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Traveller News Service random news generator 2021-03-20

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Tulpa Girl

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Nov 14, 2018
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I *think* I may have used this, or something very similar to this, when I first started getting into Traveller and Cepheus Engine.


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Oct 7, 2018
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The trouble about Traveller software is that much of it is so old it only runs on ancient versions of Windows (and that's just the stuff that didn't die out with the Amiga). Heaven and Earth, for example, needs a version of commdlg.dll that installs on Windows 98 or some ancient version of Internet Explorer, plus it uses some ancient graphics library that doesn't work on anything later. From time to time I think of setting up a VM with Windows 98 on it and trying to scrounge up the bits to get it running.

I have an old file server in storage that might actually have an installer for Internet Explorer 5.5 as I had it lying around for something or other. Somewhere in my stuff there is a pile of my old MSDN CDs that probably has an installer for Win 98SE, and I've got a real, live licence for VMWare workstation from back in the late Jurassic as well.
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