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The Right Hand of Doom
Apr 24, 2017
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In looking up cool character sheets, I've come across a number of single or two page RPGs and Dungeons/Scenarios online, so figured I'd start a new thread for them

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Someone's helping me with a revision of Fantasy Adventures; after that I'm going to try a Sci-Fi and a post-apocalypse (ala Twilight:2000, Aftermath! or The Morrow Project) style. Each using separate (but similar) mechanics.
the dark narrativist game of gamist simulationism in ancient retro-future Babylon

Intro If you are a roleplayer, chances are you are an overweight spotty obsessive prat who rolls greasy dice and kills orcs. You are probably dumb, and the things you love and play are dumb. Everyone is immature and ugly and obsessive and only likes killing things.

That is, until you play SPULTURATORAH. You will then be a narrativist StoryEngager who will wow your players (also now called StoryEngagers) with epic storylike stories of storytelling.

No other game has ever been like SPULTURATORAH. The minimalist system is quite easy to grasp, yet hard for old-school spotty roleplayers to understand. You have to let things go to be a Narrativist. But your games will turn from dice-throwing hackfests into narrative Awesome.

Setting: It's like a dark Frank Fazetta mixed with a Tetsuwan-Atomu style flair. Set in ancient Babylon. With flying cars and psychic armies. King Gilgamesh rules over everything with a cruel and controlling eye from his Levitating Darkness Throne at the Ziggurat of Ur.

The heroes must stop him. With Narrativism.


All StoryEngagers make a character, called a SelfAvatar. The SelfAvatar has 4 traits only:

Traits One and Two are rated at 5 and 4, respectively. The StoryEngager of this SelfAvatar assigns these traits. They can assign them anything they want. Some examples are:
Shoot NinurtaCannon
Pilot EnilHovertank
Play Bentzballah
Look cool in sandals
Impress Shrine Maidens
Spot Hidden Ghosts
Tim Burton
Dodge Fate

Trait Prime is the Trait that the PrimeStoryEngager assigns to each SelfAvatar to help engage the process of Narration. The Trait Prime is rated at 4 as well, and can be things like the above, or it could be motivational forces like:
Passion for Women
Fights Sandzombies
Loves Red Clay
Looks like Rob Schneider
Searching for Immortality for his cat.

DICE For all the above, you roll a 1d6. If you roll equal or under the Trait, you succeed. If you roll over, you fail. If you don't have an appropriate Trait, you need to roll a 1-2 to succeed.
MODIFIERS are for spotty gamist fucks. Away with thee. Go run back to your hit modifiers and flattfooted rules and taking 20.

Trait Ziggurat Barley is a number, set at 8. Every time you successfully play a session, the PrimeStoryEngage assings you Ziggurat Barley points. You can get more points by engaging the story narrativisticly, or having big tits. You use Ziggurat Barley to change the storyline, frame scenes or exert narrative control over the game. Every time you use the Ziggurat Barley, you may enrage the God Shamash. Roll a 1d6: If you roll over your Ziggurat Barley score, you have enraged Shamash, the god of Sin and Travellers! Fuck!

By the end of the adventure, your SelfAvatar will either be Cursed, Dead, or Shamash may even summon King Gilgamesh, who will chase you to the ends of the Fertile Crescent in his Levitating Darkness Throne. If you overcome the curse, though, you will become twice as powerful as you were before! Choose one TRAIT to raise one point.

That is the entirety of the game. Now go forth, valiant StoryEngagers, and engage in STORYTELLING to TELL STORIES!!!
I’m a big fan of Michael Prescott’s mini-dungeons, several of which are posted here. I downloaded them all and actually became a Patreon, the only person I support currently with a whopping $1 per new dungeon.
Bumping this thread, since its relevant to a current discussion
I love the Jason Thompson adventure walkthroughs, I hope he collects them together into a book sometime. He recently did one for The Haunting from Call of Cthulhu.


It will be printed in the comic collection Advanced Death Saves that is all about TTRPG character deaths.

He also published a one page adventure The Barber of Silverymoon in one of the recent issues of Dragon+ (accessing anything without the janky app is a pain in the ass, on my tablet at least). There is some good stuff in Dragon+ on occasion I wish they would just do it as a blog for ease of access.

Happily, Michael Prescott is collecting his adventures into a hardcopy book! He'll be Kickstarting it sometime in the future.
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Ebon RPG. Created by Greg Porter of BTRC (CORPS, EABA, Macho Women with Guns).


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Out of curiosity, is there a way to post a PDF that will show up? Or just attach it as a file? I'm not sure how to make it appear in-line as the previous posts without finding a way to save it as an image file...
Out of curiosity, is there a way to post a PDF that will show up? Or just attach it as a file? I'm not sure how to make it appear in-line as the previous posts without finding a way to save it as an image file...

Use the Resources area.
Okay, I can do that. But then how do I get it to show up here? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.....

I don't think you ca post a pdf directly to a thread, but you can upload it to the Resources forum and then link it here. Just copy the screen address of the upload, and use the button above that looks like 2 links in a chain.
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