Marvel Heroic Roleplaying - eXiles - Posthumous Honors [MHR][RPOL][PBP]

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Dammit Viktor

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Aug 18, 2017
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I'm starting a new play-by-post game-- eXiles style superheroics using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules, modified for the adventure format.

Players are allowed to play an "alternate universe" version of (almost) any canonical Marvel character, hero or villain, who is "recruited" by a mysterious alien and thrown together with a bunch of other dead people and given a mission of multiversal significance. (Players are required to submit three basic character pitches to apply; I'll build the initial team from those pitches.) Last time I ran this format, the game ran for a year and a half.

This isn't an "adult content" game, but it takes a more mature tone than most superhero games with higher stakes and more lasting consequences.

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