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Aug 18, 2017
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I've seen this image quite a bit from some of my Atlanta friends. It's apparently for a show being filmed called Secret Headquarters.
Ah, I was in that area a few weeks ago and wondered what they were filming. Nice to see Gwinnett Place finding a new purpose as a film set. Its days as a mall seem to be over. I think the current anchor stores are plugging along and are best entered from the exterior doors. The last time I was inside the mall the food court was completely vacant and aside from the anchors, there wasn't much in the way of shops. The only thing I can remember being open from inside the mall were two barbershops that were across from each other. It was depressing to see. I can remember a time when it was a bustling and busy mall.


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Apr 24, 2017
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I don't know that they horrify me but I sure as hell can't watch them with the kids or anyone under 45 around.


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Apr 25, 2017
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Yeah, my fiance apparently doesn't age. She just turned 30, and looks exactly the same as she did when I met her when she was 23.

Meanwhile, I've looked 40 since I was 16

Clean living and Swedish genetics have ensured that I still look 25 at age 39. However, my body hair has started turning white despite my head hair staying brown! Plus, French 'cabaret girl' genetics have cursed me with 60-year-old kidneys full of rocks. :tongue:


No, I have not got an onlyfans site.
Oct 7, 2018
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Please note we need an entrance large enough for a forklift to get it into your home.
You may laugh but my standing desk adaptor arrived on a pallet. Fortunately the delivery driver took pity on me and helped me to lug it upstairs.


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Mar 4, 2019
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"Let me tell you 'bout my mother..!"

Nostalgia Tax: while awaiting The Empire Strikes Back, this got played a LOT!


Story Time!

I was 7 or 8. I saw this game at a local store. To my young mind, it seemed like the most awesome thing ever! I may have gotten it confused with the Destroy Death Star game with the rotating board, but for some reason my mind latched hold of Escape the Death Star, and I wanted it very, very badly.

Maybe a couple of weeks had passed. In little kid time, that felt like decades. I begged for the game at every opportunity. Please, please, please, buy me the Death Star game! I'll be good forever. I'll do chores until I'm retirement age. Please, please, please! I really don't know why I latched hold of the idea of getting this so badly, but it was really one of the toys I begged for the hardest in my childhood.

Well, the day came, and my mom said that she was finally going to take me to the store that had it and buy it to shut me the hell up. YAY! All I needed to do was wash my hands, and we were ready to go.

So the bathroom in my childhood home had towels on the opposite side of the bathtub. In this case, the towel was on that rack. Now, I could have just stepped INTO the tub in order to reach the towel, but I was a stupid little kid. It would be much more FUN to climb onto the edge of the tub, and hold on to the towel racks to cross over to the other side and get the towel. I had done this many times before. I was a kid.

Well, this time, as I got on the other side of the tub, holding on to the towel rack, it came free of it's mooring. I fell backwards, and the back of my head impacted on the edge of the tub. I lost consciousness.

I woke up in my great grandmother's lap. She was holding a cloth to the back of my head. I remember her saying "there's so much blood. This one is soaked, give me another rag." My mother was on the phone, presumably with a doctor's office or something. She then came over and asked to see the wound. I remember her saying, "it's deep. I don't know if they're going to be able to stich that up." Upon realizing I was conscious, they started asking me all kinds of questions to determine if I was OK. My answer was that my head hurt.

I got taken to a doctor. I'm pretty sure it wasn't an emergency room. My mother was an RN and my dad was an emergency room nurse. I didn't realize it at the time, but they sort of had connections that could get emergency services without actually going to emergency services. I remember being in a doctor's office and getting the back of my head sewn back up. They gave me some painkillers, which oddly didn't knock my tiny self for a loop. My headache subsided. I don't even remember feeling the stiches. Luckily, I didn't have a concussion or anything. I had been fine except for the gaping, gushing, gash in the back of my head, which was now all sewn up.

Anyway, I must have looked pretty pathetic. I remember several remarks at how pale I was. I had gushed out a fair amount of blood. To make up for my ordeal, my mom told me that instead of going to the store where the Escape Death Star board game was, we would instead go to the BIG TOY STORE. Wow! I needed to bash my head in more often! I was elated.

When we got to the big toy store, my favorite place in the whole world at that age, I looked for the game and... they didn't have it. I was told I could have any toy I wanted, but I needed to get it from this store (or that was what I understood anyway). I don't even recall what I got. It may have been a Han Solo blaster, because I recall owning one of those. Still, I was disappointed because I didn't manage to get the board game I wanted.

Some time later... who knows when, I finally got the board game in question. Yet, I had forgotten I didn't have anyone else to play with. My family didn't let me go over to other kid's houses or have other kids over. So, I played Escape Death Star by myself until I managed to lose all the cards and pieces and the spinner and it was just a board that got thrown away.

More recently, I bought the reissue of Escape Death Star. This time I didn't even have to crack my skull in. This time I had my partner to play it with. I mean, it's not a great boardgame by any means, but I definitely would have enjoyed playing it with my friends when I was little. It's definitely better than the Hoth boardgame they reissued, which technically only needs a player to spin the wheel. Escape at least as some very, very minor strategy and decisions to make.
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