New and original multiverse recruiting (players and moderators)


Nov 13, 2021
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Hello. I'm currently looking for experienced players within the play-by-post community that are willing to help with the finishing touches of a universe that will amaze most players. It's a completely original multiverse accepting most characters and the forum that I created has a decent design that facilitates new players with easy navigation. Here is a quick overview of the story:

The Ultraverse itself is a pretty bizarre yet bewitching place full of mysteries, but how it came about is one of the most basic stories that you'll ever come across. God created the universe, not the Ultraverse, but the universe, one big multi galactic system containing life and its relatives (cause and effect, gravity, emotions, souls, etc...). After over a million years, life started to go into an imminent decline because it was threatened by our nature and many other races throughout the universe. We became greedy, selfish, arrogant and one thing that we all hated was time since it limited our possibilities and it was an undeniable element of fear. God, furious, decided to handpick the souls that were less corrupted or at least the ones he thought needed a second chance and placed them in a new setting of existence called: The Ultraverse. Determined to fix the universe, God left 7 pure souls called The Elders to mold and take care of the Ultraverse while he continued his duties and remarkable efforts to save the universe. The Ultraverse was created in order to abide by many laws simultaneously, adapting to concepts that were opposite just so every chosen soul can find a home and use their abilities like it was their home planes of existence. The only thing that changed was time. 1 hour in the universe was 1 second in the Ultraverse, allowing the chosen souls to evolve at a more controlled pace. The 7 Elders were invisible beings of unimaginable powers of creation and destruction and they were charged with the task of policing The Ultraverse...But can you truly escape corruption? Vice? And thirst for power? Even The Ultraverse had its flaws...Who will you be in this new world?

So, with that being said, I'm looking for:
-Character creators

And of course: PLAYERS !

Thanks for reading !
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