Top 10 Dragon & White Dwarf Covers of the 80s

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I'm not sure if it's the best, but it's certainly the one that changed everything for Games Workshop:

This was the cover for Greyhawk Wars too!
How 'bout that...the cover for Justice Inc. was reused even more egregiously for another pulp game recently.
One of my best friends and I would trade screenshots while we were playing Skyrim. I did this with one of his screenshots as a surprise for him. I was in a hurry, so it's not a great job, and not my ideal version of the logo, but I still like it.
They were pretty much all great, but this is is the most '80s Metal White Dwarf cover:

Not that it's a great cover, as it's a bit static, but it's pretty good for an October Halloween issue; mainly I remember it well because I still have it. It's tucked away with my FASA Star Trek materials because it has a really good, surprisingly long article on FASA Star Trek campaigns.

I can't help it: the covers that stay with me always were the ones with ladies.

Some memorable ones (not necessarily good, just stuck in my mind since adolescence):




EDIT: I can't change the image sizes for some reason.
I remember #108...I think it had armor class rules for partial armor. Am I right? I like that cover with the wary woman warrior on edge but oblivious to the threat lurking right in front of her.
This one has a certain mythic quality to it.
I like this a lot, first because I like silliness but also because it was rare to see a Dragon cover that embraced whimsy and didn't take itself too seriously.
Feels like Narnia meets Oz.
If you're gonna play D&D with the standard tropes and races, then these are dwarves done right.
I kinda like the quiescent quality of this one.
I assume circulation was too high and they were trying to dissuade potential readers from buying their magazine...nothing else explains this cover.
It is so hideous I almost perversely like it.

Me too. I'd almost buy it just because it's so grotesque and oddball.

Makes you wonder what got rejected.
Did Boot Hill ever make the cover of The Dragon? Or Star Frontiers? Top Secret?
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