Perfect Call of Cthulhu Miniatures?

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Ronnie Sanford

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Aug 13, 2017
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Saw this and I think I am going to have to contribute. Make sure and listen to the video - it's cute!
? I'm not seeing the link
Don't leave us in suspense.

Personally, I'm fond of:

Investigators: Copplestone Castings' Gangsters and High Adventure lines. Some of RAFM's stuff. And some of Artizan Design's Thrilling Tales line.
Mythos Horrors: there was a company called Avolak Castings that had some great stuff. But I'm not sure if they're around any more. Their site looks a little dubious now.
Bob Murch's style seems to lend itself to squamous, non-Euclidean horrors. His people have gotten better, witness, Pulp Figures. Unfortunately the bigger people make the critters look small.

They're alright. I've got a handful that I bought years ago. Some of the "premium" paintjobs are decent, and others are like Wotc's D&D prepaints - not so decent.

I think the investigator prepaints are a little harder to find these days. Most of them are not available through FFG's site. You'd probably have to hit up eBay or the secondary market to get them.
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