Greivous Grimoire for Against the Darkness

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Mar 9, 2021
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Now, I am a big fan of Against the Darkness, not for the setting itself, but for the system.

I just recently learned that Open Ended Games has released a relatively open license for Against the Darkness --

I also just learned about Greivous Grimoire, which was apparently released about a year ago by a company called Imaginary Turtles (love that name).

The advertising for Greivous Grimoires has some interesting things listed and I was wondering if anybody could tell me more about them.

28 Vocation Initiates (and 33 new Spell Lores) -- What exactly is a Vocation Initiate. Are they all new Vocations? Prestige Vocations? Sub-Vocations? The advertising has several poster like images that seem to indicate that they are sub-types of the Vocations in vsD. The advertising on Imaginary Turtles lists

Wizard (Arcantist, Fate Weaver, Magician, Summoner)
Rogue (Assassin, Charlatan, Scout, Swashbuckler)
Champion (Beastmaster, Eldritch Warrior, Paladin, Ranger)
Sage (Alchemist, Counsel, Jack, Stargazer)
Warrior (Adept, Barbarian, Knight, Vangaurd)
Dabbler (Doppelganger, Harlequin, Shadow Walker, Virtuoso)
Animist (Druid, Empath, Envoy, Shaman)
Some of those are obvious as to what they are but others not so much, like the Sage, and the Jack. What does the Shadow Walker do?

23 new Vocational Skills and 43 new Specialty Skills -- does it introduce Martial Arts into vsD? Does the addition of so many new skills also mean increasing the Development Points? Or increasing the DPs based on how many skills a GM adds to the game?

If anybody already has this. I would love to get more information overall before I dive into it.
Heh, the name of the game is Against the Darkmaster (although Against the Darkness would be cool as well).

I have the supplement but I haven't delved into it much. I plan to focus on the core rules for the time being.

That said, I can answer your question regarding Vocation Initiates. Essentially they're subclasses that players can choose by spending 1 background point during character creation. So a common human, who has 6 background points, can choose to become an Arcanist instead of a regular Wizard by spending one background point (leaving 5 to spend on background options).

Flaws are drawbacks that provide characters with additional background points (either 1 or 3 depending on how severe).

The specialty skills system in GG replaces the one in the core rules. At first level all characters get 5 points to spend on specialty skills. Depending on class, characters have a few specialty skills that they can develop easily at higher levels (lower cost). In those characters get 2 ranks for 1 DP. Other specialty skills are developed more slowly (1 rank for 1 DP).

It does introduce a "Martial Arts" specialty skill.

Hope that helps. :shade:
It does help a bit...

I am actually working on my own MA system for vsD. And I can tell now that my MA rules will definitely be different from what is there (my rules have 3 skills in a new skill category, and I have some new vocations to go along with it as well...)

DO they get additional DPs for Specialty skills at later levels or is that a frist level only thing?
I think it's only at first level. Beyond that, my impression is that the system is supposed replace and roughly equal (in terms of power level) the system in the core book. (If it's not an "only at first level" thing I can't find the difference following a quick skim.)
Is the Shadow Walker kinda like an RM Nightblade?
Also what is a Jack? (the advertising has it as a type of Sage, I guess....)

And that Martial Arts skill? Does it require ranks in Brawl (like equal or more), or does it treat it as completely separate?
Is the Shadow Walker kinda like an RM Nightblade?

I think so. Same overall "ethos". Here's the description:
"Shadow Walkers are Dabblers who have learned to manipulate and control the power of shadows. They are often secretive individuals as many believe their connections with darkness are evil, even though this is not always the case. They are able to control shadows and even walk within the realm between darkness and light. Shadow Walkers are also known as Umbra Weavers, Night Blades, or Shadowmancers."

Also what is a Jack? (the advertising has it as a type of Sage, I guess....)

"Jack" is (I assume) short for "jack-of-all-trades". Here's the description:
"Jacks are Sages who are experts in nothing but instead have dallied in a wide variety of Skills. They know a little about most things, but it is rare they become specialists in anything. They are highly regarded by bands of adventurers and explorers for their ability to accomplish a range of basic tasks that cannot be accomplished by the rest of the group. Jacks are also known as Knaves, Vagabonds, or Wanderers."

And that Martial Arts skill? Does it require ranks in Brawl (like equal or more), or does it treat it as completely separate?

Brawling is used to attack. The Martial Arts skill let's you do other things.
Here's the description:
"Martial Arts (SWI) | Brawling
This Skill represents the character’s expertise in unarmed combat techniques. This Skill is not used as CMB to attack, the Brawl Skill is used in such cases.
Skill Used (to attack): Brawl
The character may use (if desired) this Skill in place of any other skill when using one of the following Martial Moves: Disarm, Faint, Lock, Knockdown. This skill may also be used to defend against such attacks.
Skill Used (Martial Moves): Martial Arts
Passive Use: The character adds a bonus of +1 per rank Synergy Bonus in this Skill to their CMB when using unarmed attacks (Brawl). Additionally, every 5 ranks in this skill increases the Maximum result of an unarmed attack by 10.
Drive Point: The character launches multiple strikes at their opponent and may attack twice with full Skill totals either against the same opponent or another with which they are engaged. Alternatively, the character may forgo one of these attacks to make a single martial Moves check.
Complications: As with any attack Rolls, a critical failure using the Martial Arts Skill will result in a Critical Weapon Fumble Roll
Without this Skill: The character gains no benefits from Martial Arts using their normal size to calculate Maximum Results and Brawl Skill to attack whilst unarmed."

Also, the "Adept" subclass (Warrior) is essentially a Monk (or Warrior Monk in RM terms). Here's the description:
"Adepts are Warriors who train their body and mind as a fighting machine. Their training focuses on unarmed attacks, using speed rather than armor to enhance their defense. In addition, their training includes a focus on wisdom, lore and knowledge. Adepts are also known as Monk, Martial Artists or Sohei."
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