What are you listening to?

Can't remember if I've posted this song before. For the record, drinking & driving is a terrible, horrible idea that no one should ever do. But I still like this song.

When we were little, my parents would take my brother and me camping and hiking a lot. Largely because they liked it, but also because they didn't have much money and nature is free. In the woods is still my favorite place to be to this day. Also, this song has a sweet guitar lick.

Here's some of the best group to come out of the UK in years and years. Like, nearly 20 years.

Great to see a new indie art rock band.
Wet Leg kinda feels like Florence & The Machine meets The Pixies to me, it's a good sound :thumbsup:
Listening and watching. Latin percussion is fun!

Kinda cute that one of the guys from Milli Vanilli learned how to actually sing their song (quite well!) and now tours.

He could sing it even then. They just thought it better with the lip syncing. They didn't like that they had to lip sync- they were just naive and signed a contract and then had to do it. They were as much victims as those that were duped.


This album is convincing me I should have spent the 90s high as fuck. I feel like I missed out badly. 3 different songs have cropped up off of it and have made it into my liked songs. I’m finally now listening to the album.

Similar. Goddamn, missed my calling as a stoner
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