Heart RPG (looking for 2-4 players)

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Nov 19, 2020
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I'd like to run a Heart game. Looking for a few good peeps to help me get it started, and even keep it going.

I've played multiple times, and none of the games feels like a Heart game. So I'm gonna put my dice where my mouth is. Or something.

Heart presents itself as highly character-centric. So I'm planning to build adventures around the characters. I don't have a set plot going in. This will also help fulfill character Beats.

Speaking of Beats, one of my houserules will be that if you fulfill a Beat you didn't write down, you can still earn it. Written-down Beats help direct your story. They're not a requirement for character growth.

I can probably handle 4 players maximum. We'll figure out scheduling as I receive interest.
More than likely we'll be playing on Discord or Playrole. I've had good experiences on both platforms.

Will update this thread when I'm at capacity.
I don't want a one-shot. I don't feel like Heart--the stories or the system--lends itself to super which experiences.

The book says eight sessions are likely to bring a story arc to a close.

I also find this silly.

I'll be creating stories to cater to characters and the beats (pivotal events) selected by the players, not creating my own story to have characters bend their beats to.

And if we like our characters, their stories can go longer.
LOL. If you're interested, we'll work something out.

My only blocked off times are Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
I have 2 potential players, with the future possibility of one more.

One sure spot left for anyone who wants to dip their toes in the water.
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