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Apr 24, 2017
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Thanks for joining in on the fun. We are a new community devoted to open discussion on tabletop gaming and other areas of interest to RPG fans. We value free speech, open minds, and friendly members. Your opinions are welcome here. There are really only two rules: be kind to your fellow poster and no politics! Please make yourself at home, introduce yourself, and participate in a discussion!

Also, check out our mobile site on your phone or iPad and let us know what you think. I think it will really help people engage with the site no matter what device they are using.
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Hey, welcome to the PUB. I'll award you the first "like" here.
Thank you! With so many people surfing the web on their mobile devices nowadays, forum software has to get with the times and be easy to use on these devices. Xenforo has kept up and that's one of the reasons why I went with it. Glad you like it.
Glad to be here and it's good to see Tristram Evans again! I still post on theRPGsite, but I find a place that is free of politics to be very refreshing and relaxing. So I will do my best to support this forum!
Welcome to the PUB, Doc! Glad to see you make it over here.
What would it take to get a Play-By-Post game going? I'm thinking of running either a Vampire: The Requiem 1e game or more likely, an OSR game using Microlite74 or Basic Fantasy.
I just have to set up a recruitment forum for play-by-post games, Sammy. I think we might have to set up a forum for the game threads too.
First special rule should be to include Goths in the poltical ban where Doc Sammy is concerned. :grin:
Welcome to the PUB, Spinachcat! Make yourself at home.
Welcome to the pub Opaopajr! Good to see you
Followed TristramEvans' sig-link on RPGsite onto here. Fuck politics! Moar gaming!!!

Edit- I have never voted in my life. That's about to change in the next presidential election here in Finland. I will be voting for any other dude/dudette than my wife :p
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