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E-Rocker is a goose.
Aug 16, 2017
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If we were allowed to do this with geese I think the world would be much better for it'. We used to clip geese's flight feathers and use them as lures for flying flocks and mow them down. That gave em a healthy fear for man. Maybe it's time to return to the old ways.....
It's a reminder who's in charge here and we can kill you at any time. Stay off the land or it gets real!

David Johansen

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May 4, 2017
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It's probably too political...


Tulpa Girl

"Hello, motherf*ckers!"
Nov 14, 2018
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From Justice League of America #103, when some of the local Rutland Halloween Parade crowd get possessed and have to fight the JLA. Part of an unofficial Marvel Crossover than also included Amazing Adventures #16 and Thor #207.

In Englehart's Amazing Adventures #16, "...And the Juggernaut Will Get You... If You Don't Watch Out!" (Jan. 1973) Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart and Len & Glynnis Wein come across Hank McCoy a.k.a. the Beast, on their way to the Rutland Parade. The blue-furred mutant finally gets to town, just in time to stop a rampaging Juggernaut, who has lost control of his powers. He attempts to steal Englehart's car but in intercepted by Beast, and disappears into the woods.

Then in Len Wein's Justice League of America #103, "A Stranger Walks among Us!" (Dec. 1972) the four comic creators make their way to the mansion of Tom Fagan, who is sporting his best Batman costume. The Phantom Stranger leads the Justice League to Rutland, on the suspicion that Felix Faust is attempting to take advantage of a weaker dimensional state and summon ghosts to our reality.

The JLA meet up with Tom, who asks them to ride in the parade. While waving to the crowd, Faust's plan kicks into effect, and the JLA must contend with a town full of citizens gaining the powers of their costumed characters, including Glynnis Wein, who turns into Supergirl. Len, Steve and Gerry go after Glynnis, while the Phantom Stranger intervenes to save the League. With his plan foiled, Faust escapes town -- by stealing Englehart's car.

Finally in Gerry Conway's The Mighty Thor #207, "Firesword!" (Jan. 1973), Tom Fagan has switched into into an authentic-looking Nighthawk costume, but has fallen under the mind control of Loki, who is summoning Absorbing Man to destroy the town. Thor, Sif and Hildegard intervene to defeat Absorbing Man and Loki, blinding the trickster god in the process. Loki hears the Faust-driven stolen car of Steve Englehart and rushes after it, but his blind state leads him right off a cliff. Len, Steve and Gerry locate the missing (and now human again) Glynnis, who doesn't quite remember what just happened.

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