Return to Darktower rpg?

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Aug 14, 2017
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Saw someone with this in another thread. I know it uses 9th level’s polymorph system.Anything different? Is this for focused campaigns? How’s the book quality?
No idea, but you can start by telling us about 9th Level's Polymorph System...:thumbsup:
From what I understand, it's based on Mazes. I looked at that game ages ago and it seemed okay but not my kind of thing. I think it was pretty light on rules, but very gamist in design, with a step dice system (a la Savage Worlds & Cortex). I can't tell you much more than that though.
Haven't read much of the Return to Dark Tower Book, but I backed the kickstarter and I would say the physical quality of the book (cover/paper/binding etc.) is excellent. The core rules seem the same as Mazes, but with a bunch of new content and expansion to bring it in line with the world and story of the board game.

The core conceit is that you role is your roll, so if you are the Paragon, you roll a d4, if if you are the Fighter, you roll the d8, Sentinel a D10. Different rolls fall in a different number range so BOOKS is 2-3, BOOTS is 3-5, BLADES is 4-7, BONES is 5-9. If you roll the top number on your die, you Crown which gives you special results. You also use your die for effect (like, say, damaging a monster), so a Sentinel (d10) does more potential damage than a Fighter (d8), but the fighter will hit and Crown more often

So you can see the Paragon is good at BOOKS (2 out of 4), and will crown the most. The Sentinel is bad at Books (2 out of 10), but best at Bones (5 out of 10) and will crown the least.

This is game where GMs don't roll dice, but they do have resources they can spend to influence the results of actions. It's otherwise very modern design, with Fate like Aspects (called Edges), and a focus on more mechanically defined outcomes. Mazes is lighter and looser than a BitD or PbtA game, and explicitly calls for rulings over rules to determine what happens.

Perusing the Dark Tower book, it brings in the theme where the players a leaders of groups of soldiers. Gameplay is heavily mechanized to follow in a similar vein of action as the new board game, where darkness rises and eventually the players must fight the boss. Think of something like Blades in the Dark where there is bespoke phases: this has Quest, Tally, March phases until the Final Battle is triggered. There's Clocks and Tally's and regions of the world to track status on. There is lot more going on in Dark Tower, where I'd almost call it an advanced Mazes. It is a mechanically reinforced, short campaign, and a couple steps closer in complexity to Blades in the Dark...but I would still call Dark Tower a much lighter game.
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