B/X or OSE: what to include in a DM screen

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Apr 25, 2017
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Thanks to a Humble Bundle a few months ago, I snagged the official Necrotic Gnome Referee Screen for Old School Essentials (in PDF), but I wasn't hugely impressed (not with the layout and readability, but with the included charts).

From your experience, what are the most useful tables and things to include in a DM/Referee screen for this game?

Some to include for sure:
  1. Monster matrix (ascending AC) attacks and saving throws by hit dice
  2. Encounters (eg reaction roll, surprise etc.)
  3. Dungeon Exploration sequence (my campaign is Stonehell, so exclusively a dungeon crawl)
  4. A few quick name generators for NPCs and Humanoids (human, goblin, orc etc...)
Anything else?
Are you using the core or the advanced version of the rules? Looking at my books I'd say include the following:
  • Encounters rules
  • Combat rules
  • Dungeons rules
  • Wilderness rules
  • Waterborne rules
  • Evasion and Pursuit rules
  • Hazards and Challenges rules
  • Dungeon Encounters tables
  • Attack values
  • Saving Throws values
  • Turning tables
  • Ability Scores values
  • Class skills values
  • Downtime rules
  • Animals and Land Transport
  • Encumbrance rules
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