Just cool pics

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St Michael's Mount, topped by the remains of a Norman motte and bailey (Montacute, Somerset, England). It's now all covered by trees and has a stone tower on the site of the remains. My school was opposite the hill and in the winter we had to run around it for 'exercise' :hehe:


Just down the road is an older Saxon church, which we occasionally went to for various services. This is one of the carvings on the exterior walls:

This is a photograph of the Dorset Ooser (from Melbury Osmond, Dorset, UK) that was taken in Yeovil, Somerset (my hometown), c. 1883-1891. The Ooser was a largish headdress that sat on the wearer's shoulders. The eyes were completely opaque and it's possible that the wearer could see through the 'mouth', which was hinged so that it could open and close. It's actual purpose is unknown, and thus lots of quite silly/colourful (take your pick) ideas have been dreamt up to explain it. The owners tried to sell it, hence the photo, but it seems to have been lost - to decay or being sold by a third party - sometime in the early 1900s. It was made from wood, wool/hair and horn.

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