D&D Alignment in Contemporary America

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Sep 14, 2021
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YouGov recently ran a survey that asked respondents where they stood on the Good/Evil and Law/Chaos axes and then correlated the findings with other questions to discover the defining belief for each alignment.

Sadly, very few people defined as Evil. The defining characteristic of Chaotics is love of drug taking. The ones that made me laugh the most, however, were Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral. The Lawful Good character will be a champion of Creationism. The Lawful Neutral character will specialise in child punishment.

Do you think that the 2024 D&D 5.5E reboot would benefit from rewriting the Alignment descriptions to encourage PCs to follow their real alignment goals?

For a semi-serious discussion by polling analysts (3/4 of whom admitted to being keen boardgamers but disdaining RPGs):

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