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Magic World NPC sheet/generator 3.0.0

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Nick J

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Sep 25, 2017
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Nick J submitted a new resource:

Magic World NPC sheet - A form-fillable PDF, with a built-in characteristic generator for all species, plus more!

A one-page NPC sheet. The sheet automatically calculates several derived characteristics, has a built-in, species-specific, characteristic generator that follows the stats in the Magic World bestiary, and it has a simplified skill list and several custom fields to make reference during play easier.

Test it out, report any bugs and feel free to suggest improvements.

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Hey thanks! Great resource! I can't wait to play with it :-)
If there's any demand for it, I might expand the list of species (and change the random characteristic generator to match), other possible changes in the future could include drop-down occupation list and randomly distributed skill points, or possibly adjusting skills, based on experience level (novice, journeyman, master, etc.) I'm not sure though, as I don't tend to build NPCs that way.
Updates proceed apace as time permits. I've got about 25 out of 80 creatures from the bestiary entered. Next version of the sheet will also have a Chaotic Features "roller" built-in for quickly adding nasty surprises to beasties.
Here's a beta version of the sheet, that will change as I make changes. I'm not going to worry about versioning this until I upload it. (about half-done) *snip* finished version uploaded, new beta version will be posted when development on next part starts.
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1700 lines of javascript later . . . done-zo.

I tested it out and from what I can tell every entry checks out, but it's 11:30 here and I'm headed for bed. I'll upload the final sheet tomorrow.

Goodnight and good luck.
Nick J updated Magic World NPC sheet with a new update entry:

"All Creatures" Update

Every creature in the bestiary (plus the abomination and Jack-in-the-green from Advanced Sorcery) are coded into the characteristic roller. Just select the creature from the drop-down menu and hit the button.

Also included is a virtual 1d100, and a Chaotic Features button (all buttons are invisible during printing).

Next up: Some kind of wealth/equipment generator. I'm still debating how to implement it, so if anybody has any suggestions let me know. My first thought is to allow somebody...

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v.3 Beta version in progress

Main new feature is a treasure generator. (Eventually) enter a value from 1-10 (pauper to a dragon's hoard) and it will spit out some random number of coins and possibly some minor and/or major items. values 1-3 coded so far, more to come and probably some tweaking here or there.
Nick J updated Magic World NPC sheet with a new update entry:

Now with loot!

I added a pretty simple widget to the sheet that generates some random treasure. All you have to do is enter a value from 1-10, with 1 being a handful of bronzes, to 10 being a King's Treasury/Dragon's Hoard.

As usual, this button, like the others, doesn't print and the sheet is unlocked so you can mess around with any javascript that's under the hood.

Enjoy and please report any errors.

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