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I was in Warhammer World this year and got the reprint of Realm of Chaos. It at least was a high quality reprint.
I was wondering about this. It days POD, but it's also a limited order window with up to 6 months delivery. It suggests it doesn't mean the same kind of POD service you get with Drive Thru, but an actual print run based on the orders.
I never actually owned a copy. My neighbor owned it, and since we freely shared books, we rarely bought something the other one owned.

That is awesome

Previously the Rogue Trader book and the 2 old Chaos themed book reprints were only available to walk in customers at the main Warhammer World location.

I got all 3 of them through a 'scalper' selling them on ebay, though he hardly charged more than the cover price. I think he was annoyed that they were only for sale locally.

Highly recommend these books if you can get your hands on a hard copy.

it is halloween sale on DriveThruRpg!

as usual, if you don't know what to buy... :smile:

Never Going Home is only $6. I thought it was cool just for the art and the premise (Weird never ending WW1) is not exactly bubbling over in options.

Never Going Home
Um, excuse me, but I believe it has been firmly established that stupidity and MONEY are the greatest superpowers.
Both of these are transient. Power... real power... lies in the ability to manipulate Money and Stupidity. I could name examples of this, but not sure if that skirts the lines of rule 1.
Got a couple new ones today - first: The Chronicles of Aeres: Wilderkind (Redwall-style animal adventurers for Castles & Crusades) is currently free, possibly for today only.

Secondly, there's a new Warhammer Humble Bundle, covering Soulbound, Wrath & Glory, and what I think is 4th Edition WFRP.

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