Noise Cancelling vs Gaming headset - Advice Sought

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Dec 22, 2017
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There are planned, large-scale. prolonged building works planned next door to me later this month. As I am still working from home, this could be potentially quite annoying with sounds of drilling and backing all day long.

I stopped by a nearby electronics shop today to check out what the situation regarding noise cancelling headphones. There were quite a few models on sale (wired and Bluetooth). They were generally quite expensive (£80 upwards) for something I probably would not be using much once the building work is over.

Then I noticed on a different aisle a even wider range of gaming USB headsets. These tended to be much cheaper and USB headsets are something I all the time for work, Skyping and online roleplaying, though the USB headset I currently use is pretty basic. I find USB generally delivers loud, rich audio when playing music from my computer.

I am guessing quite a few Pubbers have gaming USB headsets. I wondering if a full ear cup gaming USB headset from Corsair or Logitek might do the job just as well for half the price?
I use an off brand, I got from Amazon. I think I payed slightly over 30 for them. The sound canceling is good, but not perfect. I can hear my dog barking near me (or just talking) but it blocks out the sound of my fan. The big problem I have with it (and it may be more Win11 than the headphones) is that the microphone sometimes varied its volume from my end to others. I've tried blue tooth ones and not found them very good, I prefer USB as well because the sound is MUCH higher quality and volume compared to audio jack headphones (which seems very backwards.)

I'll note that I just tested them right now, I've a large box fan which usually sits across the room and it blocks that out but not entirely. However, it is sitting right next to me (because my A/C is out.) and it only muffles the sound a little bit at this distance.
my son bought himself a set off of amazon for $50 a few years ago. he's been quite happy with them. they are not quite as good as my $200 sony ones, but they are definitely better than 1/4 as good. probably 3/4 as good.

gaming headsets without active noise cancellation are unlikely to do the trick.
I have a Corsair gaming headset. That brand will definitely not do the trick. Loud noise goes through them easily. The ear cushions are also bad quality. Mine got brittle very quickly, so had to get replacements.

You probably have to cough up the dough and buy some with noise cancellation.
I bought these specifically for playing RPGs online. They are super comfortable, great sound quality, no complaints from others on my mic quality as yet.

Razer BlackShark V2

I bought these for my work Mac before I bought the above:

Razer BlackShark V2 X

At the beginning of the pandemic, when all my neighbors started working from home, many of them engaged in what I call the War on Trees. Seems we couldn't go two days without the sounds of chainsaws and woodchippers. These headphones and lots of standup comedy on Netflix and YouTube helped me keep my sanity during that trying time.
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