(Interest Check) Waifu vs. Zombies: A Big Eyes Small Mouth Sandbox Game

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Doc Sammy

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Apr 25, 2017
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Alright, I have decided to tackle my Gamer ADHD head-on and actually commit to a project as best as I can and as such, I have decided to go with a concept that could easily hold my attention and passion for quite a while. The concept is called Waifu vs. Zombies and it is a zombie apocalypse-themed survival sandbox anime RP that uses the rules found in Big Eyes Small Mouth, First Edition which was originally published by Guardians of Order in 1998.

The setting is the same as the video game Day Z, the fictional Eastern European nation of Chernarus. We will be using locations and equipment from the game in the campaign, and it all can be found here on the official Day Z wiki, linked below.


The premise is that you are a cute anime OC who is trying to survive the aftermath of a zombie outbreak in the Republic of Chernarus. You can be either a waifu (female) or a husbando (male) and the goals of the game are twofold. The short-term goal is to survive, whether it be against the zombies, other survivors, or just the elements. The long-term goal is to band together and rebuild civilization.

Since Big Eyes Small Mouth 1E is out of print and as far as I know, not legally available on PDF, I will post the rules of the game that we will be using for the game. This will be done over several forum posts as there is a lot to cover.

Character Creation is on a point-buy system. You have three stats: Body, Soul, and Mind. They are ranked on a scale of 1 to 12, with 4 being the normal human average. You have 12 Stat Points to distribute between the three stats, though they can be raised by purchasing additional attributes with Character Points, either at character creation or with points gained through experience.

Character Points help determine what equipment and attributes your character starts out with. A starting character has 10 Character Points to spend at the beginning of character creation. They can use these points to purchase unique attributes of varying costs as well as Character Packs which gives them a set of starting equipment to help them survive. The more well-equipped Character Packs (such as military-themed character packs) cost more points, leaving fewer points to purchase attributes with but granting a player with better equipment. If a player does not purchase a Character Pack, they start off with the Civilian Pack, which is free of charge but leaves little in terms of actual survival equipment. All of the equipment in the Character Packs are based on actual weapons, clothing, and equipment from the Day Z video game and they can be found on the Day Z Wiki, linked above.

The Civilian Pack includes the following equipment, and the Civilian Pack is free of charge.

1. T-Shirt
2. Jeans
3. Athletic Shoes
4. Cloth Rag x1
5. Road Flare x1

The rest of the Character Packs will be detailed in a separate post.

For those already familiar with Big Eyes Small Mouth 1E, the following attributes from the corebook will be in play at Character Creation. Point costs are the same as they are in the corebook and are listed in parentheses. Attributes cannot go above five levels.

Acrobatics (One point per level)
Appearance (One point per level)
Art of Distraction (One point per level)
Combat Mastery (Two points per level)
Cybernetic Body (Two points per level)
Damn Healthy! (One point per level)
Divine Relationship (One point per level)
Energy Bonus (One point per level)
Extra Attacks (Four points per level)
Flunkies (One point per level)
Focused Combat (One point per level)
Fortified Body (One point per level)
Heightened Senses (One point per level)
Item of Power (Two points per level)
Magic (Four points per level)
Massive Damage (Two points per level)
Powerful Mind (One point per level)
Psionics (Four points per level)
Speed (One point per level)
Strong Soul (One point per level)

This is just an opening post for now, more details are on the way and coming very soon.
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