What are you listening to?

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Bows:smile: I love CoC and Albatross is one of my favorites.
Cause you got me in the CoC mood
Cheers, The Slayer & Pantera you posted is cool. Good to know there is another metal-head here.

Now for some Sepultura:


I like pretty much a little of everything. I try not to limit myself. But at heart I am and have been a metalhead since middle school. (FYI I'm 41 years old. So I've been banging my head for a minute.:smile:)
Oh, and if we're going all Sepultura on this thread this is a must
I guess you can call me an old school metalhead. We can start with a bit of Preist.

And then a bit of Saxon

And then some proper Metallica

And how about a bit of Maiden to finish off


We have Rock In Rio going on right now (also borderline civil war levels of urban violence but that's neither here nor there). 80% of the line up is not rock by any sane definition of rock, but before yesterday we had Alice Cooper, Def Leppard and Aerosmith, and today we're having Incubus, Guns'n'Roses and THE motherfuckin' WHO.

I'm not going because of the baby, and the distance, and the gouging prices but ffffuuuck, tonight I would if I could.
I like lots of different types of music - not all of it, but there's something I like in most genres - but there's a definite hiatus in my taste spectrum when it comes to pretentious prog/symphonic and 70s rock. I just can't stomach the stuff. I count Queen, Led Zeppelin, Meatloaf and the Mark & Clark Band among my most-hated music acts ever.
The Dutch band Golden Earring made two songs that I can stomach: When the Lady Smiles and Twilight Zone. Other than those, I did not like any of their songs that I have heared and especially find Radar Love infinitely annoying and silly.

The other stuff you just posted is also quite obnoxious. Both Opus and DJ Ötzi are from Austria, by the way. I do like the real Ötzi, but he hasn't performed in quite a while :grin:.

Of course, and this probably goes without saying, tastes differ and to each their own.
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Equally mellow...

I've been listening this (NSFW) while I meditate. This song has helped me expand my consciousnesses while simultaneously helping to center myself with the madness of my subjective universe.

I'll listen to almost any genre of music, but my favorite is 60s-80s pop/rock. I would have to say my two favorite years for music were 1966 and 1984. The 60s really pushed the boundaries of what you could do in popular music, in regards to songwriting, instrumentation and even production. This was certainly evident (and perhaps even the peak of pop music) on what I consider the two greatest albums of all-time, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys and Revolver by the Beatles, both released in '66. I knew both bands' hits from oldies radio growing up, but it wasn't until I watched the Biography Channel's episode on Brian Wilson that I investigated further. Pet Sounds blew me away after I listened to it a couple times. That got me into studying more works from that era and is why I hold it in high regard. I consider Brian one of, if not the greatest American musician of the late 20th century. He did it all: wrote the material, usually with some lyrical help, although he wrote plenty of songs on his own; he produced and arranged and was in total control of the recording process, he sang with a beautiful voice and had one of the best falsettos you could ever hear, and he could pretty much play any instrument if given some time. He is known for bass and piano, but he could play guitar, drums, and other instruments.

My favorite song is probably "Wouldn't It Be Nice" from Pet Sounds, if a gun was held to my head. Instead of posting a video of the song, I'll post a video of how the song was made. It gives some insights into how Brian worked back then.

1984 you say
On a serious note Van Halens 1984 album was the first cassette I ever owned. (Cassettes, you remember those right?)

Van Halen (Roth era) is one of my favorite acts. My best friend would almost get sick of listening to them because I played their albums (even Hagar) all the time when I was in my late teens. Cruising while listening to Van Halen I. Brings back memories.
Speaking of drums, here's an epilepsy warning with some incredible double bass work.

And then another one.

When I listen to Megadeth, I usually start with this one nowadays.

Don't know lot to be said for

I find it goes on and on and on a bit too much. Those overly long guitar solos seem cool at first, but after a bit, they just get tiresome. Now if you want some great twin guitar action, check this out. The mighty Judas Priest in their 80s prime.

Don't get me wrong, Glenn and KK are stunning as a team. And it was really hard not to post some Maiden here. But for sheer majestic playing, Gary Moore and Scott Gorham. Absolutely insane extended twin lead playing that never gets boring. But then Gary was on a whole other level from most guitarists. And Scott is one of the best team players in the business.

I listened to Countdown to Extinction so much when it was released. I was sad when Marty left to go solo. Their best lineup was Dave, David, Marty and Nick (RIP).
Well no twin guitar here but

and since we're kicking it oldschool
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