Real World Inspirations for Fantasy Locales

I've stopped posting images, because I've gone through all of them, and I know I'd be repeating myself.
The Castle of Coca is a castle located in the Coca municipality, central Spain. It was constructed in the 15th century and has been considered to be one of the best examples of Spanish Mudejar brickwork which incorporates Moorish Muslim design and construction with Gothic architecture.

Took the dog for a walk round here at Chistmas. The below is not my photo, but do you not think one of the rocks on the right of the image looks like the weathered remains of a colossal statue of a helmeted Dwarven god?

We need more non-european fantasy.

This is a reconstruction of a Chinese Castle/ Fortress in Siberia.

We don't need to rely on reconstructions for fantasy inspiration outside Europe. This is Sirigaya, in Sri Lanka, the most obvious setting for a fantasy dungeon I've visited outside Europe.


In the 5th century, a palace was built on top of that rock. It's in ruins now, but is still worth visiting. The entrance to the interior of the palace was carved into the shape of a massive lion, such that you would enter through its gaping maw. Much of it is eroded away, but the paws from the original structure are still clearly visible.

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