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Jul 9, 2020
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Just a quick check in to see if anyone is interested in some Mythos letter writing PbP goodness. I'm not even sure what it would look like precisely, but it seems tailor made for PbP in some regards. Summoning TristramEvans TristramEvans since I know he mentioned the game recently.
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It's a fantastic game, and perfectly suited to a PBP/PBEM situation.
I always thought of making a thread of Ars Magica wizards writing back and forth about their covens, their keep and there spells.
It would have gone something like this...

To those that would be the Cabal,

Through these cartouches and symbols I risk all for the sake of founding our Cabal, our circle of power against the growing darkness that most can barely perceive.

I use this strange medium, this web of spells, extend my consciousness into your own. All of you question, as intelligent people must in these days of darkness and ignorance. But to combat this darkness is the true purpose of our circle, our Cabal.

Weaving through the tangle of silk that is this virtual world I have found two references that may help in our pursuits.

Know that we will be drawing words "Of the dark" dwelling in darkness to combat the darkness and thus we must utilize the system of spells in DE PROFUNDIS...

The game has almost no game mechanics. There is no wargame apparatus, no die rolls, no statistics, no gamemaster. The game is like freeform role-playing games in that its rules are minimal, but differs from them in that players provide their own character details, there are no referees, and players interact via mail rather than face-to-face. If freeform RPGs are like improvisational theatre, De Profundis is like an improvisational epistolary novel."

Our power will come from magic, from a pocket world that is filled with the magical arts thus ARS MAGICA...

Imagine an age where myth is real and where the superstitions of the common folk hold true: faeries dance in forest glades, angels protect the Church, demons corrupt the weak, and wizards wield magic beyond the ken of other mortals. You play these magi, gathered in covenants with your allies and servants, unlocking secret powers and creating wonders. You and your friends will also portray the loyal companions and grogs who stand with the magi, as a buffer between them and the mundane world that often misunderstands their power and motives. When adventures draw you out into the medieval world of Mythic Europe, your stories are the stuff of legend.

Our first step is to gather but a few more, but we three may be enough. Beyond that we shall define the parameters of this imagination in the form of a society sheet, an agreement of genres (plot, setting, time, goal etc.) on how we shall proceed...

I await your runners and packages with great interest.

Sirius the Constant

But alas nothing came of my IC/OOC interest check.


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