[RPGPUB zine] Open Call For Submissions

So I guess we'll use MLA citations for the various RPG books we use as a reference for our content, then?
I guess it depends on what type content you're using and to what extent. What were you thinking about doing?
I second Rob Necronomicon Rob Necronomicon ' s question

If I have no direction I will default to what I want to do, which is draw terrifying things. I'm not sure that's appropriate so I've had artist's block.
Also what app is the staff using to do the layout for this in?
What type of art are you guys looking for? Is there any specific?
We aren't looking for anything in particular I don't think. Maybe we need to have a thread lists the type and topic of submissions so people interested in submitting just art can pick and choose. Hmm.
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