January 2024 Character Creation Challenge

Yarp. I won't promise 31, but I'll toss some number of characters in where 'some' is a function of busy and inclined during the specified time.
Of course I am there. Here and over in the Purple Zone.

I was actually thinking about this on Monday. I wasn't thinking about the thread, but I realized I needed to start choosing archetypes and core traits for various Waunderer's Way The Society Clans. (As well as a few other archetypes set for such a chronicle.) Maybe even cement some character seeds to go with said archetypes/ characters.
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Hmm. Need to think about this. I’ve mostly burned out on creating characters for systems I’m not playing but maybe I could do full Cold Iron work ups of all the major Blackmarsh NPCs.
It's nearly time!

[anticipation noises intensify]
I am currently not well. I am in, I am just not prepping as much as I would like for the project.
I am currently not well. I am in, I am just not prepping as much as I would like for the project.

Take care of yourself, and just do as much or as little as you feel up to. It's supposed to be fun, not a duty.
I'm going to participate as much as I can, and and already have some pre-made characters ready to go as a buffer if I get pressed for time. I'm focusing on games I've acquired this year, or supplements for games that I've covered in past years.
I'm planning to achieve it before March:grin:!
Will we be using a new thread, or should we just post our characters to this one?
Well then, since it is already Jan 1 here in Australia I might as well get started:

Jan 1

System :: GURPS
Version :: 4th Edition

Hello everyone! It's good to be participating in the character challenge again. This is definitely one of the highlights of the Pub's year. For my first character I'll put up a 200-point GURPS character I made for a game at RPoL that never got off the ground. I left 6 points unspent so that I'd have a bit of flexibility once the game was underway.

Walter Trevet

The thirteenth century is a dangerous time in Europe. Wars are common, plagues and natural disasters blight the land, and the royal courts and churches of every nation are more known for petty intrigue than capable government. In some ways Walter Trevet is a product of his time but, as one of only a handful of active mages in Europe, he is also part of a mystic tradition stretching back to the magicians of Rome, Greece, Egypt and- if rumours are true- farther back still.

Walter is also a well-travelled scholar, fluent in several languages, and maintains letter correspondence with several other intellectuals around Europe, in addition to his network of mage contacts. For years he has been obsessed with deciphering the old Atlantean language, to unlock the most ancient of magics. To that end, he has collected every scrap of the old language that he can get his hands on- from ancient crumbling stone tablets to papyri copied from copies of copies, recovered from forgotten Egyptian tombs, smuggled out of Caliphate libraries, or discovered in the restricted collections of the Church. So far he has managed to amass a sizeable corpus and even deciphered the meaning of some of it- though he has no idea of how to pronounce the language.

Now, approaching old age, he is a scholar and advisor at the court of Henry III. Respected for his learning, he nonetheless suffers from mistrust and dislike from many due to his reputation as a mage. Superstitious folk and the Church are especially wary.

Still about 5.5 hours before I can participate in my time zone. :smile:
Yes although I'm not promising no system repeats from previous years. (I promise not to do FATAL again though)
Day 1
System:: Everyday Heroes
Edition ::1st

Leroy Lexroix
Archetype: Charming, Level: 1
Background: Wealthy Family
Class: Duelist
Profession: Espionage
Wealth: 4
Speed: 30
Languages: English, Spanish
Dex: 16
Con: 13
Cha: 15
Bolded Stats are saves

Proficiency Bonus:+2
Proficiency: Acrobatics, Deception, Endurance, Intimidation, Security, Stealth, Vehicles
Equipment Proficiencies: Basic, Historical, Advanced
Hit Dice: 1d8
Hit Points: 9
Defense: 14
Influence: 2d6

Talents/Feats: Trust Fund (+1 Wealth), Level 3 Safe House, Precision (w/Finesse Weapons roll one additional damage die for melee, +1 Def while wielding Finesse)

Tricks: Parry, Fleche

9mm concealed pistol
Fake Passport & ID
Surveillance Kit
Memento from spy who loved him (silver covered notepad)
Duelist Pack

System Chargen Notes: Close to 5e. Similar to D20 Modern. The Archetype, Class, Profession thing is easy to mix up it seems.
Tomorrow I hope to make and Amazing Adventure 5e character to compare and contrast.
Characters 1 and 2 (because there has to be a Companion):
System: Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space (1st)

The Professor and Della

professor and della.jpg

Attributes: Awareness 5, Coordination 3, Ingenuity 8, Presence 3, Resolve 6, Strength 2
Skills: Athletics 1, Convince 2, Craft 0, Fighting 1, Knowledge 6, Marksman 0, Medicine 2, Science 5, Subterfuge 2, Survival 0, Technology 5, Transport 1
Traits: Time Lord (Code of Conduct, Feel the Turn of the Universe, Vortex), Boffin, Experienced (x2), Resourceful Pockets, Technically Adept; Argumentative, Blunt, Dark Secret (major), Insatiable Curiosity (minor), Owes Favour (major)
Story Points: 3
Stuff: Gadget (Sonic Scanner), modern TARDIS

Attributes: Awareness 4, Coordination 4, Ingenuity 2, Presence 5, Resolve 4, Strength 3
Skills: Athletics 2, Convince 3, Craft 2, Fighting 3, Knowledge 0, Marksman 2, Medicine 0, Science 0, Subterfuge 3, Survival 0, Technology 0, Transport 3
Traits: Attractive, Empathic, Indomitable, Lucky, Tough; Code of Conduct (minor), Distinctive, Impuslive, Insatiable Curiosity
Story Points: 12

The Professor is a veteran of the Time War, and will deny it to the end.

Before the Time War she was an academic focusing on research. She was not a naturally engaging teacher and she tended to study more esoteric subjects, and developed a mutually satisfying relationship of detached ignorance with her school - she was content with the resources she had and the school was content to simply let her do her thing.

When the Last Great Time War broke out she found herself very close to the front lines. Her to-then theoretical studies of roboticized weapon systems meant that she was drafted to develop countermeasures to Dalek weaponry. The Master, resurrected by desperate Time Lords to fight, worked closely with her and preyed on her naivety to escape. He convinced her that she could broker a peace with the Daleks through her "understanding" of their nature. When the Professor tried to contact the Daleks, she enabled them to ride the communication beam back down to the Gallifreyan control system to disrupt the planetary defence field. In the chaos of the attack, the Master used the chameleon arch to disguise himself as a human and then escape.

Horrified by the scale of the attack and guilty about her part in it, the Professor also fled. She grabbed a newer TARDIS, but she had never been naturally psychically sensitive and had difficulty controlling it. She landed in London smack in the middle of the Swinging Sixties.

Della Bleeker had never been particularly interested in schooling and it showed, but she had a talent at picking up practical skills. She dropped out of school at 17 and was promptly kicked out of her parents' house, but was able to glide along with ease through a series of odd (and 'odd') jobs. She quickly became a fixture of Swinging London, drifting happily through a stream of parties and a series of lovers.

After a rough landing, the Professor took a walk to see where she was. Her sonic scanner alerted her to a significant and fluctuating amount of loose chronal waves. Curious, she tracked the readings to a late-night party in a club. Inside, a Time Leech had emerged from hibernation and was attacking those inside, feasting on their time energy and deaging them into infants or even nothingness. Della immediately leapt into action to protect the others and initially had some success fighting back the Time Leech, but once it adapted to her attacks it was able to siphon time from her impromptu weapons, reducing them to their pre-assembled parts. The Professor intervened and whipped up a jury-rigged time lock, which Della was able to use to imprison the Leech.

Before the two could do anything with it, armed figures clad only in black stormed the party. The men violently knocked people away to reach the Time Leech. They grabbed the Leech, and when they learned that the Professor and Della had frozen it they grabbed them as well and bundled them into a black van.

The Time Leech had initially been captured by a cabal of upper-class British peers, hoping to use it to restore their youth. They insisted that the Professor free it again. Although the old men said that they had learned what had happened and would be able to keep the Leech contained, the Professor did not believe them and did not want the Time Leech to be allowed to rampage again. After the cabal threatened violence against the Professor and Della, Della convinced them that the Professor needed tools from her storehouse to be able to undo the time lock. Back at the TARDIS, the Professor jumped back into time. Seeing the TARDIS begin to disappear and needing to know if her plan worked, Della leapt aboard before it could vanish entirely. The Professor ejected the Time Leech into the Vortex of Time, where the Leech could fill itself of time energy freely without harming anyone.

The Professor offered to (try to) return Della, but she was adamant on exploring with the Professor, and became her Companion.

The Professor's dark secret is that she was responsible for the Dalek's successful attack on Gallifrey and is determined not to be exposed. Unfortunately this means that the Master has a means to blackmail her. She avoids anything to do with Gallifrey or the Time Lords, spending much of her time in less popular ages and dimensions. Driven by a need to make up for her mistake, she devotes herself to solving any problems those that she encounteres are facing. Wherever they go, Della naturally attracts attention, standing a statuesque 6'3" and topped with bright red hair. She is greatly enjoying her time with the Professor and appreciates any opportunity to help others live better, freer, happier lives. Together the two roam the less-travelled time streams righting wrongs.
Day 1
System: Og
Edition: Unearthed

Name: Ugga
Class: Banging
Words Known: Rock, Big, Food, Sleep, Cave, Go, Smelly.
Ungggh Points: 8
Attack Value: 4
Damage Value: 1
Evade: 0
Abilities: Run Away, Fish, Cook, Draw

Background: Food? Smelly Food? Big Rock! Big Rock!. Food. Go Cave. Sleep.
Alright, here goes. This year I don't expect to write up the character backstories/histories, so as to keep this manageable -- interpret and infer from the sheet however you like. :smile: Of course, some systems do include these details as part of the chargen process. I may do some repeats from previous years, though as I mentioned upthread, when that occurs I will try to use an expansion or supplement that I didn't use previously.

System: Traveller
Edition: Core Rulebook Update 2022
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing

Name: Marine Lieutenant Colonel Rae Serrano (Ret.)
Academy 1/Marine 7
Age 50

Strength 7
Dexterity 6
Endurance 7
Intelligence 12
Education 7
Social Standing 5

Skills: Melee (Blade)-3, Vacc Suit-3, Admin-2, Athletics (Dexterity)-2, Leadership-2, Stealth-2, Tactics-2, Electronics (Comms)-1, Gun Combat (Energy)-1, Gun Combat (Slug)-1, Survival-1, Drive-0, Heavy Weapons-0

Benefits: Pension (Cr. 14,000/Year), TL 10 Vacc Suit, Traveller's Aid Society Membership, Cr. 17,000

Marine Colonel Elena Zhukova, Best Friend (Ally)
2nd Minister Rajesh Darrow, Student Political Society Colleague (Ally)
Marcus Talon, Anti-Imperium Activist (Enemy)
This year, I won't make any characters in advance. So I'm writing it as I'm posting.

System: StarORE
Velha Abuela
Race: Human Gender/Sex: Female
Concept: Forse Sensitive in hiding

Body 2 Brains 2 Coordination 3 Command 2 Sense 4 Cool 3 for 50 points out of 130...ouch!
Willpower 5

Force Sense 1d is also free.
Force Sense 2
Farseeing 2

Physical Control 5
Stunts: Extra Actions 1
Burst of speed 1
Healing 1

Mental Influence: 1
Mask Force 5

Another 55 points gone:shock:!

Acrobatics 1
Athletics 1
Blaster 1
Bluff 3
Brawling/Martial Art 1
Dodge 1
First Aid 1
Health 1
Lie 3
Medicine 5
Meditation 1
Pilot (Speedster) 1
Sight 1
Stability 1
Stealth 1
Streetwise 1
Survival 1

Velha Abuela is a young girl who has no idea what her name might mean in ancient Earth languages.
She's outwardly a young girl who's extremely athletic and likes running, fast cars, and gets into fights - where she shows what to some people seems like "unbriddled ferocity and strength".

The reality is completely different: she's barely in shape, practices a slow yoga-like regimen, and does everything due to the Force training that she got from her father. Said training has three focuses: hiding your abilities, far-seeing, and help in physical stuff.

Their habit of being in hiding protected them from enlistment with the Jedi in the years of the Republic, and now protects her from even more forceful enlistment with the Empire. As such, she's among those that barely noticed the change - at least, no more than what other Imperial citizens notice.
She has been wandering in the Empire lately, as the family tradition dictates, and has seen a lot of things that she dislikes. She's even contemplating joining the Rebellion...
I'd like to join this year. Let's see whether I am able to keep up with you all the whole month.

System: Classic Traveller
Name: Captain Callan Reid
Age: 22

Strength 10
Dexterity 8
Endurance 7
Intelligence 6
Education 11
Social Standing 5

Skills: Rifle-1, SMG-1, Forward Observer-1, Admin-1
Equipment: SMG, CR10000

From his youth, Callan dreamed of being a soldier, that's why he enlisted into the army as soon as he could. An athletic and disciplined young man, he quickly reached the rank of captain. But politics and army budget cuts made him one of many thousands soldiers that had to involuntarily leave the army and find a new life.
Jan 2

System :: Elemental
Version :: Discovery Guide v 1.2

One nice thing about these character challenges is that it encourages me to
check out a range of different systems. I need to stick to free ones, or at
least systems with freebie quick-start rules, because I don't have a huge
budget. So today's offering is Elemental, a generic low-crunch system that
got talked up pretty heavily early last year.

Now that I've had a chance to create a character, I think I still agree with my
first impressions from back then: it's well put together, polished, and
versatile, but wouldn't have enough substance to hold my interest for more
than a few sessions. I think it would be more than adequate for a campaign
lasting maybe six or eight sessions and quite fun.

Arcangelo Vincenzi

The smog-choked megacities of the 2080s are unpleasant places to live for
billions but the few lucky enough to possess great wealth or privilege
enjoy a lifestyle of decadence and luxury. Intrugues, espionage, and occasional
assassinations are rife.

Arcangelo is of obscure, likely common, origins. It's not clear how he came to
work for Tetradyne Industries, but his talents for spying and wet work are
undeniable. Though young and seemingly inexperienced he has been rumoured to
have achieved some pretty imporessive heists already.

Slightly sickly from childhood, Arcangelo compensates for his poor constitution
with intelligence, careful planning, and seemingly limitless patience.

Mad? Mad? Tell me, is it mad for a man to spend a month creating imaginary people in his head and envisioning games he will never play? If that is crazy, then I do not wish to be sane, sir! Harrumph.
Mad? Mad? Tell me, is it mad for a man to spend a month creating imaginary people in his head and envisioning games he will never play? If that is crazy, then I do not wish to be sane, sir! Harrumph.
Sanity is overrated. It's like normal. I've seen sane and normal and it looks like it sucks
Day 2
System: Weird Frontiers

Name: Sister Alba López
Class: Occultist
Title: Conjurer
Background: Nun
Path: Walking the Line
Experience: 10

Strength: 12+0
Agility: 13+1
Stamina: 5-2
Personality: 7-1
Intelligence: 8-1
Luck: 8-1

Hit Points: 3
Grit: 6
Armour Class: 12
Fortitude Save: -1
Reflexes Save: +1
Willpower Save: +0

Crit die: d6
Fumble Die: d12
Action Die:1d20
Attack: 0

Luck: Luck modifier applies to all investigation rolls.
Birth Augur: Holy Roller. -1 to any attempts at practical or magical healing.
Familiar Ability: +4 to Alertness Checks.
Languages: English, Spanish, Latin
Signature Weapon: Derringer, Bowie Knife

Class Abilities

Sixth Sense
Arcane Arts (to cast Spells 1d20 + Int Mod + CL)
Dance With the Devil (double Willpower Save for Grit checks and fear magic)
Familiar - A Forgetful Prarie Dog called Custodio. Init +0; Atk bite +1 melee (1d6); AC 13; HP 7; MV 40; SV Fort -1, Ref +1, Will +0;, WtL. Intelligence 5. Telepathic Communication with master. Spells can be cast through the familiar (up to a mile, cost: 1 Spellburn). Can see through each other's eyes up to a mile, with a round of intense concentration.
Investigation: +1d to investigation rolls
Scribing: Can scribe found spells.
Spell Burn: Can damage self to increase the effect of a spell. (Each point of damage to a physical attribute adds one to the spell result. This damage may not be magically healed)


Ricochet (Magic Barrier). Manifestation: caster's skin changes to lead, improving AC by +6 and reducing movement by 20'.
The caster grows an apple-sized, flesh-covered fruit off their torso which may be plucked (causing 1 point of damage) and consumed. The growing process takes one hour and only one fruit may grow at a time. The inside of the fruit contains a red, fleshy pulp that produces a random effect (which lasts for 1 hour) when consumed.

Axle Grease (summon sticky ectoplasm from the spirit world). Manifestation: the caster's skin momentarily melts off their bones, forming the mass of
ghostly grease; The caster's skin becomes rigid, tough, and looks like tree bark for 1d4 rounds after casting this spell. The caster gains +4 to AC and their Movement speed becomes 0' for the duration.

Incomprehensible Babbling (make targets incapable of understanding or using language). Manifestation: beams of light shoot from the occultist's fingers to the target's throat, causing them to lose control of their voices; The caster's skin becomes rigid, tough, and looks like tree bark for 1d4 rounds after casting this spell. The caster gains +4 to AC and their Movement speed becomes 0' for the duration.

Equipment: Black Habit, Heavy Bible (hollowed out and contains grimoire), Bowie Knife, $1

Background: Born in a small rural community on the Texas/Mexico border, Sister López wasn't one for asking questions. She helped out round the small family farm, went to Church every Sunday and at 15 went off to join a local convent, all without complaint. She wasn't the brightest or the most popular sister, but she worked hard and did what she was told. Even a severe chest infection didn't shake her. She just carried on and didn't ask questions.

Then the Seven Days of Night happened and now all she has is questions. She always believed in the battle against Satan, but seeing his minions at large in the Earth is a different matter. Since then, she's thrown herself into finding out every bit of occult knowledge she can in the hope of aiding herself against the forces of darkness. Her faith has held shakily so far, but the Christian God seems far away and there are other darker patrons lurking in nearby shadows.

Sister López isn't unpleasant to be around, but she's very unworldly and socially awkward. Her only real friend is her familar Custodio, a rather absent minded prairie dog and by fact the more socially completent of the two.
I see that most of you adhere to the "1 day, 1 system" rule. I will create multiple characters for each system, as my goal is to get better understanding of these systems and possibly create some pregens for potential one shots or mini-campaigns.

Jan 2

System: Classic Traveller
Name: Bobby "Bulldog" Evans
Age: 28 (deceased)

Strength 5
Dexterity 8
Endurance 11
Intelligence 7
Education 7
Social Standing 6

Skills: Pilot-1, Mechanical-1, Electronics-1

Determination personified, that's Bulldog. He enlisted in the Scouts, and served as a technician. He was hoping for a long career, but both his career and his life ended due to a faulty vacc suit. He didn't even write a goodbye letter to his mother. Fuck.

The character creation in the Classic Traveller consist of choosing a career and then using the dice to determine what the character has experienced before they left the job and the actual game started. Character creation is basically a mini-game.
Each career has a chance of survival, and the Scouts have the lowest one. I was feeling lucky, and Bulldog had a good Endurance, so I thought he can survive the Scouts. I was wrong.
Sister López isn't unpleasant to be around, but she's very unworldly and socially awkward. Her only real friend is her familar Custodio, a rather absent minded prairie dog and by fact the more socially completent of the two.
...I know that gal! Fuck, I know her all too well:shock:!
Day 2
System: Amazing Adventures
Version: 5E

Name: Matt McGillicutty
Class: Hooligan
Archetype: Thief
Background: military

Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 16
Wealth: 8 **
AC 14

Bolded stats are class ability saves to which proficiency bonus applies
Proficiency bonus:+2

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Longsword, Rapier, Short Sword, All Firearms, modern armor

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Deception, Perception, Athletics, Survival
Bolded skills have double proficiency bonus

Equipment: Handgun, Short Sword, Thieves Tools, Burglars Pack, Motorcycle Jacket, 2x knives

** Wealth while not a rolled or point bought stat is for all that it matters another stat just like the core 6. You can raise it with ability boosts, roll against it for save when buying things etc.

System Notes/Comments: Overall very very similar to Everyday Heroes and 5e although even closer to 5e than Everyday Heroes in my opinion during chargen. AA5E is slightly faster to get a character done. AA5E uses a default point buy for stats while Everyday Heroes uses the standard array. Both use interesting but different Wealth mechanics.
I see that most of you adhere to the "1 day, 1 system" rule.
I did that in prior years, but have no intention of doing that this year (to whatever degree I can participate this time around - I've already fallen behind right out of the gate). The big issue I ran into last year was that I really needed systems where character creation took no more than a few minutes in order to keep up. Systems with more involved character creation processes, while fun to do, were simply not feasible to use when you're juggling doing daily character write-ups in addition to staying on top of life commitments. I would frequently spend the first 2-3 hours of my morning before going to work doing my daily challenge. Systems that I use less frequently, if at all, just exacerbated the problem because I effectively had to pull out the books and review / relearn them so I could make the characters. So this time around I intend to stick to the handful of systems I actually regularly play and can get through character creation quickly.
I try to do a new system every day so I can justify all my purchases. I mean I can at least say "I made a character for it!"

It's not a huge bar but it's been interesting. So far I've seen two different ways to handle wealth in two days and both seem viable and interesting.
I'd be lucky to do a total of one (1) this month, but it might be fun to share a character or two. I love seeing how characters are represented in other systems and, in particular, settings. It's a way of getting me into new settings and, very, very occasionally new systems. :smile:
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