New Flash Gordon Comic Strip

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Jul 29, 2017
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The Washington Post today unveiled a new Flash Gordon comic strip, premiering this Sunday. Yes, that's right, comic strip.

Per the Washington Post:

Flash Gordon, the intergalactic space warrior who predates Superman and Batman as an iconic American action-comic hero sprung from Depression-era pages — as well as a Hollywood screen star who inspired George Lucas's Star Wars — is returning to newspapers.

King Features Syndicate, which introduced the character in 1934, will relaunch the comic strip "Flash Gordon" beginning Sunday after a two-decade absence — featuring a new look and a new artist. (The Sunday and daily strips will be available online and in print.)

"Flash Gordon" reenters as King ends distribution of another adventure strip, "The Amazing Spider-Man." Among the new clients is The Washington Post, which carried "Spider-Man."

The rebooted comic will feature plenty of familiar touchstones to fans of "Flash," which was launched by the legendary action-adventure cartoonist Alex Raymond and soon spawned movie serials starring Olympic swimmer turned actor Buster Crabbe, who also headlined Hollywood adaptations of the "Tarzan" and "Buck Rogers" comic strips.

This is pretty cool. Buck Rogers next, please.
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Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

What are the odds it's been "reimagined for a modern audience"? :brokenheart:
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The Washington Post today unveiled a new Flash Gordon comic strip, premiering this Sunday. Yes, that's right, comic strip.

Per the Washington Post:

This is pretty cool. Buck Rogers next, please.
fyi that link is to discord and not to WaPo

edit: updated quote , link is now correct
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And here ... we ... go.

i have it open in a tab on my ipad and am enjoying it.
Really liked today's strip. Added some nice touches to Aura's character in a way that is consistent with her previous depictions.

View attachment 71229

Dan Schkade (the author and artist of the strip), has said that because some newspapers only carry the Sunday strip, he writes it to recap the prior week's events so that those who only read it on Sundays can follow along, but from different perspectives. This way, he can highlight different characters. He's done a bang up job so far IMO.
That first was the right verb tense, Aura. Is. No one who knows your father, even by reputation, should ever believe that he's dead unless they see his corpse cooling before them ... and I would still expect a trick, even then.

I suppose I’ll be waiting for the book. Never heard of this site before, and just don’t have enough invested to best out the credit card
Oooo... This is interesting... :smile: Thanks for sharing.

I wasn't expecting that style of art but it's damn fine. Very stylistic and dynamic!
Ok, I am a fan of the comic strip medium. I have not, historically been a Flash Gordon fan. Y'all have sold me on this strip with the snippets shared. I'm going to dig in now.

And, I hope the strip has enough legs to get to a published book!
I've encountered that as well, but when I would go back later, it would let me view the strips, possibly because of my VPN.
always an option. probably more than i want to do for a comic strip, but we will see. it is a very good strip do far. maybe i'll break down.
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