Kickstarter Personal Recommendation - Fantasy Wargames Terrain from Battle Systems

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Acid House just started a new KS for a reprint if anyone was hoping to get more of them. They got me for EU199, I think it'll go well with the Combat Zone stuff, and it's not delivering much later.

Unfortunately they are out of stock at the moment, and currently running an interest drive to possibly do another KS.. But I am aware of them, the stuff looks good, though it's really more printed boxes than full-on terrain.
So, is anyone familiar enough with Core Space to give a generalized run-down of how it - and, presumably, Maladum - compare to other dungeon crawlers / boardgames / wargames?

My holy grail is Warhammer Quest 95, but I have two Kickstarters I anticipate scratching that itch on the way. I also have the Masters of the Universe extra-all-in bundle coming soon. I'm not adverse to picking up this glorious box of toys, but I'd love a few regular ol' gamers' takes on what makes the Battlesystems games worth picking up and playing.

Sell me on/off Core Space and Maladum, is what I guess I'm asking for.
unfortunately, I don't know the game at all, I'll be using the stuff for Mordheim
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