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Mar 25, 2019
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I created a Lasers & Feelings character.

Name: Hank Hackensack
Style: Dangerous
Role: Pilot
Number: 5
Character Goal: Shoot Bad Guys

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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Time limits are for the compliant and the organized.

As neither of those is me, here's a Yellow King RPG I just made as the 7th pregen (to go with the 6 that came with the adventure, though there are 7 character roles.)

Era: Paris (an American from a well off family living in Paris)
Name - Marion Jackson
Field - Muse. (Marion is a helper and "finder" among a group of artists)
Drive - Curiosity
Investigative abilities:

General Abilities (Scrounger):
Athletics 3
Composure 7
Fighting 6
First Aid 0
Health 3
Mechanics 0
Riding 1
Sense Trouble 3
Sneaking 5
Preparedness 5

That Deuced Peculiar Business
Marion's diary had alterations in it, alluding to things that clearly could not have happened. Yet Marion has no clear recollection of what did happen in those entries. The handwriting in the diary doesn't quite look like Marion's in those entries.


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Feb 9, 2020
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I created a DCC character- ready for the funnel. Having read the rules though, I'm sure I'll never run it. I might try it if someone wants to run it. But that system is a ton of hurt in a million tables with hard to differentiate dice that you have to use besides bonuses.

On another note, I had some freakishly good luck on 3d6 for stats.

Name: Alin Bexley

Strength: 11 (+0)
Agility: 14 (+1) Ref +1
Stamina: 13 (+1) Fort +1
Personality: 15 (+1) Will +1
Intelligence: 17 (+2) Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven
Luck: 14 (+1) Bountiful Harvest: Hit Points

Hit Points: 4
Wealth: 38 Copper
Experience: O XP
Occupation: Outlaw (Shortsword, Leather Armor)
Alignment: Neutral
Equipment: Flint & Steel

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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Okay, let's make a City of Mist character.

I'll randomly pick a mythos (mythical figure that lives in the character) and logos (the mundane world character). The game allows you to compose whatever mythos/logos you want for your character, but it has an array of common tropes you can mix and match.

Mythos character trope: Scoundrel or Peddler
Logos character trope: Attorney at law.

For mythos, I am thinking the character could be something like a bearer of unwanted gifts, like the enchantress in Beauty and the Beast (the Disney franchise), who brings a rose that curses the castle. Also similar to the concept of a witch bearing a poisoned apple.

A CoM character has 4 total themes. The can pick 1-3 for their mythos; the remaining go to the logos themes. I'll split the difference here and go 2 each.

For the Enchantress mythos, I'll take the themes Subversion (Deception) and Relic (Cursed Plant)
For the Attorney at Law, I'll chose Routine(Legal Advisor) and Personality(Shrewd & Manipulative). This personality has me thinking of another Disney take on a character, Rebecca De Mornay's Milady de Winter. I'll use this bit of inspiration for her name: Rebecca Winters.

Fleshing out the themebook choices, the character looks like:

Rebecca Winters/The Enchantress

Mythos Theme- Subversion:
I can mask my appearance

Mystery: "Who am I really, the mythos or the attorney?"

Power Tags:
a - Illusory Appearance
b - Entice to self-destructive act
e - Ensnare the arrogant

Weakness tag:
d - Her snares catch unintended targets

Mythos Theme- Relic: Cursed Plant
A gift that brings a curse when presented
Mystery: "The gift pretends to bring justice, but is it ever really just?"

Power Tags:
a - Inflicts a curse upon the recipient
b - Can transform with a brush
d - Can appear like any small plant or object bearing a plant.

Weakness tag:
a - The curse has an escape clause

Logos Theme- Routine: Legal Advisor
Works as a legal advisor

Identity: "The system will grind down people unless I step in"

Power Tags
a - Defense lawyer
b - Can tap into her powerful firm
g - Exploits loopholes

Weakness tag
b - Risk of disbarment

Logos Theme- Personality: Shrewd & Manipulative
I know how to manipulate people and circumstances
Identity: "Everyone has an angle"

Power Tags
a - Maximizes every opportunity
c - Reads people easily
e - Always has a backup plan

Weakness tag
a - Reputation as a manipulator
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Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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I have a confession to make. I went to go make a character for the Spectaculars superhero RPG, and ended up making a whole team. Perhaps I'll post the first one today and post the rest later.

Spectaculars is a supers RPG made for quick play. It has cards with powers and civilian identities that allow their randomization and summarize their benefits. It has tear out campaign books with team archetypes and scenarios. And it has trays for the players to lay out their powers and sheets and track their abilities.

Sadly, in the time of COVID, all these nifty little physical components aren't as functional, but I still hope to play it in person someday. It's still a cool little system and fun to tinker with.

The game has four "series pads", each with team archetypes for the series and a campaign to run them through. The series pad has tear out pages, so the GM can tear out the team pages for players to use making their characters. For this character, I selected the "eldritch mysteries" series pad, describing the heroes who face off with supernatural threats.

The series pad has two team models as a basis for creating the team: Pact-bound Heroes and Monster Squad. I think a team of oddities like the Doom Patrol or Hellboy would be cools, so I'm going to go with Monster Squad.

I may decide names and other details for the team later, but for now, I'm just going to pick the basic options for the team:
  • Team Formation: What brought the team together originally?
    • Shelter (you were granted protection by some person or organization, who brought people like you together while shielding you from the outside world)
  • Sanctuary: Where does your team hide out when not fighting the forces of evil?
    • Underground (the team has a hideout in the sewers or subway tunnels) (I considered the Bunker option, but that sounded a bit too much like Hellboy and Doom patrol. Let's mix it up)
  • Torches & Pitchforks: Who does the team fear will come for them if they reveal their existence?
    • Other Monsters (evil creatures from the Nether Realm will hunt down and destroy the team for
      interfering in the affairs of dark forces)
So onto the character. I choose the first archetype for the team from the book as Sorcerer. Each archetype has a special benefit beyond the power cards. The sorcerer can change their powers between scenes, which is cool.

Each player draws 5 cards from the power deck and picks 1-3 for their character. I drew laser generation, energy absorption, dazzle, telekinesis, and clairvoyance. (The deck is a mix of generic super powers and powers specific for the eldritch mysteries campaign).
Each player draws 3 identity cards and chooses 1. I drew government agent, white collar worker, and circus performer.

Choosing dazzle, telekinesis, and clairvoyance for powers and circus performer as an identity, I'm picturing a character who uses ghosts to do her bidding. As a child, she had the unexplained ability to see and talk to ghosts. Eventually she learned to have them do tricks for her, and did this for a side show at a circus. Then the strangers came at her for pulling back the curtain on the supernatural. This prompted our team to bring her in and protect her. I'm calling her "Requiem", but during her time at the circus she had a name of "the Amazing Ghost Girl", and was briefly known as Ghost Girl (and still is called that by some). Her dazzle wouldn't be fireworks, but visually stunning ghosts like the effects from Return of the King. I chose telekinesis and clairvoyance as her other powers, though she can get different powers via the sorcery benefit by having a séance and summoning other ghosts.

Requiem (aka Ghost Girl)
Linda Redmond
  • Dazzle
  • Telekinesis
  • Clairvoyance
Identity: Circus Performer. Skills:
  • Perform for an Audience: 90%
  • Carry, Push, or Pull Something: 80%
  • Climb, Jump, or Tumble: 80%
  • Size Someone Up: 65%
  • Treat an Injury: 65%
  • Anything Else: 50%

Archetype: Sorcerer
  • Sorcerous tradition: other (gifted to talk with/control ghosts)
  • Resistance: deflection (ghosts can knock attacks aside)
  • Getting around: occult conveyance (carried by ghosts)
  • Personality: charming, somber
  • Special feature: sorcery (can change powers between scenes)


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Feb 9, 2020
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I got the PnP for this and wish I'd sprung for the physical version. And the other game they released- I forget the name right now. Both of them are a lot better than I expected.

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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I got the PnP for this and wish I'd sprung for the physical version. And the other game they released- I forget the name right now. Both of them are a lot better than I expected.

Dusk City Outlaw.

I actually missed the kickstarter for this and grabbed it later. I thinks it's available to order on their website (and a couple of other places):


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Feb 9, 2020
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Dusk City Outlaw.

I actually missed the kickstarter for this and grabbed it later. I thinks it's available to order on their website (and a couple of other places):

Thanks! I wonder what it says that the core version of Dusk City Outlaws is still full price while Spectaculars is down to half.

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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Thanks! I wonder what it says that the core version of Dusk City Outlaws is still full price while Spectaculars is down to half.

As someone who spent time in gaming retail, I'd guess: they overestimated the demand for it (or demand was impacted by COVID) and are overstocked.


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Feb 9, 2020
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I guess they were estimating demand based on Dusk City Heroes, and it didn't live up to that standard.

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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More Spectaculars from our "Monster Squad".

The second archetype in the Eldritch Mysteries team is the Occultist.

Powers I drew: Mind Control, Cold Manipulation, Astral Projection, Illusions, Fire Manipulation
Identities I drew: Politician, Police Officer, Detective

For this one, I am picturing a police detective who stumbled onto criminals using the occult. After conventional methods failed (and he got tortured and/or his friends or family got hurt), he researches their methods and decides to use them against the occult criminals. But why would this guy belong in a "monster squad"? Though it's not exactly monstrous, perhaps his magic uses tattoos or ritual scarring. Probably not something that would be out of place among some extensive tattooing circles, but definitely something an uptight police department wouldn't appreciate among their rank.

Given his reliance on symbols, I'm thinking he could be called "The Sigil"

The Sigil
Nicolas Segar
  • Mind Control
  • Astral Projection
  • Illusions
Identity: Detective. Skills:
  • Surveil Someone: 90%
  • Distract Someone: 80%
  • Goad Someone: 80%
  • Read the Situation: 65%
  • Sneak Around: 65%
  • Anything Else: 50%
Archetype: Occultist
  • Thirst for Knowledge: Why do you seek out the secrets of the occult? Vengeance
  • Vulnerability: Addiction
  • Resistance: Protective Spells
  • Getting around: occult conveyance (magic circles)
  • Personality: Caustic, Cavalier
  • Special feature: Arcane Scholar

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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Final two member of the "Monster Squad" for Spectaculars. Then I'll probably turn to other supers games I probably won't have time to play.

Thunderhead is the Supernatural Entity archetype. I drew electricity and seismic manipulation, so I pictured an elemental spirit/djinn that lives in mountaintops. I chose the "musician" identity. As a clearly non-human entity, he cannot really have a public identity, but hey, nobody sees Daft Punks faces. So I picture him as an all electronic/youtube musician with the "stage name" "Rolling Thunder", bringing his eccentric music to the humans.

He also has summoning; I see him being able to summon other elemental spirits.

Rolling Thunder
  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Summoning
  • Seismic Energy Control
Identity: Musician. Skills:
  • Perform for an Audience: 90%
  • Distract Someone: 80%
  • Size Someone Up: 80%
  • Create Artwork: 65%
  • Write Something: 65%
  • Anything Else: 50%
Archetype: Supernatural Entity
  • Supernatural Origin: What type of supernatural entity are you? Spirit
  • Vulnerability: Outsider
  • Resistance: Invulnerability
  • Getting around: Other (Ride Winds/Lighting)
  • Personality: Eccentric, Unfocused
  • Special feature: Shadow Sight

Finally is the legendary warrior archetype. Since this is a monster squad, I pictured this as an undead legendary warrior. I got Companion for one of his powers, and I thought of the legend of Cadmus, who Athena told to sow dragon's teeth that would spring into warriors. But maybe the legend is incomplete. Maybe Cadmus stole the dragon teeth, and was curse to never know the rest of death.


  • Signature Weapon
  • Companion
  • Super Toughness (undead)
Identity: Fortune Teller. Skills:
  • Perform for an Audience: 90%
  • Distract Someone: 80%
  • Lie to Someone: 80%
  • Convince Someone: 65%
  • Size Someone Up: 65%
  • Anything Else: 50%
Archetype: Legendary Hero
  • Living Out of Time: How have you come to be in the modern world, having been born in the distant past? Immortaility
  • Vulnerability: Goaded
  • Resistance: Invulnerability
  • Getting around: Steed
  • Personality: Brave, Debauched
  • Special feature: They Walk Among Us


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Aug 28, 2017
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Dr. Elijah "Eli" Strand aka Dr. Strand, the Malleable Man

F RM (30)
A GD (10)
S GD (10)
E RM (30)
R EX (20)
I EX (20)
P IN (30)
D RM (20)

Health: 80
Karma: 90


Supersenses (AM 50)
-Vibrational Sense (Spatial Sense)
Plasticity (IN 40)
-Body Armor
Elongation (IN 40)

Alternative Sciences


Weakness: Vulnerable to Cold

So Dr. Eli Strandt (Dr. Strand) was working for an unnamed espionage agency to produce a chemical treatment for clothes that made them able to absorb damage from weapons, when a rival country/espionage organization, blew up the lab complex--and he was doused in experimental treatment chemicals. He was very very close to having solved the last hurdle he had--but that ended it. Because ghe the destruction of the lab cost them too much so they moved him across the country and gave him a new name.

His powers evolved gradually over weeks, and he took up a job as a small university Chemistry teacher.

Did I share this already? :grin:

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May 15, 2017
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Eh, why wait. Since I work tomorrow, I probably won't have time then anyways.

Alright folks, doing it live! Gonna create a character for Sentinels Comics RPG using some computer randomization as I sit here.

Sentinel Comics RPG use a "roll multiple times and pick your favorite" type of mixed generation, which is a path I always liked. Enough randomness to inspire, enough choice to eke out what appeal to you or makes sense.

When rolling on the tables, you can use the value of any single dice rolled or the sum of any two dice. So here goes, step by step:

1) Background: 2d110: 10, 6.
6: Law Enforcement
10: Military
16: Former Villain

Former Villain sounds spicy!
This gives us 2 qualities from Conviction, any Information, or any Social. Glancing at the information qualities, I see Deep Space Knowledge. Maybe he was a space bounty hunter who helped some villain look for Earth heroes? Technology seems like a good fit too.

Technology: D10
Deep Space Knowledge: D8

Principle: Principle of the Tactician. "She's the best she is at what she does"

Roll D10 D8 D8 for power source selection: 1, 2, 7.
1 - Accident
2 - Training
7 - Relic
3 - Genetic
8 - Powered Suit
9 - Radiation

Power Suit sounds cool. A specialized suit designed for hunting exceptional powered specimens. I get to pick 3 powers, one of which must be powered suit. I also see the suit having Doc Oc style tentacles to grab targets (signature weaponry) and flight.
Powered Armor: D10
Flight: D8
Signature Weaponry: D8

He gets a few abilities from the powered suit list:
Yellow Abilities:
Explosive Attack (signature weaponry)
Onboard Upgrade (powered armor)
Green Ability:
Damage Reduction [physical]

We roll D10, D6, D6 for archetype selection: 5, 6, 6
5 - Blaster
6 - Close Quarter Combat
11 - Sorcerer
12 - Psychic

I think I'm going to go blaster with this guy/gal. He's the sort that arrived on the scene, with shoulder mounted stun cannons ready to take down the target.
Sonic Energy: D10
Gadgets: D6
Close Combat: D6
Green Abilities:
Disabling Blast (Sonic)
Exploit Vulnerability (Gadgets)
Yellow Abilities:
Energy Immunity (Sonic)
Heedless Blast (Gadgets) (I guess this is like the Mandalorian's Whistling Birds)

Esoteric Principle: Principle of Space
For personality, I roll 2d10: 7, 10
7: Stalwart
10: Alluring
17: Naïve
The last two are tempting, but aren't where I was going with this character. But it adds an odd twist. Either some coy temptress who previously thought of Earthlings as savages until she got to know them, or someone whose crusade against Earthers was due to being duped by the true villain. I think I'll go with the former: Alluring.

I'll make up the quality for her: Alien Femme Fatale: D8
Alluring yellow/green/red dice: D6/D8/D10.
Ability: Boost an ally by rolling your single [power] die.
Red Abilities:
Charged up blast (signature weaponry)
Ultimate Weaponry (powered armor)

Retcon allows you to add or alter one ability. To support her alluring personality, I think I'll add a social quality. There's a few to choose from that might fit, but I'll opt for Banter D6.

That's sort of big picture. In the tradition of 70's comics, I dub her the Space Huntress.

Space Huntress
Alias Stacy Hunter

Powered Armor D10
Flight D8
Signature Weaponry D8
Sonic Energy D10
Gadgets D6

Technology D10
Deep Space Knowledge D8
Close Combat D6
Alien Femme Fatale D8
Banter D6

Green Abilities:
Damage Reduction (physical)
Disabling Blast (sonic energy)
Exploit vulnerability (gadgets)
Principle of Space
Principle of the Tactician

Yellow Abilities:
Explosive Attack (signature weaponry)
Onboard Upgrade (Powered Armor)
Energy Immunity (sonic energy)
Heedless Blast (gadgets)

Red Abilities:
Charged up blast (sonic energy)
Ultimate Weaponry (powered armor)

Out ability:
Boost an ally with your Alien Femme Fatale die.
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Mar 25, 2019
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Following up on some of the advice from the "Counter Creativity Fatigue" thread, I am reading some other systems, mainly really short ones. So right now, I am creating a character for Big Damn Sci Fi.

Name: Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve

First step is roll 1d6 for Traits. Higher is better. Ok, that gives me:

Arcana: 1
Intuition: 5
Shatter: 6
Vitality: 1

Next is Other Traits, accomplished by some simple addition and division, which leaves me with

Barrier (Psychic Defense): 3
Defense: 5
Wounds (i.e. how much damage you can take): 7

Next step is "Make your Species: Choose two Species Features." I choose Mechanical, making my guy an android, and Amphibious, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Final step is choose equipment, "Take Weapons or Armor up to a combined total bonus of +5."

I choose Medium Armor (+2) and Blaster Pistol (+3).

That was pretty quick and easy!


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Sep 24, 2017
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This afternoon I just rolled up this character for the World of Thennla setting, using BRP/Mythras.

Kothar the Wild Sea Raider!

Random Roll Method where possible - I rolled the core Characteristics, Cultural Background, Social Class, Career, Background Event, etc

Still need to tweak things here and there, but the character sheet is pretty much ready to play.

I now need to read some more Thennla to get to know more of the character's background, but I'm envisioning his culture being akin to the mysterious ravagers, the Sea People, who historically raided the Mediterrean Sea during Mycenean Age and Hellenic Age Greece.

I need to get a pic and build up a narrative about this character. All I am aware is that he grew up among the common folk in the Archipelagos, and his family has a poor reputation. The random background event says that he has been cast out of his own family. He is currently a sea-raider by vocation, which is a prominent profession from where he hails from.

Now my next project will be to port this character to the more simple Mythras Imperative character sheet, and work out what was lost and if it needed to stay or not. The Mythras Imperative character sheet looks much more what I like these days, and I need to see if I can use it for all the Mythras player-characters or not.


  • Kothar.pdf
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  • BRP MYTHRAS Imperative 2E character sheet.PNG
    BRP MYTHRAS Imperative 2E character sheet.PNG
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Sep 24, 2017
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Tobias Took, Consulting-Enquirer of The Shire!

This is what I love about Fate Core, it is quite simple char gen, and encourages creativity

We have been running our home brew called 'Middle Earth Adventures' using Fate Core, with a lot of influences from the Cubicle 7 Middle Earth books.
This character is a Hobbit who is fashioned along the lines of 'Sherlock Holmes meets the Sixth Doctor'

Lots of fun playing this jumped-up little arrogant fellow, who attempts to resolve everything like it is a British Murder-Mystery


  • Fate Core Character Sheet TOBIAS....pdf
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  • Character Sheet Addition TOBIAS....pdf
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Jul 10, 2020
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*taps microphone* Is this thing still on?

Midgard 1880
Klee Spiele 1994
Name: Heinrich von FlaschmannType: AdventurerNationality: doitsch
Height: 165 cmWeight: 64 kg
Strength (St): 51Dexterity (Gs): 75Agility (Gw): 94Constitution (Ko): 68Intelligence (In): 40Psi Talent (mT): 41
Reactions (RW): 76Fisticuffs (HGW): 69Willpower (Wk): 55Dmg Bonus (SchB): 2Mvmnt Rate (B): 25Appearance (Au): 83
Charisma (pA): 67Restraint (Sb): 42HP (LP): 11Stamina Pts. (AP): 17Defense: +13Dodge: +12
Hearing: +8Vision: +10Touch: +8Smell: +8Taste: +8Sixth Sense: +2
Congenital ability: (acute) Vision
Renown (famous/infamous): 4/2
Finances: D

Personal background: Born 2 February 1855 (age 25) in Kuhkaffwitznow am Pipisee to a Junker of a family as poor as it is old; now resides in Berlin; …
Relations and Acquiantances: KAISER WILHELM! (who doesn't remember him), uncle Friedrich (minor official in the Kriegsministerium), nemesis of his cousin Wilhelm-Friedrich Flaschmann, who is the rising star of the East-Prussian church in his bible-thumping extremist ways; married Elsbet neè Mohrsen (daughter of a rich seafood cannery industrialist), at present Sekondleutnant (on unpaid leave) in the 2nd Guards Uhlans, …
Habits: Smokes cigars, late riser, womaniser, cowardly but Prussian!
Odds and ends: nominally reformed Lutheran, staunchly conservative, loyal royalist, in rude good health…

Education Points: expert knowledge: 12, learning: 6, atypical abilities: 3, minimum age: 25

Common Knowledge: +3
Archiving: +3
Balancing: +5
Eloquence: +10
Surveillance: +3
Boating: +3
Breaking and entering: +0
Driving a carriage: +3
Tactics: +5
Climbing: +8
Judge of character: +10
Assassination: +0/6
Riding: +15
Sneaking: +3
Swimming: +3
Jumping: +8
Tracking: +0
Searching: +3
Dancing: +15
Camouflage: +3
Survival: +5
Hiding: +6
Seduction: +10
Interrogation: +3
Disguise: +5
Dagger: +4
Unarmed combat: +4
Throwing: +4
Pistol: +4
Shotgun: +4
Sabre: +6
Literacy (German): +14
Language (German): +14
Literacy (French): +4
Language (French): +14
Language (Russian) +4
Playing instruments: +7


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Jan 13, 2021
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For our 13th Age Glorantha campaign

Ygritte Starbrow

Rebel, Devotee of Orlanth Adventurous

Level = 2 Runes (Mobility, Storm, Illusion)

Stat Mod​
Final Mod
Advancements to next level : 2 (marked with *)

Initiative +10 (improved initiative)
Armor Class 16
Physical Defence 16
Mental Defence (resilience) 15

Backgrounds: Scout +6, Daughter of a Chieftain +4 (Feat, extra background points): +1 bonus with Colymari interactions.

Unique thing: Only surviving child of Kallyr Starbrow, leader of the 1611 rebellion

Hit Points (40)*

Recoveries (8) (2d8+2)

Wicked Knife + 6, 2d8 +4 damage

Shortbow +6 , 2d6+4 damage

Small knives (wielded or thrown) +6, 2d4+4 damage

Abilities : Rune use, Opening Strike, Transgress, Battle Whirl, Orlanths Fury (Soundburst)*, Kinda Lucky, Flashy Blade (feat) , Freedom!, Evasive Strike, Roll with it, Reckless Strike

Black Leaf

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Aug 20, 2017
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Slightly different, but I'm going to create a random alien race for Stellar Adventures, the Sci Fi version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy.

Intelligence: Mindless (this is less than a chicken; we're talking a shellfish level).
Physical Form: Multiped (10 Legs)
Diet: Carnivore
Size: Medium (Human sized)
Skill: 9 (this is pretty high, this creature is dangerous!)
Stamina: 10 (Much lower, this creature is vicious but not robust)
Natural Weapon: Stinger
Attacks: 1
Armour: Heavy (I decide this is an insectoid type chitin. It also explains why the creature isn't that tough. It mostly relies on its natural armour)
Special Abilities: None
Weaknesses: Double Damage from Lasers, Rampant Carnivore

Notes: The Arkusian Apocalypse Bug lives to eat. Near mindless (it only reacts to external stimuli, mostly food sources) it will attack and eat any living creature, regardless of size. It's only redeeming feature is the fact it's a solitary predator, mostly because the swathe of destruction it leaves in an area makes it impossible for the local food supply to support two bugs. In fact, outside a short weekly mating period (once a year), bugs will attack each other as readily as any other creature.


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Feb 9, 2020
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So, I made my system- a frankenstein hack of Fate Condensed and Gumshoe, with some bits of ideas from Eclipse Phase and Altered Carbon.


Name: Damien Kinnear
Background: Freelancer
Faction: Extropian
Motivations: Thrill-Seeking, Independence, and Self-Reliance
High Concept: Talented Troubleshooter with a penchant for getting in trouble
Trouble: It's Hard to let go of the Past
Aspect: Uncanny knowledge of human behavior
Aspect: I Have Learned to Adapt
Refresh: 2


Damien grew up in what passed for a middle class- his parents were corporate wage slaves for a Martian hypercorp, and had him as a perfunctory act. They made enough that he grew up with a series of nannies, going to perfectly good schools, living in a perfectly good middle-class apartment. It was a good life, but he didn't particularly like it. He always felt something was missing, and when he was shuttled from school to home, looked down into the city with more than a little longing.

He soon found out that the life he'd seen wasn't necessarily as clean as he'd thought, for one day when he came home, all of that had been ripped away, and he found out that the life of a corporate climber was only as secure as your last delivery. At the time, he didn't know what happened to cast him down out of the towers of the affluent, but later, he found out that his father had attached his star to what seemed like a high profile project that he could land easily, but it turned out to be a sinking ship. His father was terminated because of the project's failure, and his source didn't leave it to any imagination that it was anything but literal. His mother was a casualty also, and they found themselves living on the dole in the dirty streets.

His mother resented the fall, and having to eke out a life, and was always trying to find her way back into the company- or really any company. Damien, on the other hand, found out how to negotiate his new life, and put what he'd learned to use, networking and doing favors. First small ones- running a package, checking a drop point- but later more serious courier jobs. Though he never let his mother know, he nurtured his former contacts among the kids, and made it known that he was able to get them things that weren't necessarily available at their ages in the arcologies. Through this, he found he had a talent for reading people and finding people- it was a lot deeper than the things that he found for them; he was able to figure out what they actually needed and prey on these desires. This led to a more hands on role- their illicit desires would get them into situations, and Damien was just the person they needed to make the problem go away.

When he was able to leave, he parlayed the favors he had received into a way to get his certification as an investigator. He didn't want to be a cop- it was too restrictive. But an investigator- or more like a troubleshooter- it wasn't too far from his hustle on the streets. He found that he was able to find things that others overlooked or missed, constructing narratives that led to results for his clients, finding people that didn't want to be found, and removing 'obstacles' for his clients, cleanly and quietly.

But when working for one client, you always run the risk of raising the ire of another, and so it was he found himself persona non-grata. He left the Martian soil he'd called home for the belts, taking odd jobs in order to make the hop from one dive to another. In some ways it was another fall from grace, and in others it was freeing. Being able to explore the various stations in the belt, gaining berth where ever he could- it was that same thrill he'd enjoyed when first exploring the city where he'd spent his life. And he found, more than the money from the jobs, it was the risk and intellectual challenge that spurred him on.

Phase One: Your Introduction to the Life​

After falling to the streets of the arcology, Damien scrabbled to find his way in his new environment with little support from his mother. He made contacts with his old friends- children were less likely to abandon their friends because of things that happened in the world if the parents didn't know about it. It was especially useful that Damien could get them experiences they didn't know. It was precarious running interference between corp kids and criminal gangs, but Damien new how to walk that edge, especially because he was gifted in reading people. He grew from a fixer into a troubleshooter naturally, as the situations that he led his friends into required someone to quietly get them out of them.

Phase Two: A Recent Incident​

When his last transport- a long hauler- docked here, he had the feeling from his interactions with the captain and from bits and pieces of his interaction with the crew that he needed to skip. They had been more and more desperate for work, shuttling items from a few different way stations, and he'd happily stayed on for a while to let the heat from his prior job die down. His instincts proved right- he found out the ship was interdicted for smuggling a bit after he got off.

But that left him between jobs, so he hung out around the bars and the security station, finally catching wind of a private gig to find the kid of one of the workers in the kiosk on the station. Low paying, but there wasn't too much area on a station this size. He found the kid all right- dead. And that put him in the sights of the local cools. He negotiated the space between the parents and the cops, solving their case for them. The parents refused to pay, but there was a bit of scratch from the police for his help.

Phase Three: Entanglements​

Dirtside on Ceres, Damien found himself wrapped up in yet another investigation- he knew the person the local cools had their eyes on was innocent, but he had to choose between pissing them off to do the right thing and exonerate them, or just let it go and take the paycheck. His conscience got the best of him, and he made a friend, but definitely needed to stay of Ceres for a while.

Phase Four: Complications​

Back into his old habits, Damien took a case from a corporate type- well paying, but he wanted someone found. Same song, different planet, Damien found out that the Corp was trying to cover up some bad biz by zeroing the hapless simp he'd been sent after. Again, his conscience won out- enough of this, and he was going to end up with nowhere to go to ground.



Bold: +2 Brutal: +0 Insightful: +3 Precise: +1 Swift: +1


Physical Skills​

Athletics: 1 Ballistic Weapons: 2 Discipline: 1 Drive: 1 Endurance: 1 Infiltrate: 2 Notice: 2 Scrounging: 1 Sense Trouble: 2 Somatics: 1 Stability: 1 Tracking: 1 Unarmed Combat: 2 Zero-G Ops: 1

Academic Skills​

Business: 1 Criminology: 1 Economics: 1 History: 1 Human Terrain: 1 Law: 1 Linguistics: 2 Psychology: 1 Research: 1

Interpersonal Skills​

Charm: 1 High Society: 1 Flattery: 1 Interrogation: 1 Intimidation: 1 Kinesics: 2 Negotiation: 1 Protocol, Criminal: 1 Protocol, Law Enforcement: 1 Reassurance: 1 Streetwise: 1 Tradecraft: 1

Technical Skills​

Data Analysis: 1 Electronic Surveillance: 1 Evidence Collection: 1 Forensics: 1 Imaging: 1 Interfacing: 1 InfoSec: 1 Kinetics: 1 Pathology: 1 Sensors: 1 Surveillance: 1 Traffic Analysis: 1


By My Hand, Set the World in Motion: Through a combination of speed, dexterity, and uncanny timing, you always have a path forward. In a static environment, this means that you are capable of crazy parkour-like movement to get almost anywhere that could be physically accessed. In a more fluid environment you are impossible to pin down or fence in, as you’ll always find the gap.
Mental Blueprint: You’re highly skilled at visualizing the whole of a target based on just a part of it. When casing a location, you receive a +2 on Infiltration rolls to create an advantage.
I Can See Through You: Smaller parts of a larger truth can contain a blueprint of the whole – and as someone unnaturally in tune with all kinesics, you are adept at pulling the larger truth out of a single individual. Gain +2 on kinesics rolls to read body language and see through attempts at deceit.


Type: Biomorph, Flat, Augmented
Aspects: 100% pure old-fashioned home-grown, Black market augments
Traits: Essential Biomorph Traits (Cortical Stack, Mesh Inserts)
Stunts: Stealth, Reflex Boosters
Durability: Good (+3)
Stress Boxes: 4
Refresh Cost: 1

Stats - Body: +0 Acuity: +2 Celerity: +1​


When his Mesh was implanted and his Muse installed, it gave him a sense of security. It was someone he could depend on, in a world where he could depend on no one. He named his mesh Zara, and it speaks in a feminine voice.
Reseach: 1 InfoSec: 1


  • @-rep: 4
  • c-rep: 2
  • e-rep: 0
  • f-rep: 0
  • g-rep: 4
  • i-rep: 0
  • r-rep: 0
  • x-rep: 0

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Jul 10, 2020
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London by Night
Adventure in a Victorian City
David Nalle, 1991

Spasht Saanskrtik Viniyog, consulting psychic detective

Character Concept

I'll play an Indian mystic, but a respectable one. Born in Jahankaheenbipore in 1869 (age 25) into a small zamindar family, who had cleverly exploited the East India Company's development and heavily invested in railroads and factories, becoming moderately rich. Spasht was sent to King's College, London, where he made numerous important acquaintances but few friends, which he found among the wackos instead. Nurtured in an environment of learning, art and a socio-religious culture steeped in more than 6000 years of Eastern tradition, he was welcomed with open arms by the spiritualist sects and groups that popped up in the City in the late 19th century. Spasht is a little stocky but nimble and a charmer, and has a minor psychic ability to boot.

Primary Characteristics (150pts)

Physical Characteristics (25pts):SIZ (0pts): 10CON (15pts): 15STR (10pts): 10
HEI: 5'6
WEI: 150lb
Active Characteristics (30pts):REA(ction) (5pts): 5DEX (14pts): 14AGI (11pts): 11
MOV: 26"/6s
Mental Characteristics (47pts):PSI (15pts): 15RAT(ional ability) (14pts): 14EDU (18pts): 18
Social Characteristics (48pts):APP(earance) (15pts): 15CHA (20pts): 20SOC(ial status) (13pts): 13

Secondary Characteristics

Force Rating: 10 (that's actually how hard you punch, Star Wars wasn't out yet)
Activity Points: 39 (that's how many ticks your combat round has, walking your MOV takes 20 AP)
Hit Points: 35
Fatigue Points: 45
Psi Points: 45
Training Points: 99 (see below)
MOV: 32"/6s (yes, you do that twice, and with different results; why? beats me)
starting wealth: £100

DA SKILLZ, GUV (99TP, but for every level you buy, you get a CP that you can spend instead of a TP in the same skill group)

Anthropology 1 (2TP+2CP(V))
Card Playing 1 (3TP)
Concealment/Hiding 3 (9TP)
Conning/Persuasion 2 (2TP)
Drawing 1 (4TP)
Folklore/Occult 1 (4TP+3CP(V))
Hypnosis 3 (8TP/1CP(R))
Investigation 1 (1TP+3CP(R))
Neurology 1 (3TP+4CP(S))
Observation 2 (5TP+3CP(R))
Psychiatry 3 (12TP)
Public Speaking 1 (4TP)
Research 2 (8TP)
Rhethoric/Logic 1 (6TP+1CP(J))
Search 3 (4TP+5CP(B))
Silent Move/Stealth 2 (10TP)
Stick/Racket Sports 2 (6TP)
Total Recall 1 (3CP(R), consida dat eh divoace!)
Mindfog 1 (3TP)
Mind Probe 1 (6TP+1CP(1))

Do the TPs add upp to 99? Can't be arsed to check, and it doesn't really matter, because I neglected to fornicate around with the National and Occupational Benefits, which give small discounts on certain skills and skill groups. The skill acquisistion system already works like something Skyler White puts into the Quicken hoping nothing flashes red.

Cor blimey, that took me back to the 80s, and I had to check if it wasn't the 1880s. I mean, I did Fringeworthy and I didn't need a slide rule for a square root and a power of three. Coupled with a Verifaxed 9½pt text, ½pt leading and broken tables, this definitely was an experience that'll teach me not to make characters for games bash picks at random from my database.

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Bastei, 2007

Maddrax is a German dime novel series. At least it was, complete with small format, crummy newsprint, paper covers as glossy as limp, and sexual dimorphism in protective clothing. These days it's lives a zombified life on the interwebs. Or maybe it's dead. I don't know, not my cup of Bier. But packrat me has a copy of the honest-to-god official role-playing game squirreled away. If a packrat can squirrel something.

I don't know much about the Maddrax world. Apparently, the plucky astronaut Matthew Drax went on a space expedition. There was an oopsie and he was hurled into Spaaace. Shortly before or after the hurly thing, a big comet bumped into the planet and Ended the World As We Know It (the north pole is now in Edmonton). Five centuries later Drax's trajectory intersected the Earth's, which had changed to a postapocalyptic fantasy ripoff full of pterodaytyls, giant insects, disfigured mutants and bare-chested Barbarian babes desperately in need of hearing-aids (guess where the series' name comes from). Kinda sorta “Buck Rogers under the XXV century Moon”. I don't know why the copyright lawyers didn't flock to it. But who cares. Apparently Thomas Biskup, who wrote a 66-page RPG about it.

Character generation: Campaign Level 3: AP 2, SP 20/4, Advantage Tough +1

Race: I'll take Barbarian (which actually means something totally different in the Maddraxverse) as everything else looks uncooperative and restricts other choices. So I'm tough, wild and bellicose, a primitive clansman who values honour and courage. Tech level neolithic to early middle ages. As you see, totally different. I get to bump one attribute by +1 and skills Survival +1, Intuition +1 and Melee or Ranged +1.

Culture: 13 Islands (cough-cough-Scandinavians). Means I'm a peace-loving hunter, farmer or fisherman and the womenfolk are telepathic. I won't blame that comet, it probably had its hands full ripping east asia a new one. I get Trade:Farmer or Trade:Fisherman +1 Athletics +1, Survival +1.

Special Talent: I get Tough +1 from the Campaign Level table, meaning I have the Advantage Tough (Protection Factor +1 through toughness and
heroism) and another one that I can pick from a table or roll a d66 for. 13: Shapechanger, great! But it counts as three Advantages, so I have to pick two Disadvantages from the next table: 31 and 61, which stands for Code of Honour (something which interferes with my daily life) and Taratz-food (Taratzes are six-foot feral rat-men, means every damage roll (against me, I guess) goes up by 1).

Attributes: I get 2 AP from the Campaign Level table, meaning I can raise two of my attributes by +1, and another one +1 for the Barbarian. And I can raise one attribute by +1 if I take -1 to another, once. All attributes start at 0.

Skills: Campaign Level says I get 20 skill points and skills capped at +4. I can spend the SP as I like (but not on Education, because I have Intuition!) and/or learn a trade (or something), which doesn't give any bonuses but just packages skills at cost, #sad.
I didn't take a supernatural Special Talent, so I don't get supernatural skills.

Equipment: I get the clothes on my back and six items from the list.

Name:AanoltRace:BarbarianCulture:13 Islands
STR +2​
Athletics 2​
(journeyman)culture/1 SP
(PF 1, MP -1)Tough +1
DEX +1​
Intuition 3​
(pro)race/2 SP
Plastic Shield​
CON +1​
Lore:Geogr. 2​
Bow (15/75m)​
(HIT -1, DMG +1)Code of Honour
WILlpower -1​
Melee 4​
(expert)race/3 SP
Baseball bat​
(HIT 0, DMG +1)Taratz-food
PERception ±0​
Ranged 3​
(pro)3 SP
Night Vision Gs.​
INT ±0​
Riding 2​
(journeyman)2 SPFrekkeuscher(“Fleep”)
APPearance ±0(average)
Stealth 4​
(expert)4 SP
Survival 4​
Trd:Fisherman 2(journeyman)culture/1SP

Aanolt is a tough, rugged barbarian from Noorweye, blond, blue-eyed, well-muscled, early 20s (if they still count years like before the comet). He kinda sucks at being a fisherman, but is well-liked by his neighbour because he loves a good, peaceful border skirmish.And he's pretty good at it. To increase his effectiveness in that respect, everybody chipped in to buy him a baseball bat and a plastic shield. The chainmail is a heirloom of his house. He follows the simple rule of doing everything a woman tells him; after all, they can read minds and are hellishly persuasive. Come to think of it, everybody is. To get anything done, he uses his stealth and shapechanging ability to avoid distractions. One day when he was exploring on his trusty giant riding locust Fleep, he came across a crashed flying machine and rescued a set of NVGs from the dead pilot.

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Character (+) a day, Baby Slaad edition

So I have three children. The older two play supers RPGs with me, the latest being Sentinel Comics RPG. My youngest daughter likes making characters, but not playing. She was bored over the weekend, so for a fun activity, we just sat down and cranked out characters!

First, we created a Sentinel Comics RPG character on the thought she might join her older siblings in a game (didn't happen, when it came time to play, she backed out, c'est la vie).

Unlike my previous outing, I didn't jot down all the possible choices, but we did use the random guided process, which seems to be an effective muse for her.

For background, of the rolled options, she selected Upper Class. For her first principle, she selected Principle of Business. She is apparently a sharp wealthy heiress and her family business is an important part of her character, and something she can tap into during play. Her starting qualities were Persuasion and Creativity.

Power Source:
For power source, she selected Relic from the rolled options. For powers, she selected Intuition, Signature Weapon, and Signature Vehicle. She pictured a large gun-like device that can shoot different elements. For the vehicle, she pictured something like a flying car. I figure it's something like the Tomorrow People's vehicle Sphere from the Young Justice series, something more "rescued" or "restored" than created since her power source is Relic, not Tech Upgrades.

Relic provides 1 green ability and 2 yellow abilities. For those who aren't familiar with Sentinel Comics, abilities are sort of "moves" than tend to improve the effects of your powers.

For her green ability, she selected Draw Power and renamed it Anticipate. She gives herself bonuses by reflecting on the situation around her. I described the way Sherlock Holmes was depicted in the RDJ films as an example of how this might look.

For her first yellow ability, she took Magical Shield using her Signature Vehicle power and named it Deus ex Machine (using English spelling there was intentional). She pictured her vehicle remotely interposing or plucking her allies out of danger.

Her second yellow ability was the ability Momentary Power keyed to her signature weapon, and called it Everything Fatal. We pictured automated systems on her weapon analyzing threats and deploying defenses.

Here she selected Elemental Manipulator from the rolled options. She pictured something science-y where he gun had a periodic-table like control on the side of her gun that she used to solve problems. Looking at all of the options, she sort of wanted them all, but only had a few to choose. I explained her weapon might be able to shoot any of them, but this might be her special area of control. Finally we settled on Weather as her elemental/energy power, Transmutation as her extra power, and the final die going to the Science quality.

Elemental Manipulator gets 2 green abilities and 1 yellow ability.
Green 1: She took Elemental Combustion ability keyed to the Weather power and called in Weather Pain (play on "Weather Vane"). Her weapon can unleash a torrent of weather effects with a little backlash...
Green 2: She took Focused Apparatus keyed to Transmutation and called it Transform Trouble. She can transmute objects in the array to damage and annoy opponents.
Yellow: She took Energy Redirection keyed to Weather and called it Uno Reverse. Whenever she takes damage from a weather effect, she inflicts that much damage to another target.

For her second principle, she took Principle of Weather. Weather effects are becoming a central theme of the character.

Here she ended up with Alluring. She created the quality Classy, which we rounded out to Classy Heiress. She banks on her style and her wealth to get things done.

She picks 2 red abilities here plus the default Out ability.
Red 1: She took Charged Up Blast from hallmark abilities keyed to her weapon (that we are now calling the Stormgun), renaming the ability Elemental Charge. She can unleash a torrent of all different elements doing a lot of damage.
Red 2: She takes Field of Hazards from the Materials powers list, using her Transmutation. She really uses her transmutation ability to turn the battlefield against her foes! She keeps the default name.

Fitting her into the setting, I see her family as having acquired some tech from the Maerynians, either by cooperation or salvage.

For her Retcon step, she adds a third red ability:
Red 3: She takes Heroic Sacrifice from the Social Qualities list using her Persuasion. She renames the ability Distraction.

After much deliberation, we settle on the name Brainstorm for her! (Or Green Needle, whatever).

Alias Alysha Greenrose

Gender: F; Age: 37; Height: 5'11"; Hair: Brown; Skin: Tan; Build: Tall/Slender
Costume/Equipment: Raincoat, Lanyard w/Keys, Smart Watch, Sneakers, Jewelry, Sunglasses

Background: Upper Class; Power Source: Relic; Archetype: Elemental Manipulator; Personality: Alluring

Intuition: D10
Stormgun: D8
Stormobile: D8
Weather: D10
Transmutation: D10

Persuasion: D10
Creativity: D8
Science: D6
Classy Heiress: D8

Status Dice: Green D6, Yellow D8, Red D10
Health: Green 27-21, Yellow 20-11, Red 10-1

Green Abilities:
Anticipate: Boost yourself using [Intuition]. That bonus is persistent and exclusive.
Weather Pain: Attack up to two targets using [Weather]. Also take an amount of damage equal to your Mid die.
Transform Trouble: Hinder using [Transmutation]. Attack using your Min die. If you are in the Red zone, you may apply the penalty to any number of nearby targets.
Principle of Business: Overcome in a situation related to the field of your business or knowing locals. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
Principle of Weather: Overcome a challenge involving [Weather] and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.

Yellow Abilities:
Deus ex Machine: When another hero in the Yellow or Red zone would take damage, you may Defend them by rolling your single [Stormobile] die.
Everything Fatal: Boost yourself using [Storm Gun]. Use your Max die. Hinder a nearby opponent with your Min die.
Uno Reverse: Whenever you take damage from [Weather], you may also inflict that much damage on another target.

Red Abilities:
Elemental Charge: Attack using [Storm Gun] and at least one bonus. Use your Max+Mid+Min dice. Destroy all of your bonuses, adding each of them to this Attack first, even if they are exclusive.
Field of Hazards: Hinder any number of targets in the scene using [Transmutation]. Use your Max+Min dice. If you roll doubles, also Attack each target using your Mid die.
Distraction: When an opponent Attacks, you may become the target of that Attack and Defend by rolling your single Red zone die.

Out ability:
Boost an ally with your Classy Heiress die.

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Character Creation weekend w/Baby Slaad continues

So my daughter asked about other genres, so I tried to dig up other books I had in the same vein. One that I knew I had on hand which I am familiar with was Mongoose Traveller 1e. So we churned out a MGT character.

I had her roll 2D for each stats, but let her reroll any dice that were less than 3 once each. She ended up with
Str: 8 Dex: 10 End: 7 Int: 9 Edu: 7 Soc: 4

Mongoose Traveller 1e awards 0-level skills for homeworld, but doesn't have a compressed homeworld generation like MegaTraveller. I didn't want to go too crazy with the references so I just had her roll (3d6 keep highest 2)-2 for population of her homeworld and picked one out of a nearby setting book, Gateway to Destiny. She ended up being from New Kurdistan from the Ley Sector in the 990 era setting:

New Kurdistan 1134 B140464-A De Ni Po

So from that, she got Animals-0 and Survival-0. Her third background skill was computers.

Career 1 Term 1:
For her first career, she went into entertainer, performer specialty. She picked up the entertainer basic skills, plus Deception 1, gained +1 dex and a rank of Art (dance). For events, she ended up criticizing a leader on her homeworld and making him an enemy, and gaining persuasion-1 in the process.

Career 2, Term 1:
MGT lets you jump careers, so she decides pirate sounds fun, so she rolls to enter the Rogue career and succeed. She gains +1 End and gains a rank to henchman and learns some gunnery. For events, she has a successful job, but gains the victim of her score as an enemy.
(I think I missed recording where she got some skills; she got pilot somewhere in here too)

Career 2, Term 2:
She reenlists, and picks up some skill with a slug pistol (I explain the economics of weapons in Traveller and how lasers can be kind of expensive for starting characters). She participates in a gambling ring and picks up gambler, but declines to gamble any of her mustering out benefits. She knows when to hold 'em.

Career 2, Term 3:
She reenlists again, but is injured during her 3rd term and musters out. She leaves the Pirates with 10 KCr and a weapon.
She rolls good on the injury and aging rolls and doesn't lose any stat points.

Skill package and connections:
I allow her 2 picks from a skill package (medic-1 and stealth-1) and any one skill from a connection. She decides she is connected to a group of spacefarers on a small ship that she helped out (jack-of-all-trades 1).

Name etc:

I mention that one concept from SF that Traveller plugs into a little bit is the idea that various Earth cultures settle their own worlds, and the Kurds are a real world people. I know next to nothing about Kurdish culture (and it has likely changed greatly over millennia, so I don't sweat the details), but it gives her the idea to use real world name generator to make her character's name: Rojo Kesar.

Rojo Keser. ex-Entertainer, ex-Pirate
Age 34, 4 terms, Cr 10,000
Str 8 (+0), Dex 12 (+2), End 9 (+1), Int 10 (+1), Edu 7 (+0), Soc 4 (-1)
Entertainer 1 term, Pirates 3 terms
Skills: Animals 0, Art (Dance) 1, Carouse 0, Computers 0, Deception 1, Gambler 1, Gunnery (Turret) 1, Gun Cmbt (Slug Pistol) 1, Jack of All Trades 1, Medic 1, Persuade 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Stealth 1, Steward 0, Streetwise 0, Survival 0.
Equipment: Gauss Pistol

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May 15, 2017
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Character Creation weekend w/Baby Slaad continues

So my daughter had enough fun making her pirate/dancer, but fantasy is something she's a bit more keen on. D&D and it's ilk aren't generally big on generating characters with backstories, so I look to other lifepath style chargen. I know that The Sword of Cepheus is a fantasy system based on the Cepheus offsshoot of Mongoose Traveller, and it's a cool $7 on DTRPG, so I download it and we make a character.

The Sword of Cepheus

So I didn't have the term sheet for TSoC like I did MGT, so my notes are sketchier, but we decided to go with the heroic stat gen method (which is even more generous that the "reroll 1s and 2s method I used for MGT). She rolls a pretty decent character and assigns her best stats to Int, Edu, and Soc.

She starts as a character from a large city (takes Streetwise-1 as a background skill), and enters her first term as a noble with Soc 10 (peerage, not quite enough to be titled)

Term 1:
She gains rank 1 and picks up carouse. He country goes to war. She fails to gain social rank, but picks up some leadership skill.

Term 2:
She travels extensively and gains a language. I offer some samples from my Sword & Sorcery far future setting, but she says she wants to go with fae instead, so we reason she is sent as an envoy to a fairy enclave of some sort.

Term 3:
Events, her country went to war again. This time she made the leadership roll, so she gains +1 social rank, and gains the title of Dame, and advances to noble rank 2. She also makes her advancement roll to become Noble Rank 2, Quaestor. Alas, she fails the reenlistment roll, so her adventuring career begins!

Other stuff: We roll to muster out, and she gets a retainer and 200 gold.
The Sword of Cepheus affords characters little bonus abilities called traits. They get one trait per 3 terms or fraction, and can pick them based on skill qualifications. She had a rank of Religion, so she picks up the trait Prophecy

She names the character Blossom Holmes.

Blossom Holmes,
Age 26, Noble Quaestor, 3 terms, 899CAB
Str 8 (+0), Dex 9 (+1), End 9 (+1), Int 12 (+2), Edu 10 (+1), Soc 10 (+1)
Skills: Animals 1, Archery 0, Carousing 1, Leadership 1, Liaison 1, Melee Combat 0, Religion 1, Riding 0, Rulership 0, Streetwise 1
Trait: Prophecy
Equipment: Retainer, 200g
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Character Creation weekend w/Baby Slaad continues

So my daughter asked to make another Sentinel Comics RPG character. Though Traveller has some elements that makes chargen fun, I think she digs the modern framework and story potential of Sentinels.


This time around she chose Retired from the options rolled. So it was someone who was a hero before and is taking up the mantle again. But why? As always, this is a little early in chargen to be attaching to concrete an answer to those types of questions.

She gets 2 information or social qualities and picks Imposing D10 and Magical Lore D10.

She picks an identity principle and chooses Principle of Amnesia. Interesting! So part of her past is missing. Does she not know why she stopped being a hero as she entered some sort of fugue? Does the rest of the hero world assume her missing or dead?

Power Source:

She chooses Mystical from the power source selections. The retired character provides her with one very strong (D12) power and two middling (D6) powers. She takes Animal Control at D12 and Flight and Plants at D6, and has an early nature style theme going.

She gets 2 yellow abilities from Mystical and chooses:
Yellow 1: She takes the modification wave ability with Animal Control and renames it Animal Army. She can summon a variety of small animals to hinder foes or help allies.
Yellow 2: She takes the mystical redirection power and assigns it to plants. She names the ability Mother Nature's Shield. If nearby injured allies are attacked, she can grow a tree like sheath around her and draw the attacks to herself, absorbing much of the damage.

She gains an information quality. She reasons that she would know a bit about biology and the natural world, and gains Science D10.


So among the archetypes she rolled, the 3 she considered most strongly were Elemental Manipulator, Sorcerer, and Psychic. She decided to keep the magic subtheme going and go with Sorcerer.

From sorcerer, she selects the powers Sonic D10 and Intangibility D8. The intangibility she styles as "melding with earth/nature/solids". She also takes the quality Alertness at D8.

Sorcerer give her 2 green abilities and 1 yellow ability.
Green 1: She takes the Energy Jaunt ability with the Sonic power, and renames it Thunderclap.
Green 2: She takes the Subdue ability with Flight and calls it Playing Catch.
Yellow 1: She takes the Living Bomb ability, styling it as plants bursting forth, and calls it Plant Bomb.

Solidly in a magical theme, she takes her second principle, Principle of Magic.

Of the options rolled, she waffles between Impulsive and Mischievous personalities, reasoning that either one might have led to the mishap that caused her amnesia. She decides to go with Impulsive. This boosts one of her powers by 1 step, so she decides to bring Plants to D8, more in line with the rest of her powers.

She gets her 2 red abilities now:
Red 1: She takes the Impenetrable Defense ability from the psychic list using the Animal Control power. She calls it Little Helpers, picturing swarms of small animals that swoop in to deflect attacks.
Red 2: She takes the Resurrection ability from the Self Control list using Intangibility and Alertness, renaming it Earthly Vitality. She pictured merging with the earth to reconstitute her body if she takes a mortal injury.

She gets the standard Impulsive Out ability and Impulsive status dice (Green D6/Yellow D6/Red D8).

She feels like there aren't any nagging conceptual gaps we need to cover with the retcon rule, but her Red status die is a little weak, so we boost it to D10.

She decides that it was her curiosity that got her into trouble, and creates the custom quality Curiosity D8.

After painfully long deliberation, she names her character Wildwave, alias Daisy Woods.

She decides that her character is young, which mean she was super young in her previous hero life. Maybe she was a young teen apprentice to an existing magical character like Harpy or Nightmist.

Wildwave, alias Daisy Woods

Gender: F; Age: 18; Height: 5'3"; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Brown; Skin: Pale; Build:
White flowy dress, belt, high pony tail, sneakers.

Background: Retired; Power Source: Mystical; Archetype: Sorcerer; Personality: Impulsive

Animal Control D12
Sonic D10
Plants D8
Intangibility D8
Flight D6

Imposing D10
Magical Lore D10
Science D10
Alertness D8
Curiosity D8

Status Dice: Green D6, Yellow D6, Red D10
Health: Green 31-24, Yellow 23-12, Red 11-1

Green Abilities:
Thunderclap: Attack multiple targets using [Sonic], applying your Min die against each.
Playing Catch: Attack using [Flight]. Hinder the same target using your Min die.
Principle of Amnesia: Overcome a situation where a completely fresh perspective is useful and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
Principle of Magic: Overcome against a mystical force and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.

Yellow Abilities:
Animal Army: Boost or Hinder using [Animal Control], and apply that mod to multiple nearby targets.
Mother Nature's Shield: When another hero in the Yellow or Red zone would take damage, you may redirect it to yourself and Defend against it by rolling your single [Plants] die.
Plant Bomb: Destroy one D6 or D8 minion. Roll that minion’s die as an Attack against another target.

Red Abilities:
Little Helpers: Defend using [Animal Control] with your Max+Mid dice against all Attacks against you until your next turn.
Eartly Vitality: Once per issue, if you would go to 0 Health, roll [Intangibility] + [Alertness] + Red zone die. Your Health becomes that number.

Out ability:
The hero who goes directly after you may take 1 damage to reroll their dice pool.


E-Rocker is a goose.
Aug 16, 2017
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Day #17
Dragon Warriors

Eriraks Nephew

Strength 9
Reflexes 10
Intelligence 14
Psychic Talent 15
Looks 7

Health Points : 10

Special Abilities
Simultaneous Casting
Weapon groups

Magic points: 2

Lantern, Flint and tinder, backpack, bow, quiver, 6 arrows, dagger, full mail armour, two handed sword, 9 florins
Updating this fellow to potentially use in a PbP Game:
Background: Freeman - Father Falconer.
Full Mail has an AF =4
2H Sword is d10,5pts
Bow d6, 4pts 0-51-126+m
Dagger d4, 2pts
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