The upside to coronovirus!

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May 1, 2017
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We have the same body type is suspect. I'm 5'11" and my body used to want to stay at 187lbs. I was there are the beginning of the pandemic hoping like you to get to 170. I'm 200 right now.
At 5'10", 165 to 168 is about perfect for me. In 2019, I dropped down to 162 - and even though it was supposed to be a worthwhile BMI - it felt too light. And I had to have the willpower of a monk, abstain from any alcohol or dessert temptations, and workout regularly to maintain it.

I was around 168, pre-pandemic. I'm likely 178 now. My working out has declined; I've been more stationary throughout the day; I've indulged more in alcohol and sweets. Hell, I've just snacked more during the workday, probably from a combination of boredom and stress.

I know that probably sounds like a First World problem - bitching about a 16 lb variation over 2 years. But when you hit a weight floor and gradually drift back up (too much, to me) it's the same disheartening feeling.


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May 13, 2017
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Nope, plenty of places outside of there.

the young folks resisting might be encouraged though. There are plenty of them too
Don't take me too seriously, haha. Here, the bible belters are definitely the most consistent vaccine refusers.


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Aug 16, 2017
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That is odd.

I'm 50 and had my first Pfizer shot a week ago, and it was the same experience as getting a flu shot. (Which I get every year). The soreness was in the injection shoulder, and was more pronounced the day after the shot.

I might have suffered a little fatigue, but I've been busy as hell lately doing other exhausting things, so it all blended into the same fatigue.
Mine was this with a slight forgetfulness but I also didn't sleep for unrelated reasons the night after the shot.

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Aug 9, 2018
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Yesterday the pubs and restaurants re-opened in Belgium, after +200 closure, for al fresco services, until 22h.
In the morning it was raining but already every table outside was filled (under parasols or sunshades). In the afternoon it cleared up and the temperature was very nice.
Last night I went to town with some friends and the ambiance was glorious. It looked like the whole city had turned up. Everybody was happy and friendly, even the waiters. No drunk excesses, no fights or disturbances, and around 22h most of the establishments gently showed their patrons the door and closed down. I didn't hear any sirenes after that, so I guess people can be responsible and still have a good time.
Anyway, it was something most of us needed after being cooped up for so long.

And next week I get my first vaccine shot.


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May 15, 2017
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Statistically, the demographic of people who have traditionally been resistant are also a demographic to whom erectile dysfunction is already a persistent problem. The threat of even more erectile dysfunction probably doesn’t hold much weight.

my niece was scheduled, then she forgot and scheduled something over it. She’s currently avoiding telling me that she missed her appointment. She doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t magically fix it when she goes to school in the fall snd they require it. Or she doesn’t want to tell me she’s not going to school in the fall. I’m glad she thinks highly enough of me that she’s worried about my opinion, but also have a very strong and personal example of why she should go to school in my back pocket.
niece got hers yesterday. now waiting for my kid, who is under the minimum age


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Mar 25, 2019
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The pandemic first hit my area about 15 months ago. Over the first ~8 months, my weight dropped from high 180s to high 170s. Over the subsequent ~7 months, it has crept back up to high 180s.
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