The Greatest Toy Line Ever Made: G.I.JOE!!!

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As seen on Facebook - "Something funny I noticed on a recent revisit to GI Joe comics is half the characters look like members of the village people and half look like they're hype for paintball this weekend and there's no in-between"

the figure that _I_ want Hasbro to release as a Classified figure is a classic G.I. Joe
Bought these while vintage shopping with the female. Not originals but cool looking figures. Gave them to her 8 year old cause I would’ve loved to have these when I was 8.

* looks like ol snake eyes was a southpaw stroker
How does this new series fit in with the old? It seems like a continuation, but from what I understand, it's also connected to the Transformers stuff, is that right? How does that work?
It’s just a continuation of the original run. It’s not a part of the Energon universe.
I did pick up issue 301 at the store today. It was the last copy on the shelf so it does appear to be selling well. Cover by Andy Kubert.

That includes G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #301 selling over 50,000 copies – a number that is not only notable for likely generating envy from the execs at Marvel and DC for doing so without any high ratio variants but also a massive growth over the series sales at former publisher IDW (where it averaged anywhere from 7-10K unit sales per issue). This also tops the sales for other recent high-profile GI Joe launches, including Rob Liefeld's Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1 and more than doubling sales for the variant cover-laden anniversary issue G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #300.

And equally meaningful is the nearly 25,000 copies sold of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #1 Larry Hama Cut, a reprint of the series debut issue from Marvel with correct dialogue honouring Hama's original wishes and printed on pure nostalgia, I mean "newsprint." While the issue has been reprinted many times, this is the first time with the aforementioned dialogue correction and it looks like the G.I. Joe fans turned out in a way we haven't seen in quite a long time.

Interesting. My group used to play Axis & Allies quite a bit. But eventually it became a repetitive experience. Maybe this would be different enough to create a different experience.
It’s based on the weather dominator animated mini-series. Might be fun.
Wait what? Holy F YES!
I hope that the figures aren't all generic troopers per side, that we actually get plastic representations of a good amount of Joes.
I hope that the figures aren't all generic troopers per side, that we actually get plastic representations of a good amount of Joes.
The Cobras all look like Snow Serpents and the Joes all look like Snow Job. A picture of the board:
I managed to snag a 1983 Scarlett in very good condition for a less than premium price. I’m excited as I never owned her when I was a kid. I will share pictures when I can pose her with Snake-Eyes.

Also, I’ve been adding to my G.I.Joe RPG. You can find it here:

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