Mix and Mash Elements to Create New Setting Seeds (was GURPS GAME)

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30) The Cube (1090)
Things started happening to the world. I don't have to go on and on about that. Outside became dangerous for a variety of reasons. There was not enough space for everyone, so they began The Cube. It is a 15 KM cubed arcology, built to the south of what was The Old New York Metro Zone. (note it is only 12 KMs high, with 3 KMs submerged from the new level.) Salvaged resources and new science made it possible. The Cube could weather exotic conditions and repel most assaults. Once fully built out, The Cube or Cube One (and sometimes on older files, New New York), will house 5 billion souls. They will live, work, love, and play inside this massive space. Their genetics (and many plants and animals) will be preserved from the forces of The Outside. There are other Cubes in Process, several to be completed in the next two decades. (Most have inhabitants in completed sections.)

Inside a dedicated force serves to protect citizens from The Outside: through careful monitoring of The Cube, repairing anything amiss, and repelling the unwanted. The Nova Ants especially. They also monitor citizens (for their own good) on the look out for elements in society that want to dominate others, prove their superiority, or bring down the unnatural Cube.

Ideally, the chronicle is just a police chronicle in a new setting. There will still be crime of various sorts. There may be other things, like hunting intruders or non-citizens in the Cube, the occasional ant war, or disasters inside the cube. You could be DECkers dealing with emergencies. You could be on outrider or science teams resourcing or studying The Outside. (There are still people and people like things Outside.) There are aquatic outsiders and science teams. Space exploration is possible. There could be plans to make a small cube on Mars.

Note: It is not a Utopia, but it will be a notch or two better than the more functional society found in most of the previous centuries. it could be a more idealized 21st Century life.

Note: It could have science beyond that: ala Don't Bite the Sun, and its sequel Drinking Sapphire Wine.

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For Ease of Use - a Repost

Now you just make up a setting seed and/ or chronicle framework. Combining things is a classic way to make a good setting. However, you might need inspiration. Now you could go to your game collection and pull two random books. That is always fun. You all can throw some dice and make something up.

A useful tool for this game is https://rolladie.net/ (set to roll all the dice you could need).

Table A
1,1 Favorite/ Random TV/ Series Property
1,2 Favorite/ Random Movie/Video Property
1,3 Favorite/ Random Book Property
1,4 Favorite/ Random Tokusatsu
1,5 Favorite/ Random Game from Shelf
1,6 Modern Action/ Drama
2,1 Super Heroes
2,2 Espionage
2,3 Urban Fantasy
2,4 Pulp
2,5 Victorian/ Western
2,6 Steam Punk
3,1 Non-Earth Fantasy
3,2 Medieval (Euro) Fantasy
3,3 Medieval (Japan or Korean) Fantasy
3,4 Fantasy in China - Amount of fantasy variable, Kung Fu optional.
3,5 Fantasy in Age of Exploration & Napoleon (Pirates and Musketeers) Amount of fantasy is variable.
3,6 Generic Adventure Fantasy (D&D, OSR)
4,1 Stellar Sci Fi
4,2 Non Stellar Sci Fi
4,3 Space Opera
4,4 Mecha (and Kaiju)
4,5 Cyberpunk
4,6 Post Apocalypse
5,1 Time Travel
5,2 Poly World Dimensional Travel
5,3 Anime Style
5,4 School Setting (High School, Magic School)
5,5 Soap Opera/ Social Dramas
5,6 Fairy Tale Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy
6,1 Comedy Toons Games
6,2 Anthro/ Furry Gaming
6,3 TransHuman
6,4 Adult (or reroll)
6,5 Gods/ Pantheons (Scion, Rick Riordan)
6,6 Angels/ Demons

Now roll 1d6 (or choose)
1 Roll Again on Table A
2-3 Roll on Table B
4 - Roll once on A and B (use one or both)
5 - Roll Twice on Table B (use one or both)
6 - Roll Twice on Table A (use one or both)

Table B
1,1 Africa
1,2 Americas (Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Mound Builder, Pueblo)
1,3 Arthurian
1,4 B-Movie (Monsters, Atomic Horror)
1,5 B-Movie (Horror Monsters)
1,6 Celtic/ Irish
2,1 China/ Asia
2,2 Conspiracy/ Illuminati
2,3 Dueling - Martial Arts
2,4 Elizabethan Gaming
2,5 Greece (or Classical Era)
2,6 Far Future
3,1 Historical (Pick a place/period you are familiar with)
3,2 Horror
3,3 Ice Age
3,4 Kinds (Vampires, Weres, Androids, other "cousin species")
3,5 Lost City (Atlantis usually, Opar, etc)
3,6 Lost World (Inner Earth or Plateau or Valley)
4,1 Mars (Fantasy, Whovian, or Real)
4,2 Middle Eastern/ Arabian or the Subcontinent/ India
4,3 Near Future
4,4 New Frontier
4,5 Other Punk (SolarPunk, BluePunk, etc)
4,6 Pirates
5,1 Regency Era
5,2 Renaissance
5,3 Robin Hood
5,4 Rome/ Imperial (choice)
5,5 Robots
5,6 Russia/ Slavic
6,1 Swashbuckling
6,2 Templars
6,3 Thieves
6,4 Veiled (There is a hidden sub society)
6,5 War (Pick a conflict or make one up)
6,6 Wizardry (or magic of some flavor)


1)* Pulp Tomorrow (1039) Modern (1,6) Lost World (3,6) and another roll on A (Pulp)
2)* Jigsaw (1045) 4,2 Non Stellar Sci Fi + 2,2 Conspiracy/ Illuminati
3) Stupor Mundi 3,2 Medieval (Euro) Fantasy + 6,2 Templars.
4) Time Cop-ish 5,1 (Time Travel) + 2,2 (Illuminati) + 1 (roll on Table A again) + 5,6 (Urban Fantasy).

5)* Fantasy Project 06 Borderlanders? Game from Shelf (1,5) CtL 1- Table A (3,6) Generic Adventure Fantasy.
6) Last Song Espionage+Horror
7)* The Empowered Age (1059)
2,1 Super Heroes 6,2 Anthro/ Furry Gaming and B - 3,4 Kinds
8)* ++ Hot August Nights (under The Blue Moon) (1060) Super Hero and non-stellar sci-fi
9)* A framework for a Celestial Zoa Game 6,6 Angels/ Demons 5,2 Poly World Dimensional Travel and 3,6 Generic Adventure Fantasy

10)* The Rising Stars (1061) (4,2) Non Stellar Sci Fi + (3,2) Horror
11)* ++ New Tharsis (BlackBird)
12)* School 417 (1073) 6,3 TransHuman (6) so 5,3 Anime Style and 6,2 Anthro/ Furry Gaming
13)* Knights of the Star Order (1074) 3,6 Generic Adventure Fantasy (D&D, OSR) (1) 4,4 Mecha (and Kaiju) SuperHero
14)* Resistance Project 003 (1075) 1,6 Modern Action/ Drama (and 5) 2,2 Conspiracy/ Illuminati and 6,5 War

15)* The Shroud of the World (Arachnophobia warning) 4,2 Non Stellar Sci Fi (3 for 1 B) 1,4 B-Movie (Monsters, Atomic Horror)
16)* ++ Shields of The World (1078) 3,5 Fantasy in Age of (Gaslight) with a roll of 4 2,1 Super Heroes and 1,4 Monsters
17)* It is a Second World 1,6 Modern Action/ Drama (1 for an A) 3,6 Generic Adventure Fantasy
18)* The Mysti Shroud (1080) 3,2 Medieval (Euro) Fantasy (3 B only) 3,3 Ice Age
19)* For Honor and The Way 6,6 Angels/ Demons (5 for) 2,3 Dueling - Martial Arts and 3,2 Horror

20)* ++ Shroud of the World Part II (EVEN MORE ARACHNOPHOBIA WARNING) (1082)
21)* The Great Gang War (1083) 2,4 Pulp (4 for) 6,5 War 5,1 Time Travel
22)* The Circle of Ones 6,5 Gods/ Pantheons 6 for two As 3,1 Non-Earth Fantasy & 1,5 Favorite/ Random Game from Shelf (Legacy War of Ages)
23)* Circle of Wizards 5,2 Poly World Dimensional Travel and 6 for 1,4 Favorite/ Random Tokusatsu (K Riders) & 3,6 Generic Adventure Fantasy
24)* Jumpers (1085) Time Travel and a 4 for Near Future

25)* ++ Battlecraft (1087) Sci-Fi Vehicle
26)* The Bauhinia (1088) 2,1 Super Heroes, 5 for 2Bs 2,1 China Asia and 4,3 Near Future
27)* Metalines 1,3 Favorite/ Random Book Property (Lord Darcy) 2 (for 1 B) 3,2 Horror
28)* ++ The Question? Meta
29)* Earth Z144 6,1 Comedy Toons Games 4 for A 1,4 Favorite/ Random Tokusatsu and B Africa

Pg 2
30)* ++ The Cubes SciFi

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Still pretty sick. Just this simple bit of indexing made me tired.
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It seems people have forgotten about this thread. Just a reminder it is here.
31)* Nova Espiritus (1094) ** Stellar Sci Fi + Fantasy, Medieval + Robots

It is the NCE (Nova Commitas Era). The Souls (Humanity) are guided by The Children of Humanity (Electric Intelligences mostly, but also created Lifeforms) to achieve a new more spiritual existence, in line with the Oneness/ Divine. Humanity lives in a pattern allowing for spirituality and less distractions - a pattern of life like the Euro Feudal with technology of the 1600s-1700s (and clever adaptions of better ideas using that level). Life for most Souls is simple and less distracted, full of work and prayer. The Souls live among The Stars and planets and places reached by Fold Ships and Fold Gates. The Angels and the Divine made Manifest (The EIs) still gift distracting technology to the souls as needed - vehicles, weapons, communications, tools, gates, etc ... (as Black Box or Grey Box tech). Most of Souls/ Humanity sees little to none of these, only those of the Upper Tier/ Nobles see them with any regularity. The Angels (EIs) guide humanity to be more spiritual, but allow them to still conflict as they feel the need too. (Humanity was made to "conflict", stopping it would do nothing but interfere with their way). Remember, Swords are for Honor, but Rifles are for War. (and the Angels keep watch over conflicts).

Now there are other things out there, and the Angels take care of all that for Humanity - as Souls are the purpose of the Universe. Humanity conflicts with itself and sometimes other things.

Think of Dune's Butlerian Jihad had lost to the Minds. The Minds had achieved "greater knowledge" as the singularity was the Divine made Manifest and it had found spirituality and religion. Then made sure that souls "found their way".

Humans are taught the ways of Hyperminds - allowing them to achieve their potential in at least one area. Schools are there to teach, watched by The Angels.

Angels/ EIs start with robot forms, some evolve into pylons (systems) and Networks, and some can even someday join the God made Manfiest).
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32) Astro Knights (1096) ** 4,3 Space Opera 3,2 Medieval (Euro) Fantasy 3,2 Horror

The ancient society of Vanadar is attacked by an evil outside force, determined to destroy the world's (and Univerese's) connection to The Light. They had no military, so the initial attack did much to destroy their many world society. However, they looked to their history and found what they needed, The Knights of Old who banded together to protect the people, raise hope, and defend The Light. Using their technology (creating bionic cybernetic lifeforms), they created an adaptable fighting force. Not only did they stop the incoming forces, they managed to throw them back. Now the Astro Knights fight the alliance of Darkness and protect the innocents throughout the Galaxies.

The Opposition? An alien society that has become fell. They have demonic granted powers, but the primary one is shape shifting. They can feed of souls/ people. They want resources for their tech. They do magic in the background of their technology. Most of the time, knights are dealing with infiltrators, but every now and again a beast of wrath is in the mix.
33) The Graven Era (3,5 Historical ) 3 for 1,4 B-movie Monsters (zombie - mushroom people - scary)

Historians would call the period from the 15th century to the late 16th century, The Age of Reconnaissance, not only one of European explorations to regions heretofore unknown to them but also produced the expansion of geographical knowledge and empirical science. "It saw also the first major victories of empirical inquiry over authority, the beginnings of that close association of science, technology, and everyday work which is an essential characteristic of the post-Graven World.

Unknown to most, in the eastern reaches of the Byzantine-Ottoman regions the Graven Threat emerged. Emerging from the soil, the near elemental subterrestrial attacked people and destroyed churches. (According to the Holy Church they seem to be attracted to the sacred and blessed... which is disputed by post-Graven Scholars). The "Mucky" rough humanoids - a mix of soils and fungi - would make more of their kind with captured Humans (or fresh Corpses) by using them as "frameworks" covering them in Graven "Muck" to make more defined and reinforced Gravens. The infestation started small but expanded east and south rapidly and north and west slowly. (Some scholars say there was more than one "origin point".) The Traditional Societies began to fall under the Graven Onslaughts.

The Graven reached the Middle East soon enough... from there around the Mediterranean basin. The Western Countries capitalized on their knowledge of the world. They would create "estates" in the New Territories. These would be both "safe places" for some of their citizens who are fleeing the Graven Advances and provide resources for the conflicts. (Depending on who is writing The Historical, they are called Crusades, Jihads or Campaigns.) The French Estates became Royal Lands in Exile (the place where the French Crown would remain during the third Graven Campaign. The new French Popes, the Papalcy in Roman Exile, joined them (after fleeing to France after the Second Fall of Rome (to the Graven).

Thus we have Soldiers striking back the Graven, defending lands (as in the first and ill-fated second campaigns) and taking back lost lands (destroying the Mushroom Forests the Graven Established) in the third through sixth campaigns. We have them assisted by alchemists making more gunpowder and New Life Powder (a powder which causes the Graven to slow, dry out, and eventually die). We have sailors moving soldiers and people, as well as fighting off the Graven Rafts and Ships. We have Royals playing the Game of Lands and battles of bedrooms (for Alliances are key). We have those of the New Estates/ States both forging new lands and fighting others for territory and sovereignty.

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