What are you listening to?

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I remember when I lucked out in the 90s and the local hip record store had a leak in its roof so they put a bunch of stock on sale. The sleeves were water damaged but I was able to buy a load of Mo' Wax records dirt cheap, including a bunch of DJ Shadow's early 12 inches.
When you find those little gems, it makes it all worth it.
This is a beautiful song by Van Morrison from one of his best albums but I didn't realize until I read the lyrics that it's a song about a double homicide.


"We fascists are the truest anarchists!"
-The Duke of Blangis, Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom

On a far lighter note...
Footage is from the terrific, sily disco rollerskating film Roller Boogie.

Also, I am looking for artists who make music that is similar to this track from the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack. Suggestions please.

Wild Card goes out to this smooth as hell piece, and its singer who passed away this week.

I heard an interesting interview with her on NPR yesterday (it was done several years ago). Her husband was a musician, and evidently they decided to have her sing the song more or less at the last minute, primarily because she spoke the best English of the group that was there. She barely got paid anything for it, but ended up becoming an international star because of it, much to her surprise.
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