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Billy Bones

Dec 26, 2023
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Feel free to tell me to piss off with this but I'm just curious.

Since the excellent thread from Rob Necronomicon Rob Necronomicon there has been quite a few really interesting collab projects. Rather than having folk set up various Google docs pages, fangled OneNote groups or overly expensive campaign managers I wonder if it's something we could keep in house.

The ability to have threads on different elements of a particular project would be a useful feature and may help with focusing discussion as well as attracting a wider variety of contributors.

I'm aware that community groups et al are probably not a native feature to xenforo and may require an addon. The alternative to this is obviously just nested sub-forums (with a thread for users to apply for a subforum for their specific project) but again it creates more work for mods so again, quite understand if I'm told to piss off!

EDIT: A less invasive method would be to enable community features on the Discord and projects could be hosted in nested forums on there.
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