fantasy spin focusing on tech and weird tech of early Sci-Fi.

Have you looked at generating some art with Midjourney? You can get use the demo version on Discord to generate 25 images for free and as cheap as $10/month for 200 images.

It's hit-or-miss so far for me. I'd say a 20% - 25% success rate for getting usable art. It seems to do better with landscapes and buildings.

For example, I asked the A.I. to draw a police dog in a dark alley, comic book style, and got this:

Okay, I asked it to draw a steampunk car, rusty, in the style of Salvador Dali and got this:

It is from Midjourney...:grin: But I need a bit cleaner copy.
It is from Midjourney...:grin: But I need a bit cleaner copy.

That's my frustration with it, I get some images that are close, but details are wrong or bad. My only suggestion is to generate alternate versions of the best of the bunch and hope it gets closer to what you really want. Then upscale that image.

I won't be a regular subscriber to Midjourney until the success rate gets closer to 50% for me, but it has been fun at times to see what pops up.
I have purchased two book covers from, which is a pre-made site, but some of the designers there also indicate they do take commissions, so you could nose around there and see if you find someone you like.
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