The Food and Drink Thread

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May 3, 2017
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I have been doing brewed coffee multiple days of the week for the last six months (since I got back after the event). I used to do VIA packets because of work or my lack of brain activity in the morning. So because I need to limit caffeine intake, I am making a 16ish oz point, for two or three cups. However, yes. It is so much better.

I saw a video that you might find useful. I like watching James Hoffmann's coffee videos because they are both informative and I just like listening to his soothing voice. (Plus he is a man with an opinion, but willing to listen to others to make sure he is right.)

The Best USA Grocery Store Coffee (which covers most Canadian brands)​

The taste off is interesting, but the end which has his final recommendations is the part you might want. I am also local to Philz - initially a bay area chain, so I know where his recommendations come from. You can order the winner as whole bean. However, I tend to drink Veranda or Dunkins at home.

Thanks. I have been watching that guy's channel as well. He is kind of crazy too (in a good way). I saw him drinking like 50 year old or 80 year old coffee in some videos (can't remember what it was exactly but I really want to know how he feels after doing that). I will check that video out. I have to vet the brands for dietary reasons so there is a narrow sliver that I can actually choose from at the store, but always looking for more options.

I am from New England so Dunkins is a coffee I am very comfortable with (though I have to say I've never managed to make the packaged version taste the same as it does at the store: I feel like they brew it differently there or something). Right now I am drinking New England Coffee because its a local brand. But I've also been eyeing a few other options on the shelves. I drink my coffee plain with no cream or sugar, so if the flavor isn't working for me, it really isn't working because I can't mask it with anything.

Many years ago I did whole bean. This time around I am just going with ground so I can save time. I love the smell of ground whole beans (I used to grind hazelnut coffee just for the aroma).

Edit: Watching the video and I definitely share his dislike of chicory coffee


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May 4, 2017
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I made Thanksgiving dinner for I think the third time ever? We were visiting my parents, and my mom isn't as physically able as she used to be.

I've never done turkey before, so instead I roasted a pork shoulder with a garlic and oregano rub. On the side carrots and potatoes and candied yams, so at least something was a little traditional.

Despite being not my kitchen it turned out right, so I call it a win.

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Apr 29, 2017
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This post is about me pigging out in San Antonio. After over a year of eating right and exercise I’m going overboard here with grease, sugar and alcohol.

Just for a couple more days.

Mi Tierra near Market Square. Kickass place.

0D12E9AC-74CD-4058-AD1C-85F5C9DBD470.jpeg Quesadilla al pastor from a food stall next to Mi Tierra. So good.

Shiner Bock. Loved it.

033BA418-8CFD-44D9-A4AC-2EA7ADAA9E40.jpeg Jerk chicken sliders from a Caribbean food stall at the Pearl Brewery complex. So so good.

AD7890D2-22DB-4D98-841D-C6FD788E9ADA.jpeg Shiner was good but this… this is amazing.

Cherry cobbler from a pharm rep stall at the conference. Sugary as all hell but great.

Tacos de birria from a food truck parked at the back of El Camino. Hands down the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life. A local brew (Highwheel Betty Kölsch) to quell the hot sauce. (The tiny one, not the dip.)

Part deux coming in a few days.
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