Character Creation Challenge 2022

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Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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Day 12
Swords of the Serpentine
pregen #1

So we play tonight and the players still haven't gotten back to me about what they want to play. So they get pregens! I'll let them name them, and define drives and gear, but I took a swing at making characters that would fill existing holes in the party.

This character is a guide, good with an axe. Of late, before working with the bookhounds, they were a guide for travelers in the wilderness around Eversink. After a "misunderstanding", they got on the bad side of a merchant lord whose caravan she was guiding, and has made up lost work by hiring out to sorcerers trying to scout out ancient ruins nearby...

Name: TBD

Drives: TBD

Allies and Enemies: Ally: Outlanders 1; Ally: Sorcerous Cabals 1; Enemy: Mercanti 1

Defenses - Health: Health Threshold 4, Armor 1, Health 11

Defenses - Morale: Morale Threshold 3, Morale 7

Investigative Abilities: Command 1, Intimidation 2, Servility 1, Trustworthy 2, Know Monstrosities 2, Spot Frailty (Health) 1, Tactics of Death 2, Wilderness Mastery 2

General Abilities: Athletics 8, Bind Wounds 2, Preparedness 4, Stealth 4, Sway 3, Warfare 9

Gear: A scary looking axe
+4 TBD

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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Day 12
Swords of the Serpentine
pregen #2

Second of the pregens. This player didn't let me know ANYTHING, so I mostly built a character to shore up the party's weakest investigative area, mostly in the thief profession. But as they are working for the Bookhounds, I figured they would be looking for some sort of a specialist. Instead of straight up sneak thief, I pictured an "excavator" who was in the business of exploring lost sub-basements of the eternally sinking cities of Eversink. They were doing some work for the thieves' guilds until they decided to not do a job they didn't want to be involved with. I took the sneak thief kit and made them more athletic and talky and less stealthy, though their "burglary" game is still on point.

Name: TBD

Drives: TBD

Allies and Enemies:
Ally: Commoners 1; Ally: Architects and Canal-Watchers 1; Enemy: Thieves' Guilds 1

Defenses - Health: Health Threshold 3, Armor 1, Health 8

Defenses - Morale: Morale Threshold 4, Morale 10

Investigative Abilities: Charm 1, Liar's Tell 1, Servility 1, Trustworthy 2, Forgotten Lore 1, City's Secrets 2, Ridiculous Luck 1, Scurrilous Rumors 1, Skulduggery 2

General Abilities: Athletics 5, Burglary 8, Preparedness 3, Stealth 4, Sway 8, Warfare 2

Gear: TBD

Savage Schemer

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Oct 15, 2019
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Day 12, Character 2: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

Right up front, I should not have even pulled this game off the shelf. I'd forgotten just how bad it is. This game has, for me, long been a case of "love the setting, hate the rules". So if I were actually going to play a game in the Xenozoic setting, I'd probably reach for Hollow Earth Expedition, but really literally any other game would be better. Character creation is an unmitigated disaster of a system, starting with the 2d6-2, re-roll results of zero method for generating characteristics and spiraling out of control from there (I actually like the pick a career, gain a package of skills part but the rest is a mess). I think if I actually walk you guys through the entire process, I'll probably work myself up to a vessel-breaking, angry rant. So I'll just leave this as a "bonus character" for today and move onto something more fun for tomorrow.

Name: Amelia Blackwell
Age: 24
Career: Hunter
Weight: 135
Money: 100 gold dollars

Strength: 6
Agility: 9
Constitution: 9
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 7
Education: 4

Initiative: 8
Load: 45kg
Throw: 24m
Base hit: 18/9/4
Unarmed damage: 0 (9x0)/10

Hit capacity:
Head - 18
Chest - 45
Left arm - 30
Right arm - 30
Left leg - 30
Right leg - 30

Biology 2, Foraging 3, Fishing 2, Meteorology 2, Navigation 2, Observation 2,
Riding 2, Tracking 7, Small Arms 9, Stealth 5, Swimming 3

Equipment: Rifle(.30-30)

Contacts: Mechanic, Hunter


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Mar 25, 2019
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I'll be using Four Color System for character number 10. I assume it's a superheroes game, based on the name.

First step is to roll for origin: I'm a Changed Human! Ooh, I wonder if I'll end up like Spider-Man! Now, it's roll for Primary Traits: you roll a percentage die, which gives you a Rank. The Ranks of my Primary Traits are thus (1 is the worst possible and 50 is the best possible):

Melee 40
Coordination 40
Brawn 20
Fortitude 6
Intellect 50
Awareness 10
Willpower 3

Next step is to calculate Secondary Traits. These are derived stats that use a different scale than Primary Traits. Mine are:

Damage: 106
Fortune: 63
Repute: 22

Next, roll for number of skills. I get 3. Looks like skills are player-defined with GM approval, rather than rolled for or chosen from a list? I'm not sure.

Ooh, I found the fun stuff: roll for number of powers! I get 4! Powers are rolled at random, so my 4 powers are:

Mind Control
Contaminant Resistance
Extra Body Parts

I'm not loving the random rolls for powers, as I would rather build a superhero to a specific concept. There is some charm to randomly rolling, though. It reminds me of the sort of Silver Age superhero who ended up with a hodgepodge of unrelated powers because the writers kept adding more as the plot demanded it.

Now I roll for Power Rank Values:

Mind Control 3
Contaminant Resistance 10
Telekinesis 10
Extra Body Parts 1

Wow, those were some really bad rolls! My highest roll on a d100 was 23!

I'll say that my guy's extra body part is a tail and name him Tail-Man.

That seems to be the end of character creation. I don't think I like this game very much.


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Mar 25, 2019
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Character number 11 will be made using Interstellar Mech War, a one-page RPG I just bought for 43 cents on DTRPG. Well, it calls itself a one-page RPG, but there are actually two pages. The rules do all fit on one page, though. The second page has some additional setting info. It uses Tricube Tales, a system with which I am unfamiliar.

This game is about piloting a Mech to fight Xenos. I like how straightforward and cool the concept is.

The character creation rules here are only for Mechs, as the game assumes you are always in your Mech. It says if you want rules for creating a pilot, get the game Interstellar Troopers. That game is free, so I probably will get it and make my pilot for character number 12.

Anyway, back to it. First you choose a Weight of Heavy, Medium, or Light. I choose Light, which means my Mech is good at speed and stealth challenges, and not-so-good at strength and armor challenges.

Step two is to choose a Chassis: Assault, Brawler, or Sentinel. Sentinel seems the most logical, given my Mech's weight of Light.

Step three is pick a Perk from the list: I choose Scouting Drones.

Step four is choose a Quirk from the list: I choose Inefficient Cooling Systems.

Step 5 is grab 3 Energy Tokens and 3 Frame Tokens. Okay.

Final step is to "Invent a callsign for your Mech and introduce yourself to your squad."

"Greetings, squadies, I'm the pilot of Eagle-Eye, a Light Sentinel Mech with Scouting Drones. Eagle-Eye is good for gathering intel, but pretty useless in a fight. Also, Eagle-Eye is prone to overheating. Now let's go kill some bugs!"

Finally, there's a table to roll for your squad's Mission Objective. That sounds fun. Let's go!

Result: "The squad is ordered to destroy a target somewhere near a colony outpost while dealing with unexpected hazards." Hmm, that's pretty vague. I guess it leaves the GM lots of room for creativity.

Most of the Mech games I've looked at have been way too crunchy for my taste. This suits me a lot better. I think it would be fun to play.


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Mar 25, 2019
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As promised, for character number 12, I'm using Interstellar Troopers to make the pilot for my Mech from Interstellar Mech War. Unsurprisingly, it is very similar game, also using Tricube Tales, and being a "one-page" game that has a second page with more setting info.

Step 1: Choose a Trait from Agile, Brawny, or Crafty. I'll go with Crafty.

Step 2: Select a Concept from the list. Well, obviously I'm going with Pilot.

Step 3: Pick a Perk from the list. I choose Tactician, as it seems to be the one most relevant to piloting a Mech.

Step 4: Select a Quirk from the list. I'll choose Prankster, because I am not at all a Prankster in real life, so it would be fun to be one in-game.

Step 5: Grab 3 Karma and 3 Resolve tokens. Okay. Mechanically, these act the same as Energy and Frame tokens from the other game.

Step 6: Make a name and introduce yourself to the group.

"Greetings folks, my name is Meadowlark Larson, a Mech Pilot Tactician. Watch out when we're off duty, because I'm also a bit of a Prankster."

That concludes character creation. Once again, there's a table to roll for missions. It doesn't really make sense to do so, because my Mech squad already has a mission, but rolling on mission tables is a lot of fun, so here I go:

"The troopers are ordered to recover valuable data from somewhere inside an enemy base while dealing with dangerous aliens."

I like this game as a supplement to Interstellar Mech War, but I don't think I would want to play Interstellar Troopers on its own, because piloting a Mech sounds way more fun than running around on the ground!

And that's twelve characters as of January twelfth! Wow, I can't believe I caught up!


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Aug 16, 2017
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One thing I learn from going through the character creation process is how good is there editing and organization. It's shocking how many games I've tried to make a character and I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly.
The other thing I learned is I need an editor and organization.


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Aug 28, 2017
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Radioactive Ant
Drive: Community
Might: Exceptional Superhuman
Agility: Exceptional Superhuman
Toughness: Spectacular Superhuman
Intellect: Exceptional Planetary
Knowledge: Exceptional Superhuman
Resolve: Exceptional Superhuman

Radiation Control: R-ant has the ability to manipulate and generate radiation at Exceptional Superhuman ability.
"Ant" Suit: see physical abilities above plus Spectacular Superhuman flight.

Radioactive Ant is an ant, admittedly a giant one (nearly six inches long!) However is intellect, size and powers make him an outcast
from the colony so he has chosen to interact with humanity, which more closely resemble his individualistic drive and yet a desire to belong. In order to do so he has built a success series of robotic suits.

He really wants to belong and has taken to super heroic action because the "wierdness" acceptance of supers is higher than normal, plus he feels its his love of the many species on the planet he shares with them.

This was originally one of my few Defenders ever built in COH, and so if you recognize the pieces in the art that's why :grin:


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Apr 28, 2018
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Savage Worlds is up for today! Well, actually it's for January 8th...why, yes, I'm slightly behind:devil:!

Jessica (whose middle names was J, and family O'Maley) was a character in my last Savage Worlds game...was it about a decade ago now? Time flies:angel:!

FBI agent, she is actually a member of a respected warrior family. Most of them are in sniper school, SEALs and the like. She's a FBI agent, like her mom, and strives to outdo her.
So what was she doing in an urban fantasy game, you ask? Is she the Lame Mortal?
Not nearly so. In fact, the whole family are gun-witches (lately the male prefer the name "gun-witchers"), bonding with their guns...and often using them to perform amazing tricks. So yes, all their Powers depend on having a gun. (Limitations like these were very common in my setting and, by my decision, not worth extra points).
From the above, you can probably guess what her bio was: home life, FBI academy seemed like a resort after the "home schooling" she was getting, newly-minted FBI agent...who sometimes gets a call from a family member that there's some job to be done and Mom would be disappointed if you're not available.

Also, I was starting them with a bonus Advantage as a Setting Rule.

Str d6
Agi d8 (raised by extra Hindrance)
Smarts d6
Spirit d6
Vigor d6

Advantages: Arcane Background, Marksman, Quick
Hindrances: Heroic, Loyal, Vow (Minor, to FBI - and it's not Major only because of a network of contacts allowing some slipping off the least in my setting, I suspect it would be Major IRL:grin:).

Athletics d4
Stealth d4
Notice d6
Research d6
Intimidation d4 (she's trying, but can't really do it...)
Shooting d8
Power: Boost (Shooting) d6 (she's kinda new at this stuff:tongue:)
Fighting d6
Taunt d4

You'll notice she doesn't have Persuade. Her bosses have noticed, too. Attempts to make her develop it have been unsuccessful so far. So she's usually being partnered with more level-headed types who are doing the Good Cop routine.

Note: in-game, Jessica became known best not for gun skills or her family, but for being indebted to a PC, and her combat skills...which remained at d6 BTW.
However, every time she wielded a stick or fist, with my dice being the way they are*, she always achieved the most. Once she beat a werewolf with a stick. Well, a metal pipe actually.
How so? Well, the strike she delivered got a damage roll good enough to destroy, in theory, a tank. Damage rolls explode, yes.
And that happened pretty much any time she got to fight any of the tough guys.
Of course, being who she was, she retold that story to a NPC with a comment like "my family thought me to beat enraged dogs with sticks in order to conserve bullets...not my fault he actually died". (She actually didn't have a gun at the time, but omitted that detail:angel:).

*"Any dice you touch develop a nasty sense of humour", according to my players...despite the fact that I roll in the open:skeleton:!


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Nov 24, 2018
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Day 12: Zaibatsu, Zozer Games
(Another Cepheus Engine variant; Savage Schemer posted a great overview of it earlier in the thread with a character -- I think mine is the third so far; almost enough for a team!)

Name: Tomohisa Kato
Background: Face Man
Age: 27
Rank: 1 (Agent)

Strength 6
Dexterity 8
Endurance 7
Intelligence 10
Education 10
Social Influence 12

Skills: Administration-1, Carousing-1, Forgery-1, Karate-1

Retrogenics: Transmorph (with one minute and a mirror, can alter his body to create a near-perfect disguise of someone; requires an hour or more of transformation to fool close acquaintances; can be kept up for 1d6+1 hours)

Gear: Autopistol, Headset Radio, Cover ID (Journalist), 4 Doses of ACE Drug (+1 to physical actions for 30 minutes; -2 to all actions for the following hour)
Money: None

Contacts: Minami Tanaka (Politician), Rokugo Suzuki (Burglar)
Appearance: Smart casual style, earrings

Backstory: Tomohisa used to be a rising star in the Parkfield Biolabs company, but his heavy partying lifestyle led to a drug habit that he found impossible to kick, and as a result, he found himself out of a job. Humiliated, he became a street hustler to get by and feed his habit, but it was rough going for some time. Eventually, he crossed paths with a recruiter from Haruna, one of Parkfield's corporate rivals, who saw in him a chance to use his biiterness to their advantage. Tomohisa accepted the offer of employment, and with it, the retrogenic enhancement that lets him impersonate anyone almost flawlessly -- he was now a "face man" in the literal sense of the term. If he's honest with himself, Tomohisa knows he's just a pawn in a corporate war, but he can accept that if it means he can someday strike back at his former employers.


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Apr 28, 2018
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I like it that Zaibatsu gets so many characters in this thread. By all means, people, keep them coming:angel:!

For my part, however, I'm going to post a Feng Shui character as my entry for 9-1-2022...:grin:

Cui Shu-min (sp?) is a traditional monk who sells amulets to tourists, prays for his neighbours for free, and trains secretly at night in the training grounds of the Temple where he lives. Given that he is living in Kowloon, he's been called to exorcise various spirits before, and to deal with strange phenomena.
Once he faced a bizarre creature that was like ripped from a weird nightmare. It tried to run, but he chased it across rooftops and narrow alleys - they were still in Kowloon, after all - and a jump brought him through what he realized too late to be a portal.
Now he is in the Netherworld, the creature whose neck he'd snapped has reverted to a dead crab, he has just met a group of ne'er-do-wells calling themselves The Last Dragons, and worst of all...he's hungry, he has a crab*, but there's no pots with boiling water around:devil:!

*Monks from his orders benefit from the special dispensation issued in the Ming dynasty and renewed by the Qin, including by the Last Manchu Emperor - actually of the Empress Dowager Cixi, but doesn't matter, it's still legit - allowing them to eat meat "in order to better defend the Zhong Guo from the forces that would do it harm". They keep taking that task seriously, though lately it's been hard to determine what would do the least harm...:shade:


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Apr 28, 2018
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For 10-1-2022 I'm doing a Nemesis character.

Leonora is a character for an Isekai campaign I never ran...or maybe haven't run yet:thumbsup:. She's female, rather kind and unassuming, and might be among the first to meet the protagonist in this new world where things seem like a distorted version of the real world.
Oh yeah, she's also a werewolf...well, a were-lioness is probably more exact... Didn't I mention that? Mea culpa.

The campaign is going to start at 69 dice, because come on...:grin:

Supernatural 8
Shapechange 4
Extra Wound Boxes 4 (+2 boxes)
Ageless 4
Religious 2
Enemy -2 (Ella)

She's also got 2 hardened notch in Violence, 5 in Supernatural, 2 in Self and 1 in Helplessness (she hasn't been helpless often, so she hasn't been exposed to it:shade:).
Oh, yeah, she's a religious were-lioness who can tell a lie without blinking, is unfazed by her own transformation, but might get into a crisis if she kills...luckily she doesn't have to. It just might happen, given her skills:grin:.
She's basically an action movie star. Doesn't matter that she's rolling a total of 2-3 dice on most physical checks, since she ALWAYS gets a guaranteed success. Did I mention she's a werewolf? You're hiding, she smells you out (unless the wind foils her nose). You're running, she only needs to keep up until you fail a check. Because she won't. Same when fighting.
Oh, and she can survive injuries that would kill or incapacitate you, because werewolves. Suck it up, tough boy:devil:!

Body 1+td
Coordination 2+td
Sense 1+td
Mind 2
Empathy 2
Command 2

Athletics 1
Acrobatics 1
Bluff 1
Dodge 1
Driving (car) 1
Education 1
Equilibrium 2
Judo 1
Mythos 1 (she can impart some information on the new world you're in, though not much - but she knows about portals...)
Wolf-fighting 1
Persuasion 2 (she works in retail, selling clothes:tongue:)
Seduction 1
Smell 1 (yes, it's a skill in Nemesis... sometimes can replace the Search skill in her case with GM permission)

Don't get on her bad side:skeleton:!
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Black Leaf

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Aug 20, 2017
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Day 12 - Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Always an interesting gamebook series, being one of the very few that did proper heroic fantasy. It managed to do absolute black and white good and evil without delving into high camp villains (Fighting Fantasy) or simply taking the piss (Grailquest).

Role: Noodnic Scavenger
Rank: 5 (Scavenger)

Combat Skill: 14
Endurance: 8
Willpower: 14


1 Rat Reflexes (Exceptional agility; dodge traps, arrows etc)
2 Silent Paws (Silence of Movement)
3 Sneaky Fingers (Pickpocketing)
4 Nose for Trouble (Acute Sense of Smell)
5 Forage (Identify Plants/Herbs. Always have food in suitable terrain)
6 Small Size (+1 Stealth, Double Effect from Potions and Poison, Limited Weapon Choice)


1 Healthy (+1 Healing, +1 Resist Poison)
2 Tireless (Only needs 4 hours sleep, skip first meal called for each adventure)


1 Crafting (Willpower)
2 Survival (Endurance)


1 Potion of Lampspur (One Dose)
2 Tinderbox
3 Rope
4 Ball of Coloured Glass
5 Crafting Tools

1 Small Knife

Special Ability: First Law. Spend Willpower and negate damage. (Scars and trauma still gained!)

Money Pouch (Maximum 50 Gold Crowns)

13 Gold Crowns


Hisha is a Noodnic, one of a race of intelligent but mischevious rodents who live in the Hammerdal mountains. As is standard for her race she likes shiny things and has decided to become an adventurer to, naturally, get more shiny things. While somewhat roguish, she is basically goodhearted and loyal to her friends, even if her concept of "personal property" is somewhat underdeveloped. Despite being a skilled warrior (seriously. With that Combat Skill she's as good as a mediocre human!) she still prefers to run from trouble. Leave the pointless fighting to the big folk.


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Apr 28, 2018
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Let me introduce you now to another Nemesis character you might meet...for 11-1-2022:grin:!

Ella Provence (I'm sure everyone here is going to get the joke).
Female again, yes. Hey, what Isekai character isn't greeted by hot chicks:tongue:?

Supernatural 8
Ageless 4
Backup 2 (Sire)
Blood Drain 8
Inhuman biology 3 (vampire, duh!)
Not Quite Dead 3
Ignore Decapitation 6
Enemy -2 (Leonora)
Must Drink Blood Nightly (-3)
Sunlight Hurts (-3)
Torpor In The Day (-3)

4 Hardened Supernatural Notches
3 Hardened Self Notches
2 Hardened Violence Notches
1 Hardened Helplessness

Body 2
Coordination 2+TD
Sense 2
Mind 2
Empathy 2
Command 2

Acrobatics 1
Bluff 2
Brawling 3
Climbing 1
Computer Programming 3 (Day...uh, Night Job)
Education 2
Equilibrium 4 (Few self-doubting vampires exist in my games...)
Jiu-Jitsu 3
Lie 2
Mythos 1 (about as educated than Leonora)
Resist 2 (She's had to do it...vampires are prone to that kind of stuff)

As you can notice, no Persuade...she's not used to doing that. She's the shy, nerdy gal you would expect to meet in an Isekai story, but a surprisingly good liar:devil:!
Also, she is a vampire that can only be destroyed only once you cut off her head and pierce her heart. So stay on her good side, too:skeleton:!

And with that, I'm close to being caught up!


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Dec 26, 2021
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Day 12

You know? I think this thread is good for my mental health. It forces me to focus on my hobby for 20 to 30 minutes each day, which is nice - even if I'm tired. As I type this sentence, I don't know what system I'm going to crack open. Let me take a quick look at my PDF library for something that won't take too long to produce a character in ... Supers Unleashed!

Like AFG, this is a game that I don't remember picking up and that I've never cracked open.

Okay - this was the right game to pick, given how tired I am today. This is VERY rules-light! You get 100 points to build your character. Those points are used to buy powers. Each point is a level in that power. Task resolution involves rolling a d20, adding the levels in your power to the roll, and trying to beat a difficulty number. The difficulty numbers start at Easy 15. Difficult is 25 (which seems to be the peak of human ability, more or less). Cosmic is at 100.

I'll use this to stat up a character I once played in a BASH campaign run by a buddy of mine. Here goes:


: Blaster
Source of Power: Artifact
Powers: Energy 35, Flight 30, Force 35

Background: Anna "Anita" Valencia was a carefree college student attending the University of Miami, where her father, Dr. Hector Valencia, worked as an anthropology professor. Her life changed when her father found the fabled city of El Dorado in a Columbian jungle. The city turned out to be a projection generated by a solar disk amulet of unknown origins. Uncertain that he should turn over an object of such power to any government, Hector brought the artifact with him back to Miami to contemplate his next move. That’s where Anita found it. Mistaking it as a gift for her, she made it part of her ensemble for that night’s party.

Unfortunately, VIPER was also after the amulet. Having followed Hector to Miami, they attacked him in his home. Anita returned late that night to find a few agents still ransacking the place. Somehow, her fear activated the amulet’s powers, allowing her to incapacitate the agents with a blast of light. Her father, however, was nowhere to be found. The tragedy led Anita to take life more seriously. She decided to use the amulet’s powers to fight super-powered criminals, reasoning that eventually this would bring her into contact with VIPER. Hopefully, this would allow her to rescue him. If not, VIPER would feel the full wrath of Novastar.


Well, THAT was pretty easy! Good night, folks!

All the best,



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Dec 28, 2019
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Day 12

Another character type from my upcoming fantasy project using my 4C Expanded rules. This one is a basic Priest class.

Name: Alleryc Cleoman
Race: Human
Class: Priest
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Age: 26

Melee:10Health:70SpellsEnergy TypeLevelRank
Agility:20Fate:50Contaminant ResistanceSelf140
Strength:20Renown:6Elemental Generation/Control - FireCosmic375
Stamina:20Melee Damage:10BurrowingCosmic140
Intellect:10Init. Mod.:+6HealingCosmic250
Vision:30Armor Value:10Detect MagicSelf140
Ego:10MEL:110All Seeing EyeSelf140
Arcane LoreIntellect120
Blunt WeaponsMelee230
Detect TrapsVision140
Disarm TrapsAgility130
Thrown WeaponsAgility130

MaceBashing-Str +8 (28)
DaggerPiercing/Slashing1 SectorStr +6 (26) / 6

Chain Mail Suit (AV 10)​
Holy Symbol​
Standard Adventurer's Pack (50 feet of rope, 12 candles, flint and steel, a waterskin and a bedroll)​
60 Gold Pieces​

Alleryc has served as a Priest of Chansuum, the Father of Light, since coming to the Temple in Kalamor as an orphan at the age of seven. Devoted to the Light, Alleryc has traveled the western half of Gaerth from Selin in the north to the southern shores of Hogis Fin for over ten years to spread the truth of Chansuum to the masses. In that time he has faced many perils, but to date his most fearsome goes have been followers of the Void. He's heard legend of an ancient temple of the sect located somewhere in the midst of the Wetterdam Forest and is currently in search of mighty heroes to join him on a quest to find it and clear it out.


Oct 6, 2020
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DAY 13:

Bonggol the Orc Cleric of Chaos
(White Box OD&D)

I was dragging my heels on doing games I dislike, but what the hell, everything started with OD&D, and I might as well, right?

So here we go. I’m taking the game at its word that you can run ANYthing, so I’m going to do up an orc, that follows Chaos, of course. Yeah!

STR 12
INT 10
WIS 13
DEX 14
CHA 10

Hm. I’d make him a thief with those numbers, but thieves won’t be invented until the Greyhawk supplement, so my guy – Bonggol is “speed bump” in Malay – will be a cleric. (No, this is OD&D, hell, it's "roleplaying" enough that I gave him a name other than 'Charlie the Cleric,' right? We don’t need to bother with names for gods, doctrine, dogma or any of those boring old things ... He’s just of Chaos! Whatever that means, because White Box doesn’t actually define “law” or “chaos.”) I rolled 13 for money, so that’s 130 GP, and I’ll get the following stuff:

Sword (since White Box doesn’t yet have the no-edged-weapons restriction), dagger, chainmail, backpack, wineskin, flask of oil, silver cross, standard rations, mule, rope, saddlebags, torches, shield (this – but not a helmet – gives me an AC bonus, for reasons surpassing my understanding; okay, AC 4), quart of wine. I’ll also charge myself two GP for a decent blanket, and for a wicker basket to sit on top of the mule; you’ll see why in a moment. Leaves me with 5 GP for taverns, issues of Torture Monthly at the newsstand, that sort of thing.

And I insist on starting at 2nd level, which I get by slitting the throats of everyone in my home village for the XP and sacrificing their souls to my non-denominational Chaos thingie! Yeah! (Serves them right for having an orc priest around.) So that gives me two hit dice, and I swear to the non-denominational Chaos thingie, I really did just roll boxcars on the two dice. So 12 hit points, which is a comfort. And I’m an Adept! I don’t get to be a “Village Priest” until my next level, and I suppose I’m going to have to find a different village for that. Bummer. For my one spell, I take Cure Light Wounds ... boooring.

Fair enough, time to heat up my knife in the fire and go out looking for more victims for the XP, not necessarily in that order. And pet my cat. Which will ride in the aforementioned basket. Because even orcs need warm fuzzy feelings. Right?


E-Rocker is a goose.
Aug 16, 2017
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Day #12

Bork the Sophisticated
Social Status16Untitled nobility
Skills(Town & Stealth)
Detect Danger14
Stalk & Slink23
Detect Concealment18
Disarm Trap15
weapon Rapier12
Flask & pouch
Half Plate
Light Shield
Rations pack


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My group is going to be using these charactes in our Pulp Era Adventure homebrew game.
I'm posting all three characters, as there is really not much to them in regards to stats and whatnot. We have played these characters previously using Pulp Cthulhu 7E , but recently I converted them into Tricube Tales for some fun rules-lite pulpy play.

These are copied and pasted from the actual full character sheets - the Tricube Tales system is very lite (and inexpensive!), but it certainly ticks the boxes for a light-hearted rollicking 1920s/1930s pulpy adventure game.


1642059243316.png 1642059376693.png
Astute Adventuring Scholar

  • R/A: 1/3
  • Perks: Steely Gaze, Moxie, Worldly-Wise
  • Quirk: Curious and often Meddling
  • Conflict Style: Mental
  • Luck: ⃝⃝⃝*
  • Resolve: ⃝⃝⃝
Background: A strong-willed New Yorker Field Academic of some renown, an experienced Archaeologist who often spends more time in dusty ruins than she does in musty libraries. Her love of righting injustices is second only to her love of ancient cultures and lore.

1642061000646.png 1642061016198.png
Rugged Aviator Adventurer-Extraordinaire

  • R/A: 1/3
  • Perks: Eagle Eyes, Trick Shot
  • Quirk: Brash
  • Conflict Style: Physical - Ranged, Melee
  • Luck: ⃝⃝⃝
  • Resolve: ⃝⃝⃝
Background: A dashing and roguish adventurer from Belgium who was a famed Flying Ace of The Royal Flying Corp during the Great War. These days he is an independent operator whose blend of daring flying skills and the ability to handle himself in a fight has often seen both favour and fallen foul with smugglers and scofflaws alike.

1642061070892.png 1642061082711.png
Dapper Stage Magician Swindler

  • R/A: 1/3
  • Perks: Smooth Talker, Dirty Tricks, Sidekick (Chen)
  • Quirk: Devious
  • Conflict Style: Mental
  • Luck: ⃝⃝⃝*
  • Resolve: ⃝⃝⃝
Background: A widely travelled stage magician and master illusionist, who is really in fact a hand-to-mouth swindler and conman, possessing blind audacity and champagne tastes. Having grown up amongst traveling hucksters and carnies in the US southern dustbowl, Mornock now feels that he is entitled to the very best that life has to offer, for the least amount of effort. His mysterious (and often bungling) 'oriental' manservant Chen is never far from his side.


That's pretty much all we need to run these charactes, just an index card for each character. It's surprisingly how much we can work with these broad brushstrokes - I certainly wouldn't do it for many genres, but for a pulp era adventure game it covers all the bases :thumbsup:
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Day 13: Barbarians of Lemuria

Name: Sardan
Age: 36
Birthplace: Malakut
Languages: Malakutian, Lemurian

Lifeblood: 11
Hero points: 5

Strength: 1
Agility: 2
Mind: 1
Appeal: 0

Combat Abilities:
Initiative: 0
Melee: 1
Ranged: 2
Defence: 1

Assassin 2
Mercenary 1
Thief 1
Alchemist 0

Boons & Flaws:
Alert - Roll a bonus die on Priority rolls
Sneaky - Roll a bonus die when stealth is important.
Hunted - Roll a d6. On a 1, enemy agents make life difficult.

Dagger [d6L; Concealable]
Throwing knives x4 (poisoned) [d6L; Concealable; Thrown]
Short sword [d6]
Bow + arrows (poisoned) [d6; Two-handed]

Armor & Gear:
Light armor (soft leathers) [DR: d6-3]
Cloak with hood, dark grey
Rope and grappling hook

Sardan doesn't stand out in a crowd. This is especially true in Malakut and nearby cities in the region. He stands just under six feet tall, has a light olive complexion and chocolate brown hair. He wears his beard in a goatee, which is common fashion for Malakutian men. His only stand out feature, for those that can recall him at all, is that his eyes are a shade of brown so light they border on being a yellow-orange. It's hard to forget those eyes. Most people never get close enough to note this distinguishing feature, however. And that's just the way Sardan prefers it.

I knew I wanted Sardan to be an assassin. That was the core of his concept. When he kills a mark, he prefers the poison-tipped arrow in the night. I also figured throwing knives would be a part of his arsenal. Close combat, ideally, is a rarity but sometimes unavoidable. Patience and intelligence for planning would also be important. And, of course, the ability to be unremarkable and forgettable.

With these things decided, I knew how to allocate his attribute and combat points (see above). For career allocation, assassin as the primary was of paramount importance. Mercenary was taken to indicate he works for hire rather than as some agent in an assassin's guild (where he likely started out). Thief was taken because I figure that sometimes he's hired to take something other than a lives. And alchemist primarily because he strongly favors poisons, so that even grazed hits and scratches can be lethal if they break the skin.

Regarding boons and flaws, the first boon, Alert, was taken for his birthplace of Malakut. This is handy because I chose to leave his Initiative at zero, preferring instead to emphasize his other combat qualities. Sneaky seemed thematically important and so I took that and balanced it by taking the Hunted flaw. I figure he's killed enough people that there are those who want him brought to heel, though not necessarily dead. There are fates worse than death, after all.

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Day 13 - Mutants in the Now (a TMNT retrocloneish)

Name: Rose

StatValueModSkill BaseSkill Gain

Values: Friends, Humanity, Study

Size Rating: 7
Will: 6
Superficial Harm Threshold: 52
Hit Points: 32
Resolve: 0
Size Damage: 0
Lifting Power 17.5 lbs
Resistance: 0
Initiative: +9
Defense: 18
Morale: 18


Matilda Smith, Zoologist, Useful Skills: Companionship, Whisperer, Genetics

Addison Cox, Animal Rights Activist, Useful Skills: Demolition

Source of Mutation: Experimentation Result
Institutional Background: Assisted Escape - On the Run. Large with multiple offices.
Species: Dog (Beagle)
Height: Above Average (3"2)
Weight: Below Average (26 lbs)
Life before Mutation: Tracked Subject
Peers: Mutated Alone

Basic Traits

Diet: Carnivorous
Movement: Bipedal
Prehensility: Prehensile
Speech: Semivocal (+Disadvantage for social rolls with non canines)
Mask: Bestial.

Major Traits

Enhanced Scent
Good Dog
Unnerving Vocalization with Bark

Minor Traits

Claws (pursuit)
Enhanced Hearing
Pack Hunter
Rot Digestion
Teeth (pursuit)
Ultrasonic Hearing

Unique Trait

Beagling (When tracking, you may do so at your full MOVE, and if you find your target, gain 1 temporary WILL.)

Psionic Traits

Telepathic Amnesia

Fighting Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Types: Sport or Tradition
Core Ability (Pulling Guard): Gain +A on saving throws against strikes.
Core Bonus: +1 Strength, +2 Prowess
Base Ability (Ground Fighting): When you make a saving throw successfully, gain +A on your next maneuver in the following turn as long as it isn’t a strike.
Supported Maneuvers: Counter, Grab, Knockdown, Knockout, Reposition

Skill Packages:


Package Bonus: +1 Determination +1 Endurance
Package Ability: Gain two additional values of your choice.
Type: Basic
Skills: Meditation (70/+4%), Mysticism (specialty) (74/+4%), Philosophy (68%/+4%)

Social Sciences

Package Bonus: +1 Cognition +2 Affinity
Package Ability: When you use a skill for social influence, you may skip a step.
Types: Covert
Skills: Politics (70%/+4%), Psychology (specialty) (72%+4%), Sociology (Specialty) (72/+4%)

Life Sciences

Package Bonus: +2 Cognition +1 Affinity
Package Ability: A successful dramatic roll can let you know a creature’s non-psionic anthropomorphic, zoological, and animal traits.
Types: Science
Skills :Biology (70/+4%), Companionship (specialty) (72/+4%), Genetics 70/+4%)

Hobby Skills

Athletics (58/+5%)
Chemistry (68/+4%)
Diagnosis (64%/+4%
Escape (62%/+5%)
First Aid (64/+4%)
Hide (62%/+4%)
Troubleshoot (68% / +4%)

Formal clothes, Stylish Clothes, smartphone, Knife

Trust Fund Baby ($160,000)


Passenger Industries are a bundle of contradictions. A supposed space industry company, that spends most of its time researching black holes, tesseracts and even more esoteric matters. A company large enough to have several large offices yet almost entirely unknown in the UK.

Rose isn't sure what the goal of the experimentation on her was. All she knows is that it went on from her earliest memories, it hurt and it seems to have made her into what she is today.

She eventually escaped when a researcher, Professor Smith, got a late crisis of conscience about enslaving and torturing a now intelligent being with the power of speech. Rose now lives with Professor Smith in secret and Professor Smith has even provided her with a trust fund, perhaps to assuage her own guilt.

Despite her experiences, Rose has an essentially positive nature. She likes most humans unless proven otherwise. She's considered going public, but currently feels the need to avoid Passenger Industries extraction teams out to retrieve their "property".

Strangely, Professor Smith claims to have no idea what the research was supposed to achieve or even if it was considered successful by the company.


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Day - whatever aka 'I've given up trying to keep up with you lot. Don't you have homes/jobs to go to?'

I am currently re-reading the Superheroes/Zombie Apocalypse crossover series Ex Heroes by Peter Clines, available from Amazon and the like. Basic premise: Superheroes start appearing around the world and a few months after that a Zombie Apocalypse breaks out. Some of the supers gather together to round up and protect the survivors of Los Angeles as it becomes clear the world is about to end/civilisation is breaking down. The stories are told from various viewpoints and have a lot of Now/Then type flashbacks to fill in the gaps. I will try not to include any spoilers in the write up (and see if I can get round to the trickiest ones who are Zzzap! and Stealth who is a female version of Batman but even more ridiculous in terms of her abilities.) There are five books in the series with (as far as I can tell from the author's blog) no plans for any more. It would (in my humble opinion) be an excellent 12 part HBO series with strong characters, super powers and hordes of zombies for the CGI artists to get their teeth into.

This writeup was made with the DC Heroes RPG 3rd edition (Blood of Heroes rules but as near as dammit 3rd edition DC Heroes) and the character generator created by a guy called Mike Love which does all the adding up of character creation and makes it a doddle. Downside is it was designed for Windows Xp and I run a laptop on Windows 7 specifically so I can run the XP emulator to create characters with for the campaign I run (see sig).

The DC Heroes 3rd edition was, as the name suggests, the third iteration of the Mayfair games/DC Comic Book role playing game. It was good (one book solution, tidied up and tweaked the rules from previous sets) and so so (compared to 1st and 2nd edition) with a bland layout (text walls) and not much in the way of art. If I were to rate them 1st Edition is the best looking, 3rd Edition is the easiest to play with (one book) and 2nd Edition is the best overall with a boxed set, several books and a few goodies packed in there.

1st Edition is still reasonable to get hold of, price wise. 2nd edition is ridiculous money (ebay etc) and 3rd is getting that way. There is no recognised retro clone of the game since Blood of Heroes (based on 3rd edition DC Heroes) is also out of print now. There are no legal PDFs of the game. The new Ascendant RPG from Autarch (currently riding high on Drivethru) uses many of the DC Heroes mechanics and combines them with a Marvel Superheroes result table. If I get chance I'll try and review it.


DC Heroes versions 1 - 3




Though the write up is for a 'street' level character the Dragon is one of the more powerful and versatile superheroes out there because the zombies (called 'exes' for 'ex-human' ) can't break through his super dense skin. I'll try to break down my thinking...


Dex 7 - Dexterity in the DC heroes game is one of those stats that's too important in my opinion. It covers your ability to attack, defend, shoot at a distance, perform manual tasks and acrobatic moves and determines the movement rate of the character (up to 4APs speed which is the human maximum. 1st Edition was 5APs which suggested Batman could run somewhere between 25-50mph). A figure of 7 makes him a much better fighter than an ordinary human but somewhere in the low powered range (think Robin before he became Nightwing) despite fisticuffs being his main attack.

Strength - 7 This has a value of around 3 tons but according to the book/St George himself he can lift 3-4 tons which would put him at the bottom of the 8AP range. I figure if he wants to lift more than his usual 3 tons he can'push' his Strength temporarily and there are examples of him doing that across the series.

Body 10 - The Mighty Dragon is not only 'Ex' proof - their skin cannot pierce his hide - he is also for the most part bullet and grenade proof. He can (and does) get kicked about by high powered machine guns and takes an absolute pasting from some of the bad guys he comes up against but is quite difficult to put down. Body 10 is firmly in the superheroic range. For reference Batman has a Body of 6 and Superman has a Body of 18.

Int 4 - No dummy, he's pretty smart in his own right but compared to Dr Danielle Morris (Cerberus) and Stealth, he's a mental dwarf. Not his strong suit but he can figure his way through most situations.

Will 7 - St George is extremely strong willed with a powerful streak of good in him. On some things he just will not budge even if it means clashing with his more direct approach friends/colleagues (like Stealth).

Mind 6 - Despite having a strong will (and being reasonably perceptive, which Will is used for too) St George is a 'brick' so is susceptible to mental Attacks like anyone else. Despite that, an ordinary Human (Mind 2) would crumble long before he does.

Influence 8 - St George is a simple, down to earth person who can get on with just about anyone. He's also seen and done things you people wouldn't believe including mixing with honest to goodness (or badness...) Demons and all manner of superheroes since he first appeared. He is extremely determined and driven to doing the right thing and very difficult to steer away from that course. Indeed, his colleague Stealth tries logic for the most part to steer St George's choices but has to back down on more than one occasion. He has a very strong sense of right and wrong and the people of the Mount worship/adore/follow him not because he asks them to but because they see in him a symbol of hope when everything else has turned bad.

Aura 5 - better than an ordinary human (Score of 2) and St George has been exposed to magical forces to know that (in his world) such things are real and exist, despite preferring not to believe in them (with reference to the Demon Cairax).

Spirit 8 - Pretty much indomitable, St George will not give in.


Gliding 5 - St George needs to gain height (usually by jumping) and glide at this stage in his career. His costume originally came with fold out glider wings. This level of power allows him to glide for around 1/4 mile (8Aps) at speeds of up to 50mph (5APs)

Jumping 3 - from a standing start St George can leap up to around 50' with his powerful leg muscles (falling in the 3 AP range)

Systemic Antidote 10 -
The story reveals how St George is more or less immune to anything that would kill an ordinary human in terms of poisons, viruses, diseases and so on. That includes HIV, Ebola and anything else that is normally fatal to humans.

Flame Project 6 - St George 'coughs' up stomach acid that ignites in the air. It's not particularly useful but handy for crowd control/immolating exes. Unfortunately it's not powerful enough to incinerate the zombies so it's not used often to avoid the smell of barbecued dead people lingering in the air. It has a limited range in the shape of a cone and engulfs an area up to around 20' (1AP) attacking all in it without penalty (on one roll).

Regeneration 2 - Whilst not as impressive as other characters (notably Regenerator) St George can recover from pretty much any injury over time. He does scar when something is powerful enough to break his skin but will heal much faster than an ordinary human. It's not known if he could regrow limbs (probably not).


Acrobatics 3, Martial Artist 3 - these are skills that come with the territory rather than any gathered through training. Much like Superman is a superb hand to hand combatant (though his stats suggest he relies on Dexterity alone and no actual fighting training) because of his superhuman speed and reflexes, the same applies to St George though he has to work harder at it. Over time these will improve (though nowhere near as high as Stealth).

Charisma 8 - St George is a beacon of hope, the most recognisable and approachable superhero on the planet and a natural (albeit reluctant) leader. On the flip side he can use his Charisma to intimidate foes and get them to stand down even when a fight seems inevitable.


St George has expert knowledge of the city of Los Angeles from his endless patrolling. Iron Nerves make him hard to control/influence (though not impossible). Leadership allows him to distribute his Hero Points amongst his colleagues. Tactically, Stealth is by far the best leader but St George is the most likeable and approachable. Both have this advantage. Lightning Reflexes - George is faster than an ordinary human. Local Hero - even before the Zombie Apocalypse he was a popular and recognisable superhero and a natural beacon for others to draw hope from. Popularity - goes without saying. He is the glue that binds the 2000+ inhabitants of the 'Mount' together, though there are always those who are jealous of such influence (Christian Nguyen).


Authority Figure - The mantle of Leadership weighs heavy on George. He didn't want it, ask for it or need it, but it's something he has to live with and makes him more of a hero than even he realises. Innocent - George is hopeless with women in some respects (being easy to manipulate and slow witted when it comes to seizing the moment) but has no shortage of admirers. I toyed with giving him the Attractive advantage but figured it was his Charisma and presence that attracted the ladies. Public Identity - there's nowhere to hide in the Mount after St George discards his mask and reveals he is George Bailey as the world is collapsing around him into anarchy and chaos. That means he doesn't have to hide anything and also that there's no let up or any chance he can walk through the streets of their small zombie free settlement without being recognised everywhere he goes.

Wealth 2 - this would be an average blue collar worker salary pre apocalypse. Now it just means St George gets what everyone else does and no more (he wouldn't want it any other way). He lines up for his food, takes only his fair share and makes sure everyone else is treated equally. Money has no value when society has collapsed, at any rate.


He could probably get away with Strength 8 but seeing as he operates at the low end of that stat (from 3-6 tons lifting capacity) 7 seems to be about right. For now. Dex 7 reflects his natural combat ability and he goes tow to toe with much better combatants as the series progresses. He is by no means the most powerful hero to my eyes (step forward Zzzap!) and Stealth could teach him more than a thing or two about fighting. As could... ah that would be telling (see book 2, Ex Patriots)
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I love the Might Dragon/St. George, and that series despite not being a zombie fan. Although, the later books, hrms. Yah no spoilers :grin:
Not character from me today, I just did an alien species and that doesn't count.

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Boy, I'd take some time to catch up eh?

Oh well, here's one anyhow

Galaxies In Shadow

Moon Hunter
Species: Seeker (wolf-guy)
Hands, Sharp Teeth, Acute Smell
Culture: Frontier Worlder
Family Members: 9
Age: 23
Mass: 88 kg
Career History:
Rank 1 Outlander: 2 Years (negligence caused 4 deaths)
Rank 2 Outcast: 3 Years (animal companion, +1 Family - Family)
Rank 2 Raider: 1 year
Agility: 71
Dexterity: 67
Endurance: 51
Knowledge: 83
Logic: 72
Perception: 62
Reflexes: 57
Strength: 63 (Free Load 3969g)
Talent: 36
Willpower: 58

Status: 25
Savings: 25
Axe (S): 63
Botany (K): 83
Climbing (A): 71
Drive Wheeled Vehicle [R]: 57
Foraging (K): 83
Grappling (A): 71
Navigation (L): 72
Punch (D): 71
Survival (K): 83
Swimming (E): 51
Stealth (A): 70
Tracking (P):62
Knife (D): 57
Bite (A): 71
Rifle (D): 67
Fuel Cell Technician (K): 60
Wheeled Suspension Techniciann (K): 60
Durable Clothing
Quad ATV
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Day 13: White Lies, DwD Studios

Name: Jillian Delmonico
Class: Investigator
Level: 1

Strength: 7 (-1 penalty)
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 15 (+1 bonus)
Constitution: 6 (-1 penalty)
Dexterity: 13
Charisma: 8

Hit Points: 5
Base Hit Bonus: +0 ranged/-1 melee
XP: 0
XP Bonus: +5%
Saving Throw: 13
Armor Class : 12 (+2 armor)

Class Features:
+2 to saves vs interrogation or deception
+1 to checks related to perception, interrogation, or computers
Network of Informants: one informant per level (1st: Riley Todd, FBI Agent)

Languages: English, Italian, Russian

Combat Training: Knives, Revolvers, Semi-automatic Pistols, Tasers, Grenades, Shotguns, Light and Medium Armor

Supplemental Area of Training: Strategy and Tactics

Gear: Operative's Kit, Hacker's Kit, Light Armor, Taser, Semi-Automatic Pistol with Spare Ammo x 3, $200

Backstory: Before being recruited by Bureau 19, Jillian was a freelance hacker and occasional unlicensed private investigator living in New York City. Though she refused to get involved with organized crime or any other clients she found distasteful, she wasn't afraid to break the law when she had to in her line of work. But one one particular job, she got careless and wound up arrested by Riley Todd, an FBI cybercrimes agent who had been tracking her illegal activities. It looked like she was headed to prison for a long time, but someone pulled some strings behind the scenes, and as a result, she was offered employment by the highly secretive and virtually unknown Bureau 19 intelligence agency, with the understanding that it was either that, or years behind bars. Now she is a rookie operative with the agency, awaiting her first assignment.


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Day 13

Okay, today I'm gonna crack open my copy of Triumphant: Revised and Expanded. I'll use it to convert another character from The Superverse (which is the superhero supplement that I wrote and published last year). I've owned Triumphant for a while, but I've never generated any characters for it, so this will be a fun experiment.

Without further ado, here's ...

: Local Guardians
Priority Die: D8
Triumph Dice: 4

Health D8
Mobility D6

Streetwise D6

Elemental Form (Earth)
: D8
Enhanced Senses (Tremorsense) D6
Life Support D6
Super Strength D10

Origin: Robert Brunt grew up in Weston, a working-class neighborhood of Del Rey. As a kid, he idolized Officer Trudell. Trudell was a neighborhood cop who got to know the people on his beat and made a special effort to steer kids away from self-destructive behavior. Inspired by Trudell, Robert joined the DRPD shortly after graduating from high school. Robert, however, quickly grew disillusioned. He realized that while Trudell had always genuinely tried to serve and protect, the system as a whole underserved those most in need. Vocal in his criticism, Robert quickly angered his superiors and left the DRPD to become a private eye. Although Robert built his business by taking high-paying jobs, he also spent a significant amount of time providing affordable services to the people of Weston.

One of Robert’s better-paying gigs involved him investigating the disappearance of a SUTechemployed genetic engineer at the behest of the missing man’s family. The case took him to a secret laboratory under Del Rey, where he found the scientist performing nightmarish experiments on captives taken from the city’s homeless population. Robert freed what prisoners he could and tried to lead them to safety, but the scientist sent a hellish creature in pursuit. Robert turned and stood his ground to buy the captives time to escape when a being of earth and stone erupted from the wall behind him to engage his
pursuer. Knocked off his feet, Robert tried to crawl away from the two combatants but found himself buried alive as the walls of the cavern turned to mud
and melted around him.

Robert recovered consciousness hours later. In a daze, he miraculously dug his way through tons of dirt and rock. It wasn’t until he reached the surface that he realized that the encounter had transformed him into a hulking creature made of stone. Devastated but determined, Brunt tried using his investigative skills to figure out what had happened. Still, his monstrous form complicated these efforts and brought him into conflict with SUTech security forces and the DRPD.

It was then that Sovereign intervened. He approached Brunt and invited him to join the Round Table. Grateful for the help, he now fights alongside his allies to defend the city against super-villainy. In his spare time, he uses his investigative skills to figure out what happened to him and to regain his former life.
Personality Most would consider Brunt “rough around the edges.” He has a deep empathy and respect for the downtrodden and doesn’t appreciate people and systems that oppress them. He’s brutally honest in the face of authority and sometimes gets into trouble due to his lack of filter. Although initially devastated by his transformation, Brunt has bounced back, finding purpose in his newfound powers. Consequently, he evinces an occasionally sarcastic and sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor and maintains a generally good-natured approach to life. He’s helped in this regard by the fact that the people of Weston and his Round Table allies have been supportive.

Powers and Tactics: Brunt’s encounter in the sewers left him permanently transformed into a creature made of earth and stone. As such, he is unbelievably strong, capable of lifting hundreds of tons. Brunt can also vary the consistency of his body, becoming highly durable by making it rock-hard or
incredibly malleable by taking on a clay-like form. In his clay form, Brunt can meld with and pass through earth and stone surfaces and structures. Brunt can also sense earth tremors. In addition to his elemental abilities, Brunt is an accomplished detective who knows his way around the streets of Del Rey.

Appearance: Brunt is over seven feet tall and broad of build. His earthen body is a reddish-brown color, and his eyes glow yellow. He tends to wear trench coats and hats.


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A character I made using Patrol: Military Roleplay in the 20th Century.

Art not by me!
C90A0CE3-460C-4A42-B3B6-955120CC24E1.jpeg File Name: Frederick ‘Buck’ Buckley
Place of Birth: Columbus, Ohio
Service Branch: United States Army
Military Occupational Specialty: The Pigman
Pay Grade: Private First Class
Serial Number: 15867530
Blood Type: A-
Psychological Profile: Pragmatic
Attributes: Fortitude 10, Vigilance 6, Proficiency 8
Skills: Assault Rifle (Medium), Battle Rifle (Medium), Basic Medical, Guard, Hand Grenade, Light Machine Gun (Medium), Melee (Machete), Prepare Position
Equipment: Light Machine Gun + Bipod, Machete, Tactical Vest, Fatigues (US Army), Footwear, Steel Helmet, Field Jacket, Flak Vest, Poncho, Webbing Belt, Military Pack, Entrenching Tool, Flashlight, First Aid Kit, Gas Mask, Knife, Dog Tags
Profile: work in progress


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#13 Where No Man has Gone Before.

This is a Microlite D20 adapted to Trek. 4 abilty scores, 6 skills, then some talents, with your shirt color/branch affecting what talents you can choose.
To me, it comes off as fairly Trekkie without being too serious and have good coverage given that it's a light system. It even has a basic ship combat system.
Far Trek is based on it and is very similar.

Ensign Magnus Miller, Human Medical Officer
AC 12, HP 16, Action Points 3
Strength 12
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 15
Charisma 14

(you pick one skill to be good at - 2 with a talent - and it advances faster than the others.
Communications 1
Engineering 1
Knowlege 4
Medicine 4
PHysical 1
Subterfuge 1

Talents Trained Skill, Field Medic, Catch Phrase "It's Miller Time!"


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Day 13

Here's a character template from my Fallen Earth rpg using OpenD6. Fallen Earth is an alien post apocalyptic game where our world has been "peacefully" conquered by the aliens that we've been calling the Grays. Those that have stayed outside of the domed cities the aliens have corralled the majority of humans into (and are using us as food) try to survive the changes the aliens are making to our planet while trying to figure out a way to save mankind.

Name: Aaron Simpson AKA Valiant
Archetype: Crusader
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 200 lbs

Strength: 4D
Brawling 5D​

Agility: 3D
Dodge 4D​
Drive 4D​
Ride 4D​
Shoot 6D​

Intellect 2D+2
Alien Lore​
First Aid​

Charm: 2D+1
Dodge: 12
Parry: 9
Block: 15
Soak: 17

Character Points: 5
Hero Points: 1
Bits: 200

Favors - People owe you. Once per session you can call in one of those debts. This can take the form of information, a temporary use of equipment (borrowing a truck, plow, pump action shotgun, etc.), a place to hide someone or something for a brief time, or any similar event.​
Code - You live by a creed and you will not cross that line. Maybe you won’t fight an​
unarmed opponent and always make sure they know its coming or maybe you never tell a lie. No matter how you define it, your​
code has to mean something. Earn one CP whenever your code complicates you or friends’ success.​

Weapons & Gear
Long sword (+2D+2), leather armor (AV +5), motorcycle, 5 gallons of gasoline​
You were raised by your parents to believe that a higher power held the fate of the world in its hands. After the Purge your faith was shaken a bit until you found the Crusaders, an organization dedicated to​
eradicating the alien menace and restoring the world to its former glory. The group has​
chapters scattered around the world, with individuals roaming the wastes alone.​


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Mar 25, 2019
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It's Day 13 & I'm making a character for All Outta Bubblegum. John Matador spent two decades travelling to some of the seedier parts of the world, where he would discreetly kill folks on behalf of Uncle Sam. Now retired, he just wants to be a silent partner in a Christmas tree farm, but will very likely get sucked in for One Last Job.

Starting Bubblegum: 8.


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Aug 16, 2017
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A character I made using Patrol: Military Roleplay in the 20th Century.

Art not by me!
View attachment 40561 File Name: Frederick ‘Buck’ Buckley
Place of Birth: Columbus, Ohio
Service Branch: United States Army
Military Occupational Specialty: The Pigman
Pay Grade: Private First Class
Serial Number: 15867530
Blood Type: A-
Psychological Profile: Pragmatic
Attributes: Fortitude 10, Vigilance 6, Proficiency 8
Skills: Assault Rifle (Medium), Battle Rifle (Medium), Basic Medical, Guard, Hand Grenade, Light Machine Gun (Medium), Melee (Machete), Prepare Position
Equipment: Light Machine Gun + Bipod, Machete, Tactical Vest, Fatigues (US Army), Footwear, Steel Helmet, Field Jacket, Flak Vest, Poncho, Webbing Belt, Military Pack, Entrenching Tool, Flashlight, First Aid Kit, Gas Mask, Knife, Dog Tags
Profile: work in progress
Man I love your art!


Oct 6, 2020
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Day 14:

Professor Christian von Falkenberg
(Savage Worlds, 1930s pulp/occult setting)

Baron Christian von Falkenberg was born of old line Prussian Junker parents in Konigsberg in 1893. Before the War, he was a linguistics student at the University of Heidelberg, managing a respectable number of dueling scars along with a fine academic record. In the course of his studies, he encountered a musty copy of the legendary occult work Unaussprechlichen Kulten; von Falkenberg was immediately fascinated. Resolving to learn more of the strange beings and tales described in its musty pages, he delved into occult researches. In the meantime, he had a whirlwind romance with Sandra Litton, an American socialite, marrying her – to the horror of his conservative family.

The Great War interrupted von Falkenberg’s studies. Pulling strings to gain a favorable posting, his family arranged for Christian to join the Kaiserliche Marine. With his wife returning to the United States with their infant daughter Kristina – Sandra had never fit in as a Junker hausfrau – he was assigned as Admiral von Hipper's adjutant on SMS Seydlitz. He served with distinction through the War. Winning the Iron Cross (2nd and 1st class) and the Order of the Red Eagle (3rd class, with Swords) for his deeds, von Falkenberg was promoted to the post of executive officer of the newly commissioned cruiser SMS Karlsruhe after Jutland. He saw little action thereafter, but after the forced retirement of the Karlsruhe’s captain just before war’s end, Fregattenkapitän von Falkenberg was in acting command at the time of the naval scuttling at Scapa Flow. The Karlsruhe being one of the few ships from the scuttling not salvaged, he visits the site every June 21st to lay a wreath on the water above the wreck.

Declining to remain in the Reichsmarine with its drastic Versailles-imposed cutbacks, von Falkenberg returned to his studies, becoming one of the more noteworthy occultists in Germany. The upheavals in German society shattered the family finances, and the old baron committed suicide, leaving the title in Christian’s hands. Despising Weimar Germany for its moral and political weaknesses, Baron von Falkenberg spends little time on his ancestral East Prussian lands, and has slowly rebuilt the family fortunes to respectability, his standing in academic circles coming from writing the first successful translation of Unaussprechlichen Kulten into English. He often visits the United States to be closer to his daughter (now an undergrad at Columbia), and is an occasional lecturer at Harvard, Columbia and other leading universities. His latest project is a compilation of mystical sites in the northeastern United States.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d4

Hindrances: Code of Honor (Major), Loyal (Minor), Quirk/Always Properly and Formally Dressed (Minor)

Edges: Noble, Command

Skills: Fighting d6, Investigation d8, Knowledge/Occult d8, Knowledge/English d6, Knowledge/Battle d4, Boating d6, Intimidation d4, Notice d4.

Possessions: 5x binoculars; enameled cigarette lighter with the motto “Immer Vorn” (from Seydlitz); sea bag; typewriter; formal wear (x3): hat, suit, tuxedo, shoes, gloves, overcoat; uniform (midnight-blue double-breasted jacket, brass buttons, peaked cap, naval overcoat); gold signet ring; gold pocket watch; shagreen cased (and waxed) notebook; swordcane; three bottles of fine brandy; gold cigarette case; pencil/fountain pen; sealing wax; magnifying glass; Swiss army knife; leather satchel; ½-pt silver hip flask; Dopp kit; leather suitcase.


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #13
Heavy Gear 2nd Edition

Voros Rippler
Combat Sense11
Electronic Warfare20
Gunnery --Hvy Gear21
Hvy Gear Pilot22
Small Arms12
Strider Pilot12

Savage Schemer

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Oct 15, 2019
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Day 14: Achtung! Cthulhu (2d20 edition)

My copy of this arrived yesterday and I literally just pulled the books out of their shrink wrap. So this daily challenge presents a perfect opportunity to work through character creation for the first time. It's a simple and quick six step process. Those steps are Starting Attributes, which defaults all attributes to 6 -> Choose Archetype -> Nationality -> Background -> Characteristic -> Finishing Touches. Choosing an archetype, background and characteristic all modify your starting attributes (always as a bonus to the current value), grant skills at a given value or skill points to spend as you like, indicate skill focuses you may take and grant talents. The game has a concept called "truths" I've yet to wrap my head around. The process had me choose one truth, but when you get to the end it says you should have four of them, I really couldn't figure that out. My best guess is that they're like Fate's Aspects, in which case, meh. I'll stick to the one.

Because I chose the soldier type when I made my White Lies entry, and a Scholar-type when I made my Call of Cthulhu entry, today I'm going for the Infiltrator archetype. This is someone adept at moving behind enemy lines. My initial concept was for a French resistance fighter, and was pleased to see this as an option supported by the Backgrounds. All but one of the focuses I took are combat related because, well, the Mythos. So without further ado...

Name: Emma Delcroix
Age: 25
Archetype: Infiltrator
Background: Resistance
Nationality: France
Languages: French, English
Characteristic: Street Kid

Courage: -
Armour: -
Fortune: 3
Stress: 9

Agility: 9
Brawn: 8
Coordination: 10
Insight: 7
Reason: 9
Will: 8

Academia: 0
Athletics: 2
Engineering: 1
Fighting: 2
Close Quarters (submachine guns)
Threat Awareness
Medicine: 0
Observation: 2
Persuasion: 1
Resilience: 1
Stealth: 5
Urban Stealth
Survival: 2
Tactics: 1
Vehicles: 0

Acrobatic - spend 2 momentum to bypass obstacles
Like a Shadow - add +2 to consequence resistance involving pursuit or enemy awareness
Survive & Thrive - Reduce difficulty to kind what's needed in the wild; gain food & drink for 1 additional meal per Momentum spend

Confident Saboteur

Camouflaged clothing
Climbing equipment
Burglar's tools
Lucky charm

Personality: Emma has a quick, biting wit and an independent - some would say rebellious - streak to match.
Who plays her in the movie: Stana Katic

Encounter with the Mythos: [Roll in Mythic GME is "Inquire" + "Exterior factors"]

(note: I made this step up - I felt like I needed a path from French resistance operative to member of a monster-hunter unit as per the game's premise. The following is campy and dumb, but it'll do)

One night, while on a mission to sabotage German communications equipment, Emma and her cell ran into...things...things that could not be. Things like giant insects born from some mad dream. There was a moment of confusion, then gun fire and chaos. Emma was the only member of her cell to survive the long night that ensued. At dawn, she encountered a small team of British and American operatives. There was a Canadian with them that spoke french, and she told them her tale of the night's horror. They convinced her to lead them to the otherworldly monstrosities. Upon doing so the foreigners made short work of the hellish beings. Emma for her part handled herself well, particularly for someone who just saw her own team killed by the selfsame beings, and killed more than her share. The British-lead team informed her that they were a special unit that was formed to battle the Nazi occult efforts. Having seen her skills first hand, the team knew they could use someone like her with them, and recruited her on the spot. She's been hunting monsters and Nazi cultists ever since.

Black Leaf

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Aug 20, 2017
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Day 14 - Orb RPG. Another gamebook originated RPG, this time the "high fantasy meets ninjas" of Way of the Tiger.

Sadly, this is not available officially, due to the company who were supposed to be publishing it going out of business. (While owing people money I believe). If you go to the hassle of tracking down the beta copy, buy some of Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson's books to compensate.

Name: Castra
Class: Priestess of Illustra

Strength: 18 +9
Agility: 8 +0
Constitution: 10 +1
Intellect: 8 +0
Inner Force: 7 -1
Awareness: 17 +8
Charisma: 17 +8

Endurance: 13
Fate Modifier: 0
Fate Points: 1

Allowed Armour: Light
Shields allowed: Light only
Allowed Weapons: Simple, Martial

Creed: Pure, Holy, Kind
Tutelary Deity: Illustra
Deity morality (good/neutral/evil): Good
Deity creed (order/neutral/chaos): Neutral

Special Rules

● A priestess of Illustra has an aura of purity and wholesomeness, which causes any demonic or undead within 12 feet to lose 3 Endurance per round.

● She also gains +2 to any Persuade roll for anyone not of an evil persuasion.

Class Proficiencies

● When making a Proficiency Check, the priestess suffers a -5 penalty to any Proficiency Check (not Attribute Checks) except for the ones listed below

● As she gains levels, the priestess may only add bonuses to the Proficiencies listed below

Appraise, Healing, Listening, Lore, Move Silently, Navigation, Persuade, Search

Standard Starting Equipment

Staff (Weapon Modifier: 0)
Vial of Holy Water
5 meals
4 gold coins

Starting Abilities

Path of Spring

Tier 1 ability: Spring’s Warmth (once per day)
Once per day the priestess can cast this spell to resist any penalty from natural cold, which lasts for 6 hours. It will also double the speed at which any wet clothes she is wearing dries.

Path of Life

Tier 1 ability: Holy Hands (once per day)
Any water held in the cupped hands of the priestess for ten minutes will become holy water Unless it is kept on her person, it will revert back to normal water after ten minutes. Since it is a personal blessing of the goddess, a priestess would never sell this holy water.

Tier 2 ability: Touch of Illustra (twice a day)
Requires: Holy Hands
This spell is invoked by touching the target and saying a prayer of healing: it will restore 2d6 of Endurance to the person touched.

Path of Purity

Tier 1 ability: Light of Faith (once per day)
By raising her open hand, the priestess can create a lantern-strength white light that will last for up to an hour. It can be extinguished at any time with a thought.


Castra does not entirely fit the stereotype of a Priestess of Illustra. It's not that she's not attractive. But it's an attractiveness of the kind normally described as "handsome" rather than "delicate". She's certainly had her share of suitors, although as of yet has not met one who meets her exacting standards.

Her romantic advice is best described as brutally frank and she's more likely to be seen at a sports event than a poetry reading.

She's recently joined the subset "The Parity", who are dedicated to shining light in the dark places of the world. While still part of the main church and generally friendly, some of her more conservative colleagues feel she shows just a little too much glee when setting about evil doers with her staff.

She has recently left her home city of Goth of Ten Temples to put her newfound theology into practice as a wandering priestess.


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Nov 24, 2018
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Day 14: Zenobia, Zozer Games

Name: Galerius
Culture of Origin: Carthaginian
Past Experience: Thief

Might: 2
Fate: 5
Hits: 18
Craft: 2
Learning: 1

Skills: Carry Burden, Open Lock
Languages: Imperial (Fluent), Aramaean (Basic)

Family Social Class: Peasant
Family Fortunes: Used to be higher status
Family Relationships: Brought disgrace to family name
Agent of Change: Sorcery

Equipment: Leather Cuirass, Shortsword, 2 Daggers, 2 Vials of Aqua Noxious Poison, Lockpick, 10m Rope, Pack, Flint and Steel, 3 Torches, Waterskin, Pouch, 120 Denarii

Backstory: Galerius was born into a peasant family who lived in the farmlands near the new Roman city of Carthage. Many generations ago, they had been one of the most prosperous families in the old city, but after the conquest, their fortunes fell dramatically, and now they have been reduced to poor farmers, toiling to produce food for the Empire. Because of this, he holds a grudge against the Roman government, and will take advantage of opportunities to undermine it. This was nearly his undoing, though, when he was caught trying to steal from a local Imperial noble, an act of which Galerius has very faint memories (to this day, he insists he was compelled to do it through the sorcerous machinations of the noble's rival). Forced to flee his village in disgrace, Galerius made his way east to the Desert Kingdoms, where he seeks wealth and glory with fellow adventurers, mercenaries, and vagabonds.


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Mar 25, 2019
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For Day 14, I am using the Aliens & Asteroids Quickstart.

First step is to roll 2d3+8 for the 7 attributes. Of all the possible ways to generate stats, I can't think of a single good reason to use 2d3+8, but that's what this game does, so here we go!

Accuracy 12
Athletics 11
Awareness 11
Education 10
Morale 12
Presence 12
Toughness 12

Next step is to choose a Point of Origin. I don't feel like choosing and there are 6 options, so I rolled a d6 and got the result Mars. This gives me +1 to Education.

Next up is choose a Profession and then choose one trait from that Profession's list. There are 5 Professions available here, and a note that more are included in the full rules. From the available options of Commander, Medic, Scientist, Space Marine, and Technician, I choose Medic, and from the list of Medic traits, I choose Medicine.

You also get to choose a background trait from a list. I'll go with Sleuth. My Medic has a knack for solving mysteries!

Next come the Secondary Attributes.

Level: Starts at 1. Ok.
Speed: Speed is 10m. Ok.
Max HP: = your Toughness Attribute. So my dude has 12 HP.
Ranged Target Number: = your Accuracy Attribute. 12 for me.
Melee & Thrown Target Numbers: = your Athletics Attribute. 11.
Current Morale: = Morale Attribute. 12 for my dude. This number can potentially go down and back up in the course of an adventure, much like HP.

Equipment is next. All PCs get a Combat Knife and a Pistol with five clips of ammo. As a Medic, I also get a Medikit.

Looks like that's the end of character creation and the rest of the Quickstart covers Task Resolution, Combat, and a Sample Adventure.

My Medic's name is Sam "Turkey" Smith. He's a bit overweight and always wears a medical lab coat, even in situations where it's not appropriate. He's very good at patching people up and doesn't much care for violence. He works for the Dominion Space Forces because everyone does. He doesn't have much of an opinion about the DSF, positive or negative. It's just there. He does like solving mysteries because of the intellectual stimulation.

I think I would need to read the full rules to really determine whether or not I would want to play this game. Based on the Quickstart, I'll go with a hesitant "yes."


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Aug 28, 2017
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Bronze Bee (Madison Juliette Ramsey-Morris)
Drive: Guardian

Might: Average Superhuman
Agility: Spectacular Superhuman
Toughness: Exceptional Superhuman
Intellect: Average Superhuman
Knowledge: Exceptional Human
Resolve: Spectacular Human

Bronze Bee Armored Suit: Madison wears a modern incarnation of the Silver Age heroine Golden Bee's power armor. The Bronze Bee armor was developed with her Madison's intellect and the assistance of a "brain" hive of bee's who have increased intelligence and acts as a living computer (the Brain Hive was engineered between Golden Bee and her former paramour Dr. Robert Ekhard.)
The armor gives her the above physical stats, and Spectacular Superhuman enhanced senses (olfactory analyzers, wide scope vision and night vision as well as hearing among other computer assisted sensory analyzers.)
The Bronze Bee's armor can fire a "sting" of bio-electrical energy, or generate a sonic baffling field for silent flying all at Exceptional Superhuman ability.
Lastly the armor has Spectacular Superhuman flight and body armor.

The Bronze Bee appeared in an adventure of the Grey Sentinel and the Black Bullet (Shadow of Vigilance) in actual play at age nine. This is her statted up as a now adult, since I never had bothered before. She is the Grand Neice of the Golden Bee, and safe guarded both her hidden base, brain hive, and underground flower garden since her Great Aunt Julliette Ramsey passed away when she was six.


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Dec 26, 2021
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Day 14

Today I'll throw something together for BASH!, the game that got me to switch from crunchier superhero games like Champions and Mutants and Masterminds to rules-lite supers games. This character will be an homage to Wonder Woman. I'm too beat to come up with a background, so I'll just jot down some basic notes.



x3 Soak 3 (x5 vs. Unarmed)
Agility x3 Evade 3 (x5 vs. Melee Attacks)
Mind x2 Mental Defense x2

(Acrobatics, Running) 3
Military (Command) 2
Pilot (Tricks) 3
Technology (Repair) 2

Martial Arts Mastery
3 (All Forms), 3 pts.
Super Jump, 2 pts.
Super Running, 3 pts.
Special Attack 5 (x5 Hit, x7 Damage), 5 pts.
Weapon Technique 2 (Enhancements: All Weapons, Variable), 5 pts

Instant Change
Super Vehicle

Origin: I envision her as a military test pilot (think Maria Rabeau) who got swallowed into another dimension, met the remnants of a hyper-advanced society that had been interpreted as the Olympians in antiquity, got exposed to some sort of technological artifact from that society that enhanced her, and had to fight her way out of that space when a malevolent entity from that society tried to use her to bring itself back to Earth. Her super vehicle is a morphing aircraft from that civilization. She is now attuned to the presence of this entity and spends much of her superhero career trying to stop cultists that are trying to bring this entity to Earth. They, in turn, are after her because the tech she stole literally holds the key to that entity's return. (Again, I'm beat and this is just stream-of-consciousness drivel that at some point I might mold into something coherent).

Good night, folks!




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Jul 30, 2018
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#14 D6 Star Wars
It still works.
Multi likes to bluff and assume leadership unless someone calls him on it. He's ok in a fight but would rather talk things out if possible, let people think they have a fair chance until he beats them.

He's decent in personal combat but not amazing. The knife allows him to use melee parry instead of brawling on defense. I wound up spending all his money on the heavy blaster partly for the damage but mainly I liked the idea of having an obvious weapon to discourage searching him for other weapons.

Multi, Human Gambler

Dexterity 3D+2

Dodge 4D+2
Blaster 4D+2
Melee Parry 4d+2
Knowledge 3D
Streetwise 4D
Mechanical 2D+1
Perception 4D

Bargain 5D
Gambling 6D
Strength 2D+2

Force Points : 1
Equipment: deck of cards, holdout blaster, 2 sets of flashy clothes,
knife, comlink, pocket computer, heavy blaster pistol, glowrod, syntherope
13 Cr
Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @