CCC 2023 Continuation: Where the Wild Characters Are Pub Edition

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April fools, I'm still here. Actually, it's just been busy and I'm stealing time from sleep to use my computer.

So five characters from the Call of Cthulhu 1990s Handbook, printed 1995 and bought new. Ow. I'll edit in some pics tomorrow.
Remember the two Delta Green characters I tried and got average to lousy rolls on so they had very little real skill in anything? This fixes that. Also going back to the original rules I find that I massively misremembered and screwed them over a couple things. Maybe I'll re-do them later.

April 1
name: Larry Fisface

str 8
dex 9 - dodge 18
con 11
siz 14
int 11 - idea 55
edu 20 - know 100
app 6
pow 11 - luck 55

hp 12
magic 11
san 55

age 43
occupation: 5 years a sailor in the Navy, gunnery petty officer

pilot boat+10
artillery =50
mechanical repair =50
operate heavy machinery =75

military service bonus:
pilot boat+20

education: +300
English 100
fist 50
grapple 25+25=50
handgun 20+25+25=70
head butt 10
kick 25
knife 25
navigate 5+20+50=75
pilot boat 0+20+50=70
pilot ship 0+75=75
rifle 10+50+25=85
SMG 5+25=30
swim 25+25+25=75
throw 25+50=75

artillery 50
mechanical repair 50
operate heavy machinery 75

int skills: +55
credit rating 15+55=70

Now that, is a sailor.

Absolute favorite line. I still think about it during games someyimes.

April 2
name: Harry Hamhed

str 9
dex 13 - dodge 26
con 11
siz 13
int 12 - idea 60
edu 18 - know 90
app 14
pow 5 - luck 25

hp 12
magic 5
san 25

age 23
occupation: 3 years a US Army MP

law =50
psychology =50
spot =50

military service bonus:
drive auto =40
first aid =40
listen =40

education: +270
English 90
bayonet 10
fist 50
grapple 25+30+30=80
handgun 25+50=75
head butt 10
kick 25+50=75
knife 25
rifle 10+50=60
SMG 5+50=55
throw 25+40=65

int skills: +60
dodge 26+60=86

Soldier is soldier eh? Perhaps not the best to investigate the crazies with that low SAN score though.

And of course now I roll well for education stats. Feh.

April 3
name: Barry Offler

str 11
dex 17 - dodge 51
con 13
siz 11
int 10 - idea 50
edu 13 - know 65
app 13
pow 12 - luck 60

hp 12
magic 12
san 60

age 35
occupation: officer, 8 years and a West Point grad (branch undefined at this time)

computer use+25
medicine =50
library use =50
credit rating =50

military service bonus:
fast talk+40
bargain =20
history =40
law =20

education: +195
English 65
accounting 10+45=55
computer use 0+25=25
credit rating 50+25=75
dodge 51+25=76
fast talk 5+40+25=70
fist 25
grapple 25
handgun 20
jump 20
kick 25
navigate 5
persuade 5+25+50=80
psychology 0+40+25=65
rifle 10

int skills: +50
Language(Arabic) =50

A very talky officer here.

April 4
name: Sherry Nabober

str 3
dex 6 - dodge 12
con 12
siz 8
int 11 - idea 55
edu 18 - know 90
app 10
pow 4 - luck 20

hp 10
magic 4
san 20 (ouch)
damage bonus: -1d6

age 22
occupation: Coast Guard detective

library use+50
law =50
accounting =50
forgery =50

military service bonus:
heh, well I guess the 'intelligence' services don't get that bonus

education: +270
computer use 0+70 =70
fist 25
grapple 25
handgun 20
kick 25
library use 25+50 =75
language(Latin) 0+70 =70
persuade 5
psychology 5+60 =65
rifle 10+70 =80
throw 25

int skills: +55
drive 20+55 =75

That's... odd....

April 5
name: Rary Bondo

str 9
dex 4 - dodge 8
con 8
siz 14
int 10 - idea 50
edu 16 - know 80
app 15
pow 4 - luck 20

hp 11
magic 4
san 20 (aw, c'mon already I'm going to be chewing through a character a session with these SAN rolls)

age 55
occupation: marine pilot - oops nope, minimum 15 int and dex
occupation: airborne commando - no minimums on this one

demolitions =50
tracking =20

military service bonus:
heh, well I guess the 'ranger/airborne commands' services don't get that bonus

education: +240
climb 40+20 =60
conceal 25+50 =75
dodge 08
fist 25
grapple 25
handgun 20
heavy weapons 0
hide 10+60 =70
kick 25
knife 25
listen 25
navigate 5+40 =45
parachute 0+35 =35
rifle 10
sneak 10+40+20 =70
spot 25+50 =75
throw 25

int skills: +50
pilot airplane 0+50 =50

Sneak and explode stuff?

The frak did I get three of five characters with 20-25 STARTING sanity?!?
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31/ 22) Commander Toshio Muramatsu -- System: Convergence Point v1.9
In the series, they just call him Commander.

All this set of characters are based on the "OVA" of The Neo Frontiers Series. Like all the Neo Frontiers Stories, it will not focus on any particular character but follows several characters throughout the course of the series. Although each one gets to be a star in one episode some just continue to follow their life. They will be at the level of when they first appear.

Name: Commander Muramatsu
Core Trait: Human Astro Force Leader of the Neo Frontiers Era

It seems Walter is right. There was a "space war" or "Astro-War", with Humans vs Aliens in the 1960s. It was all kept hush-hush so as not to panic the population. Evidence was altered or removed, witnesses were persuaded to not talk about it, and the technology was kept on the down low (with much of it being reversed engineered alien technology). There were some interesting Earth Craft with adapted engines and tech. (Seemingly we did not make ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) at the time.) There might have been a giant monster or large monster involved. We fought them on Earth. We fought them in Near Space. We fought them on the Moon (See The Wargentin Anomalies). Eventually, the Invading Aliens were driven. Allegedly Earth Governments (Deep States) had inconsistent contact with other Aliens.

The Astro-Force has been a secret military, supported by all governments (western governments probably). Its mission was to keep Earth Safe from Alien Intrusions. Now there were local government investigations, but it is unclear if these were cover organizations or an attempt by local governments to get access to Alien Tech. (There is evidence that both were true.)

Astro-Force continues its mission to this day, utilizing superior technology and knowledge about Aliens kept from the population.

It seems that the existence of reptiloids was something the Astro-Force knew about. To be fair, by the information they gathered from other Aliens, The Reptiloids exploited Earth millennia ago. There might be reptiloids around, but they did not have a "real presence".

----- --0-- -----

The Current Commander started his career as a team leader in a precursor organization that dealt with "the unusual". This organization was quietly folded into The Astro-Force, just before the Astro-Conflict. He and his team saw action in the conflict. They were involved in key events. Eventually, the Aliens and their monsters were driven off Earth and out of the solar system. For his tremendous service, the Captain became a regional commander. Over the years he became the Overall Commander of the force.

It should be noted that the Astro-Force provides "exceptional technology" to organizations like The OGA. It may be someday proven that the OGA or "Agency" is actually an "investigation and action arm" of the Astro-Force.

Note Series 2 spoiler
Originally Supernaturals were assumed to be Aliens. While many are non-terrestrial in origin (through other dimensions), there were not extra-terrestrial.
----- --0-- -----

There were rumors and secret Astro-Force investigations into Reptiloid activities on Earth over the decades. They were aware that they were involved with some corporations and limitedly with governments. However, the Mattin Conflicts and the Six Years' War (allegedly) drove them away. It seems that they were fed false information (or semi-true).

In the last decade or so, they, like the OGA, suspected alien interference in the United Zones. However, their investigations turned up nothing more than confirmed suspicions. However, they could not "reveal the truth" without revealing their own secret existence. They were fairly sure the reptiloids did not know of the Astro-Force's (continued) existence. If they did, they could not take action without revealing their own existence. It was a game of feint and counter feint. The highest levels of United Governments began to take actions to interfere with Astro-Force. At this point, there was a conflict. It took the OGAs and its Esper resources to find how deep the current Reptiloid plot went and how close it was to achieving its goals.

It was then that The Astro-Force somewhat revealed itself. The commander talked with The Executive Council of the UZ. (For the moment, the Astro-Force will have a permanent seat at the table.) They joined the Combined Military Force providing True Space Fighters (that were twenty to thirty years old at this point) and improved technology. The secret Astro-Force tech is just a bit superior and refined to the cutting edge of Neo Frontiers technology. In fact, the PSI-Tech, was catching up to the Alien based tech of the Astro-Force. The Astro-Force might of provided the foundation work behind project Harkone and Star Gate.

Description: He is a Japanese male of considerable years. However, he is one of those men who not only seem to not to age, but looks better as he gets older. (His hair is still quite dark, but has some silver threads in it.) He still carries (and seems to smoke) his signature pipe. The man is still intellectually sharp as always.


Yes, the animators "adopted" the general look of the leader of the Ultraman Science Patrol as their "Astro Force" leader. That is why I have an image of him.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Commander Muramatsu
Core Trait: Human Astro Force Leader of the Neo Frontiers Era
Lv 5 /EP Mod (1.2 -.2

Prime Aspects
PHY 10 +3/7- "Sturdy"
DEX 12 +4/8- "Still Steady"
MEN 16 +5/9- "Tactically Brilliant"
EMO 12 +4/4- "Driven"
MPY 12 +4/8- "Touched by The Light"
CHA 13 +4/8- "Solid and Dependable"

Core Focus: DED +S/T +SCI +VHL

Athletic +1 "Fitness"
Combative+1 "Astro-Force Weapons" "Judo"
Contacts+1 "Aliens" "Secret Organizations" "Deep State"
Deduction+ "Plots" "Military"
GEE+2 "Null Tech
Knowledge+1 "Aliens"x2, "Alien Tech", "Events"
Science+5 "General Science", "Hyper-Tech", "Zeno-Science"
Strategy/ Tactics+5 "Monster Battles", "Space Battles", "Secret Organizations"
Technology+1 "Ships Systems"
Vehicle+5 "Astro-Force Vehicles"

Developing /Expanding Level
(Old School) Space Training: GEE+2 "Null G" TEC+1"Ship Systems" +.3x
Military Training: COM+1 "Military Weapons" ATH+1 "Fitness" +.1x (.3x Adjusted)
Veteran of The Astro-Conflict KNW+1 "Aliens", "Alien Tech", "Events" +.15 (+.25)
He may be the last one with this set, as he is in his nineties.
Alien Negotiator: Contact+1 "Aliens" KNW+1 "Aliens" +.25x
Professional: Rank+5 Chief Commander +0x

Psych: Dedicated to Protecting The People of Earth (B3)
Distinctive Feature: Pipe (B1)

This is the last NF:FSW character to be written at this point. I will be spending more time actually writing up NF:S1, NF:FSW, and NF:S2. This challenge is important to me. I am saving time by adapting other peoples' previous characters. (Since coming up with a conception, tieing it to the setting/ plot, and then writing it up takes so much time. Mechanics 10-20 minutes.)

You know, The Astro-Conflict Era might be a good mini-book. Secretive Space Fighters, Aliens, UFO Fighting, Monsters, no giant alien to rescue you in under 3 minutes. It has legs.

6/ 1) Maxim de Gaulle Human UZ Administrator of the Neo Frontiers OVA Era

7/ 2) Nevel Walsh Human Corporate Troubleshooter of Neo Frontiers OVA

8/ 3) Major Smith Human Space Ranger of Neo Frontier OVA Era

9/ 4) Bowzer Human Belt Miner of the Neo Frontiers OVA era

11/ 5) Chancellor Gavins Esper Chancellor of the Neo Frontiers OVA Era

12/ 6) Commander Rodolfo Bottino Human Grand Captain of Neo Frontiers OVA ERA

13/ 7) Chief Lt João Keller Human Provocateur of the First System War Era

15/ 8) Capt August Fall Human Space Marine of the Neo Frontiers Era

16/ 9) Commander William Clarke Human Officer of the Neo Frontiers Era

17/10) Agent White aka Kaede Tanaka Esper Agent of NF: First System War Era

18/11) Eugene "Kato" Lunan Esper Navigator of the Neo Frontiers

19/12) Josh "Hornet" Williamson Human Space Marine Pilot of The Neo Frontiers Era

22/13) Brian Six Synthetic Engineer of The Neo Frontier Era

23/ 14) Leonard of Victor4 AI Mechanoid Interfacer of Neo Frontiers Era

25/ 15) Kathryn Puppe Synth - Mekenoid/Ai Assistant of The Neo Frontiers Era

26/16) Ms. Scarlet or Ms. Xīnghóng Esper Agent of The Neo Frontiers Era

27/ 17) Opposition
27a) M de Gaulle Entry 2-
27b) Keller Entry 2 Post Reveal
27c/ 18) Mik Reptiloid Construction Worker of the Neo Frontier Era

28/ 19) Arden Blue Beta-Spacer Leader on Arpen Stationary of the Neo Frontiers Era

29/ 20) Name: High Leader Sitang Reptiloid Military Leader of the 12th Planet - Neo Frontiers Era

30/ 21) High Sub Leader Vrrag Reptiloid Military Leader of the 12th Planet - Neo Frontiers Era

31/ 22) Commander Muramatsu Human Astro Force Leader of the Neo Frontiers Era
Neo Frontier OVA Characters to date in the proper order
For those of you who are following the setting of the Neo Frontiers, you will know that these example characters both illuminate aspects of the setting and fill out the "flow of the story" (especially in the NF:FSW/ OVA set). However, I screwed up the order when writing them. Not intentionally, but I thought the order of importance was better than the order of appearance. I have found a better compromise and an order of characters that "explains things" better. So here they are in the correct order.

6/ 1) Maxim de Gaulle Human UZ Administrator of the Neo Frontiers OVA Era

18/11) Eugene "Kato" Lunan Esper Navigator of the Neo Frontiers

7/ 2) Nevel Walsh Human Corporate Troubleshooter of Neo Frontiers OVA

8/ 3) Major Smith Human Space Ranger of Neo Frontier OVA Era

9/ 4) Bowzer Human Belt Miner of the Neo Frontiers OVA era

11/ 5) Chancellor Gavins Esper Chancellor of the Neo Frontiers OVA Era

28/ 19) Arden Blue Beta-Spacer Leader on Arpen Stationary of the Neo Frontiers Era

12/ 6) Commander Rodolfo Bottino Human Grand Captain of Neo Frontiers OVA ERA

13/ 7) Chief Lt João Keller Human Provocateur of the First System War Era

22/13) Brian Six Synthetic Engineer of The Neo Frontier Era

15/ 8) Capt August Fall Human Space Marine of the Neo Frontiers Era

If the UZSDF Space Marine Squadron Leader and the US Miner Fighter Pod Leader are written, they should go about here.

16/ 9) Commander William Clarke Human Officer of the Neo Frontiers Era

17/10) Agent White aka Kaede Tanaka Esper Agent of NF: First System War Era

Clarke and Fall get their major Screen Time here at The Battle of Mars.

19/12) Josh "Hornet" Williamson Human Space Marine Pilot of The Neo Frontiers Era

26/16) Ms. Scarlet or Ms. Xīnghóng Esper Agent of The Neo Frontiers Era

27/ 17) Opposition
27a) M de Gaulle Entry 2-
27b) Keller Entry 2 Post Reveal
27c/ 18) Mik Reptiloid Construction Worker of the Neo Frontier Era

29/ 20) Name: High Leader Sitang Reptiloid Military Leader of the 12th Planet - Neo Frontiers Era

30/ 21) High Sub Leader Vrrag Reptiloid Military Leader of the 12th Planet - Neo Frontiers Era

23/ 14) Leonard of Victor4 AI Mechanoid Interfacer of Neo Frontiers Era

25/ 15) Kathryn Puppe Synth - Mekenoid/Ai Assistant of The Neo Frontiers Era

31/ 22) Commander Muramatsu Human Astro Force Leader of the Neo Frontiers Era
Ye gads. First time I'm on my own computer in a week or so and man... those are some huge ass-pictures. They looked way smaller on the phone.

Anyways, continuing the 1990s handbook Call of Cthulhu characters...

April 6

str 17 - gets a damage bonus but I'm not going to check
dex 5 - dodge 10
con 5
siz 12
int 11 - idea 55
edu 21 - know 105
app 4
pow 12 - luck 60

hp 8
magic 12
san 60

age 53
occupation: special forces... nope int and con are too low
occupation: wrapping around back to a sailor

pilot ship+10
accounting 50
computer use 75
library use 50

military service bonus:
other language 20
other language 20
other language 20

education: +315
fist 25
grapple 25
handgun 25+55=80
kick 25
knife 25
navigate 5+10+60=75
pilot boat 0
pilot ship 0+10
rifle 10
swim 25+15=40
throw 25
library use 50+25=75
conceal 10+70=80
electronics 10+20=30
first aid 30+40=70
heavy weapons 5
law 5
listen 25 +50=75
sneak 10+70=80
spot 25+50=75

int skills: +55
drive auto 20+55=75

Ya know, I'm going to have to stop with the CoC characters. The 'be a military peoples' bennies are just way over what he standard characters get. Usually two skills at 50, one at 75, three at 20, then another +10 per year of service on top of what regular age adds to education.

April 7: Mailing a couple days in, it's late here and life is busy. Dungeons the Dragoning 40k 7e.
gnome atlantean healer diplomat : medic & fixer for mercs, got religion & met mentor, learned Healing, & exalt started up, not great at combat but decent at almost everything else & likeable
int 3, wis 4, will 2, str 1, dex 4, con 2, cha 4, fel 3, cmp 2

all mental skills at 1 except perception at 0, ballistic 1, stealth 1, larceny 1, acrobat 1
persuade 3, scrutiny 2, charm 1, command 1, deceive 1, disguise 1, intimidate 0, animal ken 0, perform 0

backing 3 (mercs), contacts 2 (lawyer & merc leader), mentor 2 (cleric)

gnome: wp basic, ap light, size 3
atlantean: healing magic, roll warps twice and choose, style: medic, ballistics, persuade (skills can go to 6 and have a 'syrnth' specialty to reroll 1s)

starting xp: 100xp +con, 300xp merc+peer -> courtier, 100xp +com, 100xp veteran (dex & scrutiny), 200xp power stat to 2
hindrances: all thumbs (-1k0 tech & craft), law of the stars (principled)
feats: Speak Language, Peer (Mercenary Organization), Sound Constitution

gear: Hand Weapon, Las Pistol, Knife, Quilted Vest, Bodyglove (Common quality clothing), Charm, dice.

hp 11, resilience 3, armor 3(body), defense 28, dodge 5k4, speed 5 & 30 run, mental defense 15, resolve 4, resource points 11, devotion 6
veteran: once had a mafia girlfriend that shows up on all background checks 100% of the time & law software seems to have it out for you, like tends to trigger no-fly lists even if not on them (+/-1k0 ANYTHING involving background check style info gathering on you and checks always return SOMETHING even if it has to be false)

healing: cure light wounds, half action, TN 15, touch, instant, on success spend 1 resource point to heal the touched 1 hit point, for every 15 over the TN get a free hit point healed.
Spend a resource point on the atlantean L2 power for +3 dots of healing when casting for 8k4 (0.045% warpy crap) @ 95% 15+, 30% 30+, and recover the resource point as a free action by rolling 2 warps and picking one (95.9% safe results)

April 8
gun cleric: a high class law(n)-gnome who truly believes in law & order and is willing to shoot you for thinking otherwise
int 2, wis 4, will 5, str 1, dex 4, con 2, cha 3, fel 2, cmp 1

ballistics 2, brawl 2, acrobat 1, athletics 1, drive 1, pilot 1, craft 1, academic lore 4, forbidden lore 4, command 3, intimidate 1

backing 4 (law enforcement), inherit 3 (best cortex), mentor 1 (high priest)

gnome (basic & light) size 3
atlantean (abjuration: aura) deputy-tactical officer-free study or cleric

300xp: Peer (Law Enforcement), Common Sense, Improvisational Warrior
300xp: Master of Bombardment, Worf Barrage, Extracurricular Study (tin star/point blank/clay pigeon)
3x hindrances Abjuration, 2 (armor) & tin star 2 (pistol std @ -1k0 hit +0k1 dmg) & veteran
law of the stars (principled), intolerance (criminals, pirates, & privateers), high falutin'

gear: Hand Cannon, Cestus, Mesh Vest, Street Clothes (Common quality clothing), Chrono, flask of brandy.
Tin Star w/ Hand Cannon (standard attack only): 5k2-1k0=4k2 (avg.~16 ) for 3k2+0k1=3k3 (avg. ~17) 7 pen-3 vs armor

hp 14, resilience 4, armor 4(body) OR magic, defense 28, dodge 5k4, speed 5 & 30, mental defense 10, resolve 6, resource 7, devotion 6
veteran: pirate bounty (from your stint on a pirate hunting cruiser you picked up a pirate bounty, gain a Hunted or Enemy hinderance any time you're in pirate territory, you're worth the money)

Aura, half action, touch, TN 10, "armor vs magic" equal to character level & +1 per 5 over on the casting roll to a max of character level x 3
Armor, half action, touch, TN 15, 24 hours of armor at character level +2 & +1 per 5 over on the casting roll to a max of character level x 3
Casts 7k5 for 90% 21+, 45% 40+, average 2 or 3 raises for armor 7 or 8, has a 2.5% chance of warps at 92% safe results.

April 9
squat werewolf tough anti-social tech-priest : prototype of mecha-corgi originally tried to use a wolf, turned out to be a werewolf, now a slightly cranky & little bit lobotomized, more machine than person
int 1, wis 5, will 2, str 5, dex AUTOFAIL, con 5, cha 1, fel 1, cmp 3

tech use 4, academic lore 3, craft 3, weaponry 2, athletic 2, ballistics 2, scrutiny 2, animal ken 2

squat: size 3 but counts as size 5 for resilience
werewolf: lost of stuff

inherit 3 (poor quality machinator array & manipulator mechadendrite), artifact 2 (portable hole), backing 2 (omnimessiah cult)

starting xp: mechwight -> enginseer (tech priest class track)
hinderances: night terrors (nightly fear test vs 20 or start fatigued), geezer (-1 hp & cannot run), ailing (per session con test vs 20 or -2k0 all rolls that session), big britches (wisdom save vs bets, dares, and -1k0 all social wisdom rolls)
veteran (wis&tech), sturdy asset (+1 resilience), no one tougher (use con instead of dex for defense), silent striders werewolf clan (transmutation magic & regain resource on rolling warps)
Mechanicus Implants, Weapon Proficiency (Basic), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Sound Constitution, Luminen Charge, Mechadendrite Use
veteran: harsh monotone voice & no inflection (-1k0 to all speaking skills plus weird radio comm distortion requires perception checks to understand through electronic/remote sound devices)

gear: mind impulse unit (jack into tech for +1k0 tech use & drive & pilot), manipulator mechadendrite (str+2 gripper & as a club), poor quality machinator array (+1 resilience, no swimming or running or DODGING), Hand Weapon, Autopistol, Lasgun, Knife, Flak Jacket, Street Clothes, Rations.

stats(squat/wolf/warform): hp 13/13/17, resilience 7/7/8, armor werewolf 1/6/10 or flack jacket 5(arms/body/legs) 2x vs explosion aoe, defense 34/36/36, speed 5/12/7, mental defense 20, resolve 5, resource points 6

manipulator clobber 4k2 (avg. ~16) @ 8k2 I p0 -> warform add+2k0 dmg = 10k2 damage avg. 23 damage

transmutation: swift change, free action, personal, TN 15, change outfits and gear to any carried (cough - portable hole - cough) and may also change forms at the same time. 6k5 = 98.5% success & 11% chance of warps with 78.5% safe warp effects. Better buy that second dot of transmutation magic soon, then it'll be down to 2.5% chance of triggering warps.

April 9
big longbow werewolf with social skills : a new blank assimar came down from mt. celestia, got bit by a rampaging werewolf, was shipped off to nature preserve, then was nabbed by dark mechanus for a bodyguard with brain implant controls, later it broke the control & the dark mechanus, then met up with the fenris tribe & took up the gunmage path
int 2, wis 4, will 2, str 5, dex 3, con 4, cha 4, fel 2, cmp 2

balistic 5, brawling 3, acrobatics 1, athletics 1, tech use 1, medic 1, arcana 2, all social skills at 1s

inherit 4 (best quality cortex implant & compound bow & medkit & voidskin), artifact 3 (mithril legs), status 1 (werewolf hunter)

assimar: size 5, fearless(angry) immune to fear & pinning but needs will vs 15 to back off a fight
werewolf: stuff

class: spellshooter (gunmage track)
starter xp: 100xp veteran (ballistic5), 100xp get of fenris, 100xp inherit4, 300xp stats, gifted asset (may always raise social stats), assimar racial +1 lowest stat asset
hindrances: all thumbs, big britches
veteran: you got a wireless comm backdoor in your cyber cortex, worse is someone knows about it and occasionally it shows up on wireless network scans (vulnerable to hacking for senses/info but not control, wireless & comm scanning rolls of 25+ inadvertently locate it, removal requires losing 1 int dot and then replacing the cyber cortex with another [non-best = another -1 int])

gear: Compound Bow, Medkit, Voidskin (spacesuit bionic implant w/10 min air), mithril legs (+2 leg armor & +2 speed & +2k0 acrobatics), Knife, Magnoculars, Voidsuit, Pulse Rifle, Charm, Sunglasses, Classy outfit (Good quality clothing).

stats(assimar/wolf/warform): hp 12/12/16, resilience 4/4/5, armor 0 & werewolf(1/5/9), defense 21/29/17, dodge 6k3/8k5/6k3, speed 10/24/12, mental defense 15, resolve 4, resource 5

brawling 4k3: 5k1 & +fatigue/6k2/9k2
bow 5k5r1 (avg. ~33): 5k2 50m//7k2 70m & fenris 8k2 (avg. 21) 80m
TODO: 500xp weapon proficiency & gearbolt & 2style points -> -1k0 hit & +2k0 dmg & assimar asset for adding charisma to damage
result = aimed shot warform fenris bow shot at 6k5r1(avg. ~36): 10k4 (avg. ~37) damage at 80m
32/ 1) Santiago Robles-- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set of characters are all from a (proposed) chronicle of "The Hunters on Horseback". A chronicle in the world of Supernatural, just a century and some earlier, based on the line, "A hunter -- a man like us, only on horseback...”. This setting by Hunter on RPG.NET, The Wyld West 1880, even has a theme song.

Name: (Rev) Santiago Robles aka The Padre
Core Trait: Human Night Hunter of The Wyld West 1880 (Hunters on Horseback)

If asked , he would be a Reverend / Minister, not a Hunter.


People are generally surprised to discover that Santiago Robles is a Minister, not a Father, and that the church who's vestments he wears is the Anglican one. They would even more surprised to know what he does in his spare time - hunt monsters.

The "hunting monsters" part he got from his family. Monster hunters tend to marry other monster hunters, and their children tend to become monster hunters. Ever since he was a child he had experienced visions telling him of people in danger or creatures preying on them. His family told him that those visions meant he had been called to be a Hunter, that it was what he was born to do. But it took Santiago a while to claim his Hunter inheritance. Instead, he felt called to minister to others in a more spiritual fashion, so he went to the seminary to study to become a priest. But he found his idealism shattered by the state of the Catholic Church at that time, it's corrupt ties to the government, the way it seemed to be more of a rentier class than servants of God. So when the "Constitutionalist Father" movement swept through the country he became one of them, and when the Reform Wars broke out he left the Catholic Church for good and took his vows as a minster of Church of Jesus, the Anglican Church of Mexico. When the Liberal forces under Juarez triumphed, Santiago rejoiced, thinking that finally true democracy had come to his country.

Then the French invaded, overthrew Juarez with the help of Conservative quislings, and installed an Emperor in his place. When Emperor Maximilian issued the Black Decree, Santiago fled north to the territories that were becoming known as the American West. There he discovered that there were just as many monsters preying on people there as there had been in his homeland, and his visions began leading him to people who needed to be saved from them. Santiago had an epiphany - he could be both a Minister and a Hunter, that God had sent him his visions so that he could take action against the evil things that preyed on good people. He reclaimed his heritage as a Hunter and began reacquainting himself with Hunter Lore and learning new Lore. He also began to develop and hone the skills he would need to be an effective Hunter. But Santiago couldn't do it all by himself.

It was one of Santiago's visions that led him to Cooper Hart, bleeding out in the desert after a wendigo attack killed the rest of his gang. Santiago knew that Hart had been spared for a reason, that he was the answer to Santiago's prayers that he be given someone who could help him save people. Since then, Cooper has proved to be worthy companion, one who works every day to redeem himself from his past misdeeds. Another of Santiago's visions sent Cooper to a doomed town, Cooper came back with young Verity, the sole survivor of a Grey Man. Cooper and Santiago don't know why she was spared while everyone else died. Verity says she too is mystified why this happened, but Santiago senses she holding something back. Nevertheless, she works hard to aid her new partners on their hunts. Santiago has finally found his calling - to serve God by saving people from the evil that would prey on them. To lead his team in achieving this purpose. To build a family.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: (Rev) Santiago Robles aka The Padre
Core Trait: Human Night Hunter of The Wyld West 1880 (Hunters on Horseback)
Lv 3 /EP Mod 1.2x (1.15 -.2 +.25) 2000 EP Bonus

Prime Aspects
PHY 10 +3/7- "Lean Man"
DEX 9 +3/7- "I am not so good with my hands"
MEN 16 +5/9- "Thought is God's Greatest Gift"
EMO 13 +4/8- "Will of the Faithful"
MPY 15 +5/9- " Invested (Baptised for a Priest")
CHA 10 +3/7- "Shepherd of men"

Core Focus: L-CMU+DED+PER+L-POW -.2x

Limited Communication 4
"Persuade" - I know you catch my flies with honey than vinegar.
"Orate" - I now seem to only have a congregation of two.
"Speak the Word" - I believe in the word of God, not the Word of Church

Deduction 3
"Know the Evil/ Enemy"

Knowledge +1

Perception 3
"Spot" - If you pay attention, you notice things, even with one eye.
"Notice the Supernatural"

Limited Power 3
"Visions" - I am guided by God

FAM SUR-0: "Living Rough"
FAM ANI-0: "Horses"

Developing /Expanding Level
Seminary (KNW+1 "Religion" CMU+1 "Speak the Word") +.25x
Invested (A1) -
Social: Night Hunters Family (A1)
Body: Blind in one Eye (B1)
Psych: Night Hunter's Drive (B3) - all the time and it will kill you, despite your better judgement.

Guest Entries
Hunters on Horseback
32/ 01) (Rev) Santiago Robles Human Night Hunter of The Wyld West 1880
Just wanted to add some design commentary to him, but did not get here in time to do the edit.

While I stuck to the core of the character (and how it was presented in the other systems), there were some changes in emphasis. The Convergence Point version has better Visions abilities than the other games he was written up for. The deduction abilities are implied but not mechanically supported in the other versions. He is, at third level (which is normally achievable in two to three game sessions), proficient in the communication and perception abilities. He will soon be notably better than the listed version. The one quirk in the design, which has to do with the lying, is why he has limited communication. By limiting it, he can only do things that are listed with traits. Thus while communication rolls (CHA+CMU) could be used for lying (or really lying at a -2 MOD), he can not use it for that. Thus lying, if he did it, would be just CHA DR with a -2 MOD MOD given his attitude (for a 5- on 1d20).

The One Eye flaw seemed more like a quick way to balance points in the other version, rather than a character piece. I included it because it made for a good line associated with the trait. (They are called descriptors or tags, traits without mechanical advantage or limitations.) They are normally "flair" for characters. Normally they are only used on Prime Aspects, but they are for flash and flair purposes... and helping you set and define the character in your mind. By adopting these characters, I had the extra time/effort that I would of invested into it just to make them, to add some flair.

Giving him a touch of experience (because he is the anchor the other characters are based upon), I gave him two abilities that had not been touched upon in the other write ups (The ability to live on the trail and to ride with some proficiency).

I will put the next one in the series tomorrow.
Characters 9-12
System: Twilight: 2000, 4th ed

The Squad, part 1:



That's me. Regular army like my dad before me. I didn't see that much kinetic until Operation Reset, when my unit got wiped out. After a couple weeks on my own I ran into Aisha and her squad and found a new unit. We've kind of adopted this civilian named Nancy, she says her family back in Japan is pretty rich and can get us back to the States. I don't have anyplace to go, I know my home in D.C. was wiped out for sure, but I've got family again, so I'm sticking with them. And there's bound to be fewer people going east than west right now.

MORAL CODE: Anything for my unit.
BIG DREAM: I'm going to get Nancy home.
BUDDY: Nancy

Close Combat D (d6)
Stamina D (d6)

Mobility D (d6)
Ranged Combat C (d8)

Recon D (d6)
Survival D (d6)


SPECIALTIES: Brawler, Rifleman, Scrounger




Basically our CO. Far as I can guess I think she's Kazakh. She insists on no ranks, no last names, no nationalities - says we're one team now and we don't need anything past getting in the way. She's pretty intimidating, seems to be able to do at least a bit of everything, and she's kept us in one piece through our fair share of firefights. So yeah, I'll follow her. All the way.

MORAL CODE: I will keep my people together and as safe as I can make them.
BIG DREAM: I'm going to see my family again.
BUDDY: Nancy

Heavy Weapons D (d6)
Close Combat D (d6)

Mobility D (d6)
Ranged Combat C (d8)

Recon D (d6)
Survival D (d6)
Tech C (d8)

Command B (d10)
Persuasion D (d6)

SPECIALTIES: Runner, Communications, Tactician, Sidearms, Combat Awareness, Ranger




She says she was studying out here because sexism was keeping her out of medical school in Japan, and if we can get her back to her family then they can get us whatever we want. She isn't great at first aid, and Wayne thinks her Chinese is better than her Japanese, but who cares. She's a civilian, she needs us, and getting her home has got to be better than just hanging around here and fighting over nothing. She's our kid sister.


MORAL CODE: I don't want to hurt anyone.
BIG DREAM: I have to make it back.
BUDDY: Aisha


Ranged Combat d (d6)


Command D (d6)
Persuasion A (d12)
Medical Aid D (d6)

SPECIALTIES: Runner, Linguist, Counsellor, Interrogator




Wayne's our medic, keeps us on our feet. We don't talk about our past, Aisha's orders, but it looks like Wayne's had a bunch of different assignments - he has a lot of answers, and is actually half-decent in the field. And he's managed to stay human through all of this. We're lucky he found us.

MORAL CODE: There's enough pain in the world; we have to do what we can to reduce it.
BIG DREAM: I just want to see my daughter again.
BUDDY: Nancy

Close Combat D (d6)

Driving D (d6)
Ranged Combat B (d10)

Recon A (d12)
Survival C (d8)
Tech C (d8)

Medical Aid A (d12)

SPECIALTIES: Computers, Intelligence, Linguist, NBC, Combat Engineer, Combat Medic, Field Surgeon

Characters 13-15
System: Twilight: 2000, 4th ed

The Squad, part 2:



Stepan and Trent showed up together. No idea what they've been through, but they are attached at the hip. He knows what he's doing and he's one of us.

MORAL CODE: I will fight with honour.
BIG DREAM: Trent will get home, and I will go with him.
BUDDY: Trent

Heavy Weapons C (d8)
Close Combat D (d6)

Ranged Combat C (d8)

Recon C (d8)
Survival D (D6)

Medical Aid D (d6)

SPECIALTIES: Runner, Rifleman, Launcher Crew, Redleg, Improvised Munitions




The other half. Good soldier, knows his way around. And a good person.

MORAL CODE: Even war has limits; we're all people.
BIG DREAM: I'm taking Stepan home.
BUDDY: Stepan

Close Combat C (d8)
Stamina D (d6)

Ranged Combat B (D10)

Recon B (d10)
Survival D (d6)

Medical Aid D (d6)

SPECIALTIES: Sniper, Tanker, Machinegunner, NBC




She's going to get us all killed. Local civilian that somehow has fixated on me as her 'little brother.' She was broken way before the war started, and those have got to be gang tats on her back. Always looking for a fight and a total brutal psychopath. Aisha says it's better to have her inside pointed out, but it's just a matter of time until she gets us into something too big.

MORAL CODE: I will stop at nothing to survive.
BIG DREAM: I will kill everyone who has hurt me.

Close Combat A (d12)

Driving D (d6)
Ranged Combat B (d10)

Recon B (d10)
Tech C (d8)


SPECIALTIES: Locksmith, Infiltrator, Brawler, Melee, Racer, Rider, Tanker

April 10: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures
Suppisedly availabe at

Hmm... start simple... Urist McStrongInTheButt!

Think 0, talk 0, fix 1, fight 3, fitness 3, focus 2

Defense (fight + fit /2 round up): 3
Hit points (fit+4): 7+2
Think points (think+2): 2

What do those do?... ah, add +2 after rolling, stunt a bit, cover expenses... so also money... regain by... no earn by, no upper limit in game but they reset between game sessions...
"Your character does something really cool. Something totally not-cool is done to your character. You roll +4 on a 4dF roll."... huh.

Gifts: 3... detailked later
Flaws: optional - Drunk, short, hairy, Scottish
Background: no effect? Well... drunk kilt wearing axe murderer
Free stuff: a weapon of +1 damage or "see example characters"... bah! Fine, big ol' axe, +1 damage

Ok, scratch that free stuff. Having seen the sample characters and gifts...
Free stuff: kegger, stained kilt, throwing axes, shrunken head
Gifts: armored (leathery flab, +2 hp) & really heavy axe with +3 damage

Reputation: 0


Edit: Feather lufting nuff muggers! DrunkFort started in 2012 and is still going. Well, lets scrom through 350 pages and find some dorfs to stat. Hahaah ashshahhaha ahahshha!!!!!!!
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33/ 2) Cooper Hart -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set of characters are all from a (proposed) chronicle of "The Hunters on Horseback". A chronicle in the world of Supernatural, just a century and some earlier, based on the line, "A hunter -- a man like us, only on horseback...”. This setting by Hunter on RPG.NET, The Wyld West 1880, even has a theme song.

Name: Cooper Hart
Core Trait: Human Outlaw (reformed) of The Wyld West 1880 (Hunters on Horseback)
Wendiego Survivor


Cooper Hart reckons that if his life had gone differently, he'd be dead by now. Cooper's father was a man who seemed to have only two notable talents: Picking the worst farmland anywhere to try and cultivate, and having the worst timing it was possible to have. When the Hart farm in Ohio went bust, his father moved the family to what was then called Kansas Territory. He had the same luck there as back in Ohio, and, when the territory convulsed in violence between Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers, he moved his family back to Pennsylvania, where he had family. Shortly after the Harts settled in Pennsylvania, the Civil War broke out, and the violence that the Hart's had been seeking to escape engulfed them anyway.

Cooper joined up with the Union forces to fight in the war, as much to get away from the drudgery of the farm as because of his strong abolitionist sympathies. When he returned after the end of the fighting he discovered that his Ma and Pa had died in an outbreak of typhoid fever, and his sister and brother-in-law were running the farm as best they could. He wished them both the best of luck and lit out for the West.

Cooper tried to hold down legit jobs, but just didn't seem to be able to, despite the fact he could read, write, and do sums because his mother insisted he learn. It was like he had inherited his father's bad luck. He ended up drifting into the outlaw life, helping to rob a stagecoach here, a general store there, and then, later on, banks and trains. It was during this time that he burnished his skills as a gunfighter, as much against other outlaws as their targets.

And then, his luck turned again. He and his gang had gotten clean away from their last bank robbery, when they were attacked by... something. Something Cooper later was informed was called a "wendigo". Whatever it was, it killed all the other gang members and left him more dead than alive. He was found by the Reverend Robles, the Padre, who took him back to his place and nursed him back to health. The Padre told Cooper that he had been able to find him because God had sent him a vision which had led the Padre to him. He also said that Cooper had been spared for a reason, that he had a purpose to fulfill, and that purpose was to help the Padre hunt monsters and save people. Cooper didn't want to believe him, but his Sight told him that the Padre was telling the truth. Oh yeah, that was the other strange thing that had happened to him after the wendigo attack - he had developed the Sight.

Cooper has been riding with the Padre ever since then, and, just like the Padre promised, he's been saving people and hunting things. Turns out the Wild West is a lot wilder than he ever suspected. On one of those jobs he tried to save a town from a Grey Man. They townsfolk wouldn't listen, most all of them died. That's how he met Verity. She's a lone survivor, like him. He brought her back to the Padre and the three of them have been a team ever since.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Cooper Hart
Core Trait: Human Outlaw (reformed) of The Wyld West 1880 (Hunters on Horseback)
Lv 2 /EP Mod 1.25 (1.15 -0 +.1x) 1000 Bonus

Prime Aspects
PHY 14 +4/8- "I can lift my own"
DEX 13 +4/8- "Steady Hands"
MEN 10 +3/7- "I can read, write, and do sums"
EMO 15 +5/9- "Nerve"
MPY 12 +4/8- Was "Baptized", now "Touched"
CHA 10 +3/7- "I let my pistols do the talking"

Core Focus: ATH+COM+F-COM+ANI -0x

Animal Handler 2
"Horses" - How else you getting around?
"Fast Rider" - Fast Getaways help you rob banks another day +2

Athletic 2
"Tougher than Boot Leather"

"Union Soldier" - All Men should be free, plus I needed to get off the farm.
"Fast Draw" - I am a shooter not a fast gun.

F-COM 2 (for +4) with these
"Pistol" - My line of work, you get good at this.
"Brawl" - You Frequent Saloons, you get into fights

FAM SUR-0: "Living Rough"
POW+1 "The Sight"

Developing /Expanding Level
Psych: The Nightmares (B1)
Social: Wrong side of the Law (B1)
Karma: Unlucky in the normal life. (B1)
Survivor: (POW+1 "The Sight" Marked (B1)) +.10x

His write up is fairly straightforward. I added the athletics because he had the space in his core focus, and though the source material did not imply it, it made sense. Plus he accidentally gets basic athletic abilities. The interesting bit about him is his quick draw. None of the write ups mentioned that he was specifically "fast on the draw", even though they both maxed out his shooting ability with the handgun. So by not putting an extra pistol trait on his basic combative, I could not put "fast draw" on his focused combative. This gives us a man who is moderately fast, but not in competition for the "fastest draw in the region". However, he is one of the more accurate shooters in the region. (Which in my opinion counts for a lot.)

Touched is a trait found in Night Hunters. Once you have been touched by "the power" (call it magic, call it Evil, call it danger/ wyld/ supernatural, call it late for dinner), you are always found by it and sometimes drawn to it. (Most supernaturals can sense a marked one, thus you have their attention.) Thus you can occasionally get a roll to "feel it" nearby. He took the set of touched to give himself The Sight and the burden of being marked (thus it causes problems as they can sense him). The neutral trait on his metaphysical gives him the ability to sense with it. Another bit to note: He made an expanded set, with full POW. This means he has the ability to work other power effects, given some drama or some additional traits (gained by experience). So in my in play experience he might take a Warding Ability or a Repell... or seance... or.. well you get it.

Guest Entries
Hunters on Horseback
32/ 01) (Rev) Santiago Robles Human Night Hunter of The Wyld West 1880

33/ 02) Cooper Hart Human Outlaw (reformed) of The Wyld West 1880

Guest Entry Page
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April 11: polar fudge medieval

Dwarfy Zustashodden, former member of the Subtle Ship

Think 2, talk 1, fix 1, fight 2, fitness 1, focus 2
Defense 2
Hp 5
Think pts 4

Weak willed, hates rats, disgusted by romance, hook for a left hand

Sailor off a smuggling ship

Sailor clothes, good spear +1 dmg, bag of dead rats

Dual weild (every other turn extra attack)
Martial arts (+1 damage with that hook)
Talent (+1 sailing)

April 12: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Granny Featherfax
member of the Brilliant Labors
muscular, strong, likes amulets, good memory, poor willpower, dislikes tradition, distrusts authority

think 3, talk 1, fix 0, fight 0, fitness 2, focus 3
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 2
hit points (fit+4): 6
think points (think+2): 5
flaws: poor willpower, dislikes tradition, distrusts authority
background: grumpy witch
stuff: black hat, heavy iron ladle (club-like), bag of herbs & mystic bits, beer stained kilt
gifts: magic (6 spell points/session, spells 5 [curse, dispel, speak to spirits, ward, fear])

34/ 3 Verity Culver -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set of characters are all from a (proposed) chronicle of The Hunters on Horseback. A chronicle in the world of Supernatural, just a century and some earlier, based on the line, "A hunter -- a man like us, only on horseback...”. This setting by Hunter on RPG.NET, The Wyld West 1880, even has a theme song.

Name: Verity Culver
Core Trait: Human Survivor of The Wyld West 1880 (Hunters on Horseback)

Survivor is off kind of Night Hunter, running more on survivor's guilt than any strength. (Better than being a Victim Archetype). She survived The Curse and The Grey Man, see below.


Verity Culver never could have dreamed that one day she would hunt monsters. Growing up, she couldn't even hunt rabbits. She had a completely mundane, normal life, one that she was happy with. Her family was raising her to be a proper lady, to draw and paint and play the piano, to read the great books. Verity also helped out with her parent's general store, which she loved to do. One day, she knew, she would meet a good man and get married. Her life was all laid out for her, and she didn't mind at all.

Then the stranger came to town. He was handsome and charming and he swept every girl in town off her feet. Verity conceived a huge crush on him, she felt like she could almost explode from happiness every time he smiled at her. But he didn't have eyes for Verity, he had eyes for her older sister. Verity still remembers the last church dance the town ever had. She had worn her prettiest dress and done her hair up, determined to show the new man in town that she could be pretty just like her sister. And, for a few moments, she thought it worked - he walked towards her on the dance floor... and then walked past to ask her sister to waltz with him. As they took to the floor, Verity rushed out of the building and back home, all the way to her bedroom. She cried herself to sleep.

A few days later, the bodies of a married couple were discovered outside of town. There was only one person who could have done it - the stranger who had rode in recently. After all, nobody in the community could have committed such a foul deed, they were all good, God-fearing people. A posse was formed to bring the man to justice. Verity was coming back from her piano lesson when the men stopped her. Had she seen the stranger?

As it turned out, she had.

The night before, Verity had heard a noise, and peering out the window, had seen a light in the stable. When she crept down to see what it was, she had seen her sister and the stranger embracing. The stranger swore to her sister that he was innocent, that he would not do such a terrible thing, and her sister had said she believed him and would help him escape. "Just stay here", her sister had said. 'I'll find a way to get you out of town".

Verity tried to tell herself that telling the posse where their prey was hiding was the right thing to do, but deep down she knew she was lying. She hadn't given her sister's sweetheart up to the posse for any good noble reason, she had done it out of anger and hurt for being rejected. No sooner had the words she told the posse left her mouth then she felt a lump at the pit of her stomach, an overwhelming sense of shame. As the condemned man was being dragged out of the stable, he saw her cowering nearby and realized who had betrayed him. He said some words to her in Latin, "Maledico tibi...maledicto tibi obedire...". She later looked in one of her parent's books to see what he had said. "I curse you... I curse you to obey..."

The town didn't bother to put the stranger on trial. They strung him up right then and there. Verity stood transfixed, watching as the people she had known all her life turned into a howling mob baying for a man's death. She saw the man's lips move right before the rope stretched taut, breaking his neck. She saw his body hanging limp, swaying slowly. She kept praying that she would fall unconscious so she couldn't see anymore. But she didn't.

In the days after the hanging, everything in the town returned to normal. But not for Verity. Her sister wouldn't speak to her. Verity began to see the body of the man who's death she had caused, at first in her dreams, then in her waking hours. She shut down, wouldn't speak. And people began to notice that if you told Verity to do something, no matter how embarassing or humiliating, she would do it. People who she had once considered to be her friends began to have great sport with her, ordering her to do things that she would, invariably, do, sometimes with tears running down her face. And then odd things began happening in and around the town. Farmers began reporting that their crops were withering in the field. A pregnant woman miscarried. People's pets ran away.

Then Cooper Hart showed up, and told the townspeople what was happening. They'd called a Grey Man down on themselves. He explained that, when an innocent person is wrongfully killed, they can, with their last breath, summon a Grey Man to come and take vengeance on those responsible for their death. Some believe Grey Men are angels of vengeance, others believe they are demons from the deepest depths of Hell. For Grey Men kill everyone, the innocent along with the guilty, the young and the old alike. He told them what they needed to do to save themselves from the Grey Man. "Leave the town. Don't take anything with you except the clothes on your backs. And burn it to the ground when you leave". But the townsfolk didn't believe Cooper. They didn't do what was necessary to save their lives. And so the Grey Man came, and he killed everybody.

The Grey Man

Everybody except Verity.

Mr. Hart took Verity back to the man he worked for, Reverend Robles. Slowly, she started to talk to people again. She began to be able to resist others when they told her to do things she didn't want to do. She still saw the hanged man's body everywhere, but she began to be able to look away. And she found new purpose in her new life as a Hunter. Verity knows it's her fault the Grey Man came to her town. She doesn't know why he spared her. But she is determined not to let her second chance go to waste, to do good with her life. Really, she has no choice. She believes she knows what awaits her if she doesn't.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Verity Culver
Core Trait: Human Survivor of The Wyld West 1880 (Hunters on Horseback)
Lv 1 /EP Mod .75x (.85 -.1 -0)

Prime Aspects
PHY 10 +3/7- "I am not very strong"
DEX 11 +3/7- "A lady should be Graceful"
MEN 11 +3/7- "According to my parents, a proper lady should have certain graces."
EMO 8 +2/6- "Not Very Forceful"
MPY 10 +3/7- "Feeling Cursed" (Marked)
CHA 10 +3/7- "Climbing back from being broken"

Core Focus: PER+KNW+BUS+ART -.1x

Sketching/Painting - I love to do this
Piano (-2 for wrong AoE) - A proper lady should know how.

Business +1
"Can run the Store" - Useful, but not very ladylike.

"Book Learning" - A proper lady should know the classics
"A bit about Monsters" -Not very ladylike, but useful.

Sight - I thought everyone could see it.

Developing /Expanding Level
Psych: Guilt (B2)
About Causing this, About Surviving, About being an imposition.

Guest Entries
Hunters on Horseback
32/ 01) (Rev) Santiago Robles Human Night Hunter of The Wyld West 1880

33/ 02) Cooper Hart Human Outlaw (reformed) of The Wyld West 1880

34/ 03) Verity Culver Human Survivor of The Wyld West 1880

Guest Entry Page

April 13: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Yoink Kedtulon
member of the Somber Barricade, swordsman
weak, skinny, quick to heal, likes shields, good spatial sense, bad at music, likes retribution

think 1, talk 1, fix 1, fight 0, fitness 3, focus 3
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 3
hit points (fit+4): 9
think points (think+2): 3
flaws: weak, skinny, bad at music
background: swordsman
stuff: sword (+1 dmg), good boots, tabard with heraldry, several throwing knives, blood stained kilt.
gifts: shield (+2 hp), horse (has a think point), talent (+1 in ambushes)

I should do this Saturday, but....

35/--) Name: Maureen "Mauri" -- System: Convergence Point v1.9
Type: Ultranaut (former Human) Military Trooper of the Space Setting

1st Mongoose Traveller 2e Character Dragoneer generated.


Maureen wanted to be a Marine, though failing her enlistment quals, she became disgruntled, getting in trouble, before the courts gave her to the Scouts as a conscript. After a couple of terms out beyond the frontier, she learned of the war starting. With that she headed home to join the Sidereal Forces. She applied to the Navy, but again was rejected. Still war was around her and she joined in the guerilla fighting. It was during this time a blast seriously injured her. A Sidereal Navy raider happened to rescue her. They fixed her up as ultranaut ground trooper (with a prosthetic suit of power armor). She fought until peace was declared. She has yet to decide to "come in from the cold" (accept amnesty). What is a cyborg trooper to do if she stops fighting?

Write Up Convergence Point
Name: Maureen "Mauri"
Type: Ultranaut (former Human) Military Trooper of the Space Setting
Lv 4 /EP Mod .95 ( .95 -.3x +.3x +0x) 3000 EPs

Prime Aspects
PHY 10 +3/7- "What's left is still pretty strong"
DEX 12 +4/8- "Quick"
MEN 10 +3/7- "Wits, not books"
EMO 10 +3/7- "Unfocused"
MPY 9 +3/7- "Unlucky"
CHA 11 +3/7- "Cyborg"

Core Focus: COM +DEC+L-VHL -.3x

( ) Traits are from experience sources. There are more implied traits, but these are the ones Mauri uses.

Combative +4
Gun Combat - I am more than a fair shot.
Augmented Hand to Hand - I can hit like a hammer.
(Explosives) - Yes, I have played with these toys before
(Gunnery) - I have never found the targeting systems on these to be very good.

Deception +4
Recon - Knowing is most of the battle.
Ambush - Take um hard, Take um fast, and usually Take um from Behind.
(Investigate technically -2 to rolls)

Limited Vehicle +4
"Power Suit" - This isn't just a suit. It is Me.
"Military Vehicles" - Same Piece of Shit militaries put in the field everywhere.
(Space Ship PIlot)

Ultrasuit: 11 Used 12 Max +.3x Flat
If you have more equipment than your max, you take a penalty to initiative and action die rolls, as there is just too much for you to handle.
2 Gause Rifle
2 Augmented Ground Movement
1 Jump Jets
1 Improved Str
1 Limb Replacement
1 Sensor Suite
3 Armor - +1d6G, +1d6S +2d6H +2d6E

Developing /Expanding Level
Exp: Scout Service Archetype (A2)
Exp: Gorilla Fighter (A1)
Body: Notable damage, requires augmentation to get around. (B2)
Social: Cyborg (B1)

Guest Entries
April 14: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Êzum Zonenkos
member of the Copper Sling
scrawny, healthy, weak, likes boots, detests hamsters, bad at relationships, stubborn

think 3, talk 0, fix 2, fight 0, fitness 2, focus 2
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 2
hit points (fit+4): 6
think points (think+2): 5
flaws: scrawny, weak, bad at relationships
background: peasant
stuff: sling, bag of rocks, bag of turnips, dirty hat, hidden dagger, patched kilt.
gifts: animal (angry goat, 5hp, roll+1, damage+1)

If you have followed The Neo Frontiers' development

Neo Frontiers: Series 2 was posted up today. It will be a while before you see NF:S2 characters.

This thread did: Neo Frontiers: The OVA - The First System War. *** NF:FSW characters were done in this thread. The link takes you to the correct reading order.

Neo Frontiers: Series 1 was splashed up a while ago. *** NF:S1 Characters were done in the January thread.

Neo Frontiers: Red Planet aka Blackbird has character links and info (plus links) here.
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April 15: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Lolor Katgoden
former mayor of the Plank of Enchanters
weak, clumsy, likes ducks, patient, smart, intuitive, good talker, bad at relationships

think 3, talk 3, fix 1, fight 0, fitness 0, focus 2
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 1
hit points (fit+4): 4
think points (think+2): 5
flaws: weak, clumsy, bad at relationships
background: ex-wizard
stuff: staff, kilt with stars embroidered on it, pointy hat, important looking papers, stolen city seal
gifts: money(double think pt for buying), magic (4 spell points/session, spells 5 [detect magic, fly, impersonate, summon skeleton, zap])

April 16: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Vyznev St'kudmnon
expedition leader of the Axe of Charms
never sick, quick to heal, tires easily, clumsy, analytic, good focus, bad at music, no empathy

think 1, talk 2, fix 0, fight 2, fitness 1, focus 3
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 2
hit points (fit+4): 5
think points (think+2): 3
flaws: tires easily, clumsy, bad at music, no empathy
background: mercenary leader
stuff: axe (+1 damage), flag, outdoorsy clothes, letters of recommendation, bow, kilt with pockets.
gifts: horse (has a think point), I have a plan (think pt for everyone +1 next roll), talent (+1 tactics)

36/ 01) Jefferson Parrish -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set is part of "Dispossessed". Dispossessed is a Monster of the Week chronicle, the PbtA Night Hunters game, set up by Hunter of RPG.NET. These characters are all hunting their main protagonist, The Skin Walker.

Name: Jefferson Parrish
Core Trait: Human Night Hunter of CYCW

Note: Most Night Hunters are not night hunter archetypes. They are usually what they were before: soldiers, plumbers, hackers, academics, etc. Those who have no other life - that have "the calling" - are the only ones that should have the archetype Night Hunter.


Jefferson Parrish got his start monster hunting the way almost everybody else did - an older and more experienced monster hunter recruited him to the cause. The woman who recruited him was a professor at his college, someone who Jefferson greatly admired. It turned out she had another scholarly interest besides English Literature. Under her tutelage, Jefferson learned about the things that go bump in the night, and more importantly, how to put a stop to them. When his mentor died, Jefferson inherited her arcane library.

Jefferson has had many partners since then. Some of them moved on to what they thought would be bigger and better things. Some of them broke with him over his predilection for using unconventional measures to fight monsters. Some of them died. Some of them remember him fondly, and some of them don't.

Now Jefferson has his own crew of monster hunters that he has recruited and is mentoring, like his professor did for him so long ago. Tessa was his first recruit occupying the body of the daughter of one of his deceased partners. He found more following the trail of a particular skin rider.

Jefferson knows that he is reaching the point where he should think about retiring from monster hunting, if it is even possible to do so. Maybe after he has properly trained up this batch of recruits, he'll go off and write his memoirs or do whatever it is that retired monster hunters do. Until then, he will lead his band of hunters and give them the benefit of his hard-won experience and wisdom. After all, he has a tradition to uphold.

Note: No Bonus EPs in this chronicle. Everyone starts from zero. Only their story gives them access to "traits starting characters should not have. That is why he has taken "The Experience Set" for bonus levels and more importantly extra traits.
Remember: That it usually takes 1 session/ situation to go to 2nd and 2 or 3 sessions/ situations to reach 3rd. Experience increases that time, but gives you abilities equivalent to two levels up (because of the extra traits).

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Jefferson Parrish
Core Trait: Human Night Hunter of CYCW
Lv 1 /EP Mod 1.65x (1.15 -.1 +.6x)

Prime Aspects
PHY 10 +3/7- "Still fit after all this time"
DEX 12 +4/8- "Steady under pressure"
MEN 15 +5/9- "Sharp" - Brains will take out any threat
EMO 14 +4/8- "Driven" - The key trait for any Hunter is the Drive.
MPY 12 +4/8- "Initiated" - "I know some spells, not something to dabble in"
CHA 9 +3/7- "Not as charming as he thinks he is"

Core Focus: COM +DED + L- KNW +L-POW

Combative +2
Crossbow - So much quieter than a gun, and can be used for bane delivery
Unarmed Combat - Sometimes your hands are all you have.

"Night Hunters" - It is a small world you live in now.
"People he has worked with" - If you have done this as long as I have, you encountered a lot of people.

Deduction +2
"Occult Activity" - The Patterns are there find them and find your magic.
"Supernatural" - Follow the clues, find your threat

Limited Knowledge +2

Limited Power +2 (Using the simplified magic system)

Developing /Expanding Level
Experienced: +1 to core focus AoE and 1 trait +.45x
Occult Library (A1) +2 to +6 on research rolls.
Psych: Dedication to The Call (B3)
Night Hunter Underground (CON+1 "Night Hunters") +.15x

Guest Entries
April 17: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Clover Magic Kilrudikud
former member of the Ocher Justice-Whips, sparklemaster
corpulent, slow to heal, likes serrated discs

think 2, talk 2, fix 2, fight 1, fitness 0, focus 2
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 1
hit points (fit+4): 4
think points (think+2): 4
flaws: corpulent, slow to heal
background: sparklemaster
stuff: traveling clothes, stage magician props, trick knot rope, cane sword, sequined kilt.
gifts: magic (4 spell points/session, spells 4 {summon construct, light, lift, invisibility]), smoke bomb (1/session smoke screen)

April 18: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Vyznev Lisddodok
citizen of the Treaty of Oiling
muscular, strong, agile, rarely sick, likes large gems, forgetful

think 0, talk 1, fix 3, fight 2, fitness 2, focus 1
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 2
hit points (fit+4): 6
think points (think+2): 2
flaws: forgetful
background: cobbler
stuff: sack of shoes, nice clothes, brick in a sock, large agate, fancy pleated kilr.
gifts: money (double think pt for buying), lucky (1/session then 1/think invert dice result)

37/ 02) Susan Cauldwell aka Tessa Blackwell -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set is part of "Dispossessed". Dispossessed is a Monster of the Week chronicle, the PbtA Night Hunters game, set up by Hunter of RPG.NET. These characters are all hunting their main protagonist, The Skin Walker.

Name: Susan Cauldwell -That is the name on my ID
"Yes, my name is Susan, but I go by Tessa"
Core Trait: Human Night Hunter of CYCW


Like Ben Wheeler, Tessa Blackwell had also been victimized by a skinrider. But in her case the 'rider didn't take over her body, but the body of someone she loved.

Tessa's older brother Jason had been the kind of person that everyone described as "a great guy". He was popular at school: a star athlete. Tessa was reserved and shy, which would have made her a target for bullies except that Jason let it be known that anyone who messed with his little sister had to answer to him. So no one messed with her. But then, almost overnight, Jason... changed. He lost interest in sports, started picking on smaller, weaker kids, and became mean. Tessa fully realized that something was terribly wrong when Jason threw a kid at school down a flight of steps. The kid broke his leg in two places. Shocked and horrified, Tessa screamed at her brother: "What were you thinking, Jason? What's gotten in to you?!" He responded by backhanding her.

Things just got worse from there. Jason terrorized the kids at school, was rude and foul mouthed to his parents, even did mean things to his kid sister. Tessa didn't know what to do. Things came to a head one night on the night that Tessa died. Jason shot their parents. When he went after their kid sister, Tessa tried to stop him. In the struggle for the gun, it went off - into her abdomen. Despite this, Tessa was able to wrestle the gun away from him and shoot him.

While she was lying on the floor bleeding, Tess saw something strange. Her mother, her father, and Jason were standing above their bodies, embracing each other. Then they just kind of... dissolved into light. But there was someone else there, someone standing over Jason's body. He looked straight at her, the expression in his eyes the same as what she had seen in Jason's when he had done those terrible things. Because he had been the entity using Jason's body to do those things. "See ya later, dollface", it said, and walked through the wall and out of the room.

Tessa saw her sister, still alive, trembling in the corner of the room. She went to hug her, only to pass straight through her. It was then Tessa realized that she was a ghost.

Being dead really sucked. Tessa couldn't talk to anybody living - they couldn't hear her or see her. She couldn't touch anybody. She was in the mortal realm, but no longer of it. There was nothing to do and no one to do it with, except for other ghosts, and they were too traumatized or despairing to be very good company. That is, until Tessa met Susan. Susan had an ability - she could see ghosts like Tessa. Susan was also a monster hunter. Tessa became Susan's ghostly companion, helping her with her hunts, helping to save people. It made her happy, as happy as a ghost could be.

Then Susan faced off with a monster that turned out to be more than she could handle. The monster threw Susan head first into a wall. Susan died on impact. Tessa saw Susan standing over her body. Susan looked at her and said, "Stop him before he kills someone else". And then she dissolved into light. There was only one way that Tessa could honor her friend's request. She took over Susan's body and attacked the creature, taking it by surprise. Susan's death was avenged.

Tessa sought out a man she had heard Susan speak of, figuring that he could help her disentangle herself from Susan's body. Instead, Jefferson Parrish recruited her for his cause. He figured that someone with her knowledge of the other side would be an asset in hunting down those who would prey on innocent people. He is the only one who knows that the person they know as "Susan Cauldwell" isn't quite herself anymore.

Now this is the story the player knows. The GM realized that much more happened. First, as a Ghost she took over another body, so she could be a possessing spirit (and maybe even a skin rider by kind). Secondly, she reanimated a dead body. This means Susan's body isn't quite alive, but not quite dead. Thus certain impairments can not be applied to "the body". (For example, she can be taken out but not killed.) The character has the POW AoE and a few traits they do not know they have. Their powers are not magical, but ectomorphic/ ghostly in nature. So if you manage to destroy the body, the character is still there as a ghost, now free to use ghost powers.

Mechanically, there were a series of really impressive low rolls (and one fumble) in this story. No matter how improbably, they had to be in place for her story to work.

The player might not know their own "real" character sheet. The players might not know either. That's why they'll have a different archetype on the GM's sheet.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Tessa Blackwell aka Susan Cauldwell
Core Trait: Reanimate Possessing Spirit (locked) of CYCW.
Lv 1 /EP Mod .95x (Current 1.15 - .2x +0)

Prime Aspects
PHY 13 +4/8- "She is just strong, and doesn't even work out"
DEX 15 +5/9- "She was born to weapons"
MEN 11* +3/7- "I knew it"
EMO 15* +5/9- "Empathic"
MPY 10* +3/7- "Being a ghost sucks"
CHA 11** +3/7- "Nice"

The * Aspects are Tessa's. The non * are Susans. Charisma is the average of Tessa's and Susan's (10 and 12 respectively) The nonmaterial trait would follow Tessa.

Core Focus COM +PER +POW

Combative +1
"Handgun" - This is like the one I was shot with.
"Shotgun" - This I know how to use.

Perception +1
"Reading People" - People are easy

Power +1
"The Sight" - I can still see other ghosts.
Note: She has other power abilities such as possession, reanimate, and other ghost abilities, but can not access them while she is "impaired" by "the lock" - trapped in one body. There are three traits she does not realize she has.

Note: The GM is not requiring familiarities or traits to use magic items. Thus a simple MPY+POW roll will activate the Jinx Ring.

Developing/ Expanding Pieces
Hunting "The Skin Rider" (B1)
Metaphysical: Bound to Material (B2) - thus she can not travel to the near realms or the various death realms.
Locked (B1) Starts game with this 3 pt impairment which must be healed.

Guest Entries
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April 19: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Bobnova the Fifth Laldoven
bookkeeper of the Mine of Harmony
muscular, often sick, is easily injured, likes gold, good intuition, good at music, little patience

think 3, talk 1, fix 1, fight 2, fitness 0, focus 2
defense (ceil(fit+foc)): 1
hit points (fit+4): 4
think points (think+2): 5
flaws: often sick, is easily injured, little patience
background: accountant
stuff: books, pen & ink & papers, book of music, small harp, new kilt.
gifts: money (double think pt for buying), talent (+2 follow the money)

April 20: Polar Fudge Medieval Adventures

Enisea Thukkankûbuk
former member of the Voice of Earth
missing right cheek, flimsy, clumsy, slow, likes dogs, hates spiders, very patient, no empathy

think 3, talk 2, fix 2, fight 0, fitness 0, focus 2
defense (ceil(fit+foc)/2): 1
hit points (fit+4): 4
think points (think+2): 5
flaws: flimsy, clumsy, slow
background: defrocked priest
stuff: robes, holy symbol, book of prayers, flask of ale, embarassingly stained kilt.
gifts: money(double think pt for buying), magic (4 spell points/session, spells 5 [calm, summon food, night vision, speak with dead, illusion])


So, um... these guys are getting pretty samey. Six stats with 9 points, three gift points among 18 options. Its... getting repetitive.

Options for the next system based on nothing but the names: BRUTAL, Dinosaur Cowboys, Heavy Ordinance, Violence RPG, Chronicles of the Drenai. You lot get to choose.

Or more likely MoonHunter chooses because there aren't that many actually looking at this thread.
38/ 03) Joe Alameda -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set is part of "Dispossessed". Dispossessed is a Monster of the Week chronicle, the PbtA Night Hunters game, set up by Hunter of RPG.NET. These characters are all hunting their main protagonist, The Skin Walker.

Name: Joe Alameda
Core Trait: Human Wheelman of CYCW


Joe Alameda is fond of saying that "when the Joker said that all it takes is one bad day, he knew what he was talking about". Because Joe had one doozy of a bad day, and that's how he ended up with a bunch of crackpots hunting things that shouldn't exist.

Joe was your basic low-level hoodlum just getting by on the wrong side of the law in Phoenix. He and cars seemed to be muy simpatico, so he ended up driving the getaway vehicle on any number of jobs, from the smash-and-grabs, to the more sophisticated heists, to the don't-ask-don't-tell jobs where he would wait outside a building, engines idling, hear gunshots inside, then floor it out of there once the gang was in the car. He was building a reputation as a solid wheelman. At least until... that day.

Sometimes, Joe wonders what the heck his criminal associates expected him to do that fateful night. Stick around to get torn to pieces by whatever that security guard turned into like the other guys on the job? The thing tore the passenger side door and half the roof off the car as it was! He didn't know his old partner had survived the attack, he thought he had died along with everybody else. And how was he supposed to know that one of the crew that had been killed was the son of the local capo?

Nobody believed Joe when he tried to explain what had happened. He instantly became a marked man with a bounty on his head, placed there by the grieving capo. He got out of the city one step ahead of the hit men and wannabe hit men all gunning for his hide and wandered around the country aimlessly, engaging in all sorts of small-time crimes to support himself. He met Jefferson Parrish in, of all places, a bar. Dude stuck out like a sore thumb there, all tweedy and classy in a lowlife joint with sticky floors. Parrish had a girl with him. He introduced as Tessa, she seemed nice and was a looker to boot, but had a spooky vibe about her. Parrish explained that he and the girl had been tracking Joe ever since he left town. Not to kill him or bring him back to the capo to be killed, but to recruit him. "We could use a good driver with your unique skills", Parrish said. What the hell. Joe didn't have anything better to do. He signed on, figuring he could always skin out later. But, well, it turns out that this monster hunting gig is kind of cool. Joe Alameda is sticking around.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Joe Alameda
Core Trait: Human Wheelman of CYCW
Lv 1 /EP Mod .9x (1.1 -.2)

Prime Aspects
PHY 15 +5/79- "Tough" - You live in my neighborhood and you toughen up or die.
DEX 12 +4/8- "Golden Hands on the Wheel"
MEN 11 +3/7- "Street Smart"
EMO 12 +4/8- "Tough"
MPY 11 +3/7- "I got a little something"
CHA 11 +3/7- "Rough around the edges."

Core Focus: VHL +F-VHL +COM +CON -.2z

"Handgun" - Easy to conceal and gets the job done. Not that I ever shot anyone.
"Knife" - You have to be able to protect yourself.

"Underworld" - I know some guys. Some of them I can even talk to.

Vehicle +1
"Street Car" - Normal Cars blend right in.
"RV/ Light Truck" - Sometimes you have to move a lot of something.
"Big Rig" - Sometimes the goods are all conveniently packed up for you.
"Boost" - No, I am not borrowing it. I am a professional. I straight up steal them.

F-Vehicle +1
Escaping the Chase - I am the Fox and the Fox gets away.

Developing /Expanding Level
Nemesis: Capo - and Contract on his Life B2 (common, lethal)
Nemesis: Ex-Partner B2 (Common, Lethal)

Guest Entries
So, um... these guys are getting pretty samey. Six stats with 9 points, three gift points among 18 options. Its... getting repetitive.

It is the game system, being a tighter version of Fudge. This is the same problem I have with most OSR games as well. There is not a lot of variation in character creation. Even if you make an interesting story for the character, not much differentiates them. That is why I tend to like systems that put characters further along their heroic path, as they are mechanically and story-wise more interesting.

Options for the next system based on nothing but the names: BRUTAL, Dinosaur Cowboys, Heavy Ordinance, Violence RPG, Chronicles of the Drenai. You lot get to choose.

Or more likely MoonHunter chooses because there aren't that many actually looking at this thread.

I would choose Chronicles of Drenai, just because the setting is interesting. Though it is a 1KM1KT and I would think had its origins in 24 hour games, it has a little meat. The characters will be different because you have to be. They might need more story explanation, which will make the more complex. So do a couple, then move on.

Also, we have a good viewership, 20ish people besides us. There may be more from time to time, but usually a daily view. Also in this kind of thread, you can view it once a week and quickly catch up on all the characters.
April 21:
Chronicles of the Drenai it is then!

System read out in spoiler.
Let's see what we've got... humans only low-magic swords & sorcery... some d20s...may want to use different colored chips to track karma and dharma... no strength, dexterity, etc., but have passions like fear, averice, pride, combat is roll to overcome fear of harm... sounds interesting... get karma for overcoming a passion, get dharma for voluntarily submitting to one... K times D is 'catharsis' rating, highest at end of game should be celebrated even if the character died... no mention yet of what it does in game...

Character creation... step 0: GM briefing talking about game and suitable characters, that's a nice touch... concept & name, class, passions, tags for passions, traits, gear, GM review... three classes, warmakers, citizens, and mystics... warmakers get to roll an extra die for survival checks three times a session... citizen, for those who want a roleplaying challenge, encompasses regular guards and soldiers too, three times a session make someone 'make a choice of higher humanity than they originally intended', but nobody gets karma from it and it's only partially works on npc villains... mystics, channel 'Source' or 'Chaos', basically subtle good and blasty evil, can use magic and once a session can ask the GM for a sign or vision to guide them, caveat for the usual GM 'ultra vague omen' accidents/dickery potential...

100 points across 8 passions and nothing left over, averages 4x 12s and 4x 13s... fear of harm, is combat... fear of unknown, sounds like mystics rely heavily on it... fear of loss, needs a specific tag... anger, self control issues... avarice, commonly high, save vs bribes... despair, survival tests and save vs death... gluttony, lust, pride, typical stuff although the 'save vs being a sexual predator' bit is a bit off-putting and may red card things for some...sloth, roll to put forth effort like studying all night or swimming a river...

Three traits, roll an extra die per trait that applies... pretty free form... "good at everything" isn't a trait it's a munchkin asshole sign...

Mechanics, roll d20 over a passion, 20s auto-succeed, may have 1 to 5 point penalties (deal the math however you want).. partial success on rolling your exact number needed... for excessive description or stunting GM calls a vote and if table is unanimous that it's good then roll an extra die... bonus dice for traits reminder... physical combat is usually fear of harm and it looks like one roll for the whole combat... supernatural crap is fear of the unknown... Ooh, persuasion is roll versus the passion of the person you're targeting, pride vs embarrassment, harm vs courage, sloth vs reluctance

Survival, if defeated in combat roll vs despair and you can keep going, fail and it's a mortal wound, unarmed/non-lethal might be sloth or harm instead... medicine & healing... conflicting bit, either you need a trait or maybe if the character is a warmaker or source priest then you can do first aid... well it's a check vs target's despair score...

Skill test if no passion applies like listening for footsteps (isn't that fear of being snuck up on and stabbed in the back?)... 5/10/15/18 easy to very hard...

Combat... surprise check, "skill" plus traits vs GM chosen target, check per PC, get to choose or not in next phase... deployment phase, map or chessboard recommended, those who won surprise (it's apparently more surprise+initiative since it's every round) decide where they are and which opponent(s) are adjacent to them, losers the GM puts where they want and chooses adjacent opponents, every character usually ends up with one or more opponents... 1 point penalty per per additional opponent, ganging up is strong... characters who fight together may share dice by "trickle rolling", wtf is that?... bottlenecking is good to reduce number of opponents that can get at you... Oh! If no surprise check then attackers rule deployment and if both sides are attacking then the players auto-win deployment... action phase, declare what you do in style to get a bonus die then roll... opponents have threat level, zero for mooks up to 5 for major villains and it's just a straight penalty to your rolls... roll all dice and take the highest... success is accomplish the immediate objective, usually taking down one opponent is simplistic combats... consequences phase, if you failed make a survival test... if you don't want to roll take +2 to fear of harm (is that permanent?)... ow, if an enemy has threat levels you have to nail them that many times before they go down...

Combat options... team fighting, ah the "trickle rolling" thing, pick one character and start rolling one die at a time, stop when you get a success, pass spare dice on to the next character, teamwork is good... splitting attacks, you can spread dice among multiple opponents... blaze of fury, if you have anger 15+ you can roll vs anger instead of vs fear of harm and you get an extra die but if you're defeated you can only roll one die for survival no matter the traits or anything, so practically suicide... cautious defense, roll an extra die but everything is only a partial success at best... feeding fury, instead of rolling survival or taking +2 fear of harm when defeated you can take +2 anger but for the rest of the combat you have to roll vs anger instead of vs fear of harm (this seems oddly abusable)... blaze of glory, automatically defeat your opponents or let the rest of the party automatically escape, gain +5 karma, and then immediately die.

Magic... not point-n-zap, more mentalism and horror... minor magics, available to all mystics and unlimited, can't do if drugged or drunk... foresight, 1/session get a clue, no roll... pulse, telepathy another mystic, maybe any distance?, no roll... astral project, roll vs highest of harm/anger/sloth, as xpected but doesn't mention if your astral form is visible on the mortal plane or not... astral combat, as per normal combat but purely physical traits don't get counted... calm, source aligned casters touch target and roll vs their highest passion, then they get -2 all passions for the rest of the scene, can be a group hug but then it's vs the highest passion of all the group... inflame, touch and roll vs anger to add +2 to any one passion, may be done without the target knowing (I assume they know you touched them, not that you magicked them)... delude, jedi mind trick, really, it says that in the PDF, "jedi mind trick", roll vs target's anger and the believe the next think you tell them...

Major sorceries, only available to the trained, which means "spend a trait on something like 'priest of the source' or 'witch'"... after casting one immediately get a coma-like sleep for 24 hours, well they'd better be pretty major then... may have assistants, meaning what?... heal, touch and roll vs target's despair, target's traits pply, they heled/cured after 24 hours, fail and they die, can only do this once a day (duh! you go comatose after that for 24 hours)... ward, draw a circle with runes, astral, sensing, telepathy, spirits, demons, etc., may not cross, lasts as long as the caster is conscious, wtf dude! you just said casters get KOed as soon as they finish the spell!, oh wait, "not too draining", roll vs sloth and they do drain/KO you if broken, so what breaks them?, ah, there it is KO the caster or scuff up the circle... meld, be an evil bastard by making a shapeshifting monster, super strength and "bestial intelligence", get an animal to kill a human then roll vs the human's anger, gain +1 pride per monster you've created, they only gain nourishment from human flesh, you naughty naughty person you... join, the nice guy version, find an 'elder device' under a mountain fortress, get an animal and a human, roll vs the human's anger, retain 'some human intellect' and able to use weapons, bigger stronger faster, six million dollar man upgrade time for the munchkins... send, telepathy at a non-mystic, talkies or warnings or horrific nightmares or deadly illusions, roll vs target's anger, if hostile may make them roll vs anger or harm to run amok or even take survival rolls... summon, roll vs fear of harm+threat level, demons may have up to a +10 threat level, no this isn't mechanically abusable at all </snark>... necromancy, turn dead bodies into zombies, roll vs fear of harm + threat, one zomb with high threat or mindless horde with that sum of threat OR threat zero zombs at penalty+1 (there's an example, +5 = 6 zomb)...

Character development... karma at the end of each scene for; slay an enemy, save a life, convince someone to choose heroic over ignoble, heroic defiance, acts of magnificent madness (GM discretion)... dharma at the end of every scene for; refusing to be heroic until convinced, indulge an antiheroic vice, indulge a 'screw the party' vice, rp a passion really well, player initiates getting into trouble for following a passion, don't do the optimal thing because it's against a passion... petition the GM for new traits defined by story stuff... catharsis, zero dharma is a mary sue hero, zero karma is a villain, catharsis is K*D and of course anything times zero is zero... give ther person with the highest cartharsis at the end of a game gets a homemade certificate or maybe buy them dinner... that's... sounding... neh, lets see what's next...

New characters mid game start with zero karma and dharma... mope, that's it... setting... appendices; example pf play (2 pages), how to play (1 page), example adventure (3 pages)...

The end.
Well, that's the game. Let's make some characters. I'm still using DrunkFort dorfs as the basis, because I want to.

Palenerd Ardesdumat
militia member of the True Key
unbreakable, indefatigable, mighty, agile, likes giant snakes, fire eater, unbreakable will, great focus, good at social relationships, good at language and music, no creativity, impatient, strongly believes an ordered society without dissent is best

fear of harm: 5 (5)
fear of unknown: 15 (20)
fear of loss: 10 (30)
anger: 15 (45)
avarice: 15 (60)
despair: 5 (65)
gluttony: 15 (80)
lust: 5 (85)
pride: 10 (95)
sloth: 5 (100)
class: warmaker
class ability: +1 die on 3 survival tests per session
trait: unbreakable
trait: good at social relationships
trait: agile
gear: blood stained kilt, axe, shield, flask of booze, pet 20-foot python named "Bunny" in a large sack

comment: likely to whack in combat, hard to take down in combat, easily bribed with beer & gold, doesn't like magic crap, short temper, you should describe combat moves in a way to get the 'agile' trait to apply

April 22: Chronicles of the Drenai

Shakerag Mishthemrovod
citizen of the Crystal Pinnacles, tavern keeper
missing the thumb of left hand, lower back teeth are gone, short, never sick, likes animal traps, empathetic, good focus, good at music, slow to anger, has created a great artwork

fear of harm: 15 (15)
fear of unknown: 10 (25)
fear of loss: 10 (35)
anger: 1 (36)
avarice: 14 (50)
despair: 5 (55)
gluttony: 15 (70)
lust: 5 (75)
pride: 15 (90)
sloth: 10 (100)
class: citizen
class ability: 3/session someone 'makes a choice of higher humanity than they originally intended', partial on villains
trait: great & renowned artist (music)
trait: bartender empathy
trait: trapper
gear: beer stained kilt, head knocker stick, keg of booze, pewter mugs, several snares, bear trap

comment: I'm thinking you could generate characters by "roll d20 or 2d10 for each and adjust scores up or down until you get to 100 total points". First time you fail a combat roll vs harm choose "feeding the fury" and roll the rest of your combat vs 3+. That seems wrong...

So after I finish the Dispossessed set, I have a guest post AND some Horror Movie/slasher types that bubbled up this afternoon. Can't seem to focus very long on the Neo Frontier, but these were okay.
39/ 04) Samira "Sam" Shirani -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set is part of "Dispossessed". Dispossessed is a Monster of the Week chronicle, the PbtA Night Hunters game, set up by Hunter of RPG.NET. These characters are all hunting their main protagonist, The Skin Walker.

Name: Samira "Sam" Shirani
Core Trait: Human Police Officer of CYCW

Many Nigh Hunters would call her a Black Badge, from the semi-secret Pinkertons of long ago. Black Badges are official officers "in the know". However, she is not currently a law officer, so despite walking the walk and talking the talk, she is not booking the crook. Still despite her leaving the force, she thinks of herself as an officer.

The GM and player are discussing changing the archetype facet to Protector, borrowing it from the super hero set... being a protector is her calling.


All her life, Samira wanted to be a police officer. Police officers were the good guys, the ones who protected and served, who solved crimes and put away bad people. And that is what Samira wanted to do. Then she became a police officer in the city of Chicago. And for a while, it seemed like she was protecting and serving. She worked hard at her job and became a Homicide detective.

Then, she started coming across killings she couldn't explain. Not rationally, anyway. Wild dog attacks on Michigan Avenue right outside the Hugo Boss store. Eighteen year olds dying of heart attacks without a trace of drugs in their system. Homeless people freezing to death in Grant Park on the hottest day of the year. Every single case she tried her best to solve, running down every lead, poring over every scrap of evidence... and every time the trail would go cold and the case would end up just another box in a storage facility. And the worst thing about it was, nobody besides her seemed to care. Her fellow detectives advised her to stop wasting her time on dead end cases and focus on the ones that would make her clearance rate look good. That's what she needed to do if she wanted to get ahead in the CPD. But Samira couldn't turn her back. Those dead people had families, families that deserved to get some answers about why their loved ones had died, families that had the right to see loved one's killers brought to justice. So she kept on working the cases, getting more and frustrated, until finally she couldn't stand it any more. She turned in her gun and her badge and walked away from the job she had dreamed of having since she was a child.

Samira was sitting in Toons Bar and Grill trying to figure out what to do with her life now that she was no longer a cop when she was approached by Jefferson Parrish. He had a wispy looking young lady with him and a young man she immediately fingered as a crook. At first, she turned down his offer, thinking that he and his crew were clearly deranged. But then Parrish began to show her things about the murders she had become so obsessed with, things that sounded fantastical but actually made sense. And so Samira signed on, and discovered her new vocation.

In an odd way, Samira's childhood dream has come true. She's a good guy, she protects people, she solves crimes and she puts away - and sometimes puts down - bad people and bad things. It's just that, now, she does it without a badge.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Samira "Sam" Shirani
Core Trait: Human Police Officer of CYCW
Lv 1 /EP Mod 1.05x (1.15 -.1 +0)

Prime Aspects
PHY 13 +4/8- "Strong enough"
DEX 13 +4/8- "Fast enough"
MEN 13 +4/8- "Smart enough
EMO 10 +3/7- "Driven"
MPY 12 +4/8- "Blessed"/ like baptized but for other religion
CHA 13 +4/8- "Hot" - Yah I know.

Core Focus: L-ATH +L-COM +DED +CON +L-SCI

Limited Athletic +1
Chasing them down - "Why do they always run?"

Limited Combative +1
"Handguns" - You don't want to kill them, but sometimes....
"Takedown" - You don't want to fight them, you want to get them down and out of the way to cuff them.

Contacts +1
"Law Enforcement"

Deduction +1
"Criminal" - The clues are everywhere, you just have to connect the dots.
"Unusual Crimes" - Crimes that make no sense, until you factor in the supernatural and occult.

Limited Science +1
"Computers" - What? Break into something illegally, I would nev.... oh I am in
"Forensic Science" - I know they don't leave fingerprints, but someone else could of been here.

Developing /Expanding Level
Psych: Protect those who need protecting (B3)
Psych: Drive to do Good (B1)

Guest Entries
April 23: Chronicles of the Drenai
Yoink Sibreklogem
merchant of the True Key
tireless, clumsy, likes gold, detests snails, good willpower, bad at music, forgetful, respects guile, disrespectful of laws, likes to eat giant brown recluse spiders, nervous, forms shallow emotional bonds, practical, duitiful, not curious, private, does not handle stress well, will ask for help, greedy, slow to anger, needs a drink.

fear of harm: 5 (5)
fear of unknown: 5 (10)
fear of loss: 15 (25)
anger: 5 (30)
avarice: 15 (45)
despair: 15 (60)
gluttony: 15 (75)
lust: 5 (80)
pride: 15 (95)
sloth: 5 (100)
class: citizen
class ability: 3/session someone 'makes a choice of higher humanity than they originally intended', partial on villains
trait: gets good deals
trait: knows a guy
trait: violently "that's mine!"
gear: fine kilt, axe, flask of booze, bag of gold, donkey cart of trade goods.

April 24: Chronicles of the Drenai

Nomal Abantusung
member of the True Key, blacksmith
weak, flimsy, clumsy, likes gems & music & poetry, good memory, impatient, friendly and cheerful, likes wolverines, detests hamsters, likes tranquility & peace, doesn't value partying, friendly & romantic, likes to brawl, needs a drink.

fear of harm: 15 (15)
fear of unknown: 15 (30)
fear of loss: 5 (35)
anger: 10 (45)
avarice: 5 (50)
despair: 15 (65)
gluttony: 10 (75)
lust: 15 (90)
pride: 5 (95)
sloth: 5 (100)
class: citizen
class ability: 3/session someone 'makes a choice of higher humanity than they originally intended', partial on villains
trait: "i have a hammer and you look like a nail"
trait: finds friends fast
trait: a good brawl
gear: lightly burnt kilt, smithing hammer, throwing anvil, flask of hard booze, wheelbarrow

comment: There's not that much to this game, mechanically, and I'm not going to get to play it. The whole bit about the lust stat still bothers me too. Voting is open again: BRUTAL, Dinosaur Cowboys, Heavy Ordinance, Violence RPG... did I scav anything new?... Mazes & Minotaurs, d6 Space, StarDrifter, Full Thrust.

40/ 05) Ben Wheeler -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This set is part of "Dispossessed". Dispossessed is a Monster of the Week chronicle, the PbtA Night Hunters game, set up by Hunter of RPG.NET. These characters are all hunting their main protagonist, The Skin Walker.

Name: Ben Wheeler
Core Trait: Human Surgeon of CYCW

Currently not licensed to practice medicine or surgery anywhere.


Ben Wheeler was a surgeon who had just completed his residency and was working at a hospital in Baltimore. He was happily married and he and his wife were talking about having children now that they were settled. The last day that he can remember from his normal life was no different from any other- he had gotten up, gone to work, done some surgeries, and had stopped on the way home to top off his gas tank.

Standing by his car waiting for the tank to fill was the last thing he remembered.

He woke up on the ground in the parking lot of an abandoned motel near Elko, Nevada, seven years later. He was wearing clothes that weren't his and hurting in a way you could only hurt if you had just been blasted by rock salt fired from a shotgun. Four people he would later know as Jefferson, Tessa, Joe, and Sam surrounded him. They told him that he had been "skinridden", that it was something that evil ghosts did to living people. The ghost that had taken over him had used his body to do some very, very bad things. They added that he was the first victim of a skinriding that they had been able to recover alive. As Joe Alameda put it, "Dude, you been rode hard and put away wet".

Ben didn't believe them. There had to be some other explanation, some rational explanation for how he had managed to black out seven whole years of his life. The disturbing memory flashes he was experiencing can't have been memories, they had to be delusions. If he could just get back to Baltimore, he could get his normal life back and be shut of these crazy people forever. So as he soon as he could, he got away from those lunatics and made his way back.

There was nothing left for him there. His wife was dead. Her demise had been officially listed as an accident, but there were rumors. rumors that it hadn't been an accident, that he had killed her. Other people lived in his house. His job - well, he had left his job under less than ideal circumstances, it wasn't likely he'd get it back. None of that was what convinced Ben that what the four strangers had told him was correct. What convinced him was when he went to visit his wife's grave. His mother-in-law showed up there, and confronted him. "This is your fault", she said, pointing at the grave marker. "I tried to tell Mary that you were bad news, but she wouldn't listen".

The thing was, his mother-in-law had been dead for fifteen years.

Ben has been with the group ever since then. He has discovered that there are a lot of other evil things in the world besides skinriders. But it also turns out that he is especially good at tracking down skinriders - it's like he knows how they work, knows the subtle signs that someone has been by possessed by one. He has a new life now. And it is a long way from normal.

Write Up Convergence Point

Name: Ben Wheeler
Core Trait: Human Surgeon of CYCW
Lv 1 /EP Mod .95x (1.05 -.1x +0x)

Prime Aspects
PHY 12 +4/8- "Tough"
DEX 12 +4/8- "Deft Hands
MEN 13 +4/8- "Study Hard"
EMO 10 +3/7- "Will keep going"
MPY 10 +3/7- "Marked"
CHA 10 +3/7- "Average Guy"

Core Focus: SCI +F-SCI +L-ATH +SOC +L-POW -.1x

Limited Athletics +1
"Endurance Sports"

Science +1

Focused Science +1
"Surgery" -

Limited Power +1
"The Sight"

Social +1
"High Society" - well I used to be respectable
"Low Society" - I did some time in some street clinics

1 trait remains to be placed.

Developing /Expanding Level
Psych: Do no Harm (to the living) (B1)
Social: Suspect in a number of crimes his body did commit B1
Metaphysical: Marked (B1)

Guest Entries
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41/ --) ANGELIC -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

This is a supers character from SoManyRats @RPGPUB.NET

Name: Angelic aka Eric Connally
Core Trait: Angel Morph Mutate Helper of CYCW


Eric Connally led a mundane life. He got up, went to his tech support job, and went home. He'd get together sometimes with friends from high school for board games, and spent at least one night a week volunteering (alternating between the animal shelter and the soup kitchen), but spent most nights at home with his cat. When a glowing being appeared at the foot of his bed one night and offered him power to make more of a difference, he said yes, certain it was a dream. A blast of pain and a sudden transformation told him it wasn't.

He could fly. He could heal, and sense strong emotions, and even block bullets with his wings. But most of all he could fly. Sure, he looked different, but what did that matter compared to being able to help more people, and compared to just being able to fly? Maybe the being was some sort of angel, or maybe Eric just transforms into this form because it's what he subconsciously thinks a powerful magical helper should look like. And if he concentrated he could always change back to Eric. Eric soon discovered that if his adrenaline spiked - fear, excitement - he'd instinctively transform, but he's spending more and more time as Angelic, making what he believes to be a bigger positive difference in the world and just experiencing the simple joy of flying.

Write Up Convergence Point
Name: Angelic aka Eric Connally
Core Trait: Angel Morph Mutate (Lesser Celestial) Helper of Meta Earth 04
Angel Morphs are very common morphs, so much so that they have their own subsection of Meta Studies. They are often mutants or mutates, but the common theory is that they are their own bloodline/ a cousin species of Humanity, needing a "jump start" to manifest their meta abilities (puberty and event for mutants and a disaster for mutates). Almost all Angel Morphs interviewed reported a direct need for power and/ or The Presence/ bright light.

The Meta Studies people are correct. They are a Lesser Celestial species, a bloodline/ species with deep connection to the Celestial (Bryght in this case). They appear like Elysians (a "meta" species that look like "traditional Judeo-Christian angels.) Given that this is a meta sphere, they do need some activation to manifest.

Helper archetype is more of a calling than a profession. The character receives a bonus anytime they help another character or an innocent. In addition, it is a trigger that can grant them more EPs.

Lv 1 /EP Mod 1.8 (1 -.1 +0 +.9x)

Prime Aspects
PHY 10 +3/7- "Healthy"
DEX 12 +4/8- "Graceful"
MEN 13 +4/8- "Bright"
EMO 8 +2/6- "Passive"
MPY 10 +3/7- "Baptised/ Sealed"
CHA 12 +4/8- "Cute"

Core Focus: L-SCI +CFT +ATH +L-COM +PER

Athletic +1
"Flight" - Wow these are big. / "I CAN REALLY FLY!"
Eventually, other traits will be added for Flight Actions that would be useful, like Catching the falling, Acrobatic Flight, Speed Flight, etc.

Limited Combative +1
"Wings" - Wow these are big.
Angelic's attack is a wing buffet, just a melee attack that's more damaging than her good-but-still-human strength. Her defense is parrying with their wings. She can use them to block an attack aimed at a person nearby, putting herself and her wings between the attack and the target.

Craft +1
Volunteer - Depending on the week, I help at the animal shelter or soup kitchen.
If this was not a super hero game or the player picked something vastly more useful during the adventures, this trait would be sufficiently too vague to be accepted. However, it is just his skill at moving stuff around and doing simple tasks. It could be "unskilled labor".

Perception +1
"Emotion Sense" - I sense those who need help
They gets the general +3 MOD for all perceptions for having the AoE. They only gains the special bonus when using emotion sense.

Limited Science +1
"Computer System - Tech Support" - It is not exciting, but I can help people.

Developing /Expanding Level
Body: "She-Walk" (A1)
This asset was adapted from another setting where people can swap bodies. It is slang derived from the ability to "walk as a woman" or "walk in a woman's shoes". People with this asset have the skill of acting in an appropriately feminine way in terms of movement, actions, and voice. (It occasionally covers dress and other things.)

Secret: Identity (B1)
Instinct: Will transform if intensely emotional (B1)
Emotional: Must help when can (Very common) (B2)
Emotional: Low Self Esteem (common) (B1)
Addiction: Flying (B1)
Between the addiction to flying and the need to help, the character is often in his Angelic form.

Meta Set - "Angel Form" 10 max 9 used +.9x
Powers with * Are only in Angelic Form (-1 Alter Ego)
Powers with w is Wing Foci (Obvious, Disruptable, Bulky-ish) (-2)

1 Attack
"Wing Buffet/ Strike" 4dG *w (GM Reduced)

2 Augmentation
"Heal Wound" (Inflicted Trauma) Lv3 15 points/3 impairment *
"Heal Fatigue" (Earned Trauma) Lv3 15 points/ 3 impairment *
"Heal Power" (Power Points) Lv3 15 points/ 3 impairment *

2 Body
"Shaped change into Angelic (and back)"

2 Defense
Wing Defense (Field 2d6G 2d6S 1d6E 1d6H) *w
Wing Deflect (Deflect 3d6E 3d6H) *w
Because her "foci" is bulky-ish, she often affects adjacent spaces.

1 Information
"Sense Emotion" (Lv2 Perception *)

1 Movement
Flight (Air Very Fast *w)
They will take a space flight trait eventually

Guest Entries
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April 25, 26, 27: playing catch up

Dinosaur Cowboys
The current year is 2285. A super-volcano wrecked the world. North America is all arid badlands and open prairie except for a giant jungle in the middle that's surrounded by a huge wall. There's dinosaurs. You're a cowboy. All the horses got eaten. Nobody makes cars or paves roads any more. You know what you have to do.

Honestly, this isn't intended as a traditional RPG. It's more along the lines of Warhammer, BattleTech, and the other skirmish combat games. That said, it's stupid easy to mod into a RPG like Lancer which has a big disconnect between the intended set piece combat and everything else. There's even extended campaign rules that'll cover... basically everything else.

So how's it go? You get a Leader character, one Dinosaur (which is admittedly a bit limiting), and 1-4 Posse members. Everything is roll a batch of d12s and look for a target number or higher. Characters have defense (raises target to hurt you), speed (inches), hit points (standard), ranged target number (roll this or higher to shoot something), melee target number (as per ranged), bravery number (roll this or higher to not be panicked), and up to 3 traits. It would be pretty simple to mod the game to default target number 8 and then change all the stats to +numbers if you have that fetish. The leader gets +2 hp & -1 bravery and is free, you always have a leader. The first member of your posse is free and the next 3 cost $200 each. Everyone gets a free lasso, cowboy boots, and a hat... because. Dinosaurs cost $300 to $1000 bucks. You start with your leader, first posse member, $1000, and 100 Improvement Points that you can buy better skill with (there's a chart). There's a bunch of pretty good examples scattered around through the rules.

Dinosaurs are basically the same a people except they have discipline instead of bravery (become panicked when they take damage equal to or more than that from an attack), no ranged combat, different rules for being panicked (they move a randomized speed instead of fleeing), and basically can't be improved except for buying them more hit points or giving them some of your posse's traits.

The one dinosaur per posse thing is pretty limiting, particularly because of rider limits (small=1, med=2, large=3, XL=5) and the fact that only one character on the dinosaur can do anything (or the dino can make a melee attack or any number of people can mount ordismount). Unless it's a 'carry passengers' scenario there's no point in putting more than one person on a dinosaur at all. Personally I'd chuck that rule ASAP or split passenger actions into driver/passengers to let more people do stuff.

Having done some checking about 2/3 of the weapon list is redundant. What it amounts to is that you get a number of attack rolls by weapon (or dino) and do 1 point of damage for each of those that hit (2 if it's a crit) plus it's damage rating (assuming any of your rolls were hits). You have three sets of pistols that top out at 4a/5d, 5a/4d, and 3a/6d. If you need 10s to hit they're all the same, but if you need 6s to hit you average 4/5=5.8, 5/4=5.4, and 3/6=6.1 for damages. You get things like swords being 3/7, staffs at 5/5, axes being 4/6 and the axes are just always best (the 8/2 flail just doesn't even compete). Now the weapon swith special effects can be pretty good, and space considerations (carry 2 large weapons plus the free lasso, 2 med = 1 large, 2 small = 1 med) could come into play.[/i]
Well, that's the game. Let's make some characters. I'm still using DrunkFort dorfs as the basis, because I want to.

April 25: Cog Cattenekast
expedition leader of the True Key, future queen
dented, skinny, massive abdominal scarring, long straight scar on the left arm, quick to heal, rarely sick, quick to tire, likes music and dance, detests oysters, good at language and music, good intuition, bad focus, poor empathy, forgetful, no respect of law or tradition

Cog's a bitch. You have to be out here. Roped up a dino, swindled some techno-punk from the city into working with her, and calls herself a "Queen". Or sheriff, or judge, or whatever will get people to do what she says. If that doesn't work she's a tough old duster who's a good shot with a large ion blaster.

Leader: Cog, duster (+2 hp & -1 speed)

defense (add to attacker's TN): 1(5 in Kevlar)
speed: 4(2 in Kevlar)
hp: 20 (panics at losing 10 hp in a single attack)
range TN: 5+
melee TN: 8+
bravery TN: 7+

yeehaw (1/encounter ally within 12" rerolls any one die)
lucky (1/encounter at any time make an attacker reroll their attacks on you)
doctor (passive, 2x healing result from medical supplies)
awareness (ignore facing for attacking & cannot be attacked from behind)

kevlar armor (+4 def, -2 spd, $500)
ion blaster (7 attacks, 1 damage, range 6/11/15, 2x1s for reloading, hail of bullets = reroll any one attack die, $170)
large IRP (instant recovery patch, instantly heal 1d12 hp, single use, $20)
lasso ([dino] attacks, [dino-1] damage, range x/0-8/x, stopped = target canon move on it's next turn)
fists (2 attacks, 1 damage)

Posse: "Hey boy! You there!", neotechnist (-1 ranged & -2 hp & $10 off your first weapon)
defense: 0
speed: 2
hp: 6 (panics at losing 3 hp in a single attack)
range TN: 7+
melee TN: 8+
bravery TN: 10+

no traits

1 giga-joule pump shotgun (3 attacks, 1 damage, range 4/6/11, 1x1s reload, open choke = +2 attacks at short range $10)
lasso ([dino] attacks, [dino-1] damage, range x/0-8/x, stopped = target canon move on it's next turn)
fists (2 attacks, 1 damage)

Dinosaur: Ornithomius (small runner herbivore), feral (-1 discipline & +2 hp)
defense: 0
discipline: 3 (panics if it take this much damage or more in a single attack)
panic speed: 1d12-2
combat TN: 8+
speed: 10
hp: 13
attacks: 2
damage: 2

trample: 2 attacks, 0 damage, push target 4" if any hits
gore/bite: 2 attacks, 0 damage, target slowed (half move & no hustle/charge next action) if any hits

PLAN: Cog wanders around slowly while blasting the crap out of people while "hey you!" rides the dino and tries to stay out of trouble by using traditional shoot & scoot.

April 26: Naryar Oshurolin
citizen of the Crystal Pinnacles, musician
thin, incredibly tough (at least he acts like it), likes drums and helmets, hates peacocks, dislikes authority, short temper, good memory, very little empathy

Naryar is a combat musician riding around on "Ducky" with his posse of heavy metal drummers. It's like a Kiss concert but with more dirt, fewer baths, and a dinosaur. One where the noise actually hurts you. A lot. We're pretty sure Ducky is deaf.

Leader: Naryar, neotechnist (-1 ranged & -2 hp & $10 off your first weapon)
defense (add to attacker's TN): 0
speed: 4
hp: 8
range TN: 7+
melee TN: 8+
bravery TN: 7+

yeehaw (1/encounter ally within 12" rerolls any one die)
doctor (2x effect from healing gear (not weapons))

battle drum (5 attacks, 0 damage, range 0/6/13, no reloading, motivating = if you deal 2+ damage you or ally in 8" heal 1 hp, $70)
4x whiskey drops (instant restore 2 hp, $5 each)
lasso ([dino] attacks, [dino-1] damage, range x/0-8/x, stopped = target canon move on it's next turn)
fists (2 attacks, 1 damage)

Posse: The Floob Brothers Nardle, Bardle, Fardle, all neotechnists (-1 ranged & -2 hp & $10 off your first weapon) ...and Bardle could be a woman but we're kinda scared to ask because he swears, drinks, and fights even more than the other two combined.
defense: 0
speed: 4
hp: 6
range TN: 7+
melee TN: 8+
bravery TN: 8+

traits: none

gear: 3x
battle drum (5 attacks, 0 damage, range 0/6/13, no reloading, motivating = if you deal 2+ damage you or ally in 8" heal 1 hp, $70)
lasso ([dino] attacks, [dino-1] damage, range x/0-8/x, stopped = target canon move on it's next turn)
fists (2 attacks, 1 damage)

Dinosaur: Hadrosaurus (small runner herbivore), trained (+1 discipline & -2 hp)
defense: 0
discipline: 4 (panics if it take this much damage or more in a single attack)
panic speed: 1d6
combat TN: 7+
speed: 6
hp: 16
attacks: 2
damage: 2

onslaught (1/encounter charging bonus is +4 attacks instead of +1 attack)
berserker 1 (1/encounter gain +2 more attacks)

trample: 2 attacks, 0 damage, push target 4" if any hits
gore/bite: 2 attacks, 0 damage, target slowed (half move & no hustle/charge next action) if any hits

PLAN: They lump around in a clump healing each other a lot, then Ducky gets a surprise charge (+1d6 inches of move) and makes 8 attack rolls. I have no idea how well this tactic will work.

April 27: Yoink Gidthurmorul
militia of the True Key, leader
thin, annoyed, empathetic, left foot mangled, limps, one collapsed lung, short of breath, wheezy, horrified by death, needs a drink badly

Yoink's a bit of a wimp, he'll admit it himself. He's afraid of death, likes to stay in cover during fire fights, and would prefer a nice long range shootout with more yelling than shooting over a fast hard brawl. It surprised everyone when he turned up with a tyrannosaurus and started dressing it in a high visibility construction worker outfit. But you know what? Nobody shoots much at him when Mr. Chompy is coming for them.

Leader: Yoink, Duster (-1 speed, +2 hp)
defense (add to attacker's TN): 1
speed: 3
hp: 14
range TN: 6+
melee TN: 8+
bravery TN: 7+

yeehaw (1/encounter ally within 12" rerolls any one die)

300 kw revolver (3 attacks, 3 damage, range 6/10/14, 1x1s reload, fan the hammer = +2 atacks & push 2" but requires reloading next turn, $60)
knuckle dusters (4 attacks, 0 damage, $10)
lasso ([dino] attacks, [dino-1] damage, range x/0-8/x, stopped = target canon move on it's next turn)
fists (2 attacks, 1 damage)

Posse: Chip, Duster (-1 speed, +2 hp)
defense: 1
speed: 2
hp: 14
range TN: 6+
melee TN: 8+
bravery TN: 8+

traits: none

harpoon (1 attack, 3 damage, range x/4-9/12, no reloading, pulls 3", $30)
2x bandages ($20 each, heal 2d12 hp at the start of the unit's turn next round)
3x large IRP ($20 each, heal 1d12 hp immediately)
lasso ([dino] attacks, [dino-1] damage, range x/0-8/x, stopped = target canon move on it's next turn)
fists (2 attacks, 1 damage)

Dinosaur: T-Rex (large king carnivore), untrained (no modifications)
defense: 2
discipline: 8 (panics if it take this much damage or more in a single attack)
panic speed: 1d6
combat TN: 4+
speed: 6
hp: 24
attacks: 1
damage: 8

awareness (360 degree facing & can't be shot from behind)
ferocious (use straight dino damage on dinosaur attacks)
inspiring attack (1/encounter if the declared attack takes out the target heal 6 hp)

trample: 1 attacks, 8 damage, push target 4" if any hits
gore/bite: 1 attacks, 8 damage, target slowed (half move & no hustle/charge next action) if any hits

PLAN: It's all about Mr. Chompy. They spent nearly everything on him and he's carrying all three of the posse's traits. Mr. Chompy is also going to be a massive massive ammo magnet, as well he should be with a 4+ to hit and a 9 or 10 damage bite. If Mr. Chompy can't get close enough to bite/charge his rider uses the harpoon, lasso, or a healing item on him. Also, we kind of need to buy some armor for the rider ASAP.

Well that was amusing but Dinosaur Cowboys isn't exactly a deep game outside of combat. Start with something else tomorrow.
I've been stuck for an idea or theme for character creation, but have finally landed on one. Vampire 20th ed. has 13 clans and 18 bloodlines. I'm going to create a character for each, alphabetically. And I'm going to use this online random person generator for details like name, age, education, background, etc.

First, Cassie Watts, Assamite!

Cassie Watts.jpg
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Conformist
Generation: 11
Blood Pool: 12

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Talents: Alertness 3, Awareness 1, Brawl 3, Empathy 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 3
Skills: Drive 1, Etiquette 2, Firearms 2, Larceny 2, Melee 2, Stealth 3
Knowledges: Academics 1, Computer 1, Medicine 2, Science 1

Disciplines: Quietus 3

Backgrounds: Generation 2, Mentor 2, Resources 1

Virtues: Conscience 2, Self-Control 4, Courage 4

Humanity: 6
Willpower: 8

Merits/Flaws: Bound (-2), Infertile Vitae (-5)

Camila 'Cassie' Watts (nee Carvallo) was born in Denver. Her parents didn't have status and the family struggled to make ends meet, giving her a loving but stressful childhood.

Bernie Watts was one of the more popular guys at high school, and Cassie was confused but flattered when he pursued her. She got pregant a few months before the end of grade 12; she was able to graduate, but married right after, and college was out of the question.

Bernie peaked in high school. He wasn't able to get through freshman year in university and wound up working at a small sporting goods store. Once their son Sam was old enough to go to school, Cassie got a job as a health care worker to help with the family finances. Bernie blamed her for his lack of success, and resented her more when the raises she earned pushed her salary above his. He had always been controlling and emotionally abusive, but became physically violent as well.

Cassie was determined to give Sam a 'stable' home and didn't think she had any options, so she stayed. She did her best to stay under Bernie's radar, and when that inevitably failed she worked to keep Bernie's abuse away from Sam. When Sam received an academic scholarship to study at the University of Denver she was thrilled and so proud of him. Sam's absence from the home made Bernie more comfortable resorting to physical violence more often and more severely. Cassie went to the ER more than once, but couldn't speak out about why she was really there.

Bernie didn't break Cassie, though; he hardened and tempered her. She had been very observant at work over the years. She learned what medicines were lethal in what doses, and what substances were less likely to be detected by a coroner. Once Sam was stable in his career, Cassie knew that he didn't need Bernie anymore. She waited for Bernie to get blackout drunk (an almost nightly occurence) and poisoned him. She did her job well: Bernie had never been liked or respected in the community, and the investigation into his death was cursory and found he had drank himself to death.

Years passed. Cassie kept busy at work, and after Sam married she looked after his children whenever she could. She was never willing to consider dating again. One evening when she was grocery shopping she was approached by a young man who introduced himself as Ali and asked her to dinner. Cassie was shocked - she was 52, and he couldn't have been half that. Despite that, after he looked into her eyes she couldn't say no.

The next week was a blur. She remembered going to his home, an impressive estate outside the city, her mind too foggy to protest. She remembered him actually biting her, an exhilarating feeling she'd never felt anything like before. She remembered drinking his blood from his wrist pressed against her lips, time and time again. When she was finally able to think again, she was horrified by what Ali told her. He was a vampire, and now so was she. He was an assassin, and now so was she. And he was her master.

Ali told her he knew what happened to Bernie, and was impressed by her resolve and cunning. And now he had need of her services. Sam's father-in-law and brother-in-law were obstacles to some plan of Ali's (he never told her what) and he needed them gone. Cassie had access, and now that she was bound to Ali she had the power and the motivation. Cassie did the work; she had no choice. She managed to keep her involvement hidden from everyone, including Sam, but was forced by Ali to cut her ties to Sam lest Ali's connection be discovered through her.

Ali then spent several months training Cassie as an assassin, teaching her how to infiltrate and attack. Once he deemed her abilities competent enough, he introduced her to the Prince of the City and the Kindred community as his progeny. He was careful to always keep her on a short leash, keeping her as a tool at the ready. Cassie now spends her nights waiting on Ali's whims, while in the back of her mind a small part of her fights against the blood bond and waits for any opportunity to end Ali.
April 28:
Heavy Ordinance: You're a grade schooler, there was a "runaway nuclear reaction in the cafeteria meatloaf" that explains everything, a portal to Hell has opened, all the adults are now flesh eating demons, you just looted the local army base for guns. Go.

"A Reflex RPG by Christopher Blankley"

Attributes and skills, 0-150 points, a scale tells you how many points maps to how many dice you roll which is 0-5. Pick an age, 6-13, older is bigger but also closer to turning into a demon. Puberty is literally Hell in this game. 9 attributes in three sets, physical (well being & strength & agility), mental (wits & willpower & IQ), and averaged (perception & endurance & dexterity). For each stat in physical & mental roll 2d100/2 rounded up for your point value, then average physical & mental pairs to get the averages, round up. Assign 200 points across skills, max 10 points in any one skill (4 dice). This is satire so no asking how a 8 year old learned to shoot machine guns, it's the USA anyways. 8 skills have subskills (etiquette history languages music survival), divide the points you put in the skill among them and subtract 1 from the roll difficulty for every 10 points (has a helpful example with speaking French vs Spanish). Characters MAY have up to three dice in exceptional abilities and have to have equal dice in detrimental abilities. The abilities are chosen by the player but the GM assigns the die value and you two have to negotiate like reasonable people. Roll 1d3 to get a number of Hero Points. Have three... "stats with options", I guess, that determine when you get hero points back. 'Morality' has charitable/selfish, 'method' has conformist/rebel, and 'drive' has pacifist/militant. They aren't defining, more like tendencies, and they only dictate regaining hero points. Character name, height, and weight are your choice. Hit char... is explained later, just put the number from your well being stat in each blank.

That was character creation. Ah, roll d10s equal to stat+skill vs a target number from (usually) 2-6. One success is 'marginal', two is average, three plus is better. One of the dice used should be a different color and is the 'fortune die'.... Interesting. If the FD (I'm calling the fortune die that from here on out) rolls a ten you roll it again, if that's a success then add +1 success, increase the task TN and roll the FD again, if that's a success then add +1 success, increase the task TN and roll the FD again. Keep doing that until you fail a roll... That makes the '10' fortune die actually less likely to initially succeed and caps the extra successes at 11-(original TN). Interesting. Any way, on a 1 you do pretty much the same thing. If the FD fails the second roll subtract a success from you total, reduce the TN by 1, roll the FD again, repeat until you succeed (do not add that 'success' to your total). If you end up with negative successes then it's a bad thing and the GM gets to make your character's life miserable. Some decent examples of all this too, that's nice.

You can split your actions. Take your smallest total dice pool and split it as you wish. You only ever have one fortune die but you can allocate it's successes/failures between the sub-pools as you wish.

Extended actions, opposed actions, experience & improvement, combat... Declare actions and talk it out until everyone is happy, figure your dice pools, then roll initiative. Bid dice out of your dice pools to see who goes first, talk it out until everyone is happy, ties go to the larger remaining dice pool, save the bid dice to the side as they're the 'hero pool'. Ah, you can up the difficulty of a task to get more dice, apparently during both the initiative bidding and resolution phases. +2 to the TN of r+1 die, then a 1:1 ratio thereafter. Ranged combat... no indication of a standard TN for shooting stuff, on a hit roll hit location (limbs & head 1 each, abdomen 2, chest 3, head shots are double damage), for 3+ successes you get to move the hit location to another adjacent location (3=1 hop, 4=2 hops, 5=3 hops, and that's the max). Point blank range is your dice pool in yards and doubles damage. Damage is by weapon caliber with a chart; .22=1d4, .32/9mm=1d6, .45/10mm=1d8, rifles are a die step up, 12-gauge shotguns are 2d6. Explosives have damage dice & radius, lose one die of damage per multiple of radius., treat them as automatically hitting the torso. If you won initiative you get a chance to dodge a shot, opposed roll reducing the shooter's successes. Full auto, roll to hit & damage normally, on a hit roll a die for each extra bullet vs the original TN to see if the extra rounds hit, all hits get their own hit location and rounds after the first can't be moved across locations. Oh, if you miss with the first shot all the other rounds still get to roll but at TN+2. Spraying an area... interesting, your shooting pool doesn't affect this so you can dump everything but one die into initiative. Dice = shots fired - 1/ten degrees of arc, roll vs TN+2 and successes are evenly allocated among all possible targets in the area (randomize who gets hits when needed). Cover & armor, by location & reduce damage. Melee combat.. Ah, there is it, standard combat to-hit TN is 6, yeesh, point that out somewhere better... Ah, you can sacrifice dice to increase the TN for people to hit you, you still need one die to attack with. Oh, the TN 6 is for brawling, weapon have their own TNs by type, see an appendix.

Injury is interesting. you hit points are multiplied to see the effect damage has. Under hp is a scratch with no effect. 1x is a flesh wound & -1 die to anything using that body part and unable to do anything but defend for two turns after taking the wound but they go away with any amount of medical attention. Any head hits of flesh wound or worse require rolling well being vs TN 5 or go unconscious. 2x & 3x is an injury, defense only for three rounds, halve dice pools for the body part, medical attention TN 6. 4x, 5x, & 6x are serious injuries, medical attention TN 7, roll well being vs TN 6 or knockout, halve all dice pools, increase the damage by 1 point every 20 rounds without medical attention and a 10x id heady/body you die else if limb you have 20 round then you die. 7x - 9x are critical and worse, 10x destroys the body part. Right, having a 1-3 well being stat is bad if you take damage. IQ+medical to stabilize someone, scratches heal at 1 hit point/day, flesh wounds at 2/week, injuries are 1/week, everything else is longer, less than stocked hospital conditions may make it longer or need more rolls.... Ok, you're tracking individual wounds, not hit point totals. That should probably be mentioned somewhere.

Hero points, spend a hero point to collect the entire hero pool (all the dice bid in initiative) and add it to your rolls for the round, may also use only the hero pool dice to dodge a ranged attack if you lost initiative. Can also spend them to improve attributes by 1d6 points. +1 hero point per game session for RP according to the morality/method/drive, +1 per adventure for a completing a mission objective, +1 per adventure for defeating the antagonist, +1 per adventure for RP.

Setting stuff. Standard demon stats. Sample adventure (we start with anti-tank rockets, grenades, assault rifles, an up-armored school bus, etc.). Stat & skill breakdowns. Skill list obviously came off another game somewhere. Weapons list... abbreviations aren't explained at all but I managed to figure them out. Gear is by mission/set-up rather than any buying system so I don't know why he bothered with tacking on prices. Mentions the Compendium of Modern Firearms from R. Talsorian and the Compendium of Weapons, Armor & Castles from Palladium as the sources for weapon stats, plus a little conversion method. Honestly you could probably take the few sample weapons and do your own conversions from wherever you want.

It is a silly game. Looks good for some fun. Slightly different take on initiative.

Hmm... DwarfFort dorfs aren't really appropriate for this. Well, it's a half random chargen anyways. Let's see.

Name: Bob "Wingnut" Smith
Age: 12
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 111#

well being 23 = 1d
strength 62 = 3d
agility 36 = 2d

wits 24 = 1d
willpower 47 = 2d
IQ 37 = 2d

perception [wb & wit] 24 = 1d
endurance [str & will] 55 = 2d
dexterity [agl & IQ] 37 = 2d

morality: ++selfish++/generous
method: conformist/++rebel++
drive: ++militant++/pacifist

hero points (1d3): 3 (gonna need that)

skills (200):
acting, biology 10 = 1d, carpentry 10 = 1d, chemistry, climb, computer, lie, dodge 30 = 2d, drive 10 = 1d, electronics, etiquette (sub), explosives, finance, first aid 30 = 2d, gambling, gymnastics 10 = 1d, hand-2-hand, history (sub), heavy machines, heavy weapons, intimidate, law, lead, language (sub), lockpick, math, mechanic, melee 30 = 2d, observe, photography, physics, pilot, pistol 10 = 1d, play instrument (sub), research, ride cycle, rifle, run, sail, social science, stealth 30 = 2d, streetwise, survive (sub), swim, throw 30 = 2d, track, writing

good with animals +1d, allergic to damn near everything -1d

firearm (dice mod, shot/rnd, caliber, close range(meters), long range, ammo, reload)
weapon (difficulty, +damage)
keys to mom's car (station wagon, half a tank of gas)
dad's army .45 (0, 2, .45(1d8), 25, 200, 7, 1)
gramp's old bowie knife (TN 5, +1)
favorite baseball cap
spare clean underwear and dry socks
half a dozen loose sticks of dynamite in the back of the car (for blowing tree stumps out of fields on the farm) but no caps or fuses

0 = head (double dmg) 1
7-9 = chest 1
5,6 = abdomen 1
4 = rArm 1
3 = lArm 1
2 = rLeg 1
1 = lLeg 1

scratch 0
flesh wound 1
injury 2-3
serious injury 4-6
critical injury 7-9
part destroyed 10+

points to dice table
0-9 = 0d
10+ = 1d
30+ = 2d
60+ = 3d
100+= 4d
150+= 5d
Bob "Wingnut" Smith is just coming off his last grown spurt and is almost as strong as an adult. Ma drove him in to school from the farm every day but he wasn't happy about it, the old station wagon A/C didn't work and the road dust kicks off his allergies hard. He wanted to be a veterinarian when he grew up. Pretty good at pitching a baseball. A bit gullible and not real fast to get the jokes. Good at hide-and-seek.
42/ 01) Shadow Slasher -- System: Convergence Point v1.9

The Horror Set: I was thinking about the horror supplement for Convergence Point. Briefly. I started to play with the advanced core trait I was playing with for comic styled characters. The two sort of merged. Because of the nature of slashers and horror monsters, it worked. So playing around created a list of facets that would be included for horror slashers (and some monsters) core traits. This led to a more serious playing around. This led to some interesting combinations. This led to character conceptions. This led to characters. This led to the interruption of our regularly scheduled guest characters.

The Shadow Slasher, with a living name yet revealed: she(?) is an Avenger, currently a Spirit of grey power Slayer (Human) of Horror Earth circa1980s

Slayers (Humans) are those of the Grey or Black who kill those they deem worthy of death due to (perceived) past misdeeds or current actions (like premarital sex). Not to be confused with Slayers (Vampire) or Slayers (Werewolf).

The Avenger term is in the slot for heroic or villainous. Technically, an Avenger is between the two. As an Avenger, Shadow Slasher is not just killing convenient people. Shadow Slasher has very specific victims: those who tormented the person who committed suicide. The Shadow Slayer will normally kill them when they are alone or when future targets are present. However, sometimes a show is made of it and there are many people there to cause confusion and block target's escape.

While The Shadow Slasher functions like a Ghost or Spirit, it is unclear if they are actually avenging dead/ an ectomorph or just a human with spirit like powers.

Grey Power: This is often Dark Power used for light purposes - true retribution for crimes committed and hidden is the usual use. Grey powers are often magical but not inherently Light (good) or Dark (evil).

Horror Slayers or Slayers (Human) are "the antagonists" of a Slasher/ mass murderer movie. Not all of them are "slashers" knife wielders. This designation is in place so they are not confused with hunting slayers - like Vampire Slayers or such.

We would start the scene with a typical high school hallway, with two Asian girls walking down it. One peels off in near fear, leaving the other one alone. A clique of mean girls berates her, her choice of friends, her boyfriend, her dreams (which seemingly are far-fetched), and so on. We will get a montage of these girls, their boys, and some others at various times bullying her.

The final scene of this is her typing on an internet social media page of choice. I can not take this anymore. Everyone can't be wrong. I am a failure. I can not take it anymore. I hope to reincarnate and get it right next time. Hopefully, you can learn from this and stop the bullying, even if it is the truth.

She closes the laptop and the audience sees a Japanese styled knife on the bed.

The scenes reopen with a reunion (1 year/ 5 year). Most of them are in the gym. We get a montage of doors clicking ominously (they are sealed into the school.), interposed with all the social interactions in the reunion.

Soon the cutting remarks will be paid in kind.

Appearance: Her(?) appearance is mostly black with a very simple kabuki styled mask in white, red, and touches of black. "She?" seems to wear a Kuroko suit - all black and tight fitting. (Kuroko (Japanese: 黒衣, lit. "black clad") are stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre, who dress all in black.) The main thing people see is the billowing full cape with hood to make them look more ghost-like as a black cloud. "They" are solid most of the time it seems. The Shadow Slasher can be immaterial when passing through things, moving through crowds without bumping anyone or being touched, letting themselves be shot. (They can be harmed by surprise or when they are being solid.)

MO: is to get close to the target in the shadows. She will then burst forth and do a running slash. Then away to the shadows. This could be done multiple times in a scene or sometimes it is being "played out" so the target could repent or just feel more terror. She will often come from a surprising direction from behind, drop from the rafters/ stage works, or pop out from under furniture.

If the target did something uniquely with a body part, like the target who always smiled when she did something to the victim, that part will be targetted - The smile was slashed across the lips/face.)

Sometimes this will be a proper stab if it is a final cut.

Weapon of Choice:
B/Blade Knife Tanto
0d+4 R 6/x 1h [1] +0/1
.4m/.3kg Japanese C4
A knife style that emulates the Katana and Wakizashi.

Write Up Convergence Point
Name: The Shadow Slasher no Aka
Core Trait: Spirit (of grey power) Slayer (Human) of Horror Earth circa1980s
Lv 3 /EP Mod 2.2x (1.1 +.0x 1.1)

Prime Aspects
PHY 9 +3/7- "Petite"
DEX 19 +6/10- "Faster than the wind"
MEN 13 +3/7- "Cunning Plans"
EMO 10 +3/7- "Totally Focused"
MPY 12 +4/8- "Spirit of Vengence"
CHA 10 +3/7- "Errie"

Core Focus: L-ATH +COM +F-COM+DEC -.0x

Athletics +3: "Leaping" "Swift Running" "Contortion" "Acrobatics"

Combative +3: "Blades"

Focused Combative+3/6 "Moving Attack" "From Surprise" "Limiting Attack" (pulling damage)

Deception+3 "Silent Motion" "Hiding" "w/Shadows" "Hiding in Odd Places"

Grey Powers 11 +1.1x
Body ME 5
"Ghostly Nothingness" Full Desolid Lv1 -
"Ghostly Nothingness II" Insubstantial Lv3 (+6 Defense 1/8th Size weight)
"Ghostly Nothingness III "Cloaked Lv1 Hearing Set
**They will probably take another Ghostly Nothingness IV for Cloaked to Sight or possibly other sense.

Information 5
"Seeing the Blood Red Cords": (Sense Target/ Find Bully) Mental/Spirit Group of unusual sense - see karmic cords (2) Tracking See through +3
She sees the red cords/ yarn of karma that ties the bully to the victim.

Move ME 1, requires Ath DR -1
"Increased Leaping distance Lv2"

(Character gained a level during the "movie" and seemed to gain the ability to super leap in the last half of the movie.

Developing /Expanding Level
Horror: Mute (B3)
Psychological: Avenge those forced to Suicide or self harm. (B2)
Psychological: Obsession with one cut per "crime" against a bullied victim. (B3)
Usually, the bullied victim commits suicide. The power of the cut is based on the crime. Most cuts are not lethal, though the last one might be. Many of those she punishes, because of the number of crimes they have committed, do not survive her cuts. Though those who have only lightly offended may survive.

Note: She could be a living person with the ability to become immaterial and quick. She could be the spirit of the suicide victim possessing her friend. It could be someone from the clique. Only the GM knows for sure.

No matter what is true (for a given movie), this character will be with us for several films.

I have a problem. Even my Villians are "heroic". The idea was to make a Slasher, an obvious bad guy. Yet here I am with a spirit of vengeance targeting only people who wronged someone. Maybe next time.

42/ 01 ) The Shadow Slasher Spirit (of grey power) Slayer (Human) of Horror Earth circa1980s

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