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Silent Green

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Jul 10, 2020
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Under the Moons of Zoon
Luigi Castellani, 2007
Name: Hleec Miix AmaarshRace: Human
Body: 4Presence: 4Agility: 5Wit: 2Psi-Index: 0
Life Points: 24Initiative: 7Psionic Points:Size: MSpeed: 3
Epic Points: 0Special Abilities/Weaknesses: Item of Wonder, Doom
Fame: 0Known Languages: Zoonian
Popularity Tally: ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯
Skills: Armsman (Basic/+1), Pilot (Advanced/+2)
Equipment & Items of Wonder: Ornithopter, Pistol, clothes, knife, small flat with 1 servant, 50 thaari
Armour: Light Armor (AV 3, Agility -1)
Weapons: Dagger (1d6 damage), Pistol (2d6 damage, ranges S:1-20m, M:21-40m, L:41-60m)
Psionic Disciplines/Weird Science Secrets:

Name: The Umgarla BaaluruthType: Flyer-vtol
Body: 10Life Points: 60Armor: 6Size: LAcceleration: 8Maneuverability: 2Speed: 15
Crew: 1Cargo: 3000kgPassengers:
Special Equipment: Radar (20km range), Radio (20 km range), Life Support System (24h endurance)
Repeating Arquebus (90° arc forward) (2d6+2 damage, ranges S:1-40m, M:41-80m, L:81-120m)
Special Damage: (?)

“Hleec Miix Amaarsh. I'm pilot of The Umgarla Baaluruth. Xooyii says you're looking to move something to That-Uvid. ——— Fast flyer? You've never heard of The Umgarla Baaluruth? ——— It's the orny that made the Stiilitt Run in less than 12 Umdeedumalaf. ——— Ye- ——— Ye- ——— Yes, I know it's a measure of distance. ——— No, it makes sense in context, and it's the way the story's told on the streets. Anyway, what's the cargo? ——— I don't care that you haven't heared of it. ——— Look, nathog, you want those sacks of ‘stuff’ delivered to Kha or not? ——— Yes, I put ‘air quotes’ around that word; I wonder how you can tell when you're on the blower. ——— What, you some kind of Grammar Zoolamrad? ——— That's a hundred thaari, all in advance. ——— But who's gonna fly it, tar? You? ——— One seventy? ——— Kalat, you got yourself a transport. I'll be ready when you are. Hangar 69. ——— Nudrat to you, too. (hangs up) Asshole.”


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Nov 24, 2018
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It's OSR again for me today, this time WW2-flavored, with Operation White Box from Small Niche Games.

Name: Sergeant Raymond Stone
Nationality: American
Pre-War Profession: Military
Class: Combat Engineer
Level: 1

Strength 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 9
Constitution 10
Dexterity 11
Charisma 6

Hit Points: 6
Saving Throw: 14
Base Hit Bonus: +0
XP Bonus: +0%
AC: 7

Class Abilities: Mechanical Understanding, Demolitions, Jury-Rig (3/Day), +2 to Saving Throw vs. Explosions

Gear: Assigned per needs of the mission

Background: Sgt. Stone is a career military man. His family has had members in the U.S. military since the War of 1812, so he knew he would carry on the legacy the best he could, having enlisted before the U.S. entered the war. His time fighting in Italy brought him to the attention of the SOE, who selected him to serve in the elite organization. After undertaking further training, it is May 1944 and he is awaiting his next deployment.


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Aug 28, 2017
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Icons today!
Name: Hellghast (Carmilla Summers)
Origin: Unearthly
Prowess: 4
Coordination: 4
Strength: 6
Intellect: 5
Willpower: 5

Stamina: 11
Determination: 1

Regeneration: 5
Cold Control: 6 ( Blast)
Phasing: 6 (Flight)

Performance +2

Hellghast, as she is known as a hero, is not someone you'd expect to be nice, not someone you'd expect to be kind. She's a demon from some distant hell, sent to Earth to lead souls into damnation, a chilly, empty, cold hell. But on Earth? As Carmilla? She found something she'd never know before--the warmth of love, and kindness. She turned against her mission, seduction, temptation, and other dark plans, in order to give all she is to a little girl she found almost frozen to death on the streets during winter. She took the girl in, stole a house (well "borrowed" is a bit limiting) but no one bothers to mention it to her, because despite its dark demeanor outside--the kind most kids dare children to go up too and knock, its filled with all the beautiful warm colors of spring, summer, and love and life. All to give one child a happy home.

Though, a demoness, she refuses to fall in line and be an obedient little soldier for her version of hell. Instead, she rejects those ideas and uses her powers to fight against evil's of all kinds--other monsters, human or non, so her adopted daughter has a safe, and pleasant world to live in--her hair is white, her skin pale, but no one much mentions it--as Hellghast she dresses in the most concealing (but frightening) costume she can manage--a faceless mask, horns, gloves with faux-spines resembling icicles, and a cape seemingly made of cobwebs. Few would put the night chilling horror-hero, as the sunny and cheerful lady in the slightly gloomy house at the end of the street. She even give full sized candy bars on Halloween, so the dares are usually only for those new to the neighborhood. Because once past the gate, their are green grass, and flowers a plenty--surprisingly all year round.

Sometimes, love wins, even if its the quiet, shy love of a wee shivering child in the night, weeping in need.

Weep, for your soul I will reap in time!
Frighteningly good at being a mom.
Not all is dark before the dawn, when love beholds a tiny fawn!


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #24
Star Frontiers

Dralasite Technologist
65kg 1.3m 30y old
"Right" handed

STR/STA 75/75
DEX/RS. 45/35
INT/LOG. 70/70
PER/LDR. 35/35

Initiative +4
Unarmed Damage 4
Ranged ToHit 23
Melee ToHit 38

Walk 5m, Run 20m, Hourly 3km

Racial Features
Lie Detection 5%

Repair Machinery (1) 50%
Open Lock(1) 60%

Standard Equipment Pack
2x Tangler Grenade
2x Doze Grenade
2x Fragmentation Grenade
48 credits

Silent Green

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Jul 10, 2020
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Twilight Imperium: The Role-Playing Game
Fantasy Flight, 1999

Name: “Bros” Brr'rosBr'rrosHpnin-KA (Tide-Goes-In-Tide-Goes-Out)Concept: missionary-philosopherProfession: scientist
Race: XxchaRacial Advantage: deep hibernation
Body: 5Charisma: 17Education: 16Mind: 14Ability: 6
Health: 25Initiative: 14Hand-to-Hand Damage: 5
Equipment: Minicomputer (with extensive libraries of philosophical texts and clumsy tracts), Personal Heating Unit, Hover Disk

Skills Stamina 35, Dodge 35, Empathy 40, Persuasion 40, Haggle 40, Fast Talk 38, Lazax Law 40, Medicine 40, Political Science 40, Psychology 40, Theology 40, Discipline 44, Intuition 34, Perception 40, Reaction 28, Art 30, Disguise 26, Streetwise 22, Teaching 36

Background: Bros survived the Letnev bombardment of Archon Tau as a tadpole. A philosopher-hermit who came to contemplate the eventually inevitable futility of mortal endeavour and bathe on the shore every high tide noticed him coming and going with the tides and, after Bros molted into sentient form, took him in to his bustling philosophers' hermitage. Bros became a scholar and a scientist and eventually was made Philosopher-Errant by the king. Now he roams the space-lanes to spread the Xxcha way of thought, for, is it not said “the Xxcha spirit shall heal the galaxy” as well as “I owe you nothing, nothing at all”? Shit is deep.


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Nov 24, 2018
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Today's game is another Cepheus variant; this time around it is Cepheus Light from Stellagama Publishing.

Ex-Scout Florian Delgado, Scouts 1/Rank 1, Age 22
Computer-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Piloting-1, Recon-1, Science-1
Benefits: Cr. 5,000

Background: Florian hails from a high-tech core world, where his favorite thing to do as a youth was to race in grav vehicles with his friends among the mile-tall spires of his planet's vast cities and arcologies. Upon reaching adulthood, he sat for the exams to become a customs agent, but did not pass them, and as a result was drafted into the Scout Service. He spent four years traveling to the far reaches of known space and back, and participated in system surveys and planetary explorations. Once his obligation was fulfilled, he was not offered a permanent posting, and now finds himself discharged with a little money and a lot of free time on his hands.

The Butcher

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Apr 29, 2017
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Mage: the Awakening, 2nd edition

Skeptical Guardian and diviner of secrets of the dead
Aspirations: To suppress mortal awareness of magic in the city, and especially within the police department; to dispose of Seers and their pawns using mortal institutions of justice and punishment; to create a Masque for herself
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride
Touchstone: Her elderly mother
Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 2, Resolve 3; Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2; Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Skills: Academics 2, Investigation 2 (Homicides), Medicine 3 (Forensic), Occult 2, Science 2 (Forensic); Drive 1, Firearms 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 1; Empathy 2, Persuasion 1, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2
Merits: Professional Training 2, Resources 3, Status (Guardians of the Veil) 1, Trained Observer 1
Dedicated Magical Tool: Ivory-handled ceremonial knife
Arcana: Death 3, Life 1, Matter 1, Mind 1
Praxis: Forensic Gaze (Death 1)
Rotes: Forensic Gaze (Death 1; Medicine), Without A Trace (Death 2; Science), Ghost Summons (Death 3; Occult)
Gnosis: 1
Wisdom: 7
Willpower: 5
Defense: 4
Size: 5
Health: 7
Speed: 10

Lila Farzaneh lived a perfectly normal childhood with nothing to suggest that she would one day wake to the grim Watchtower of the Leaden Coin, and yet the Oracles saw fit to speak to her. She was admitted to medical school after her Awakening and forensic pathology was a natural fit for her sacred mission. She took the Shadow Name of Daena, after the Zoroastrian psychopomp, and sees herself as a caretaker of loose ends and dealer in the secrets of the dead. Joining the Guardians suited her overbearing sense of duty towards magic, and she sees the Labyrinth as the one thing between her loved ones and the dangers of the supernatural world. An early run-in with a Seer pylon left her with a lasting animosity against the lapdogs of the Exarchs, even as she recognizes the thin line the Guardians walk between protecting mortals and serving the Lie.

Lila is a short, nondescript, no-nonsense woman who dresses, thinks and acts practically. Unusually for a Guardian she is not overly fond of elaborate symbolism beyond that which is necessary to work her magic (very focused on necromancy) and while she believes the fundamental ethos of the Guardians, she approaches it very "secularly". Sure, the Hieromagus showing up would be a very good thing, but she won't be the one sitting around and heading an intricate mystery cult to bullshit Sleepers in the meantime. She believes in action -- careful, discrete, well thought out, but action none the less.

Comments: Ye gods, that took a while. I went back and forth over and over again on the magic system, and I'm still not sure I got it right. I'm a sucker for necromancers and was hard-pressed to do a modern-day one that didn't feel trite, not sure I've succeeded here either.
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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #25
Top Secret (not SI)
Reginal Pierce
CodeName: Vienna
NSA - Investigation Bureau

Nationality: American
29yr old Caucasian Male
5'9" 140 lbs
Right Handed
Blood type: O negative
Glasses 42%

Primary Personal Traits
Physical Strength: 27
Charm: 54
Willpower: 74
Knowledge: 26
Coordination: 68

Secondary Personal Traits
Offense: 52
Deception: 45
Evasion: 61
Deactivation: 47
Observation: 50
Shock Resistance:55
Movement Value: 169
Life Level: 10

Tertiary Personal Traits
Perception: 43
HTH Combat Value: 88
Surprise Value: 106

Languages Known
English 89%
French 40%

Areas of Knowledge
Geography 78%
Physics 73%
Political Science 64%

.22 pocket self load Beretta VF, 87% base accuracy, (p,s,m,l = 0,-50,-150,X), ROF=1, Mag=6, HWV=4

"Vienna" is proof that connections can carry you much further than effort or natural ability.


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Apr 28, 2018
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Palladium do the 90s with Nightbane!

Name: Jamie Stevens / DEATHBEAR

This makes me want to run an actual game of Nightbane. It's just so wonderfully nuts. By the game's standards, an ugly vampire with a bear's head and the voice of an angel isn't even a particularly noteworthy result.
OK, now I know what one of the baddies in one of my wuxia game looks like:shade:!

Also, an epic name for a metal band, I agree:thumbsup:!

Here's my contribution, people...Legends of the Wulin!

Huo Guosheng (sp?)
Archetype: Courtier
Weapon: Sword (but actually can be almost anythring that includes a Sword, including, most often, Sword-Unarmed...well, short of Sword-Ranged).
External: Graceful Crane
5 points: 5 penalty less against Hard to Dodge attacks.
3 points: attacks can impose Fear conditions.

Courtier Arts:
3 points: Combat-time Passions Manipulations

Internal: Swords Style
1st (free), grants another type of

Swordsmen Society: membership (3)
Status: 3
Secret: Sword-Heart Skill (3)
Secret: Graceful Crane/Internal Style combo: you can add your Parry bonus to Dodge instead and it still satisfies all other conditions.

Loresheet: Husband and Wife: 1 (Marriage is going to appear in the game)

Entanglement: 15
Cultivation: 38 (13 Chi and 5 Cultivation towards improving to 14).

Coming of age now,
I'm wandering the Wulin.
Ah! Clashing swords!

Silent Green

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Jul 10, 2020
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I want to be the evilest
Like no one ever was
My goal is catching all the rest
And train them for my cause

I'm eleven and overweight
Doing it for the thrill
Find Pokéthulhu to subjugate
And bind them to my will

(Pokéthulhu, gonna catch you all)
It's you or me
I know it's my destiny
Oh, you're abom'nable
For a mind so unstable
(Pokéthulhu, gonna catch you all)
Me, you'll not outdo
Our aspects will pull us through
You doom me and I'll doom you
(Gonna catch you all)
Gonna catch you all

Name: Dicky Pickman
Age: 13
Home Village: G'dharn
Aspect: Decomposing

Grade Level:
Phys Ed: 3
Pokéthulhu Lore: 9
Sanity: 4 (lucky)
Shoplifting: 7
Talking Trash: 5

Name: Hziulquoigmahnamahna
Power: 9
Speed: 4
Hit Points: 7
Aspects: Decomposing, Icy
Weakness: Squamous

3 (Let It Go Up to Eleven, Icy)
Dodge: 2 (Caught Limbs Rot Off Instantly, Decomposing)
Trap: 1 (Alpine Blast, Icy)
Frighten: 3 (Eruption of Rotten Innards, Decomposing)

Great, now I want a “True Facts about Hziulquoigmahnamahna” video on Youtube.


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Nov 24, 2018
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It's OSR Wild West time for me, with a character from The Eerie West - X from Beyond Belief Games.

Name: Ezekiel Steen
Class: Trailblazer
Level: 1

Strength 13
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 10
Constutition 12
Dexterity 11
Charisma 6

Hit Points: 9
Base Hit Bonus: +2 Melee/+1 Ranged
Armor Class: 12
Saving Throw: 15

Class Abilities: Brawler, Close Fighter (Knife), Long Shot, Trailblazer Skills (+2 to Tracking, Find/Remove Traps, Notice, Hide in Shadows, and Move Silently, in outdoor settings), Survival, Know Location, Fish/Forage/Trap (can feed 4 people/day)

Equipment: Buckskins, Poncho, Blanket, Set of Eating Utensils, Pound of Preserved Beef, 3 Cans of Beans, Set of Snares, Pick, Bowie Knife, Musket with 50 Powder and Shot, Mule, 5 Furs

Background: Ezekiel "Zeke" Steen is a fur trapper and hunter who spends much of his time far from civilization. He's pretty sure he's seen some very strange things in the wilderness -- ghosts, the walking dead, and worse -- but the townsfolk never believe him and think he's just a tall tale-teller who's been off by himself too long. His general orneriness and gruff demeanor don't help. Nevertheless, once you head into the empty areas of the map, he's the kind of companion you want with you.


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Feb 9, 2020
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Character creation starts at


Having played GURPS for several years, I knew that it would be more than capable of making whatever I needed. I did this more as an exercise in seeing the character prospects from a different perspective, and because I'll be using material from GURPS Transhuman Space for my campaign.

Final Character

Lena Denkova wanted to be a law enforcement officer all her life. It was her family profession, and she'd dreamed about it her entire life. Her father, uncle, and brother had filled her head with tales of their cases. When she finally got her shot, it was different than what she expected, but she adapted. She was good at her work, and very adept at identifying people by characteristics and behaviors rather than appearance. This made her a natural in the AIC (AI/Informorph Crime) Division, and she closed more cases than any other detective of her age. This obsession with her job was at the expense of her personal life, and she made few friends and more than her share of enemies. She was framed for taking money and killing a perp in her custody- a ludicrous charge that any that knew her would know was beyond the pale for her. She knew others that took money for 'favors' and took liberties with the line of the law, but it was abhorrent to her. Seeing how quickly her fellow officers believed the charges against her made her wish she'd followed her conscience when she saw the transgressions of her peers.

But it was too late for regrets- the trumped up charges would have resulted in taking her offline for centuries, if not her own RD. She needed time to figure out what happened. Though she felt like she was in a corner, she found out that she had friends that she didn't know she had, and one of them gave her the space she needed. Putting her sleeve in storage, she cast off-world to the frontiers into a clean sleeve. This would give her the chance to make her way back to the core- eventually- and solve her crime. She just had to hope her disappearance was clean enough so she wouldn't be tracked by someone as skilled as her in finding ego-jumpers. In the meantime, she had to make the money to migrate back to the core without raising an suspicions. And the only thing she knew was law- so she became an ego hunter, chasing down bounties in the badlands.


Name: Lena Denkova
Character Points: 300 pts
Character Type: Bounty Hunter


ST 11 (10) HP 11 (00) Speed 6.25
DX 14 (40) Per 15 (15) Move 6
IQ 12 (20) Will 12 (00) BL 24
HT 11 (10) FP 11 (00) DMG 1d-1/1d+1

Total Attributes: 95


Combat Reflexes (15)
Bioshell (41)
Ghost Mind Emulation (17)

Total Advantages: 73


Secret: Death (-30)
Code of Honor: Police (-15)
Obsession: Prove her Innocence (-10)

Total Disadvantages: -55


Sensitive about being called a liar -1
Always inclined to help those in need -1
Stays away from drugs and drink -1


Acrobatics (DX/Hard) – 14 (4)
Acting (IQ/Average) – 10 (1)
Area Knowledge (Core/US/Chicago) (IQ/Easy) – 12 (1)
Area Knowledge (Antliae VI) (IQ/Easy) – 12 (1)
Armory/TL11 (Small Arms) (IQ/Average) – 11 (1)
Beam Weapons/TL11 (Pistol/Laser) (DX/Easy) – 15 (2)
Body Language (Per/Average) – 16 (4)
Carousing (HT/Easy) – 11 (1)
Climbing (DX/Average) – 14 (2)
Computer Operations (IQ/Easy) – 12 (1)
Criminology (IQ/Average) – 12 (2)
Current Affairs/TL11 (IQ/Easy) – 12 (1)
Detect Lies (Per/Hard) – 15 (4)
Diplomacy (IQ/Hard) – 10 (1)
Driving/TL11 (DX/Average) – 14 (2)
Fast Draw (DX/Easy) – 15 (2)
First Aid/TL11 (IQ/Easy) – 12 (1)
Forensics/TL11 (IQ/Hard) – 11 (2)
Guns/TL11 (Pistol) (DX/Easy) – 15 (2)
Guns/TL11 (Shotgun) (DX/Easy) – 14 (1)
Guns/TL11 (Rifle) (DX/Easy) – 15 (2)
Interrogation (IQ/Average) – 12 (2)
Intimidation (Will/Average) – 11 (1)
Judo (DX/Hard) – 16 (12)
Jumping (DX/Easy) – 14 (1)
Karate (DX/Hard) – 14 (4)
Knot Tying (DX/Easy) – 14 (1)
Law (IQ/Hard) – 10 (1)
Leadership (IQ/Average) – 12 (2)
Lockpicking/TL11 (IQ/Average) – 11 (1)
Melee Weapon (Knife) (DX/Easy) – 15 (2)
Navigation/TL11 (IQ/Average) – 11 (1)
Observation (Per/Average) – 15 (2)
Research/TL11 (IQ/Average) – 12 (2)
Riding (Horse) (DX/Average) – 14 (2)
Running (HT/Average) – 11 (2)
Search (Per/Average) – 15 (2)
Shadowing (IQ/Average) – 12 (2)
Stealth (DX/Average) – 14 (2)
Streetwise (IQ/Average) – 12 (2)
Survival (Per/Average) – 14 (1)
Swimming (HT/Easy) – 12 (2)
Thrown Weapons (Knife) (DX/Easy) – 14 (1)
Tracking (Per/Average) – 15 (2)
Urban Survival (Per/Average) – 14 (2)

Total Skills: 90


Accelerated Reflexes: 1 (85)
Damage Control: Hard to Kill (5)
Optic Readout (5)
Neural HUD (5)

Total Cybernetics: 100


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Oct 16, 2020
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Have to say that, barring the traditional GURPS really-long-skill-list, its notable that the GURPS is actually one of the less complex ones visually I've seen in this thread. And I don't think that's just because I'm reasonably familiar with how a GURPS character looks.


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Feb 9, 2020
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Have to say that, barring the traditional GURPS really-long-skill-list, its notable that the GURPS is actually one of the less complex ones visually I've seen in this thread. And I don't think that's just because I'm reasonably familiar with how a GURPS character looks.

It's also notable in that it's one of the few that the steps to making the character are actually the character sheet. By the time I got to Day 3, I actually had the character sheet already done and duplicating it again seemed superfluous.


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #26
Majestic Fantasy RPG
Magic User
Lvl 1
5' 8" 160 lbs
Age 25

STR = 11 80/160 carry/max
DEX = 14 +1
CON = 9
INT = 17 +2 Max Spell Lvl=8
WIS = 13 +1
CHA = 13 +1 Max Henchmen=7


+20% Exp
+2 Saves vs Spells

Thaumatology(INT) +3
Research(INT) +3
Stealth(DEX) +1
Weapon Proficiency Broad Sword

10x Daggers(small) 1d3D 30d 2lbs
Broad Sword 1d8D 200d 7lbs
Dungeoneers Pack 160d
Spellbook 100d (Create Scroll, Read Magic, Sleep, Light, Charm Person)

Memorized: Lvl1: Sleep


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Nov 24, 2018
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Today's character from me is for Cepheus Modern, from Stouthearted Games. Probably the last Cepheus variant I do for a while; I have four characters from other systems on deck, three of which I haven't done any version of yet.

1st Lieutenant Quinn Coleman, Army 3/Rank 1, Age 30
Gun Combat-2, Demolitions-1, Leadership-1, Melee Combat-1, Athletics-0, Driving-0, Heavy Weapons-0, Recon-0, Survival-0
Benefits: 2 Contacts (Special Operations, Mercenary), $1,000

I don't have a detailed background in mind, but he rolled a Mishap in his third term, with the result that he was captured by an enemy and tortured, after which he left the service. I view him as a former SpecOps type in the U.S. military who is now a soldier of fortune/private security consultant.


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Aug 28, 2017
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(will make up for lack when the new keyboard arrives, bless Grammarly for making this semi-coherent.)


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #27
Mike Hoghany
Species: Gaming Table

Muscle: 5
Zip: 6
Smarts: 6
Chutzpah: 3
Hits: 12

Mike's a big old custom gaming table with a vault and TV built into his stomach.

Natural Enemies: Termites and Drinks. No one likes a water stain

Beliefs: Life's a grand game!

Goals: Find good friends to play games with!

Deck of cards
Endless bag of chips
Collection of miniatures

Break Down Door
Pick up heavy things
Drive vehicle
Fire Gun
Hide/spot hidden
Identify dangerous things
Read 5
Resist fast talk
See/hear/smell 5
Set/disarm trap
Track/cover tracks
Fast talk 5
Pass/detect shoddy goods
Slight of hand 5

Mastery of Games (5)
Bag of many things(5)


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Nov 24, 2018
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Going in a different direction today with Neon City Overdrive, from Peril Planet. It's more PbtA/Fate-esque than the others in my collection, but it's good to mix things up sometimes.

Name: Johnny "Keys" Cheng

Trademarks: Daredevil, Wired, No-Zoner

Edges: Athletic, Fearless, Reaction Speed, Improvised Weapons

Flaws: Reckless, Blunt

Drive: Recover his family's good name

Gear: Crossbow, Club, Nanoweave Shirt, Climbing Harness

Style: New Wave Tribal

Affectations: Addicted to coffee (preferably the real thing, not the synthetic stuff)

Hit Track: 3
Stunt Points: 3

Keys got his nickname by being an expert cat burglar able to get into any building, no matter how tightly locked up. He grew up beyond the city without access to cutting-edge tech, so he learned how to do things the old-fashioned way, relying on his natural athletic ability and love of thrills more than fancy gear and cyberware, though he makes use of them occasionally when he can obtain them (such as his enhanced reflexes that he was given as payment for a particularly tough job).

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Jul 10, 2020
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Legends of Middle-Earth
Jeffrey Schecter

Name and Titles: Thofralf the Dim
Race and Role: Descended Maiar/Burglar
Story Tokens: 3

Find Artifacts
⨂◯◯ Protect the Innocent

Prowess Skills:Bearing Skills:Lore Skills:
Acrobatics 8Deceit 12Art 9
Alertness 11Friendship 9Beasts 8
Archery 8Intimidation 10Craft 9
Athletics 8Leadership 8Regional (Beleriand) 8
Melee 8Magic (Dark) 10Performance 8
Riding 8Rhetoric 11Spells 10
Sneaking 11Truth 8Survival 8
Stamina 8Willpower 8Trade (Antiques Collector) 6
Special Abilities:
Virtual Immortality
Hear me Out
Snake's Mouth

Possessions: Dirt-coloured hooded cloak over a mismatched jumble of flashy togs; usually some high-powered elvish or Numenorean sword he's unlikely to wield for fear of nicking the priceless blade; sackful of sacks; half a loaf of fresh bread if you're lucky; magnum bottle of Dwarvish paint-thinner; 2d10 (and every natural 10 explodes — into the next power of 10!) of silver pieces, not two of them alike; pipe; weed; other weed; more weed; and there's about ten wizard's staffs of his sitting in the cloak-rooms of inns, ale-houses, guest-houses and brothels between Forodwaith and Far Harad.

Elaboration: After playing a very distant second jaw harp in the Music of the Ainur, the Maia known as Úaquasíssë spent his years absent-mindedly pottering around in Aman. He was intrigued by the elves and especially by the Noldor, who crafted many beautiful and potent artifacts, though he couldn't make heads or tails of this whole Silmaril business.

He went after the Noldor host to Beleriand because they had taken so many new devices with them which he craved to see, hold, possess. But he was straight away captured by Morgoth and spent most of the First Age in Angband, where the Dark Lord tried Sauroning him. He eventually succeeded, but half a millennium of mindf*cks caused Úaquasíssë to become unstuck in time a little; Melkor mistook that for a form of prescience and gave him command of his entire right wing to defend against an invasion from the West. Thus when they stormed down the ramps, the Host of Aman encountered a single fallen Maia tanning on Nevrast beach while the legions of Morgoth busied themselves with pseudo-archaelogical digs at his behest. I can tell you, the Dark Lord had a nasty surprise one afternoon tea when the Valar waltzed up to Angband without having raised a sword (the official history embellishes that somewhat). In recognition of his part in the war effort, Úaquasíssë got parole in Valinor.

In TA 990, Úaquasíssë single-handedly sailed a stolen Teleri ship across the Great Sea and rammed it into the quay at Mithlond, sinking Círdan's parked hundred-foot yacht. He told the elf-lord that the Valar had sent him to help against some Sauron or whatever (in reality he had only been called — a few years after he arrived in the hither lands — to the council that eventually sent out the Wizards for that purpose, but being temporally Heisenberg'd (as well as not too bright) he imagined he himself had been sent) and clumped off into Middle-Earth after nicking Narya. Círdan spent the better part of a year tailing him and eventually had to buy the ring back from some bewildered hobbit farmer in the White Downs. Thus Úaquasíssë acquired the Sindarin name of Tirimîrel, but in the Common Tongue he was soon called Thofralf the Dim, because he always appears in the dim light of dusk and leaves in the dim light of dawn, most of the time with a sack of bling that belongs to his host.

In effect, Thofralf is a Collector without a Collection. He obsessively pursues ancient, mythical and magical arms, rings, works of art, items of power and the like. Eventually he finds and takes possession of them, often without a quid pro the quo or the owner's consent. He spends a few days or weeks agonising over the need to add the new and shiny thing to a collection he doesn't have — largely due to his itinerant way of life — then promptly forgets about it and trades it for a hot bath, a bed and a hearty meal. Or he just gives it away, like the ring he commandeered from some goblins dredging the Anduin, which a few days after he gave to a random hobbit when crashing his birthday party.

He learned a bit of Dark Magic from Morgoth, largely of a spoiling and corrupting nature, but he doesn't much use it except for conjuring up a foul miasma to escape pursuit. And he has a good heart, trying to prevent and ease suffering and correct injustice if it's not too much trouble. Leaving out his OCD, he is a pretty nice fellow and a good friend and always ready to team up with people for some righteous issue. Especially when there is a prospect of special loot.


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Aug 28, 2017
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Name: Lucky Penny (Asura Penelope Briggs)
Prowess: Good (5)
Coordination: Incredible (7)
Might: Fair (4)
Intellect: Great (6)
Awareness: Great (6)
Willpower: Great (6)

Stamina: 10
Determination: 3

Probability Manipulation: Amazing (8)
Gadgets: Great (6)

Martial Arts
Science (Technology)

Asura "Penelope aka Penny" Briggs, was a sickly child, and her parents were very poor, her grandfather was often in her life as both her parents worked.
regularly. He was friendly, easy-going, and kind, and he taught penny a lot about what little bit of the world he'd seen in the war. She loved his stories and he kept telling them to her--about how winning, was about pushing through, and sacrifice, plus silly things like pick up every penny you see. Which, actually helped drive the young woman forward in spirit. One day she found a penny, one of those random chance things you don't think on---and her luck changed. Her families did too.

An experimental treatment turned her health around, and though still fighting sick spells her grandfather was there, always strong and supportive. He helped challenge her as her health improved to contests of athletics--he'd been a tough sergeant once, and he put her through the paces. Nothing beyond her age, but things she enjoyed. He started challenging her mind, showing her electronics, broken bits, and telling her she could figure out how to fix them. She did, though it took work, he bought cheap old manuals on electronics and pushed her here and there.

She always loved that old man, and the day he died, there was nothing she could do. He'd gone to a corner store, nothing big, he'd done it alone a thousand times before, but it was being robbed, and no one quite like her grandfather would just walk away. Two of them were knocked out, but the last got a shot in the old man. When she was told her heart broke, and she threw all her half-finished electronics into the floor.

Eventually years later after she had mourned and moved on she graduated MIT, but all that rang hollow. She was going through her things and found that penny. She nearly tossed it across the room, but something about it made her stop. She began carrying it everywhere. She realized she could make things no-one else could dream of thanks to him, and his ways while odd drove her to do that. She made herself a fortune but saved a lot of her best work for herself. She wasn't going to get revenge, no, but she would see justice served.

She empowered the penny embedding it into a belt, that allowed her to shift fortune her way and used her mind to cook up gadgets on the fly. She became Lucky Penny, a nickname that had stuck, years ago, but only with her now late grandfather.

"Of course I can do that, I'm a scientist."
"Things always come out my way."
"A Smile a Day keeps the Devil at bay."


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #28
Savage Worlds Explorer Edition - Thrilling Tales!

Anton Varichek
175 lbs

Agility d8
Smarts d4
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6

Skills d4
Guts d6
Knowledge (Aeronautics) d4
Piloting d10
Repair d6
Shooting d6
Fighting d4

Pace 6"
Parry 4
Charisma 0
Toughness 5


Colt Model 10
Grumman Goose
Leather Jacket
Leather Satchel
Khaki pants
Collared shirt
Duck named "Wally"

Anton and Wally fly passengers and mail around the south pacific. Not enough smarts and too much bravado mean they get into all kinds of adventures.


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May 4, 2017
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Drongo, the Bounty Hunter
Stout Halfling Soldier
Lv. 1. PB +2. HP 12. AC 16 (18 shld). Init. 0. Spd 25.
STR 15, DEX 10, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 12

Save: STR +4, CON +4
Skill: Athletics +4, Insight +4, Intimidate +4, Perception +4
Armor: all. Weapon: all. Tool: Vehicle - Land, Game - Cards
Language: Common, Halfling.

Lucky - Reroll Nat 1s on d20 attack, ability, save.
Brave - Adv v Frightened.
Nimble - Move thru space v creatures larger than you.
Stout - Resistance to Poison damage, Adv Save v Poison.

Second Wind - BA: 1d10 +Fighter Lvl, refresh Short Rest.
Fight Style - Two-Weapon Fight add mod damage to 2nd attack.

Background - Military Rank.

Quickstart -- Chain Mail, Shield, Lance (not heavy :wink:), Handaxe x2.
Soldier -- Rank Insignia, Trophy, Deck of Cards, Common Clothes, Belt Pouch, 10gp (to buy javelins & future mount).
Explore Pack -- Backpack, Bedroll, Mess kit, Tinderbox, Waterskin, Rope 50' hemp, Rations x10, Torches x10
Trinket - Dead Sprite in Clear Glass Bottle.

Bio: Got sent out to pension and can't stay home waiting to die. Patient, brooding, and very at peace with violence as an option. Wonders how well an ill-tempered ass will work out as a mount. Finds his found trinket hilariously motivational -- be ready in life to fight your way out or die as a curiosity.


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Feb 9, 2020
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Ashen Stars

full writeup at


Making this character made me remember the one downfall I've seen in Gumshoe- everything is based off of what the character knows, rather than who the character is. I'll follow up with one-to-one, which addresses that in small ways and see if this changes my mind about using it for the campaign. I will also say that making a character is second only to Altered Carbon in annoyances from layout.

Final Character

Name: Kira Ivanov
Species: Human
Ability: Dauntless
Drive: Something to Prove
Warpside: Strategic Coordinator
Groundside: Security


Kira grew up in a mixed-race household – her mother was Balla and her father Human. They seemed to have the perfect marriage, and she was raised in an environment of love and understanding, learning about both sides of her heritage. That was, until 7 years ago. Her father was called up to the local militia, dying in the conflict. After the war, mixed-race pairings became verboten, and being on a human planet, her mother suffered discrimination. She lost not just her husband, but her community. As Kira appeared for the most part human, her mother sent her off as soon as possible so she wouldn't be touched by it. Though she understood why, this still hurt her deeply, and the love and acceptance that she'd grown up with was buried underneath a hard exterior she developed as a mean of surviving the pain.

Investigative Abilities

Cop Talk: 2, Interrogation: 2, Evidence Collection: 2, Kinetics: 1, Forensic Psychology: 2, History, Combine: 1, Law: 2, Linguistics: 1, Bullshit Detector: 3, Downside: 3, Intimidation: 1, Respect: 2, Reassurance: 1, Forensic Engineering: 1, Explosive Devices: 1, Bio Signatures: 1, Bureaucracy: 1, Inspiration: 1

General Abilities

Athletics: 8, Naval Tactics: 8, Scuffling: 8, Sense Trouble: 7, Shooting: 7, Surveillance: 7, Ground Craft: 5, Health: 5, Helm Control: 3, Infiltration: 4, Medic: 2, Preparedness: 6, Battle Console: 3, Shuttle Craft: 2

Tech Enhancements

Internal Headset
Mr. Gray
Disruption Pistol

Silent Green

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Jul 10, 2020
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Vampire: the Masquerade Introductory Kit
White Wolf, 2007

Name: William Steadfast Preston, Esq.
Clan: Ventrue
Command, add one die to all Social rolls to lead or command others
Advantage: Wealth, access a large source of funds once per story
Weakness: Rarefied Taste, consumes only the blood of criminal (frauds, embezzlers, etc) bankers or stock brokers
Physical: ⨂⨂◯Social: ⨂Mental: ⨂Psychic: ⨂⨂⨂⨂
Disciplines: Dominate (Advanced: Command, Mesmerize, Forgetfulness, Possession), Presence (Basic: Awe, Fear)
Blood Pool:
start with a mansion on the Upper East Side, fill in the rest

William was born to the smell of old money. Although his academical achievements are modest, he has a knack of getting what he wants by sheer force of will, apparently. The Prince of New York early recognized his potential and a tide of cash washed him in and out of Harvard Law School. He got the Embrace as a graduation gift. Now he works as an associate (he'll eventually become a partner; what are a few years to a vampire?) in a prestigious law firm, protecting Camarilla assets. But he intends to climb the hierarchy, so he frequently goes on dangerous missions for the Prince.


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Nov 24, 2018
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Tonight's game is Risus, from Cumberland Games.

Name: Damon Maxwell
Setting: The Wild West

High-stakes professional gambler: 4 dice
Smooth-talking, silver-tongued charmer: 3 dice
Get the Hell out of Dodge: 2 dice
Can't Drink Worth a Damn: 1 die

2 Decks of Cards (one regular, one marked), 2 sets of dice (one regular, one loaded), Fancy Clothes, Coat, Hat, Concealed Money Belt, Cologne, Suitcase, Cigar Case, Matches, Derringer in Boot

Damon Maxwell is a gambler who has come west to make money in games of chance. Boom towns, paddlewheel boats, mining camps -- there's always a card or dice game somewhere for him. He's smart enough not to overstay his welcome, especially after a winning night, and has had some narrow scrapes in the past but has always gotten away. Drink, however, is not a vice in which he often partakes, avoiding it when he can -- not only does he lack tolerance for it, he's also not fond of it clouding his mind. He never cheats anyone who doesn't try to cheat him first, but when that does happen, he' takes pride in turning it back on them.


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #29
Agon - 1st edition

Far-Reaching Erasmus, son of Ephestius
God: Hades
Abilities: Lore, Might, Sword
+1 range for melee weapons
+2 to positioning rolls when fighting inside.

Insight. D6
Grace. D4
Might. D8
Spirit. D6
Aim. D6
Shield. D6
Spear. D6
Sword. D10
Lore. D8
Music. D4
Orate. D6
Heal. D6
Athletics. D6
Cunning. D8
Hunt. D4
Wrestle. D6

Bow 1d8, range 5,6
Shield 1d8
Spear 1d8 range 2,3
Sword 2d6 range 1,2

Helmet -1 missile attack
Breastplate -1 melee attack
Armor die d8


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #30 (ok actual another day #29 character but its 30 minutes shy of tomorrow so I'm going to count it)
Expendables (1987 edition)

Security Specialist Evan Holins
Home Planet: Mars
Height 6'4" Weight: 220lbs

STR: 24
DEX: 31
BRaiNs: 16
CHA: 35
FITness: 30
LUCk: 23

Survival Points: 53
No Psionics

Combat Skills
Autorifle(DEX) = 62
Pistol - Projectile(DEX)= 44
Unarmed Combat(STR)= 35
Grenade Thrown(DEX) = 35

Specialized Skills
Autorifle(DEX) = 100 *Competent (Whatever that exactly means)
Company Policy=23
Zero G Ops=

Additional Skills
First Aid=20


If anyone has played this game I would sure love a quick rundown on how "Competence" works as it pertains to a combat skill.

Silent Green

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Jul 10, 2020
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BRaiNs: 16

FITness: 30
LUCk: 23

Thanks for the explanatory expansiveness. I think I would have figured out FIT and LUC (although LUK is easier) and BRawN doesn't make sense in the presence of STR, does it? Probably wouldn't have me stumped. But the abbreviations (and the need to have a TLA for everything) sure fit the date.


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Nov 24, 2018
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Today's game for me is Call of Cthulhu 7E.

Name: Phoebe MacDonald
Profession: Stage Actor
Setting: 1920's
Age: 25

STR 20
CON 65
DEX 30
APP 85
POW 30
SIZ 65
INT 50
EDU 57

SAN 30 (LOL)
Magic 6
Luck 45
HP 13
Move 7
Damage Bonus 0
Build 0

Skills (at default unless noted):
Art/Craft (Acting) 55
Charm 65
Credit Rating 20
Disguise 45
Fast Talk 54
Fighting (Brawl) 35
Handgun 40
Listen 30
Language (English) 50
Language (French) 25
Occult 25
Persuade 50
Psychology 30
Sleight of Hand 36
Spot Hidden 35

Cash: $40
Assets: $1,000
Spending Level: $10

Average Apartment
Good Clothing
.32 Revolver

Background: Phoebe MacDonald is a stage actor living and working in New York City. After seven years of practicing her craft, she has achieved a modest level of success -- she's not a star by any means, but she's able to get reliable work. She spent some time living in Paris earlier in her career, where she not only learned French, but also a bit about esoterica and the occult, due to the circles she ran in. She never delved deeper into it, as it frightened her somewhat, but she stays in touch with her friends who have. Including a certain Jackson Elias...

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Jul 10, 2020
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VSCA, 2011
The Agency: Majestic 12
The Charge: To protect the public from the space aliens, and from itself.
The Enemy: Greys and their human allies, and anybody who may uncover the truth.
The Era: The 80s: Cold war tensions, nuclear missiles pointed everywhere, incipient information technology revolution, distrust everywhere, Reagan, North

The Agent: Gerhart Carl Baum, aka… many names
Rank: Agent
CON: 3
DIG: 2

1. I wear the suit, what sets me apart is the 1962 Sturmanskie watch my father took from a downed Russki airman.
2. I don't have a lot of scruples, but I'd never trade a human being for anything.
3. That one time in 'Nam, I took a souvenir: the warden's Little Red Book.
4. This is a hard job, but I love it because I get to save Earth, every week.
5. I'm a pro and I know it because I always clean up the evidence.
Complication: My estranged daughter's in love with that nosey muckraking hack.

Background: GC Baum was born 1947 to an all-American girl and German POW who stayed and joined the defense industry. GC joined the Air Force in 1966 and became Navigator in a B-52, which was officially shot down during Linebacker II but actually collided with a UFO over North Vietnam. One of three who got out, one of two who made it to a NVA POW camp. Six months later the Special Forces under the command of a shadowy “CIA” figure raided the camp to free the prisoners, with mixed results. Resistance was unexpectedly heavy, many prisoners were shot and the rest was killed when their evacuation helicopters were “accidentally” shot down by their own air cover on the return trip. Baum survived because he grabbed an AK and joined the fight, ending up in the “CIA” man's Huey, who was impressed by his cool and recruited him into MJ12. His marriage didn't survive.

Gear: trenchcoat, dark non-descript suit, 9mm pistol, pack of Morley's, beeper


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Nov 24, 2018
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Since today is the 31st, I figured the last day of the month was an appropriate day to finally do a D&D character -- in this case, Basic Rules Cyclopedia. This is a generic character since it was not created with a specific setting in mind.

Name: Taraken
Class: Cleric
Level: 1
Alignment: Lawful

Strength 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Dexterity 13
Constitution 10
Charisma 9

Hit Points 5
Armor Class 3
THAC0 19
Experience Point Bonus +10%
Saving Throws: Death Ray/Poison 11, Magic Wands 12, Paralysis/Turn to Stone 14, Dragon Breath 16, Staff/Spell 15

Languages: Common
Class Abilities: Turn Undead (Skeleton 7, Zombie 9, Ghoul 11)
Skills: Danger Sense, Detect Deception, Knowledge (Religion), Riding (Horse)
Weapon Proficiencies: Sling (Basic), War Hammer (Basic)

Equipment: Holy Symbol, War Hammer, Sling and 30 Stones, Chain Mail, Shield, Backpack, Wineskin, 1 Week of Iron Rations, Plain Clothes, Long Cloak, Boots, Belt, Belt Pouch, Tinderbox, 6 Torches, 8 gp, 8 sp


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Mar 25, 2019
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I made a Lasers & Feelings character.

Name: Stef Schefler
Style: Hot-shot
Role: Pilot
Number: 4
Character Goal: Find New Worlds


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Aug 16, 2017
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Day #31

Kilo Match

Agility: d8
Strength: d4

Life Points: 8
Initiative: d8+d6

Things go Smooth (major 4pts)
Born behind the wheel Major (4pts)

Weapons and Equipment

Athletics d4
Discipline d6
Concentration d8
Guns d4
Influence d2
Knowledge d4
Mechanical Enginnering d4
Perception d6
Sight d8
Planetary Vehicles d6
Pilot d6
Astrogation d6
Mid Bulk Transports d12
Short Range Shuttles d8
Technical Engineering d4


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Aug 16, 2017
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It's about 40 minutes from February here in Bunch town. I just wanna say thank you to all who participated in this. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Look for a new thread for February tomorrow sometime. It will be on Cities and all the things you do to make them adventurous/interesting.


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Feb 9, 2020
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Complete Build:

Night's Black Agents – Solo Ops


I know that One-to-One as a system addresses a lot of the problems that I have with Gumshoe through Challenges, Pushes, and Contacts. However, the character creation seems to fall a bit short. The only real decisions to be made are what mastery edges to obtain (and those for the most part go away when used), and what additional investigative abilities to get. I like a bit more customization in my systems. What I learned from this process is that I want to take some of the concepts of Gumshoe and hack them into another system.

Final Character

Name: Rhys Morales
Pushes: 3


Growing up in Brixton wasn't easy for anyone, and that was doubly so for Rhys. He lived with only his mother, his father dead when he was a young boy. He barely remembered those days, other than the fact that the coast of Spain was a lot better than his life in London. Though his mother tried to shelter him, he knew that they were always skating the line between being on the streets and having a place of their head, and some nights, the eating was spare. Though his mother always made sure they had something in their bellies, she sometimes went hungry. Seeing how hard she worked, he knew it wasn't right for them to be that bad off, so he decided to do something about it.

Only a lad himself, he took to the streets to find his own hustle, settling on communication. Running for the gangs, but never in them, he sold pagers and mobiles to the dealers, and sometimes ran a package or two. It was a dangerous game he played- not wanting to join a gang, he wasn't covered by any of them. That time gave him a healthy dislike for gangs and people that preyed on the weak. When the cellular company caught wind of his source's scam and cut the lines earlier than they were supposed to, he realized he needed to get out, and decided to go for the armed forces. He couldn't get in because of his record, and didn't know what he was going to do. It turns out he didn't have to find out- the special services kept their eye out for promising candidates that had darker pasts, and he was tapped for them. Not having any other options, he accepted the offer.

Though he's been able to provide for his mom and brother, he still wonders if he was given the choice again if he'd accept...

Investigative Abilities

Bullshit Detector, Charm, Cryptography, Electronic Surveillance, Forensic Pathology, Human Terrain, Intimidation, Military Science, Notice, Reassurance, Research, Streetwise, Urban Survival, Tradecraft, Traffic Analysis

General Abilities

Athletics: 2, Conceal: 2, Cool: 2, Cover: 2, Driving: 2, Evasion: 2, Fighting: 2, Filch: 2, Infiltration: 2, Mechanics: 2, Medic: 2, Network: 2, Preparedness: 2, Sense Trouble: 2, Shooting: 2, Surveillance: 2

Mastery Edges

Unstoppable, Ice Cold, You Never Knew Me


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Mar 25, 2019
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I created a character for Micro RPG Basic. The game provides a couple different methods for generating stats. I used the "for each stat, roll 2d6 and drop the lower number" method. Got pretty lucky rolling lots of sixes. Occupations are created by players, rather than chosen from a list, which is an element that I liked. Occupations add +1 to the most appropriate attribute.

The game suggests using some of your starting money to buy gear, but there isn't any gear in the Basic book, so I skipped that part.

Name: Steve Shablamski
Class: Entertainer
Occupation: Bartender

Strength: 6
Agility: 2
Charisma: 8 (rolled 6, +1 from Entertainer class, +1 from Bartender profession)
Intelligence: 6

Hit Points: 13
Money: 160


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Feb 9, 2020
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Complete build at

Waste World


The character turned out exactly the way that I'd envisioned him. However, this is one of those cases where you revisit an older game that you played when you were younger, and realize why it's on the shelf. It definitely has some serious 90s aesthetics in the crunch. However, I will say that you can't put all of these in the same box; the section on description, personality traits, and story hooks were additions that really help flesh out the character and put him into the world he inhabits.

Final Build

Name: Takeshita Yoshimi
Occupation: Ronin
Metrozone: Shogunate


Takeshita was a loyal servant, and he was loyal for loyalties sake. Not because he was a great warrior, though he was. Not because his family was pre-eminent in the Toro clan, though it was. Not because his own star was on the rise after a glorious death bringing down a plot by the Kobara clan, though it was apparent. Only on his second incarnation, his name was spoken in tones with the great samurai of old, and he was stationed far above his age. But then it all came tumbling down. Not because of anything he'd done. It turns out that even though he was too high profile a target, his father was not. He knows that his father's shame was manufactured, but it was within his Overlord's right to force his father to commit seppuku, plunging his own blade into his karma chip- bringing real and lasting death. Takeshita was supposed to do the same, and in going to the great void, it would have restored his family's honor. But the Overlord instead came for his family, not allowing him to do so. Takeshita fought back, but in the end was captured, along with his mother, sister, and brother. The Emperor himself stepped in, sparing Takeshita of a dishonorable death in favor of banishment and Ronin status. But he would not overturn the ruling, and so his family and all of his father's wealth was taken by the Overlord. On that day, Takeshita found out that his loyalty had its limits, and vowed to tear down all that he'd helped to build up.

Physical Description

Wiry, with a runner's build, Tak is graceful in motion. He's tall by Shogunate standards, standing at 180cm, and weighs 70 kg, with every inch of his upper torso and arms tattooed in a gorgeous painting of a tiger stalking through a fantastical background. He keeps his black hair messy- he used to keep it perfectly coiffed, but since his queue was cut at his banishment, he hasn't worried overmuch about it. With his glittering black eyes, he'd be handsome if his features weren't so haunted. He was allowed to keep his armor, so he is well kitted for a Ronin, though he's painted it muted colors as he's not allowed to fly Toro colors, though his mask still bears the image a proud tiger, betraying his origins.

Personality Traits

He borders on obsession with three tasks: finding out how and by who his father was betrayed, finding and freeing his family, and taking down the corrupt overlord that he knows had something to do with his fall. He's still unsure of the Emperor, and teeters between cursing and thanking him for the burden that lies on his shoulders. He seems serene, and holds a tight rein on his emotions, but when stirred out of that, the emotions that simmer beneath the surface become like a raging fire, burning any that come close. Because of this, he walks the line between suicidal and determined, depending on how heavy the burden lays on his shoulders. In those few times he finds peace, he is introspective and gracious, but soon enough, the memory returns to ruin any semblance of a normal life he might reach for.

Story Hooks

There is the obvious of the corrupt overlord, finding his family, and finding out how his father was betrayed. Less obvious is why the Emperor spared him and those few friends sympathetic to his fall. There is also the House of Tremontaine in Hydra- during his height, he was the cause of their fall when he foiled an incursion of their experimentation in the badlands. They've not been able to directly strike at him because of the simmering cold war between the City-States. However, he's not under the protection of the Shogunate anymore, so is at risk.


+3 +1 0 0 5 100 15


Ambidextrous, Karmachip (Disabled), Lightsleep, Charismatic


Ronin, Samurai Code of Honor: Total, Obsession: Hatred of Katsunosuki Hiraka, Hunted: House Tremontaine


Acrobatics +2, Blade +3, Climbing +2, Dodge +3, Driving (Skimmer, Wheeled) +1, Forceblade +4, Martial Arts +3, Quick Draw (Force Blade, Blade) +4, Handgun +3, Ride (Horse) +3, Stealth +1, Swimming +1, Awareness +2, City Lore (Shogunate) +1, Courtier +2, Intimindate +1, Leadership +1, Lore (Tactics) +2, Navigator +1, Survival +1

Special Abilities

Way of the Tiger
–> Techniques: Tiger Strike +1, Tiger Spring +2, Tiger Claw +1, Claw Swipe +1
–> Bugei: Tiger Roar, Blazing Tiger Spring


Medium Ceramic Armor (AR:6)
2 Force Blades
Blaster Pistol
Heavy Horse with Dermal Armor (AR:1)
Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @