What are you listening to?

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Dolls drifted into my random Spotify wanderings, so I went to look at the music video, which was pretty engaging:

And the next song on YT was Electric Callboy's We Got the Moves, and I believe the best description is, "I can't even..."

Dayum. Came back to add this. Hitting the jackpot today.
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"so deep in 70s Rush you can almost see Geddy Lee's kimono flapping about"

Rush Approved!
I just found out the composer and violinist Julia Okrusko passed away two years ago (learned about it when I was searching for one of her pieces). She had a really interesting point of view and was especially inspired by the musical soundscape of online RPGs and things like Skyrim. So what she did was very gaming adjacent, but she was also trying to bring it to the classical world I think. Been listening to her music lately and would love to see wider appreciation for her music. I found her interest in gaming related music, and the way she took it so seriously, very interesting.

This is the memorial concert where they perform her Legends album:

Here is some more from another album (this is the actual album recording):

The sounds of one of my neighbours, as he in-effectively chainsaws the trees in his backyard.
It’s a pitiable symphony of sounds.

The Only Thing They Fear Is You from Doom in Major Key.
That should be a full fledged anime. And an RPG.
I'm excited for the Corb Lund show in July because he's a good storyteller as well as a good singer-songwriter.

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