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Jul 10, 2020
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Day #10
Pandemonium! Adventures in Tabloid World
You asked for this, you've only got yourself to blame.
Amazing Engine: TABLOID!
TSR, 1994

Character Name: Bronco Flack (his immigrant parents names him Branko and pronounced their surname Flatsk, but they're the only ones and they suffer for it every time they meet a sales person or civil servant or whatever)
Body: 5
Stamina: 29

Rank: 3Rank: 4 (worst)Rank: 1 (best)Rank: 2
Dice: 5Dice: 5Dice: 6Dice: 6
Fitness: 50Learning: 40Psyche: 50Charm: 67
Reflexes: 57Intuition: 44Willpower: 61Position: 45

  1. Poker Face (Cha) 67
  2. Voodoo (Psy) 50
  3. Fast Talk (Cha) 67
  4. Army Mind Control (Wil) 61
  5. Look Good (Cha) 67
  6. Driving (Ref) 57
  7. Hunch (Psy) 50
Equipment: Press Pass, Dictaphone, beat-up VW Camper

Academic Quirks and Fallout: Record

Savings Account: 0, means no monthly pocket money
Resource Rating: 2 (Fleabag Hotel and handouts)


1. Youth:
Bronco graduates from Swamphole High at age 18 and gets a grade 2 Savings Account from his parents, who dutifully put in $5 each month since his birth. During his school years, he gained a skill from the School of Hard Knocks: Poker Face, due to his frequent visit to the principal's office. Bronco wants to become a Journalist, so he goes to
2. College: Unfortunately, he totally flunks the entrance exam for the Columbia School of Journalism. Undaunted, he tries his luck at the Academy of Data Entry Specialists but fails again. Now it's too late to apply elsewhere, so he keeps his SA2 and looks for a job.
3. Work: He lands a job as an Organizer for Conventions that bring together grinning East Asian factory managers with gullible mystics of every stripe who sell their cheap injection moulded plastic True Cross pieces and knockoff grails and protective charms and philtre filters to even more gullible marks. He picks up Voodoo lore from the Kult College, but that doesn't change the fact the margins on mystic sh*t are so low that he never makes a decent buck and consumes all his savings in a year. Bronco sees the doctor for some prozac, but four frantic weeks of diagnostics later it becomes clear that his 19 year old ass is going to walk out on him permanently within the next six months. He decides that he can live in his parent's basement when he becomes too weak to party and goes to the
4. Beach: Broke, he gets by scrounging and turning his predicament into morbid entertainment in exchange for drinks, snacks, crashing on people's couches and occasional pity sex. Fast Talk comes easy, another skill from the School of Hard Knocks. Bronco falls in with a gang of hardcase stoner surfers. They are what's left of the First Earth Battalion, and they teach him Army Mind Control from the CIA University of the Air. He doesn't care about his Record, because his doctor actually visits him at the police station to tell him that there has been a mixup and Bronco's not dying and all he needs is a bottle of laxatives, sign here.
5. Beach: Milking his fictitious predicament, Bronco passes another year at the beach, but he takes better care of himself and works out, gaining +5 Fitness and a great tan and the Look Good skill from the School of Hard Knocks. He's 21 years old now, still broke, and remains at the
6. Beach: This year, he's into Driving (School of Hard Knocks). When his First Earth buddies move into a drug den-slash-retirement home, he inherits a 1966 Volkswagen Westy camping van with 220000 miles on the clock. They persuade him to go on a kind of pilgrimage to some off-brand Woodstock in a small midwestern town whose horrified citizens will see 5000 neo-hippies descend on their land for the ultimate Deadhead experience. He learns to trust his Hunch (Sister Sara's 24-Hour Psychic Hotline and Mind Home Study Institute). Finally deciding that he has seen enough beaches, Bronce tries to sell a book about his pilgrimage, which would enable him to go to Journalism School. But (his skill slots are filled, so end of lifepath:smile: a few weeks of internship at a Florida tabloid newspaper turn into months, and he chooses to stay.

Description: At 22, Bronco maintains his physique and a great tan. He is tall and good looking, with an easy smile and friends everywhere. Despite the fact that he rarely really understands what he's talking about, he is nevertheless able to run conversational rings around people and could probably talk Einstein into admitting that E equals MC Hammer. He isn't really a journalist, either. The tabloid's editor just issued Bronco a Press Pass so that he can follow the rest of his team into areas denied to the common populace. He is part gofer, writes a little copy, dabbles in photography and is more of a facilitator in the editorial office. He's also dead broke, lives in one of these crappy hotels because he can't afford the deposit to rent a flat. Food just seems to disappear around him, and he is in a constant panic that his trunk full of liberated toilet paper rolls may some day be empty. He desperately needs to turn a few stories into desposits on his Savings Account.

That wasn't unpleasant, but not too much fun, either. Three rounds of Beach, and just when it looks like a shot at an Academic Quirk, Bronco's skill list gives out. #sad

BTW: That Pandemonium character above is a wee bit darker than I imagined possible.


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Aug 16, 2017
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BTW: That Pandemonium character above is a wee bit darker than I imagined possible.
It's a lot less dark if you picture 90's era Tabloids. Oh the loch ness monster is really! Elvis is in league with the Venusians and planning to take over Vegas. Bat boy and the world's largest babies are part of a Commie plot to find Ike's body and reincarnate him as a Soviet super soldier.


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Aug 28, 2017
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Marvel again today. So let's try something different. I've got a computer generator but it uses the Ultimate Powers book, which I'm always "wary" of using except as explanations to some powers and/or ways to make a unique twist on a common character type (Like Energy Blast/Attack, to a specific form of energy) Lets see what it comes up with who wants to take bets on it giving me a felinoid, or lupinoid? (Which seem to be the two most common results for me heh.)

Now, I'm going to trim down to 5 powers and similar to make it still reasonably balanced, but let's get on with the experience!

Wow. Felinoid. Seriously...whyyyy! I mean not that I mind, but sheesh.

Hero Name: Komainu
Given Name: Kagawa Kiyoshi


Fighting: Good (10)
Agility: Incredible (40)
Strength: Excellent (20)
Endurance: Incredible (40)
Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Poor (4)
Psyche: Typical (6)

Health: 110
Karma: 20
Resources: Poor (2)
Popularity: Good (6)

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Skin Color: Asian
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey

MG9: Power Simulation (Good): Resist: Physical, this is treated as a spell, so he must go through the motions of casting a spell, in this case he must write the spell on paper and placing it on himself or object he wishes to make resiliant.
He also has the following spells

-PC12: Residual Absorption (Good)-By writing and attaching paper to on an object impacted by a power that is larger than a breadbox, he may duplicate that power as a spell.

-P11: Self-Sustenance (Incredible)-This temporarily turns him into a stone feline (Fu Dog) but can survive without food/water or air. He is shown with the paper hanging from his chin (in stone)

These are innate powers:
F3: Natural Weaponry (Remarkable)-Claws and Teeth
F2/Martial Arts Supremacy:sad:Amazing-Martial Arts B)

Sharp Weapons
Martial Arts-B

Kagawa Kiyoshi was the inheritor of a magical statue whose spirit blessed him with his enhanced abilities and new form when he reached adulthood. He does not know where the statue came from but it only arrived on his first "adult" birthday. It's spirit was ancient and it transformed him into the large strange felinoid he has become. As well as granting him knowledge of ancient spells. When he casts 'Resist: Physical' ghostly armor appears around him, and when he casts Residual absorption it appears as if he is draining the spirit or animus of the object into himself. Self-sustenance locks him in cold stone, and his other powers are granted by his ancestors and perhaps the spirit of the statue.

has no Contacts.

Weakness: Psychological Cause/Power Negation/Limited Duration After Contact
If Komainu breaks his code of honor (one similar to more cinematic or superhero Samurai than real Samurai, he temporarily loses his powers for 1d100 rounds.)

So, since Asians are ALSO a theme lately, I decided to go for Japanese, instead of Chinese. Sighs. I may need to roll up two more to make up for another felinoid..heh.


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #11
Space 1889

Lieutenant William Butler
6'1" 220lbs
English Landed Gentry
Careers: Navy, Explorer
(Stats used random roll method of 1d6 per stat)
Strength; 6
Agility: 5
Endurance: 5
Intellect: 4
Charisma: 6
Social Level:5

Fisticuffs 5
Throwing 3
Observation 4
Gunnery 2 (Breech loading Cannon)
Stealth 4
Marksmanship 2 (Rifle) 2 (Pistol)
Wilderness Travel 4 (Mapping) 3 (Mountaineering) 3 (Foraging)
Swimming 1
Eloquence 5
Linguistics 2 (French) 1(Swahili)
Leadership 3

Wounds = 11
Unconsciousness = 5
Renown = 0

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Jul 10, 2020
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At the rules lite end of the spectrum now with Merry Outlaws.

It's a beautiful, sunny morning in idyllic suburbia. An OLD MAN is
walking his poodle, a FARMER ambles along. A WOMAN walks by in the
opposite direction. Suddenly she starts screaming in horror.



        Look, over there! What is that? The creature with a car in its


                               OLD MAN
        Is it a poodle?


        Is it a tractor?


        No! Good Lord. Upon my soul. I don't believe it. It is:


ANTMAN is towering over the destruction. Overturned cars, wisps of
smoke, cowering perps, etc. etc. etc.

                           ALL (offscreen)

                              VOICE OVER
        He is back again. To protect mankind! ANTMAAAN!
                  (enunciating around his mandibles)
        Yef, I'm back again. To pfotect mankind!

                              VOICE OVER
        ANTMAAN is back again. To protect mankind!
        Yef, fap'f right.


Picnic basket on a hygiene products styled blanket. A sinisterly
glowing ant crawling into a salami-cheese-cucumber-and-egg sandwich on
a plate. Mouth taking a bite.

                              VOICE OVER
        During an innocuous picnic on a nuclear testing ground the
        teenaged sanitary napkin manufacturer Camelius Serena by
        accident ingested a radioactivly contaminated ant with his
        salami-cheese-cucumber-and-egg sandwich.

                          ANTMAN (offscreen)
        To pfotect mankind!

                              VOICE OVER
        No, by accident. But since that moment, whenever a man is in
        danger or gigantic unsuspecting breadcrumbs lie about,
        Camelius Serena transforms into the incredible! gigantic!
        pretty big and mighty strong and singular:


                           ALL (offscreen)

        To pfotect mankind!


                              VOICE OVER
        One cape, two antennas, six legs! ANTMAAAN! In theatres now!

        To pfotect mankind!

                              VOICE OVER
        Shut! Up!
TWERPS Superdudes
Reindeer Games/Gamescience, 1995
Name:Antman (Camelius Serena)
Strength:6 - 2 = 4
Superpowers:Wallcrawling, Strength, Rhinohide
Weakness:Heat (fire)

It's a lot less dark if you picture 90's era Tabloids.
I wish we had those. All we're allowed is a fearmongering opposed-to-everything rag so frothing at the mouth that you can't even call it right-wing because its 20 psi blast overpressure footprint encompasses about the whole political spectrum. It's all lies, but it's boring lies about politicians and third-rate celebrities caught up in some scandal (which is a scandal only because the paper says so). There were two or three attempts to establish a newspaper more in the direction of the Weekly World News, but to my knowledge they all failed. Probably because their editors didn't have the cojones to go all out embrace the moth-man, bat-boy, aliens-among-us weirdness. So we're stuck with good old fear, hate, boobies and the weather.

Day #11
Space 1889
I say, it's the old edition! I was rather afraid you would do a character for the Hollow Earth reboot. Jolly good show!


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Aug 16, 2017
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I suspect the fun old tabloids are gone because the internet made it too easy to prove its all made up.

Now I want to start a website called the Interplanetary World News with BatBoy as a reporter.


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Aug 16, 2017
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I found a picture on my hard drive. One I used many moons ago for an L5R character on Five Rings Online. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to turn him into one of my RPG preoccupations. The kung fu elf. So here's a 200 point GURPS 3rd edition character:


Gilvas Stormweave 200 points

Age 46; 5'11", 160 lbs; Bald head, grey robes, basket hat
ST: 12 [30] IQ: 13 [20] Speed: 6.25
DX: 15 [45] HT: 10 [0] Move: 5
Dodge: 7 Parry: 11

Racial ST -1 [-10]; Racial DX +1 [10]; Racial IQ +1 [10]; Attractive [5] (Reaction: +1); Combat Reflexes [15] (Fright Check: 15); Magery 2 [25]; Musical Ability +2 [2]; Unaging [15]; Racial Skill Bonus +2 (MA): Bard [2]; Racial Skill Bonus +2 (ME): Savoir-Faire [1]; Code of Honor -- Live Elegant Life [-10]; Sense of Duty (Nature) [-15]; Literacy [10].

Disciplines of Faith [-10]; Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10]; Vow - Never Refuse a Request for Aid [-10]; Obsession - Mystic Arts 2 [-10].

Believes in Fate; Lucky number: 13; Loves extreme weather conditions; Doesn't drink alcohol; Vegetarian. [-5]

Shaolin Kung Fu (cinematic); Judo-15 [4] (Parry: 11); Karate-15 [4] (Parry: 11); Acrobatics-13 [1]; Breath Control-10 [1]; Jumping-15 [1]; Staff-15 [4] (Parry: 11); Stealth-14 [1]; Theology-12 [2]; Throwing-13 [1].

Maneuvers: Shaolin Kung Fu
Arm Lock (Judo)-16 [½]; Axe Kick (1d+4)-14 [1]; Back Kick (1d+2)-14 [1]; Hook Kick (1d+3)-15 [1]; Kicking (1d+2)-15 [2]; Spinning Punch (1d)-14 [1]; Feint (Karate)-17 [2]; Jump Kick (1d+4)-15 [2]; Spin Kick (1d+2)-15 [2]; Flying Jump Kick (1d+4)-14 [4]; Hand-Clap Parry-7 [1] (Parry: 7); Roll with Blow-12 [1]; Springing Attack-11 [½]; Polearm-15 [2] (Parry: 8); Magic Jet-15 [1]; Diagnosis/TL3-12 [2]; First Aid/TL3-13 [1]; Yin/Yang Healing-12 [2]; Bard-13* [½]; Savoir-Faire-14* [½]; Diplomacy-12 [2]; Occultism-12 [1]; Thaumatology-12* [1]; Weird Magic-10 [1]; Elvish (native)-13 [0]; Anglish-11 [½]; Arabic-11 [½].

*Cost modifiers: Racial Skill Bonus (MA), Magery.

Seek Air-13; Purify Air-13; Create Air-13; Shape Air-13; Air Jet-13; Windstorm-13; Whirlwind-13; Lightning-13; Electric Weapon-13; Shocking Touch-13; Spark Cloud-13; Spark Storm-13; Seek Water-13; Purify Water-13; Create Water-13; Shape Water-13; Water Jet-13; Clouds-13; Rain-13; Frost-13; Snow-13; Hail-13; Wind-13; Storm-13; Apportation-13; Great Haste-12; Haste-13; Deflect Missile-13; Weather Dome-13; Seek Earth-13; Shape Earth-13; Ignite Fire-13; Create Fire-13; Seeker-13; Trace-13; Sense Life-13; Sense Foes-13.

Basket Hat (PD 2, DR 2; $30); Leather Armor (PD 2, DR 2; 10 lbs.; $100); Cloth Arms (PD 1, DR 1; 2 lbs.; $20); Cloth Legs (PD 1, DR 1; 2 lbs.; $20); Leather Gloves (PD 2, DR 2; $30); Sandals (PD 0, DR 0; 1 lb.; $10); Naginata (cut 1d+5, imp 1d+2, Skill: 15, Parry: 8; 6 lbs.; $130; Reach: 1,2;2; ST: 9; 1 turn to ready after swing. Enchanted with Staff spell); Naginata (staff technique) (cr 1d+4, cr 1d+1, Skill: 15, Parry: 11; 6 lbs.; Reach: 1,2;1,2; ST: 9; Staff technique, with shaft.; Staff technique, with blunt end.).

Backpack Contents (10 lbs)
Powerstone (Strength 3; $500); Backpack (small; 3 lbs.; $60; Holds 40 lbs); First Aid Kit (2 lbs.; $30; Skill: 14); Personal basics ($5; Cup, spoon, towel, flint, steel, towel, etc.); Blanket (heavy wool; 5 lbs.; $20).

Travel 31 lb,
Combat 21 lb.

Boosted Damage from Might spell:
10: 1d-2/1d,
11: 1d-1/1d,
12: 1d-1/1d+2,
13: 1d/2d-1,
14: 1d/2d


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Aug 16, 2017
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My hope is to do a different system every day until I run through my shelves. I think there is a reasonable chance it will take me at least a year or two. After January I might take the weekends and go back and flesh out quickly done previous characters. We'll see what actually happens but that's my thought right now.


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Nov 24, 2018
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Sticking with Flying Buffalo games for the moment, here's a character for Tunnels & Trolls 7th Edition.

Name: Talia
Type: Warrior
Level: 1
Kindred: Human
Physical Description: 5'10", 165 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes

STR 12
CON 11
SPD 12
IQ 6
WIZ 10
LK 9

Carrying Weight Possible: 120 lbs
Combat Adds: 0

Equipment: Hatchet, Light Leather Armor, Delver's Package (backpack with simple adventuring gear), 12 Gold Pieces
Talents: Wilderness Survival (Forest)

Background: Talia is the fourth and youngest child in a family of simple woodcutters living on the fringes of civilization. Her siblings have either decided to follow in their family's trade, or marry into other families, but once she reached adulthood, Talia decided to seek a different path and become and adventurer. She doesn't have much gear to start -- just some leather clothing, one of her father's old hatchets, a small amount of gold, and a few odds and ends -- and she's not the smartest or fastest tool in the shed. But she knows how to handle herself in a fight, and hopefully, that will be enough.


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Aug 28, 2017
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Hero Name: Charming
Given Name: Michael Cullen

Fighting: Typical (6)
Agility: Typical (6)
Strength: Typical (6)
Endurance: Typical (6)
Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Typical (6)
Psyche: Good (10)

Health: 24
Karma: 26
Resources: Typical (5)
Popularity: Good (6)

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Grey

EC16: Plasma Control (Incredible--Lightning (Light/Heat)
I3: Illusory Invisibility (Incredible)
I2: Illusion-Casting* (Remarkable)
P6: Hypnotic Voice (Amazing)

Martial Arts B


Michael Cullen, grew up on the streets--cast out for his strange appearance by his own mother. He was pretty sure she was on drugs, because she didn't notice his legs or horns until he was almost seven. But at seven he managed to stay out of everyone's way, until a little old woman spotted him begging on the street. She sent her two rather brawn sons down to bring him to her. She didn't let the clothes hide his fey features, no matter how good the hat, or the stolen shoes. He wasn't much to look at, but for a fair face and dancing eyes. So she took him in and told him to call her "Aunt Kay." her sons didn't brook any disobedience but they lived elsewhere, and over time, the Faun began to care for Aunt Kay, and she for him. She always said she had the second sight, but it was pretty plain he couldn't hide what he was. Until in trouble for sneaking a girl into his room, he managed to vanish--but not the girl. Aunt Kay sent her and her clothes on her way and stared at him, "Now we've got to talk boy," and he got a harrowing version of sex (her form of straight up truthful birds and bees) speech. Since then he's been MORE cautious. Something about his eyes, and voice lure more than one girl to him--but when he realized he could, he immediately became practically monastic.

Until, that is he found he had a talent for music, and not just any music, but rock and roll, hard as he could get away with Aunty Kay, surprisingly she gifted him on his 15th birthday an electric car, amps, and more. He's know idea how she could afford it, as at best they'd scrimped and save to survive. Now he fronts a band, his ability to sing, his nose for gossip, and his sheer willingness to drag the band with him into greatness, has brought him some positive attention. Maybe more than he wants.

One of the girls lured during a session, showed up with more than a few bruises, she was 3 years younger than he was, and he'd seen bruises like that before on the street, and they timid way she asked. So using his voice he got the truth out of her, and hunted down the abusive father who'd done more than beat her. He terrified the man, and when he drew a gun on our fey friend, he dropped the thunder on him--a lightning bolt from his hands that NEARLY killed the man. He only survived because the kid acted fast. Now he knows there is more to using his powers than singing, more so he can fight the good fight to few heroes are willing to engage--the fight for people's kindness, hearts and souls, and he uses them for trickery, battle and more. He's started his own underground railway through "Aunt Kay" for abused kids, he doesn't know where she takes them or her two sons, but she smiles proudly as he knows without a doubt they're safe, and if anyone has problems with his actions he may not be a straight up fighter, but he can outsing, out trick, and throw thunderbolts as he needs to do what's right.

Limit: Without a musical instrument his Hypnotic voice drops to merely Excellent.)


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #12
The Highest Level of All - Fantasy Wargaming

This ones a bit odd. I don't actually know if I have made a character. There's a little matter of selecting a class that seems both important and as far as I can read in a relatively quick skim not obvious. I can roll up a good portion of the character. I'm still a little unclear about how classes are picked, if there are restrictions on what class you can join by stats and probably a lot more. Lets just say this game is written in the same logical order as the 1st edition AD&D DMG. You know what else might be handy to have somewhere obvious in character generation? Whatever you're equivalent for Hit Points is. Might be nice to know for a warrior. maybe. call me crazy.

This is the best aid to understanding I have seen and would be the logical sort of thing the author should have included in the introduction to character generation. Note in this aid it does highly suggest that in order to make a character you first have to really read and digest the 77 pages on

So lets try:
Eudes Renart
Nationality: French
Age: 16
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Ability Scores

Physique: 11
Agility: 11
Endurance: 9
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 10
Charisma: 12
Greed: 14
Selfishness: 17
Lust: 9
Bravery: 14
Social Class: 7

Height: 5'6" Weight 140lbs
Literacy: none
Leadership: 11

Birth Rank : Bastard Son
Fathers Social Position: Mercenary
Ride: no
Swim: no
Climb: no
Tracking: no
Steal: no
Sing: no

4 gold sovereigns

Eudes is an outlaw warrior the bastard son of a mercenary. His overwhelming selfishness and hefty sense of greed drew him to a life of crime.

Well I can say I made a Fantasy Wargaming character now.

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Jul 10, 2020
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One of the amusing things in this thread has been to see how many systems I can recognize when looking at the character while skipping over the explanation at the start of a post...
Let's see if you recognize these!

p1-unbearable-essentials.jpg p2-equipment-and-fame.jpg p3-l337-skillz.jpg p4-possessions-mounts-pets.jpg

Today I'm going to cheat and just post photos of an old character of mine I rediscovered in my files. You've guessed it, it's FATE(L) (without the dots), or rather FATE: Das Schicksal des Helden, which translates as “Schicksal: The Fate of the Hero” (don't ask, it's a German thing). I can translate and post (in another thread) my rant about that session zero-point-oh-one I sat through, if anyone's interested.

I think I came in at a time when the AD&D character sheet had just spilled over to page two, and I've seen stapled character booklets for some system somewhere, so four pages A4 isn't an abomination in itself, although these days I have to actively keep myself from zoning out whenever a GM pushes a crowded character sheet over to me at a con.

Page 1, ten attributes with a little spread (Strength 19, Education 8), but since everything else is based on averages of three attributes, everything averages out to a kind of communal mediocrity.
There is an easter egg for Bunch on page 2, if you can read my handwriting.
Note the vocational training skills on page 3, mid right; I can really see my character sitting round the camp fire with his mates after a hard day of fighting and heroics and shit, sewing on buttons, darning slashed jerkins etc.
We didn't get to page 4, because our characters hadn't laid their hands on pets, mounts or property yet.



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Oct 16, 2020
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I'd be pretty unlikely to recognize a foreign-language RPG traits set of that age, since I doubt it ever got translated.

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Aug 20, 2017
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Palladium do the 90s with Nightbane!

Name: Jamie Stevens / DEATHBEAR
Age: 19
Faction: The Resistance
RCC: Nightbane
Alignment: Unprincipled
Level: 1

Facade/ Morphus
IQ: 7
ME: 20 / 17
MA: 9 / 11
PS: 8 / 22
PP: 22 / 28
PE: 12 / 22
PB: 10
Spd: 13 /23

HP: 14 / 51
SDC: 39 / 226
PPE: 136


Absorbs light around the Nightbane, creating an area of darkness equal to 10 feet (3.0 m) in diameter per every 2 P.P.E.
spent. The power also absorbs energy attacks, except Shadow Blast, Darkwhip and other darkness-based attacks and magic. People caught in the unnatural darkness are at -6 to strike, parry and dodge, and -4 on their perception rolls (penalties are half for creatures with nightvision).
Limitations: Usable by the Morphus only.
Cost: 2 minimum to activate. Each additional 2 P.P.E. increases the diameter of the darkness by 10 feet (3 m).

Facade Bonuses

2 Attacks
Damage by weapon or standard hand to hand.
Kick Attack 1d8 Damage
+2 Save vs Magic
+1 Save Vs Disease
+1 Save vs Horror Factor
+4 Roll / Pull Punch
+3 Save vs Psychic Attack/Insanity
+4 Parry
+4 Dodge
+4 Strike
Sense of Balance 65%
Walk Tightrope or High Wire 63%
Climb Rope 82%
Back Flip 65%

Morphus Bonuses

Horror Factor 11
3 Attacks
Supernatural Damage
Bite does 3d6 +7
Damage 2d6 + 7 Claw Damage to claw strike plus Supernatural P.S. damage,
+1 Initiative
+ 9 Strike
+ 9 Parry
+ 9 Dodge
+ 8 Roll / Pull Punch
+8 Save vs Magic
+3 Save vs Psionics
+3 Save vs Disease
+4 Save vs Poison
+3 Save vs Horror Factor
+1 Save vs Psychic Attack/Insanity
+14% save vs Coma/Death
Natural Armour Rating: 12
+2 Perception
Nightvision 2000 ft
Detect and Track Blood
Craves blood. (Blood heals)
+20% to Climbing, Escape Artist, Prowl and Seduction skills (as is applicable) in darkness
weapons made of wood, silver or Holy Weapons inflict double damage
being impaled through the heart puts the character in a coma (stasis),
hates water (it stings the flesh), especially large bodies of water (cannot swim),
hates sunlight which hurts the eyes and blisters unprotected skin, can only see 100 feet (30.5 m) in daylight (double distance with sunglasses).
Vulnerable to Sonic Attacks
Sense of Balance 65%
Walk Tightrope or High Wire 63%
Climb Rope 82%
Back Flip 65%

Morphus Form

Appearance: Anthromorph. The Nightbane's Morphus is an odd blend of human and animal characteristics that borders on caricature.

Melodious Voice: Talented singers are sometimes said to have a "voice like an angel," but this 'Bane puts them to shame. Whenever the character speaks, those around him listen. His voice also has a calming effect on even the most angry or beleaguered souls, and to hear him sing is to be left speechless (also all who hear the singing are so distracted by it that Perception Rolls are -10, -2 on initiative and -15% on skill performance.

Head of a Bear.

Nosferatu Vampire: The Morphus is a demonic vampire with an ugly face, oversized cranium, large pointed ears, sunken eyes, pale skin with a yellow or green hue, long, slender fingers that end in long, claw-like fingernails, and a thin body, like a desiccated corpse.


Hand to Hand Basic/ Hand to Hand Martial Arts
Radio: Basic 65%
Native Language 80%
Native Literacy 60%
Computer Operation 60%
Pilot Motorcycle 79%
First Aid 60%
W.P Knife Throw +1
Salvage: 40%
Climbing 60%
Prowl 35%
Escape Artist 40%
Pick Locks 40%
Sing 40%/60%
Basic Electronics 35%
Surveillance Systems 45%


Jamie is known to his friends for two things. He is utterly fearless and he gets into everything. He discovered urban exploration at the age of 10 and never looked back. There are few abandoned buildings locally, from castles to sewers, he hasn't been in. A year ago, he thought his luck had finally run out. He was exploring a long abandoned factor when a crumbling wall fell on him and he was trapped. He prepared himself for death, but found himself with inhuman strength pushing the wall off him. He ran out, not noticing his *change* and was fortunately spotted by a member of the Resistance. Now he fights the Darklords as DEATHBEAR, part of The Resistance. He still lives with his parents; one advantage of his secluded first transformation.


This makes me want to run an actual game of Nightbane. It's just so wonderfully nuts. By the game's standards, an ugly vampire with a bear's head and the voice of an angel isn't even a particularly noteworthy result.
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I'd be pretty unlikely to recognize a foreign-language RPG traits set of that age, since I doubt it ever got translated.
True, how about this one:

Brawn: 4Name: Ian
Brains: 12Archetype: Super-intelligent Cat
Balance: 20Quote: “Call me Garfield again, you bloody can-opener, and I'll…”
Bravado: 14Perks: Always Lands on Feet, Night Vision, No Thumbs, Diminutive, Catnaps, Hates Water, Weak, Claws and Fangs, Bolt
Body: 110Quirks: Curious, Excessive Grooming, Always Chasing the Latest Health and Fitness Fad

Strength Bonus: 4Dodge Bonus: 40Movement Rate: 24Initiative Bonus: 3Zero Dice: 3

Skills: Listen 54, Climb 40, Heave 8, Backbone 28, Fisticuffs 50, Endure 8, Hide 74, Sneak 60, Jump 58, Language&Lore/Animal Ownership 60, Throw 40
Zero Skills: See 74, Persuade:Charm 50, Science:Social 50
Equipment: Bespoke Space Suit, Collected Works of Charles Fort (paperback), Self-Cleaning Litterbox

Background: Just plug your jets, blud! When we pass those asteroid cluster or whatever last year, I isn't like changing, they's like changing. They got clever enough to talk to me and stop treating me like a pet or pest control or some shit like that. The boffin like scanned my head so much I glowed in the dark, but he never found nothing like evidence for all the bull he talks about neuron densities and whatnot. That's actually offensive; I could sue him. No, they did like changing. I've always been myself, and I don't give what anyone says, because this is me, I'm myself and I'm always me and that's what I am.

Spaceship Zero, 2002

Edit: Sorry, I forgot the game's title. I could have sworn I put it in, but I'm still not quite at home with the editor and formatting.
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LOL, I think DEATHBEAR will be the name of my Swedish doom metal band. :grin:

Anyway, here's today's character from me, from the OSR system Chanbara (for feudal Japan-esque settings).

Name: Daisuke of the Amethyst Temple
Class: Mahoutsukai (Magician)
Profile: Onmyoji (Exorcist)
Background: Shukyo (Religious Order)

INT 16
WIS 15
DEX 14
CON 10
CHA 12

Attack Bonus: Melee +0, Ranged +1 (+1 Dex Bonus)
Armor Class: 14 (Base 11, +2 Armor, +1 Dex Bonus)

Spells: 2 1st Level per Day
Known Spells: Blessing, Contact Minor Spirit
Magic Dice: 5 (roll 1d6, on a 5-6, spell slot is not used up, recharges daily)

Skills: Astrology/Geomancy, Esoterica, Investigation, Letters, Religion
Weapon/Armor Proficiencies: Light Armor, Simple and Classical Weapons

Special Abilities: Demon Hunter (+1 to hit and +2 damage vs demons, undead, and spirits; may use magic dice as combat dice against them)

Gear: Holy Symbol, Backpack, Plain Clothing, 1 Week of Rations, Calligraphy Set, Partial Light Armor, Spear, Dagger, 4 Mon (currency)

Allegiances: Amethyst Temple, Regional Daimyo

Background: Daisuke was born into a noble family, but one night as a youth had a vivid nightmare of a foul demon murdering his loved ones that drove him to become an exorcist so that he could destroy these evil beings wherever he found them. He joined the priests of the Amethyst Temple, a religious order founded by demon-slayers and exorcists, and was trained in their ways for several years. To do so, he had to cut ties with his family, a price he was willing to pay to pursue his calling. Having completed his training, he is now ready to serve the Temple in the field as a wandering exorcist, or on behalf of the Daimyo as well if he comes calling.


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You beat me on that one, Silent Green, though the four-five B traits ring some sort of a bell.


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #13

Thud the Barbarian (no relation)

Strength: 3
Stamina: 3
Dexterity: 3
Quickness: 0
Intelligence: -3
Perception: -2
Presence: 3
Communication: -3

Net point cost 24

Bow 1
Brawling 3
Great weapons 3
Thrown weapons 2
Single weapons 1
Bravery 1
Climb 1
Sleep 1
Swim 1

Skill cost 24.

Hit points 60 + 84(12 build points)= 144
Wound threshold 18hp

Weapons and Armor
Double bladed battle axe

Initiative Armed: 9
Initiative unarmed: 4
Initiative non combat: 0
Attk melee: 11
Attk missile:-1
Attk unarmed:6
DFN armed:10
DFN unarmed:3
DAM melee:15
Soak score:3

Move 15 paces

Thud is a huge hulk of a man. His head is abnormally small capped by a dented horned helmet. His weapon of choice which he refers to as "Mother" is the largest double bladed ax you've ever seen and yet it looks small next his frame. He wears only his helmet, a dirty loincloth and fur boots.
Note to others: Thud gets irate if a person accidentally includes an 'r' somewhere in his name.

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You beat me on that one, Silent Green, though the four-five B traits ring some sort of a bell.
I'm sorry, I forgot to put in the game title. It's Spaceship Zero. Writing, I thought the Zero Dice and Zero Skills were a dead giveaway, but the game is rather obscure.
I'm actually amazed that you recognize so many by their stat names. I think I could place a few if I saw their actual, “official” character sheets (even those without a prominent logo), but I'd be all at sea if I only had the stat names to go by.


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Oct 16, 2020
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I'm a very mechanics-oriented guy, and games tend to tell you a lot about what they care about via their choice of how many and what stats, and similar things with skills and things like advantages or disadvantages.

And of course, some things are dead giveaways: the Traveller or Cepheus Engine attribute recording (I don't think I've seen another game system that records its attributes in, effectively, hexadecimal) or Silverlion's MSH characters which pretty much have to be either MSH or its retroclone FASERIP. Or non-mechanical things like the world platform reference in the Fringeworthy write-up (even though I've never used the native system to run Fringeworthy, the setting quirks are firmly lodged in my brain).

Mind you, the more modern a game is, the more likely I've missed it just because we live in the time of incredibly plenty.


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Aug 16, 2017
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I'm taking requests if anyone wants to see what a character looks like for systems. Just reply to this comment or tag me.

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Inspired by another thread, I give you my Monsters Monsters (an offshoot of Tunnels and Trolls) character.

Name: Agrarlokaosah Smith
Kindred: Balrukh

Strength: 300
Constitution: 160
Dexterity: 12
Speed: 12
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 29
Wizardry: 30
Charisma: 60 (Terror)

Combat Adds: 305
Height: 24 ft
Weight: 1000 lbs

Special Ability: Inflammable

Spells: Curse Weapon with Fire, Smoke 'Em if you Got 'Em

Weapon: Flaming Whip (2d6 +308)

Background: Agrarlokaosah (Aggie to his fiends) is a Balrog, but he calls himself a Balrukh to avoid his natural enemy, the copyright lawyer. His player has recently been kicked out of his gaming group.

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Jul 10, 2020
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My Life in… Shambles
The Wholly Unremarkable World of the Living Dead
A Terrible Idea, 2005

Name: Joseph Wilson Currie
Sex: m
Height: 5'9
Weight: 170lb
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Description: well-muscled caucasian man, beginning middle age
Gore: 6
Damage: none

Lurch: 5
Flail: 1
Clutch: 6
Brawn: 5
Chuck: 1
Sense: 2

LAFF Points: 0

Brains: 0
Weapons: 3-prong hand cultivator
Inventory/Notes: increasingly ragged flannel shirt and denim overalls, Snuffles on a leash

Background: Never the brightest pea in the pod, Joe dropped out of Smalltown High at age 15. He liked growing things, so he got a job at Lipschitz's Landscaping. Thirty years later, he still had the same job, although Old Lipschitz had had a kind enough heart to raise Joe's pay to the point where he could afford a tiny flat, a scooter and a dog. He was a diligent worker who had picked up a lot of gardening skills over the years, but several attempts of putting him in charge of teams unspectacularly failed despite the fact that Joe had a knack of passing on his knowledge to younger workers, at least if he didn't do it consciously. Having had his heart broken at twenty, he never had the courage to approach another woman, but lived alone with his dog in
a state of melancholy and mild depression.
One day, he was assaulted by a deranged law clerk while walking his dog after work. Joe suffered a nasty bite before he managed to fight off his assailant and flee into an overgrown park at the city's edge, where he promptly fainted. He came to at the foot of a tree with Snuffles frantically
barking. He felt sad that the little dog wouldn't come to him, so he pulled her in by her leash and held her tight until she stopped barking and biting him. Now he roams the streets of Smalltown trying to find his way home but he always ends up at the burned out shell of Lipschitz's Landscaping. Joe drags Snuffles behind him on her leash. Sometimes he sits down and pulls her on his lap for comfort. He doesn't mind that Snuffels is dead, for he is dead himself.


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Nov 24, 2018
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Today I'm continuing my fantasy streak with Sword of Cepheus.

Varan the Tribesman, Barbarian 2 (Rank 1), Age 22


Skills: Survival-2, Athletics-1, Recon-1, Riding-1, Watercraft-1, Animals-0, Archery-0, Melee-0

Traits: Hunter (when making a Surprise roll from ambush, throw 3D and take highest 2)

Equipment: Leather Armor, Battle Axe, Short Bow, 20 Arrows, Shield, Riding Horse, Backpack, Waterskin, 1 Week of Rations, 30 Gold Coins, 5 Silver Coins

Term 1: successfully entered the Barbarian career*; promoted to Rank 1, was successfully sent to spy on another tribe
Term 2: failed his survival roll and suffered a Mishap: injured and had several teeth knocked out; became an adventurer after that.

* "entering the Barbarian career" sounds goofy, but hey, that's the terminology


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Aug 28, 2017
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I was very sick yesterday so for falling behind I'm going to switch gears for one I rolled up in NOT a superhero game:

Babarians of the Ruined Earth.

Skasm the Perilous
ability scores
STR 18 | DEX 8 | CON 17
INT 16 | WIS 11 | CHA 12
skin color: obsidian
hair color: silver
eye color: static
state of nails: made of circuitry
teeth: metal
weird feature: Always floats about 2” above the ground
weapon+armor: light armor, all shields, short sword, long sword, dagger, and staff
english +
weapon damage
1d4/1 unarmed or improvising
starting equipment
sorcerer's staff (Made of strange metal from another world)
no armor
rations (2)
waterskin (4),
torches x6 (1)
healing salve (1 HD of HP restored)
63 green ceramic coins
interesting trinket
a beautiful golden necklace denoting your remarkable birth

life event
you have used your powers many times to protect your fellow villagers. the village considers you a hero.

Now for today! Whoo Marvel Again! (Well to be fair the table is weighted like MSH table to pick somewhere in the middle...hehehe)

Hero Name: Silver Knight
Given Name: None (Thomas FitzRoy)
(Robot: Human shape/Actual Golem)

Fighting: Amazing (50)
Agility: Incredible (40)
Strength: Remarkable (30)
Endurance: Incredible (40)
Reason: Remarkable (30)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Incredible (40)

Health: 160
Karma: 80
Resources: Typical (5)
Popularity: Good (8)

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Skin Color: Silver

Mystic Origin*
Blunt Weapons
Occult Lore


Silver Knight was created by an unknown wizard a Baron in rank during the Middle Ages. The wizard formed him of metal, spells, and a few reagents for casting those
spells. He was made very human like in form. He dressed him up in ceremonial armor, and used him as a protector of various wards of the wizard. apprentices, noblewomen, and others who'd come under his protection, including sending the knight to destroy invading armies. At some point the Baron fell into exile,
and was left alone with his knight, who kept him company for many years, as guardian, man servant and more. When the Baron passed, the Silver Knight
buried his master, and mourned him. In time he was left with little to do, and discarded the now tarnished armor, to wonder disguised across
the world, until he was buried in a rock fall. He was gentle, well spoken, and willing to work for a place to stay, few if any noticed he never
ate at least in public. Though he kept a cloak and hood on for ages. One day, rumors of a dragon called him to arms, but by now he was simply another un-armed peasant in a mob. Though he sought it at night--he went into the alleged lair only to have the cave collapsed on him. Rumors of his strange skin color, had slipped out, and his tireless nature, and many in the Church feared him as being a demon and so sought to end him for good. Instead merely trapping him buried in stone.

In time, someone excavated the cave as part of a construction project, and discovered a strange metallic man inside. Since heroes were common, and robots, everyone just assumed he'd lost to a villain or been abandoned by his creator. Only a few know the truth. He has spent a lot of his time catching up the strange new world he is in and dealing with the fact that he spent centuries expecting to wake up in a world vaguely similar to his own, but democracy and the like had flourished and so had technology that amazed him. Several computer companies have sought to investigated his mind, and discovered that he was not technological in anyway, but one company took note, and promised him to help him out in return for the occasional favor--nothing that diminish an idealistic knight's reputation at all. Currently he works as one of their security guards.

He does moonlight as a superhero, of course, since he is great endurance, and strength as well as fighting ability. It is notable that he is non-ferrous.When active as a hero he goes by Silver Knight, and wears stylized Medieval armor, and carries a hand mace made of titanium.


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I just realized I did not post a character yesterday. My excuse is we lost power so at some point I will make up for day #13 but not tonight

Day #14
Thieves Guild (1980 1st edition)

Blik the Goblin (Landed Peasant of the Earsnatcher Clan)
Level 1 Thief (the only actual class allowed in the game)

Str: 12
Coordination: 12
Stamina: 15
Discretion: 18
Intelligence: 10
Talent: 1
Magic Resistance: 8
Magnetism: 5
Appearance: 11

Thieving Abilities
Sense Traps: 15%
Open Locks: 10%
Locating Traps: 15%
Disarming Traps: 20
Picking Pockets: 25
Moving Silently: 20%
Hiding in Shadows/Cover: 20
Climbing Surfaces: 80
Hearing Noise: 20

Fields of Training

Weapon Training
Hand Ax
Hand Ax (Thrown)

Hit Die: d8
Hits to Kill: 20

Quilted Armor & Helm AC 2, 1 hit absorbed per blow, max hits 10
Hand Ax(Melee) HAC0:9 1d6Dam
Hand Ax(Thrown) HACO:6/11/15 Range:15/45/90 1d6Dam

Black Leaf

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Some BOSR now with Warlock. (I'm using the Compendium and Kingdom as well for this).

Name: Gingig Forgespark
Community: Dwarf
Career: Dwarf Inventor
Character Traits: Sarcastic, Brave, Moody
Height: Towering (he's almost as tall as a human!)
Frame: Average
Skin: Pockmarked
Hair Colour: Black
Hair: Curly
Hairstyle: Pudding Bowl
Facial Hair: Neckbeard
Talent: Uncanny Sense. You have an uncanny ability to avoid danger, be it a latent psychic ability, exceptional paranoia or perhaps dark whispers from beyond the veil. Regardless of its source, you cannot be surprised.
Passions: Hate -Necromancers. Loyalty - Dwarves.

Stamina: 23
Luck: 10
Pluck: 10

Appraise: 6
Athletics: 5
Bargain: 10
Blunt: 6
Bow: 4
Brawling: 8
Command: 5
Crossbow: 5
Diplomacy: 6
Disguise: 4
Dodge: 6
Endurance: 6
History: 5
Incantation: 5
Intimidate: 5
Language: 5
Large Blade: 4
Lie: 6
Medicine: 4
Navigation: 4
Ostler: 4
Persuasion: 5
Pole Arm: 4
Repair: 7
Sleight of Hand 5
Small Blade: 6
Spot: 6
Stealth: 4
Streetwise: 4
Survival: 4
Thrown: 5
Inventor: 7

Equipment: A box, crammed with interesting tools, and a notebook of inventions, half-full. A club, as sometimes people don't pay, and a nice suit of clothes for when you're talking to your betters. 4 silver coins, backpack, 1 days' foods, water skin, eating knife, clothes and boots. A miniature painting of his sister, held in a battered locket.

Background: Inventor for hire, Gingig hails from. He is the proud inventor of the endless lantern. However, he is absolutely furious about the fact that the human who comissioned it ran off without paying! If he finds them, there will be trouble. He's actually from the ruins of Honheim, but he's found people get jumpy about the notoriously demon tainted area and prefers to change the subject when his background is brought up. This is actually why he's adventuring. While the money is good, secretly he wants revenge on the necromancer who killed and then rose his family. He was recently forced to flee Westerboss after being accused of selling unsafe matches. (He actually didn't. A rival inventor didn't like the competition and planted them in his workshop). Sadly, this mean asking his not-girfriend (he was going to ask her soon, honest) Wyna behind. She still owes him a drink.

(Background was all done with the help of the random tables in the books)


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I'll continue my fantasy run today with one more character, then try other settings for a bit. Time for some Mork* Borg!

Name: Torgen
Class: None
HP: 6
Omens: 2

Agility: +1
Presence: -1
Strength: -1
Toughness: -1
HP: 6

Weapons: Sword, Knife
Armor: Medium Armor (Scale), Shield
Equipment: Donkey, Waterskin, 2 Days of Food, Backpack, 3 Torches, 53 Silver Coins

Now for the fun optional stuff:

Traits: He is endlessly aggravated and prone to substance abuse.
Broken Body: A recently slashed and stinking eye, covered with an eyepatch.
Bad Habits: His stress response is aesthetic -- the worse things get, the fancier he needs to be.
Troubling Tales: After dreaming of the temple of an underground god, he understands the songs of insects and worms.

* Sorry; I couldn't figure out how to do an umlaut in the forum.


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Most of you are playing games that are too complicated for me. Here's a young squire created in The Fantasy Trip:

Aerfen the Squire
ST 11 DX 13 (12) IQ 8
Talents: Sword, Horsemanship, Shield, Handyman, Cook, Brawling
Equipment: Arming coat, short sword, buckler
Protection: 2 pts, 2d-1 sword

Silent Green

Jul 10, 2020
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The Goriest B-Horror Movie RPG Undead or Alive!
Timeout Diversions, 2010

Name: Robert “Razor” Farnham
Stereotype: dumb muscle

Unwise: 9
Unluck: 8
Undone: 7
Unharm: 9

Unbelievable: Hardy
Unthinkable: Foible (cocaine)

Background: Being a bouncer and debt collector does pay the rent, but not the hookers and blow, buddy. So when that Ocean fella recruited me for his 18-man team, I didn't hesitate. And the job wouldn't be there tomorrow, because word on the street is that the Yakuza is going for Al Capones secret stash on Cuba, too. So we just speedboat over to the Costa del Zombi and break down a few walls in that bricked-up sub-basement of that crumbling abandoned insane asylum built on that Arawak burial ground. In and out, quick two-day adventure. What could possibly go wrong?


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Day #15

@Fenris-77 this one is for you. Let me know if I did this right.

Human Occupied Landfill - Butteryholsomeness

Slo Mo Pho
Totem: Sloth (Meat 5,Mouth 5,Feets +1,Greymatta +5,Nuts +5)
Pudding: Tapioca +2 feets
Homeworld: Cosby the pudding planet, Choose your pudding! Tapioca

spot wastit : 5
Critter Training -6
Enjoy Hellish Agony 4
Operate Vehicles 4
Operate Starship 4
seek the guilt 3
homicidal rage 6
make anything you say sound more important than god 3
Fun with bugs 4

mercenary sidekick costing 36chits + expenses
kid sidekick
mime 2 weeks a year. break it and lose 15k chits
Pubs: Gratitude without Getting Any. +1 Kudo per zero cost chart

armor 5, painful rash
6 gadgets made of indestructible material
ankle rash
6 rats in my head
Web of connections 1-3 anyone you meet you know and they owe you 4-6 they know you and you wish theyd forget it.
hooked on card games
dirty & bad
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I realize I am way behind schedule but here it is. I hope I can do the CoD big three (a vampire, a werewolf and a mage) and hopefully do it again with the oWoD versions.

Vampire: the Requiem, 2nd edition

"Alistair Ravenholm" (b. Ethan Greene)
New Age Svengali
Aspirations: To bring the city's powerful into his flock; to head the Covenant in his city; to master blood sorcery
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Mask: Visionary
Dirge: Authoritarian
Touchstone: The ex-girlfriend who introduced him to the occult and now lives a placid suburban soccer mom life
Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2; Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2; Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 2
Skills: Academics 2, Occult 3, Politics 2; Athletics 1, Drive 1, Larceny 1, Weaponry 1; Empathy 1, Expression 2, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 3, Socialize 1, Subterfuge 2
Disciplines: Celerity 1, Crúac 1 (Pangs of Proserpina), Majesty 1
Merits: Circle of the Crone Status 1, Contacts 2, Herd 3, Inspiring, Resources 3
Humanity: 7
Willpower: 4
Defense: 3
Size: 5
Health: 7
Speed: 9

Ethan is tall, somewhat lanky but cuts a charming figure. Dyes his brown hair black. Dresses mostly in black but favors smart clothes and little, discrete jewelry rather thn the typical Goth regalia of his youthful days. He was just another subemployed English major until his girlfriend got him to experiment with the occult, which slowly grew into obsession and ended with him at the feet of his sire, a staid Acolyte ancilla who took a liking to his occult-fueled ambition and saw the makings of a "dark father" in his naked ambition. Yet Ethan is far too fond of worldly things, even in death, and has started a "cult" of his own, with a spiel that oscillates between lip service to the Crone's mysteries but filtered through self-help drivel, the better to attract followers, much to the consternation of his sire (who keeps a watchful eye on his ministrations to ensure the Masquerade is preserved). His "flock" grows slowy but surely yet it's rich and powerful followers, and the influence and wealth that come with them, that he craves.

Comments: This is the first fully non-random character sheet I write up in a long time. Took me a while to come up with concept, which pokes a bit of fun at some of the people I met during my LARP days and who took themselves a dash too seriously, but has potential to be played straight in a typical Requiem game. Not having played anything nWoD/CoD in a while, it also took me long to write him up. I initially meant for Ethan/Alistair to be a Ventrue but the more I typed, the more Daeva-ish he came out.

Also, why is it that all my characters are ridiculous picaresque types?
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This topic has cemented my love for tighter formatted character sheets and less involved character generation. :beat:
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