Moderator Selection Announcement!

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Endless Flight

I have the power!
Apr 24, 2017
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We have decided on our two moderator additions. Raleel Raleel and Bunch Bunch gleefully accepted our offers and will be acclimating to their the new roles for the rest of this year so they are ready and fresh for 2023. They will both be moderating the RPG section of the Pub.

I would like to thank all the fine folks who applied. This was not an easy decision as we had so many quality candidates. The Pub is a good crew, period. Tristram and I will be keeping some of these names on a shortlist for future positions.

Welcome to the staff, guys!
To be vaguely serious (contrary though that might be to the spirit of The Pub) as Endless says this was genuinely an incredibly difficult decision. Which I know is the kind of thing people always say, but we really did have an excess of high quality candidates to try and chose from.
I think it's maybe a good thing I lost the lottery here. :grin:
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