Cool or Funny Videos - with a gaming/ video / fan movie bend

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I can not be the only one that checks youtube from time to time?

I watch very little Youtube these days. When I do, it's pretty much only videos from the channels I'm subcribed too. None of those make videos like you have posted. But just keep posting these, they're quite fun.
Knowing how much cats like to face the camera, and stay in focus, and do exactly what you want them to do at precicely the time you're ready to film, this maker deserves an Oscar or something.

Gamers are a lot like Cats you know. At least gamers will come to the general area at roughly the right time if you provide pizza. But that trick only works in larger scale, once a week arrangement.
Are Wedge Antilles and Chewbacca the only characters to survive through all the Star Wars movies from Star Wars through The Rise of Skywalker?

Lando wasn't in the first one, so that's a no. Unless you count the droids, I think you may be right... quite a killing streak Lucas has.

Bloody Halo ... you will get that reference in a few minutes.

Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat - The Movie

30 minutes of lego animation....

Since I seem not to be seeing any parkour videos, but for some reason cats and puppies are back on my feed.

Okay, I should save this until tomorrow. But something not cute kitten or Husky Puppy made it to my feed.

Parkour and Kittens would be more this thread, but this makes me smile

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