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There have been more than a few really well painted mechs gracing my FB lately and it's really given me the nostalgias for BT. There are few things as satisfying as jumping over a mothefucker and shooting him in the back of the head with an AC20 Ultra.
The Real-Life History of Battletech Part IV

The classification of mechs as "Unseen" meant that , while they continued to be represented in the fiction and game stats, all images of them were removed from Battletech publications, and the associated miniatures were taken out of production. Among these, of course, was the iconic "Warhammer" that had graced the cover of the Battletech boxed sets since Battledroids.


Other mechs deemed Unseen include The Battlemaster, The Crusader, The Griffin...


...The Marauder, Phoenix Hawk, Rifleman...


... and The Thunderbolt, Valkyrie and Wolverine


The loss of these mechs were devastating for many fans who grew up with them as a huge part of the game or in some cases, the reason they were attracted to Battletech in the first place. Yet, I think nothing says more for the unique identity that Battletech carved for itself that it continued to move forward and thrive even with this incredible blow. Sure, it meant that many classic sourcebooks and gaming materials were discontinued and could no longer be reprinted, but FASA continued on without skipping a beat...
Some of those I totally get, but it gathered in mechs that I don't get why there were there as it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Robotech.
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