Toys I'm glad I didn't have when I was a Kid

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I take it most of you have seen these spoofs: Super Religion Power Action Figures with Kung Fu Grip!

Notably missing from the collection is the prophet Muhammad but they have a nice Allah one:

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I remember being on holiday in Spain when I was wee, maybe 8 or 9, and coveting this big toy gun that was basically a solid metal replica of a .44 Magnum, a la Dirty Harry. No orange tip, no nuthin.

Last day of the holiday, after we were all packed and ready to leave, my dad walked me up to the shop and bought it for me. I was so happy. At the airport on the way home one of the custom guys found it in the luggage. He took it out, and called over one of the soldier-security guys. He opened the cylinder, looked along the barrel. Then he gave me his Beretta 9mm and we played at shooting each other a little bit.

TL;DR: Toy guns and airport security used to be much cooler than they are now.
Who knew that Barbie fits in with scifi dystopias?
She's an "child safe" variant of what amounts to a prototype sex doll, of course, she does. (Barbie is inspired by Bild Lillie dolls often given to women with who men wanted to have relations with them.)
I don't know what the scale is in that thing...

is it for barbie to ride, or a child or what?
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