InterDimensional House of Pancakes

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Bill Reich

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Aug 10, 2017
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This is a light-hearted but potentially useful utility for those of you who want their players to have the thrill of dimension-hopping with the convenience of free coffee refills. It will work for any roles set and might be used when you use a different rule set in a different dimension.

The initials up there symbolize the InterDimensional Houser of Pancakes but the only people who know that are restaurant manager and the higher-ups in the chain. The wait staff calls the place “I’d hop” (and sometimes they hop) and so do those customers who have bothered to find out. Your social setting and the behavior of your player-characters (is there tipping?) will determine how well your players do at getting information from the employees. Getting information from the waitstaff, kitchen crew and bus people isn’t difficult. I give a player character who roleplayed a reasonable inquiry in my Glory Road Roleplay four rolls to score below Charisma + some multiple of level to get information but these employees don’t know much. What you might ferret out are hints. Getting information from a shift manager is harder and not much more rewarding. I’d give the character two rolls and the hints might be better because they’ve been there longer. Getting information out of the manager would take making both of two rolls. However, the manager knows all.

Here are some hints that you might get from questioning employees and customers

1: The floor plan. There is a door into the kitchen from the restaurant floor, of course. There is another door in the kitchen that also leads to the restaurant floor. It is across from the offices of the restaurant. There is a door beyond the offices that leads to the street. There is another door that leads to the freezer-cooler or whatever replaces those in a fantasy setting (icewyrm anyone) There is another door on the back wall.

2: When kitchen trash goes out, it is taken out through the offices and it is first _carried in full view of the restaurant floor_ They try to be discreet about it and do it outside of business hours so you are more likely to hear about it from one of the other customers or an employee than to actually witness it.

3: Employees leave, when they leave during business hours, right across the restaurant floor or across the restaurant floor and then through the offices. Anyone who watches for them to come in to work or leave after hours see them use the same two doors.

4: The employees will talk about the unused door in the kitchen but they have been told not to. They probably will tell you that also.

E: Despite all the hints, the restaurant may never be discovered and no one else has discovered the secret.

Despite the “Authorized Personnel Only” sign, there will only be difficulty getting to the door if you, the GM, wants to include combat in the episode. Typically, the doorway opens into a small hallway that the measurements of the outer building says shouldn’t be there. There is a door directly across and another door to each side. Each is a door to one of your other dimensions.

The Butcher

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Apr 29, 2017
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The inn/pub/restaurant at the end of the galaxy/spacetime/multiverse is always a great concept. :smile: I dig this one.
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