Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ronnie Sanford

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Aug 13, 2017
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Yay! Let's celebrate the day we threw America out of the empire!
You couldn’t have spun that better if you worked for CNN. I went to an engineering training session in Leesburg, VA (I worked for Xerox) that started on July 5th back in 99. What was interesting was that while there I met a number of engineers from Rank Xerox which was headquartered in London. One of the Engineers remarked that he had arrived the day before and that he got to enjoy “some sort of celebration “ that lasted most of the night starting with fireworks and ending with walking between various pickup trucks in a park and getting drunk. I then told him congratulations you just celebrated the Brits getting kicked out of the country (I mean no disrespect). He thought it was hysterical!
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