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Mar 25, 2019
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I created a Lasers & Feelings character.

Name: Hank Hackensack
Style: Dangerous
Role: Pilot
Number: 5
Character Goal: Shoot Bad Guys

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May 15, 2017
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Time limits are for the compliant and the organized.

As neither of those is me, here's a Yellow King RPG I just made as the 7th pregen (to go with the 6 that came with the adventure, though there are 7 character roles.)

Era: Paris (an American from a well off family living in Paris)
Name - Marion Jackson
Field - Muse. (Marion is a helper and "finder" among a group of artists)
Drive - Curiosity
Investigative abilities:

General Abilities (Scrounger):
Athletics 3
Composure 7
Fighting 6
First Aid 0
Health 3
Mechanics 0
Riding 1
Sense Trouble 3
Sneaking 5
Preparedness 5

That Deuced Peculiar Business
Marion's diary had alterations in it, alluding to things that clearly could not have happened. Yet Marion has no clear recollection of what did happen in those entries. The handwriting in the diary doesn't quite look like Marion's in those entries.


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Feb 9, 2020
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I created a DCC character- ready for the funnel. Having read the rules though, I'm sure I'll never run it. I might try it if someone wants to run it. But that system is a ton of hurt in a million tables with hard to differentiate dice that you have to use besides bonuses.

On another note, I had some freakishly good luck on 3d6 for stats.

Name: Alin Bexley

Strength: 11 (+0)
Agility: 14 (+1) Ref +1
Stamina: 13 (+1) Fort +1
Personality: 15 (+1) Will +1
Intelligence: 17 (+2) Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven
Luck: 14 (+1) Bountiful Harvest: Hit Points

Hit Points: 4
Wealth: 38 Copper
Experience: O XP
Occupation: Outlaw (Shortsword, Leather Armor)
Alignment: Neutral
Equipment: Flint & Steel

Caesar Slaad

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May 15, 2017
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Okay, let's make a City of Mist character.

I'll randomly pick a mythos (mythical figure that lives in the character) and logos (the mundane world character). The game allows you to compose whatever mythos/logos you want for your character, but it has an array of common tropes you can mix and match.

Mythos character trope: Scoundrel or Peddler
Logos character trope: Attorney at law.

For mythos, I am thinking the character could be something like a bearer of unwanted gifts, like the enchantress in Beauty and the Beast (the Disney franchise), who brings a rose that curses the castle. Also similar to the concept of a witch bearing a poisoned apple.

A CoM character has 4 total themes. The can pick 1-3 for their mythos; the remaining go to the logos themes. I'll split the difference here and go 2 each.

For the Enchantress mythos, I'll take the themes Subversion (Deception) and Relic (Cursed Plant)
For the Attorney at Law, I'll chose Routine(Legal Advisor) and Personality(Shrewd & Manipulative). This personality has me thinking of another Disney take on a character, Rebecca De Mornay's Milady de Winter. I'll use this bit of inspiration for her name: Rebecca Winters.

Fleshing out the themebook choices, the character looks like:

Rebecca Winters/The Enchantress

Mythos Theme- Subversion:
I can mask my appearance

Mystery: "Who am I really, the mythos or the attorney?"

Power Tags:
a - Illusory Appearance
b - Entice to self-destructive act
e - Ensnare the arrogant

Weakness tag:
d - Her snares catch unintended targets

Mythos Theme- Relic: Cursed Plant
A gift that brings a curse when presented
Mystery: "The gift pretends to bring justice, but is it ever really just?"

Power Tags:
a - Inflicts a curse upon the recipient
b - Can transform with a brush
d - Can appear like any small plant or object bearing a plant.

Weakness tag:
a - The curse has an escape clause

Logos Theme- Routine: Legal Advisor
Works as a legal advisor

Identity: "The system will grind down people unless I step in"

Power Tags
a - Defense lawyer
b - Can tap into her powerful firm
g - Exploits loopholes

Weakness tag
b - Risk of disbarment

Logos Theme- Personality: Shrewd & Manipulative
I know how to manipulate people and circumstances
Identity: "Everyone has an angle"

Power Tags
a - Maximizes every opportunity
c - Reads people easily
e - Always has a backup plan

Weakness tag
a - Reputation as a manipulator
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