Tell me about the adventures you've had in Rifts

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Mar 25, 2019
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Pretty much just what it says in the title. I'd love to hear your stories.

I've never played Rifts as such, but I've always liked the concept, and I do routinely pull things from the Savage Rifts books for my dimension-hopping Savage Worlds campaign.
I've run Rifts several times. Though these days I would use Faserip/Marvel. My longest campaign consisted of a dog boy, a technomancer, and Juicer, that started off discovering a small islet in the middle of a large river (the Mississippi), the person in control of the island invited the PC's to dinner and a game, the game being a take on the 'World's Most Dangerous Game' style with them being hunted vs a squad of Coalition forces vs the host (who was a weretiger), there was a trick to get to safety and the 'island' was covered in a forcefield. It was actually two islands side by side, and all it took was to stay at the weretiger's house side to be safe. He was honorable if evil. The gist of the overall campaign was the Juicer had been living in a Coalition city, along with the dog boy's pack.

His 'wife' was kidnapped by unknown bad guys and he was hunting them as a juicer since they were supernatural. The overall plot was of course the Coalition kidnapped her using supernatural agents, to trade for something, and she ended up in the hands of the vampires (I wasn't using Rift's vampires by the time this all came out.) The plan was the juicer would end up close to death and his wife would be rescued and she could turn him to save him from the end of his life. We sadly only got so far as revealing the Coalition (hence the Dangerous game scenario), they'd by this time met a cyber demon, traveled to Pre-Rifts Earth, met a powerful wizard of legend, and generally paved their way across Rifts-America by taking on the worse supernatural things I could come up with.

It was a fun game, in spite of the system.
I had a good time with it in the 90's though 2000's; such as being a Juicer, going on an expedition to Wormwood with a Triax power armor trooper, and psion, to get a magic flute to lead the Gargoyles into a rift. Mechanoids, sort of adjacent to rifts were good, and phase world too.
I've posted this before on another thread, but it fits here, too.

My longest Rifts campaign was centered around a typical party of mercenaries (a juicer, the Greek demi-god Alecto, a rogue scholar, a former Coalition officer, and a doppelgänger). They worked on and off for a Coalition colonel who's base was a Death's Head Transport, and once they were alone with him and his bodyguards and they killed and the doppelgänger replaced him. I took a time out and restructured the whole game. After swapping out all the living troops with skelebots, they ended up crashing the transport in an assault on Atlantis and we played them being behind enemy lines for the rest of the game.

I had more fun running a few games here and there for two of my brothers who played a Temporal Warrior and Mind Bleeder that were just out and about in Rifts North America.
I made a character once. Does that count:grin:?

Never got to play him, but chargen was a small adventure in itself:shade:.
Well, what kind of character was it, AsenRG AsenRG ?

If I ever actually play Rifts, it'll very likely be Savage Rifts, but I do have the Rifts core book, both the original and ultimate editions, and I'm occasionally tempted to roll up a character just for fun.
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